Your Life Can be Great

Since this is my first blog, I thought I would give some information on how I arrived at this point and some basics on what it takes to start moving to great. It started when I was introduced to and  As this blog progresses my intent it to help many people to

1. realize that they can be great

2. give them some direction on how to accomplish that

3. start to achieve it by really believing it

Dont get me wrong. I am not stating that I am great or that my life is great but I do associate with great leaders and read great books. As Charlie “tremendous”Jones says, ” you will become like the people you hang around and the books you read. ”

I was going through my life and was being very average. I was good at a lot of things but never focused my time to try to become great at something. I wouldn’t have even thought about it that way because I was convinced that the people in life that have succeeded did so because they were blessed with something that I was not blessed with. So because of that thought process, any time I was ok at something, I didn’t know that other people were just ok at things but then they really applied themselves and put in the 10,000 hours of mastery that Malcolm Gladwell talks about.

All of that changed when I was introduced to a group of leaders that where do nothing else except striving for greatness by being excellent in every area of life. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady were the 2 gentlemen leading the charge with this community of people striving for greatness. As soon as i was exposed to this group I could tell that something was different. I wasnt even qualified to tell what it was but I could feel it. They were talking about things that were the exact opposite of what conventional thought would say and I was hooked. It is very intoxicating to be around great people. Anyone that has ever been part of a winning team knows what I am talking about. Their best-selling leadership book Launching a Leadership Revolution outlines what they were doing and is the foundation for the incredible organization they have put together called Team.

We are now on the verge of launching what I believe will be one of the greatest business ever put together, LIFE. I believe that because the process that started to work on my own pre-suppositions of thought, like, success is for them, this is just the way that I am, Im just not good at things, I didn’t have a dad, we are just broke people, I am a minority. All of the things that held me back before, I now know is a bunch of hogwash, whatever hogwash is.

I want as many people as possible to experience the trial and tribulations of striving for greatness and even if you don’t reach the greatness that you pictured. Because you did strive you at least know what it feels like to give your all to something and in the process you and your family will better humans, better parents and better friends. Please visit the links of my friends and get their perspective also. Whatever you do, find something and give your all to it and don’t let people who are happy with good keep you from being great.

God Bless

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  1. Awesome bro! Thanks for sharing and inspiring within us the belief that “anyone” can make something of themselves. Courage, faith and perseverance go hand in hand with us allowing you guys, the ones that have already blazed the trail and overcome the many obstacles and developed the “system” that will allow us to become better in so many areas of our lives. Again, simply thank you.

    Also, Bill let me say thanks again for showing that house plan in Southfield for me and my mentors Roy and Brenda, a few weeks ago. It was really cool not only to meet you guys but to experience first hand the selflessness demonstrated by people that care enough about a total stranger, to help me better my life and that if my family. Take care, and keep blogging! Great information man.

  2. It has been our privledge to know Bill Lewis for nearly 10 years. He came into our life when everyone told us we were doing pretty good and we believed that, even though we were struggling to make ends meet. I knew there was something different about him and did not understand for several weeks that he would be the person GOD brought into our lives to make a difference in others peoples lives through a different system of information. The world is a mess and Bill represents one person that has comitted to be a part of the solutions and not be a victim. Standing for truth requiires courage and the truth is this great nation lacks leadership. As an original Founder of the LIFE Business, Bill and his wife Jackie will play a major role in the restoration of living with a purpose, and that purpose is to be a servant leader to give others belief that we each CAN make a difference in the would if we would simply apply ourselves.

  3. Woohoo, Awesome to see you in the social media world. Now affecting lives is gonna be viral. I am proud, honored, and humbled that both Jackie and yourself have given so much to help Jeff, Patrice, me and the Samurai group get successful. With the leadership, character, poise, commitment, and honor you carry it is impossible to not want to be better in every way and everyday. You have my loyalty, no matter the cost. God Bless.

  4. You are the most inspirational person that I have crossed paths with in life. We have been blessed for years following in the path of a giant. Keep leading our community, on our way to a million.
    God Bless,
    Pete Sladic

  5. I am so proud. You are an awesome leader and person. Much success is not needed to be wished for-you are already there. Keep being the Leader that you were destined to be.

    Atty. C. Young

  6. Thanks Bill, I will be following your blog along with Orrin’s and Chris’s. I read on average about 4 books a month, reccomended by the TEAM and more CD’s then I can count. I am confident that I will get to that 10,000 hrs soon and that I will one day lead a big team! In the mean time i will just keep following the Leaders and plugging away! Thanks for all the help and inspiration you give. I am also, hooked on this business for LIFE!!!!

  7. A True dream, struggle, victory life. Thank you for sharing! And we know you are just getting started! The Team loves and believes in you!

  8. BILL!!! You made it bro5her! There are so many people that need to read hear from you on this Blog my friend. I’m proud to be able to call you.a.friend. if I can offer any piece of advice to ANYONE who ever has the chance to mentor with Bill and Jackie Lewis, It’s this: Hang onto everything he says! Take it, internal it, and apply where necessary because Bill will position you for Greatness!

    I’m looking forward to hearing from a Master in his field to learn about excellence, greatness and LIFE from none other than my man Bill Lewis!!!

    Keep leading the way brother! Today’s The Day!!!

  9. BILL!!! You made it brother! There are so many people that need to hear from you on this Blog my friend. I’m proud to be able to call you a friend. if I can offer any piece of advice to ANYONE who ever has the chance to mentor with Bill and Jackie Lewis, It’s this: Hang onto everything he says! Take it, internalize it, and apply where necessary because Bill will position you for Greatness! I’m looking forward to hearing from a Master in his field to learn about excellence, greatness and LIFE from none other than my man Bill Lewis!!! Keep leading the way brother! Today’s The Day!!!

  10. Thanks Bill for being willing to take the time to put your thoughts on this blog. I am so proud to follow you into the fight. You are a true inspiration to those of us that have always had the question in our soul, “is this all there is”. There is and your life shines with the proof. Thanks for show us what is out there.

  11. The information that will be shared here will have a LIFE changing effect on anyone who reads it. Mindy and I cannot thank Bill and Jackie enough for the support, commitment, and love that they have shown to us as we continue on this journey to and beyond a million people.. We are so excited about what LIFE will mean not only to those whom we come in contact with in our life time, but the countless lives that will be affected by the legacy that will be created for future generations.

    May God continue to bless you and Jackie for all that you do for so many!

  12. I am honored to have such great leaders in my life. Apart from God, you guys help keep me sane amiss the insanity of life. Truly you have given the call to move beyond mediocrity and indifference time and time again. It is my hope and direct intent to answer and fulfill that call in my own life as I seek the dreams of greatness God has dreamt for me. In a life where we feel many things- I feel the sureness of the path. Thank you Bill & Jackie and all of Team.

  13. Bill, thanks for putting up with me, ever since the second we met. I know I must rank right up there with being the person who gets in his own way the most. Do not be frustrated, I will get there! However, I am not sure I will ever understand the true and awesome value of having you to mentor with but am thankful that you believed in me even before I knew what you stood for. It seems I am one of those who needs lots of mentoring to get things right. So, this blog will be one more avenue to help me get my line straight. I hope in time that with continued efforts life will reveal to me the ability to stand with you and be the change I would like to see. So, please use a bigger hammer on me when needed in order to expedite the cause. My best regards for you and Jackie. Thanks, Tim

  14. Bill
    Dee and I want to personal thank you and Jackie and the rest of pc for paving the way for the rest of us to have a chance to live for excellence. Because of you guys I know our childrens children will have something to live for. We love you guys and are truely blessed to be apart of TEAM and LIFE. God bless you.

  15. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.You and Jackie have been such inspirational and giving leaders. Following your lead is an honor and a great privilage. Keep leading the charge and the Musketeers will follow all the way to a new LIFE

  16. Thank you Bill and Jackie for all you do for all of us, you truly are great leaders and we are very proud to follow. Life will bring hope for all. We are so proud to be a part of whats coming. We are truly blessed. God bless.

  17. Patrice and I are thrilled to be a part of Team and a part of Life. You and Jackie have been a blessing to us in every area of our lives. We will change the world one person at a time. Thank you very much.

  18. Many thanks to both of you, Bill and Jackie for sharing your lives so openly. the obstacles youve overcome gives us a lot of hope and determination and this is huge. we also appreciate your sense of humor! Many blessings to you both

  19. WOW! Kari and I really appreciate what you and Jackie have done and are still in the process of doing. Our relationship has changed drastically! We love you guys and thank you again!

  20. Off the hamster wheel, striving daily to live purposefully in all areas of my life. I just talked to a woman who lays in bed at night wondering why she feels angry at this person or that situation, and wants to feel more grateful and positive. I am praying she will embrace what we do, but am so personally grateful for every positive/challenging change in thinking this journey has produced. Thank you!

  21. What an honor to have you and Jackie as my up line. I love this bussiness because we have such great mentors and leaders. Thanks so much for being in our lives.

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