How do we maintain freedom?

Orin Woodward, Chris Brady and the founders of the-Life-business have just finished their launch and it was a huge success.  There was so much recognition that anyone attending could not deny that this business model is working.  I would personally like to say congratulations to Chris and Daneae Mattis for joining the policy counsel ranks.  They have joined a very unique group that has dedicated their life to serving others.

I want to try to explain a topic that our guest speaker Oliver DeMille covered with the leadership group.  I know I will not do it justice but you can read his thoughts in his book Freedom Shift.  The diagram I am going to be referencing is what Oliver called, “speaking Anglo saxon”.  I believe what he meant was that speaking “Anglo-Saxon” is in essence understanding the ideas and thoughts that our founding fathers had in arranging the structure for the new America.  He asked us to diagram the governmental structure.  We thought we had the answer.

3 Branches pictureThen Oliver said, ” That is a good start but there is more.”  We thought we had him when we added the same 3 branches of the state government.  He drew a box underneath the federal and the state levels of government and he had us stumped.  He stated that the box underneath the federal and state governments was something that the Team was already doing.  When the founders wrote the constitution, part of everyday life was a community council.  Meaning that every community or town had a council that would legislate, execute and make judicial decisions that would govern that town or community.  We all nodded our heads in agreement starting to understanding what he was sharing with us.  Then he said that’s not it.  Even with the town and communities layer he said there is something else that was a given in those days and crucial for our system of government to work.   He drew 7 circles above the state and federal layer and said these are essential to keep every area in a true checks and balance system and are above in importance then the federal and state government.  Blasphemy, I know!   They are government, business, church, family, education, media, community.   If you just have family running things, that is called the mafia.  If you only have government, that is called communism.  If you only have the church, that was called the dark ages.  They are all important and equal or at least should be.  As soon as the family can’t decide how to discipline their kids and the government starts to tell you how, then you have begun to slide down the slippery slope of lost freedoms.

The most important issue that Oliver raised was that if you don’t have the top layer and the bottom  layer working then it doesn’t matter what happens in the federal and state layer, it will not work.  Have you ever wondered why no matter who is in office or which party runs the house and senate it seems that things always end up just about the same. Or I should say, they continue to get worse.   Well, as Oliver stated, “You now know how to speak Anglo-Saxon”. At least my attempt to teach you.  The business I am associated with and my mentor Orrin Woodward believe very strongly in educating people on these concepts.

GOD Bless

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  1. Its amazing how those seven circles “…are essential to keep every area in a true checks and balance system and are above in importance then the federal and state government” match so well with the 8 F’s in the LIFE business! Thanks for giving more insight and clarification on this talk. It was great having Oliver in Columbus.

    Thanks for the opportunity that yourself and the rest of the PC are providing! You truly are men of character and integrity.

  2. Mr. Bill Lewis… thanks for the great article and for being a leader worth following! I couldn’t agree more, as Oliver Demille states in his book, FREEDOM SHIFT, the world goes through a major shift every 80-100 years. He categorizes the shifts into either a force shift or a freedom shift. The last being a force shift in 1913. We are the brink of another shift and it doesn’t look good, but there is hope! This is where I am so thankful for people such as you, ORRIN WOODWARD, CHRIS BRADY, and the others founders of LIFE and TEAM. Courageous men and women of honor who will not passively stand by and let our child be SCAMMED out of their FFRREEEEDOOMM! God bless, kb

  3. Outstanding Bill! Reading your review put me right back in the room hearing it for the first time. I’m glad you put it in writing because the message needs to be spread like a virus.

    I am so honored and blessed to be associated with men of your stature and significance. Your writing blows me away, your speaking is at an all time high and your influence is generational. Wow, what an example for me and my children to follow.

    God Bless

    The Milkman

  4. With teaching as my profession, I have been humbled by understanding more about “conveyor belt education” versus “classic education” and the role we have had in promoting (or not) freedom. I have also embraced the philosophy that to impact the country and the world, I need to change myself and make sure I am living by the principles I want emulated.

  5. Great blog article, excellent tools to add to our tool box as we continue to build a foundation of truth in reclaiming our country.

    Trusting Jesus!

    Adam & Lisa McGahee

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