I would like to take a few moments and talk about a topic that the rest of our civilization very rarely talks about.  The subject is fatherhood.  Our society puts the majority of its emphasis on moms.  I don’t have any thing against motherhood or being a mom.  I have stayed home with kids for extended amounts of time and I have no idea how they handle what they handle.  With all that said there are more and more studies coming out about the vital role a father plays.  First I have a story and then some statistics.  The intention of this is just to get us to think about our role as dads. I grew up without one but I had a great family system around me and some great friends that kept me from becoming one of these statistics.

There were 2 sons who had a father.  And the father said to his 2 sons,” Boys, before I share any of my estate with you, I must go away for a while and build it so that one day it might actually be worth something.” When will you come home, Dad?”  the younger one said.  “I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then, son.”  So, not long after that, the father got together all he had and set of for a another city.

While he built great wealth, he wasted much of it on wild living.  After that there was a severe recession and so he worked even harder to regain what he had.  Every time he would get ahead something would happen and he would be put back again.  Abandoning his leadership at home for his own self-absorption far away, he became the modern day prodigal – the lost and wayward father.

Finally, in his desperation, after years of being away from his home and his 2 sons, the father came to his senses, and said, ” All of my work has been in vain; its meaningless.”  I have sinned against heaven and my boys.  So he got up and returned to his 2 sons who were now grown men.

He approached the younger of the 2 with his confession and said,” I would like to spend some time with you if you don’t mind,” but his son said,” I’d love to Dad, if I can find the time….lets talk soon.  With tears in his eyes the father realized the tragedy of his life.  “My boys have grown up to be just like me, my boys have grown up just like me.”


Statistics from the University of Pittsburg Office of Child Development, the future of children who grow up in fatherless homes.

63 % of all youth suicides

90 % of all homeless and runaway children

85% of children who exhibit behavior disorders

71% of all high school dropouts

75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers

70 % of juveniles in state sponsored institutions

85 % of all youths in prison


We may not have left to go to another city, like in our story.  But we have left mentally through video games, bowling leagues and TV.  Let’s make sure we that we give our children what they need.  They need us.  They need us to help them, love them, discipline them but most of all, they need time.  Let’s make sure that we don’t let those statistics be the same with fathers that are in the home.  There is nothing wrong with having a career or having hobbies.  Just make sure that we are equally focused on raising the next generation of great men.


God Bless


33 thoughts on “Fatherhood”

  1. Bill,
    Wow what an interesting thought! I love the fact that many of the greatest leaders in the entire world (PC) are speaking of becoming fathers. I hope that wasn’t taken the wrong way, let me explain. There are lots of biological men that have children but they are neither dads nor fathers! Thank u guys so much for inspiring and putting a new perspective on things for My wife and I. We have decided to start to have our first child and I am so pumped. Jackie hit it square on the nose with a whole new label perfect! I can’t wait until Ohio to be able to see u guys rock the house! Keep leading bud and we are only a dream or two behind u guys.
    Thank You,
    Derrick McCuller (Blue)

  2. Amen Bill!! Fathethood has been attacked so much over the years. I love the fact that I am in an orginization where men take fatherhood seriously. Thanks Bill.

  3. Thanks, Bill, for this timely reminder of a timeless truth. God in his wisdom placed children in a family comprised of a mother and a father. Both have a critical roll to play. Single parents need our prayers, love, and support to help fill the gap.

  4. Bill,

    Thank you very much for bringing up this very important topic. I have been blessed in this area very much in my life, but I have seen others not as fortunate. I recently read a book called “Fields of the Fatherless” and it showed an ever growing need for others to step up, mentor and help develop the fatherless. Proud to be in business with you. God Bless.

  5. Bill,
    This is another great reason that I love being in business with such amazing people. This is a great topic and I’m glad that you addressed it. These statistics are astounding! I knew that it made an impact but wow. I really wonder if some men (and women) would make better decisions if they knew the odds that they were putting their child up against.

  6. Wow! When I saw that topic, I had to respond. I’m in the process of finishing a book titled, “The Point Man”. That book has really opened my eyes to the responsibilities of a father. I am one of those casualties of society. I grew up in a fatherless home where my father was in prison majority of my life, and with a mom who was and is strong as an ox.I now know why some of the areas of my life are the way they are. I am also better equipped with information to raise my children the right way. I just want to take this opportunity to Thank Bill Lewis and the policy council for creating an opportunity for people to change their labels and become who they should be. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  7. Fantastic message on the power of being a father and playing an active role in a childs life. Thank you for sharing and setting the example. children spell love …. TIME not sure who said this .. 🙂

  8. Absolutely true, very good post Bill and reminds me of the song I grew up hearing (Cats in the Cradle) I never wanted to be that Dad! Thanks for all you Do!!! Steve

  9. Bill,
    Awesome blog. made me think how much my family fall into Statistics. I grew up in a father less house. all my bothers (three of them) have or are in prison. I have work and struggle to stay out of that mold. I am working on building a new one with life/team.

    thank you

  10. It is amazing to me how the role of fathers is so under emphasized in our society. Most men’s best hours are given to a workplace they do not love and our children are afforded with the scraps of what is left (if anything). Yet we are summoned to be grateful that our husbands have a job. I am so thankful for the opportunities and directionour family has been afforded through TEAM/LIFE. We are greatful to be a part of such an organization.

  11. I am so thankful to have the opportunity for such great information provided to me and family from the LIFE buisness. Mr Lewis represents such a great leader in this industry. His struggles in life are a testimony to the fact that when people are provided with the right information the sky’s the limit.

  12. Those stats are heartbreaking! A fathers presence is essential in a child’s life. I also believe a ‘missing’ father who lives at home is more painful than an abandoned father. A mother has an opportunity to bond with a child that a father cannot experience when she carries the child….but a father has the important role of leading the household and setting the LIFE example for that child for the remainder of their LIFE. That’s HUGE! LIFE leadership is so much more than a ‘business’….the materials can be used to set examples in the fatherless homes….and more importantly the “fatherless” homes of those whose father still lives there! Maybe the ‘moms’ can make sure the materials get into the hands of the ‘missing’ dads out there…helping to bring the “missing daddy’s” back home! Powerful message…..and thank you for setting the example of an awesome leader, husband, father and friend. Your children will thank you some day as well! Love you guys!

  13. Bill I think this message is awesome!!! As a mother u try to do the things u need to, to guide ur children through their lives but a father is so very important. I believe the statistics u wrote about I no from experience how things can happen when there is no father present in their lives. Fathers be present in your childrens lives so they can become the role models for there families in the future.

  14. Wow, those stats are REAL !! Its painful to hear but sadly enough they are the truth.. You see this type of thing everyday, especially with the association I used to be around.. And we wonder why some of the youth today react the way that they do, and the common denominator continues to be the same.. When a father is absent in their childs Life, they cripple that childs future tremendously.. They have no manly role model in the house of who to follow or how to treat women or other people.. So what do these children do ? They copy what they see on TV or what they see in the environment they are raised in !! Being a MAN is being a Father.. The #1 priority of any man NEEDS to be that Leader to that child so that child to can grow to become a Great role model for his family !! Be the example for your child to emulate and show them what it REALLY means to be a Father, a Husband, a Leader and a MAN !! Thank you for sharing this eye opening information Bill, You are being the Man for your children and you show your example to all of us everyday !!

  15. Bill,

    God must have some awesome things to tell our men today because I read this blog earlier this week and we had family night and watched corageous and then today my pastor talked about men and fatherhood. I am truly thankful to have men in my life that will satnd up and make a difference because it is the right thing!
    Appreciate it a lot!

  16. Bill,
    I read this blog earlier this week on my phone and couldn’t comment, but now I see why. I read your blog, watched courageous for the first time (which is all about fatherhood), and then my pastor spoke on fatherhood today and it was an awesome message. A lot of time we as men want to blame and not take responsibility for the things that go on in our lives. But it is up to us to accept the challenges that we have already faced and the ones we will face. We have to make sure that we do not complain about our bad times, but adjust and that is how a change can occur in the house as men grow spines. (risk, fear, and worry CD)This was awesome and indeed a word from the lord!

    Thanks for your willingness to share

  17. Wow this is great, I’m not a father but I do want to be a father one day and I pray that I can be a great father like my father and some of the fathers and father figures I have meet in Team Life

  18. I have the pleasure of seeing this amazing leader of men lead as a father first hand. As his wife and the mother of his four amazing gifts from God I get to see this post in action every day. The most impressive ( as if it’s all not impressive equally) to me is his ability to dicipline without emotion! He always strives to be the best Daddy he can be. He sees teachable moments and instead of getting upset, yelling, belittling or abusing them he leads them “with strong hands”. The song Lead Me by Sanctus Real embodies this amazing man. He has forever changed the path of which was laid for him as someone who grew up without a dad. As for our house, he stood up and said “not anymore”! I love and respect this man beyond expression! A real man in a world with an unfortunate shortage.

  19. Bill,
    Thank you for your inspiration and example you set for all of the men in the TEAM/LIFE Business. Its amazing to hear your testimony and to see you set yourself apart from those statistics. I’m thankful for the TEAM’s impact on the men around me. Mens Leadership alone has been life changing. I’ve seen first hand broken relationships mended. I see men stepping up and leading their homes. LIFE gave us a new beginning. You and Jackie have been such an inspiration and influence to our family. Thank you for leading by example and setting the bar high.

  20. Awesome Bill, I love it!! Thanks for being such a great example!! I posted the statistics you have on my facebook and I received this message back:

    “As someone who grew up in a fatherless home, I am compelled to ask if the study specified why there was no father in the home. Is this based on divorce, out of wedlock parents, widowed mothers?”

    Can you provide me with the answer to this question so I can pass it on please? Thanks Bill!!

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  22. Great blog Bill. I have never understood how men can willing spend so much time away from their families. I do not have children but I have witnessed first hand men spending every day at work and every night in a tavern. They use the excuse of “I need to get away, those kids are driving me nuts”. They never liked my response of “How can they drive you nuts when you never spend time with them?”

    I think the thing that bothers me the most was when fathers did spend a night at home they called it “baby sitting”. I’ve always wanted smack them upside the head and say “It’s called RAISING your children and being a father.” I guess that’s my two cents worth.

  23. Hi Bill,
    I have two daughters one is 15 & the other just turned 4 months this, I can tell that I appreciate the time that I get to spend with both them & see the effect it can have on both of their lifes. It is a blessing to Father. Thanks for sharing this is something that every father should read. Thanks Bill for being a great example & I’m so thankful Life Leadership & the founders & all the great information .

  24. Bill! Just got back from KC and the Weekend of the Entrepreneurs! Great words of wisdom from you and Keisha both! Thank you for being examples for me to follow.
    I feel impressed to express my solidarity with you in being examples of fathers for our youth. I have had the immense blessing of having many examples of fatherhood influences in my life. My one regret is that is has taken so long to acknowledge those influences.
    My Father is a great example. He worked hard with nary a complaint and even when disappointed in my miscreant actions still let me know he loved me. My extended family was also instrumental in keeping me from plunging into the abyss of sin.
    Drill instructors, neighbors, church leaders and now men like yourself, Mr. Swanson, Mr. Robson, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Hamilton, Brother Fotu ALL have had greater influence in my life than they will ever know.
    I thank my Father in Heaven the most though for keeping these guiding lights in my life (even though I can be a tough nut to crack at times.)
    I can only hope and pray that I can begin to at least assist in giving back and being worthy of an example of fatherhood.
    Thank you again for your wisdom that you share through Life Leadership.

  25. You hit the nail right on the head Mr. Lewis. I am definitely going to share this so others can have some reflection. This kind of happened to me I left moved a thousand miles away then realized 10 months later but I was only thinking of myself. Now my oldest son is in the military in the Marine Corps and I can’t see him when I want to. But my sons are identical to me. Thank you so much.

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