Big time winners! LIFE / TEAM Convention

We have returned from Colombus, the site of the Life winter major convention.  I want to take some time and recognize the accomplishments of 2 great leaders.  The Spiewaks and the Hatchers.  The Spiewaks and their team completed the sweep of all the top guns.  The Hatchers and their team completed an amazing 23 month round table run.  Both leaders have many strengths that their team can learn from.

Holger and I used to work for the same manufacturing company.  Holger, who is originally from Germany, showed up at work with a 1970 something car that was as big as a boat.  After taking my trip to Europe,  I can see why he had such a fascination with big cars.  They don’t exist in Europe nor would they fit!  Even though that car was a little out of place (say this line like Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island) for corporate america darling,  Holger didn’t care and he was always willing to walk to the beat of his own drum.  Little did I know how much that trait would benifit him later on when I approached him with some crazy business idea.  Holger signed up with the Team and immediately he was 100% in and doing what it takes to make the business work.  At the time the only meetings were two and half hours from his house.  He never questioned it or complained about it.  He said “if this is what it takes to become great, then I will pay that price”.  I was just getting started myself so I didn’t realize that this kind of commitment was not normal.  I thought  everyone would be like that.    Holger’s loyalty to the TEAM and his team is legendary and is one of the key ingredients that makes his group of leaders such a dominate force.  Congrats to one of my best friends and a phenomenal leader.



Roy and I met in the normal process of building a community of leaders.  One of our team members contacted him and we went to show him the idea.  The lady that contacted them was worried because  they had tried everything and they probably wont be interested.  To me that meant the exact opposite.  They just hadn’t found the right tool.Yet!  As soon as I left their house I knew I had a potential rock star.  They came out of the gates running.  The next meeting we had lined up they already had someone there to see the business plan.  They came out of the gates running and continued running even when things weren’t going to plan.  The Hatchers are fanatical about game planning and understanding where they are at and what they need to do next.  They know everything about every spot in their business and therefore it is easy to P.D.C.A. with them.  They have great attitudes and are always willing to be counseled on the areas that they need to grow in.  Roy has been through many trials and tribulations and could easily use all of them as excuses to why he shouldn’t be a success.  He has chosen to use them as reasons why he should be successful.  This couple is doing what it takes to be a PC couple. Congrats on your first big victory.

I found a quote that is the opposite of both of these leaders.

Excuses are the nails which build the house of failure.  Don Wilder

What kind of house are you building?




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  1. Congratulations to Holger, Lindsy, Roy and Brenda. Your victories are sweet and I know you will not be stopping here. THANK YOU for leading the way.

  2. Congratulations to both of these couples as they each had their own obstacles to overcome that so many would use as excuses.

    Holger with his heavy German accent and the fact that he and Lindsey have how many children now, I am sure many would use as an excuse.

    Roy and Brenda – 23 months to Round Table!!!
    What a great example of what is possible.

    Thanks to both for their example and for you and Jackie for your leadership.

  3. We are so proud of our mom and dad…. Roy and Brenda….. They are leading us in life and LIFE. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, us, and our teams. Thanks Orrin, Bill& Jackie, and rest of the PC and R T leaders for setting the path for anyone to take if they so choose.

  4. It was great to see the Spiewaks live in action over the weekend. I learned so much from their passion and it was easy to see their love for their team. I really liked Roy’s “pimp sword” too 🙂

  5. Mr. Holger and Mrs. Lindsy I just wanna say its a great honor to have meet you both and to see your love for this business and your passion for helping people change there life and make it better. Mr. Roy and Mrs. Brenda you both have been such a great blessing in my life, and I am learning from you guys every day and I pray I can become a great leader and mentor like you both. I’m so honored to know and be a student of such great leaders Roy and Brenda. I want to thank you guys for leading the way to victory.

  6. Truly an outstanding accomplishment Proud of you and one day I will get an opportunity to excel like that!


  7. Congratulations to all leaders as well as the TEAM for these awesome victories!! Recognition at Major was amazing. I’ve never been so proud of two individuals in my life. Thank you to Roy and Brenda Hatcher for leading by example. Bill, you are exactly right about the fanatical game planning. I know that I can attribute our continued success on their game planning, goal setting, and encouragement to get it done. They also do not accept any excuses. I’m thankful that they have a NO MATTER WHAT attitude and know that they truly love each of us and want to see us successful. Thank you for being the REAL DEAL!!!

  8. Congrats to Roy and Brenda on your Victory! You are truly an amazing couple. I am so blessed to have you as my upline!

    Congrats to Holger and Lindsy as well.

  9. Congratulations to Holger and Lindsy, And Roy and Brenda. We have personally been able to mentor with Roy and Brenda. They are truly an amazing couple. We have been blessed to be around Roy and Brenda pretty much from day one. They have been there for us with the business and with personal situations that have came up along the way. We cherish them and are truly proud of them and we know they will be amazing PC leaders. Thank You for being leaders and showing the example.

  10. Congradulations Roy and Brenda!! You are an amazing couple. I look forward to being a part of your team (that is about to EXPLODE). I am glad you are my upline and I look up to you as my mentors. Nice suit Roy.

    Congradulations Holger and Lindsy.

  11. I first want to say thank you to the Lewis’s for being great leaders. Congratulations to Roy and Brenda Hatcher. It was so awesome to see another Musketeer added to the round table. Congratulations to the Spiewaks and their teams’ sweep of all of the Top Gun Awards.

  12. Congratulations to Holger and Lindsy; Roy and Brenda. What an achievement! What great leaders you’ve proven yourselves to be. I’ve known Roy for many years and realized his leadership ability way back when. Oh…incidently…I’m his older sister. I’m so very happy he has found the right tool and the right people to be a part of. Brenda is the gem by his side and together they make a great team. Be encouraged as you push forward to live your dreams. Thanks to all of the upline that has been a part of the victory and special thanks to Bill and Jackie.

  13. I want to congratulate both couples on their success. With strong leaders in the RT and PC we can see what we can achieve with hard work and determination. I LOVE this business and so glad to be apart of it, cant wait to see more people achieve their own personal goals along with my own. Good luck and God Bless!!!!!!

  14. Congratulations to the Hatchers and all of the other leaders recognized at Winter Leadership! Looking forward to some more amazing victories in April! Stay the course!

  15. Good stuff!! Way to lead Spiewaks and Hatchers, your strengths mentioned above of loyalty, commitment, game planning and coach ability has been noted and is being implemented by myself. Hey way to contribute to that TGS KB!!!!

  16. Wow, amazing post Bill.. Roy and Brenda are the REAL deal.. They are one of the most amazing couples, parents, teacher and Friends we have ever had a blessing of meeting.. I believe the Lord put them in our path for a reason and we will do whatever it takes to Honor and Earn their time.. Thank you for your continued guidance in leading us not only in LIFE, but in our own personal lives.. They lead by their example, & they DO, whatever it is they say they are going to do !! We are so grateful and blessed to be in the position we are in and it is an absolute Honor, to work with this couple.. Thank you Bill & Jackie in Leading not only Roy and Brenda and the Musketeer Team, But the entire TEAM itself, We cherish all that you do !! We love you guys !!

  17. Congratulations to Holger and Lindsy, And Roy and Brenda. I am so Happy to be following great people like them. I love being part of LIFE and Roy and Brenda team. Let show them how it is done..

  18. Roy & Brenda Hatcher, what a story to tell! True servants who every minute of every day have others best interest and others goals first on their mind before their own. I am so proud to know this couple. Keep changing lives through your example, keep being Rascals!

  19. Congratulations Roy and Brenda Hatcher! We are extremely blessed to be following your directions! 2012 is going to be an awesome year for the Musketeer Team and we are very excited to see what the future brings!

  20. I am so blessed to be a part of the Hatcher’s group – they are a great example to us all! You are at the right place at the right time!

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