Hungry Students

We just came back from Orrins house in Florida for a moving on promotion.  I would first like to thank the Woodward’s for opening their home up to a mob of people.  We had a great time showing everyone the property, the house, and especially the yacht, Dream Builder, and boy does it live up to that name. This trip was one of the best trips I have been on since I joined the Team business. For many people there, it was a taste of the life they always wanted to live.  This picture doesnt capture everyone around the pavilion but they are all paying attention to the speakers and trying to gather any nuggets that they can take home with them.

Orrins Florida Promotion picture

The thing I love about these promotion trips is it shows us what we can accomplish when we put our mind to it.  This promotion was a moving on promotion.  That means you had to hit the next level in your business to qualify for the trip.  To do that required setting the goal, making a game plan, and then attacking that game plan and probably adjusting the plan as you started to move forward.  It sounds so simple on the surface but as you start to dig deeper it does require more of you.

Set a goal – the simplest of all steps.  State the number you want to hit.  There are many reasons why we don’t do that and most of them are tied to some fear within us.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of one of the steps.  It’s up to each of us to figure that out and push through it or go to your mentor for help.  I love what Orrin Woodward says, “If you don’t set a goal you will hit it with amazing accuracy.”

Make a game plan – this can definitely be a little tougher because there are many factors at play but if you talk to your mentor they can give you many insights.  I think one of the hardest steps is we worry too much about the original game plan and if it won’t happen.  We have to come up with the best plan we can for the current situation and then know that we will probably have to adjust it on the journey.

Adjust the plan – as we start to move forward toward our plan we need regular checks with our mentor to see if what adjustments we need to make.  I don’t think I have ever seen an original game plan work through out the entire process.  All game plans end up with some adjustments.  If you aren’t sitting with a mentor then your adjustments may be coming to late.

Congrats to everyone that qualified for this promotion.  You have done the steps necessary to achieve any level of success that you want to achieve.

God Bless

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  1. Great posting my friend! I agree, that was one of my favorite trips of all time. As one of my business partners said after leaving Orrins, ‘It was one of the top 5 best days of my life, and I don’t remember the other 4’. I love how you break down the process of attacking the status quo through a game-plan and goal! Thanks for all you do, kb

  2. The whole day with the Lewis team was awesome! Great people, great food, and great fun! On our way to 1 million with Bill and Jackie building huge numbers to help that cause! God Bless, Orrin

  3. What a great post, thanks for all you do Bill! This was an amazing experience with some awesome fellowship and some of the greatest leaders in the world! Brittany and I are grateful for the trip and look forward to qualifying for the next!! Free trips rock!! And a big thankyou to the Woodwards as well.! Getting a game plan for living the life we’ve always wanted was the best thing we could have ever done!

  4. What an amazing weekend. It was so much fun to be there enjoying Orrin and Laurie’s hospitality with so many of our team mates. Then have one of them make a wedding proposal on the Dream Builder was a history making event in that couples life journey.. Thank you Orrin and Laurie and Bill and Jackie for your continued belief and incouragement.

  5. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part if that group….to achieve the goal was great…but helping others achieve theirs and watching them on this trip was absolutely the best! Of course sleeping on the yacht was fantastic as well! Congrats to Stephanie and Tony on their awesome achievement of becoming engaged on the yacht! True love boat! Thanks Orrin and Laurie and Bill and Jackie…love you all for sharing your lives with us!

  6. This was an amazing trip that we will NEVER forget. If it aren’t for the amazing leadership of all ourupline, I probably would have never been to Florida ever. Its so true that setting a goal is first step, then commit to it. We bought out plane tickets to go before we ever hit, cause we knew we would! Thanks again Bill and Jackie for leading the way, can’t wait for many many more trips if a lifetime!

  7. That day was one of the best days of my life. Thanks Orrin for opening up your home. Thanks Brian and Bill for leading the way!

  8. Thank you for all of your servant leadership Bill and Jackie, no wonder we are going to a million people with people like you leading the way!

  9. Thank you Orrin and Laurie, Bill and Jackie for sacrificing and creating opportunity when others said it was not possible. Your bigger than life belief is so powerful that it allows others like myself to conquer things I forgot I wanted to as a little girl. This was the best trip I have ever had. For every promotion run for it! I pity the person who tells me this wont work….I have been on the dream builder!

  10. What a glorious day, it was, INDEED!! So thankful that these rewards are set in place to help in pushing through. Love iron sharpening iron!

  11. What an amazing trip! I mean I knew it was going to be a great one…but I had no way to consciously conceive just how amazing that was going to be!!!!!!! Not to mention, that the best is still yet to come?! Fired up!!

    If anyone who is reading this was NOT there, wow, do whatever you can and take the leaders word for it above this comment and walk by faith that it is TOTALLY worth it!

    Thanks Bill and Jackie, Orrin and Lauri and Holger and Lindsey for paving the way for Stacey and myself to truly begin the journey of living the life that we have always wanted!

    With Honor. Valor. and Humility.

    Today’s The Day!!!

    Larry and Stacey Allswede

  12. What an incredible learning experience this promotion was. Thank you Orrin and Laurie Woodard for overcoming your obstacles throughout the years and allowing us into your home to dream building and learn.

  13. I agree about setting a game plan things never go all the way from what you plan, but sure will take you a lot farther for doing so. Thanks for the good tip…. you two are amazing leadors, thanks for everything! and will look forward to making it to a great promo like that as well soon!



  15. Though we did not hit the promotion, I am greatful to be in an organization that allows everyday people to spend time with those that have the fruit on the tree and are willing to share how to grow your OWN tree. I’m very happy for those that hit the promotion…what an awesome experience. This only shows a small part of what people are capable of achieving when they put there mind to it. As Napoleon Hill said “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Thank you Orrin, Chris, Bill and the whole PC for all that you do in showing us that there is a better LIFE to be had! God bless everyone.

  16. Hey Bill, Matt Farrand Working with Dave and Carrie Canniff. Thank you for the opportunity to go to Orrin’s. This is an awesome organization, it has brought a new level of challenges and joy to our lives. We love to share it with others to see what a difference a little information can make in a persons life.

    I wanted to share a song that keeps me moving on.
    Artist: Radical Something
    Song Title: Freedom

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