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Had to repost this article.  Orrin does a great job of giving you insight into The Life Business.  I know what he is saying is true because I have witnessed most of this journey.  If it wasn’t for Orrin and Laurie and what they have done, my family would not be able to live the life we always wanted.  I cannot thank them enough for what they have done except to continue to pay it forward.

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The Story of the LIFE Business

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2013

LIFE Business Story

The LIFE Business is an ongoing story. Each person who joins the LIFE community chooses which part, whether large or small, he or she will play. What happens when a world-renowned best-selling author is introduced to LIFE and begins studying the history of this movement? The short answer is a compelling story of hopes, dreams, struggles, failures, perseverance, and finally victory. Thankfully, he has decided to write up the story of LIFE. In my opinion, it is great timing because never before has a LeaderShift been more needed than now. Indeed, this is exactly what the LIFE community intends to do – create a leadershift! Here is a portion of the introduction in his upcoming book about LIFE. What part will you play in the story?


Orrin Woodward


LIFE Business Major Convention


LIFE Business Introduction

The fate of free enterprise is very much in doubt. By the first decade of the 21st Century, critics of free enterprise and modern democratic freedom had convinced many people that free enterprise is an outdated system, one that cares more about corporate profits than economic opportunity for everyone.

This problem was the result of a split between two approaches to free enterprise, the traditional type of freedom based on the cooperation of idealists and realists to share profits so everyone has the chance to succeed financially, versus a more cutthroat corporatist emphasis on what we might call “Skeptical Pragmatism,” or doing whatever is deemed most profitable regardless of who it hurts, and keeping most of the profits for a few elites.

In the midst of this growing divide, it was perhaps inevitable that new companies would arise to challenge the shift toward corporatism, and to once again champion traditional free enterprise. It is against this backdrop that the story of the LIFE business began.

It is a story set in a business world created by the likes of Jack Welch, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I will state my almost preposterous thesis here and now, as controversial as it may seem: Had history developed just slightly differently, the other names on this list would be those who created and expanded network marketing.

Indeed, network marketing should have been as big as WalMart. It would have been, except too many people at the top asked themselves, “Why would we only take a 10% profit when we could take 30%?”

The story of the LIFE business is the exact opposite. The top leaders asked, “Why would we take 30% of the profit when we could earn 10% and pass the rest to others in the business?”

Why would anyone do this? Did they miss the memo? Did they skip the unofficial lessons of many prestigious business schools?

Did they misunderstand capitalism? Or were they just less experienced, ambitious or visionary than their competitors on Wall Street?

This is the story of a company that dared to do it differently, to apply Sam Walton-like thinking to network marketing. Moreover, instead of soap, health drinks or other typical network marketing products, this is the story of a company that chose to build its central product line around the most American of exports—leadership.

This is not a story of perfect men or women, or a feel-good tale of continual success without major difficulties. Far from it. This is a story of men and women, ordinary individuals who faced extraordinary challenges with hard work, resilience, and, above all, persistence.

It is a story of people who believed in an idea, and who refused to let it go—even when it almost cost them everything. It is a story of a few men and women who would not bend to the “normal” business trends that created elitism and corporatism in the modern economy. Some may say it is a story of courage, while others might argue that more “sophisticated” businessmen wouldn’t have so stubbornly held to their ideals and risked it all.

But whatever else it is, this is a story about families, friendships, and principles. In a way, it would more naturally fit into the storylines of past centuries, where leaders were expected to stand up, stand out, take on the establishment and blaze new trails based on firmly-held beliefs. In our modern world of political correctness, group therapy, management by committee, and the drive to “fit in” and pursue popularity at all costs, the concept of standing up against the system because “it’s the right thing to do” may seem amusingly archaic to some people.

Yet that is exactly how LIFE came about. This is the story of a leader, indeed of a team of leaders, who set out to build a widespread community of leaders. And while such a story may feel anachronistic in the 21st Century, it may just be the type of story that will redeem this generation.

Could it be that the “success bias” of our modern world is desperately in need of what Stephen Covey called “the character ethic?” Do we live in a world where the most important leadership principle is a desperately-needed acknowledgement that character counts? If so, the story of the LIFE business is a story for our times.

It is a story unfinished, however. The more time I spent interviewing the main characters, researching and studying the events, documents and details of this story, the more I felt that writing this story was like writing about Sam Walton in the 1960s, before WalMart was a worldwide phenomenon. While the future of LIFE remains to be seen, the unique beginning of this business is a story worth telling in its own right. To paraphrase Santayana, the future remains in the future, and the best we can do is learn (hopefully) from the past.

Whatever your business or career, your level of education or status in society, the story of the LIFE business is a case study of what can happen when an ancient set of leadership principles (based on idealism, frugality, hard work and integrity) are applied in a modern business environment dominated by pragmatism. Every modern leader struggles with this very challenge, and this story is therefore deeply relevant for today’s leaders in every sector and field.

Orrin Woodward – The Life Business

21 thoughts on “The Life Business by Orrin Woodward”

  1. What a great story the LIFE business is becoming. The best part is that we are all able to have a hand in writing the story, ensuring that it will be passed down to our future generations, and not allow these important lessons to be omitted from history. Thanks to all the LIFE founders for standing up for what is right and just! Psst…pass it on.

  2. Thanks for reposting Orrin’s blog, Bill! My mouth is watering for Leadershift and the yet-to-be-announced book this exerpt came from. And many thanks for being the tremendous leader you are!

  3. Awesome post, thanks for reposting Bill, we Can’t wait for Orrin’s book leadershift to come out. Thanks for everything you do for the team Bill!!

  4. It is a blessing to be a part of a culture shift, a Leadershift if you will, with great men and women like you and Jackie and the rest of the Policy council.

    Your life of principles is changing lives, thank you!


  5. Bill that WAS a fantastic article! Can’t wait to see the book and be a continual part of the journey of making a differance! Yours and Jackies story is so relateable and inspiring! Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for all you do!
    God Bless!

  6. This is a fantastic post Bill! The selflessness of the LIFE founders is in my words …Christ – like! When dust settles in the annals of history, all will look back on this very act of service to others and applaud the LIFE founders and their devotion to serving others and doing what is right because it is right!I certainly count myself blessed to have been invited to become a LIFE member and I intend to pay it forward daily!

  7. Bill,
    Isn’t it amazing when you know what you know, and you know others don’t know what they don’t know, or they know what they know and they did not want you to know, and now they know you know!!
    It’s all about TRUTH!
    Amd that’s what we do know!!
    God Bless

  8. Bill- You are SO correct!! Without the Leadership and vision of Orrin and Laurie, There is no way my family would be where we are today and thanks to the mentorship of yourself and Jackie, our lives are only going to get better.
    God Bless,

  9. History is being made before our eyes and we can be as big a part of it as we want. This article reminds us how much this is needed at this time and important for us to ‘spread the word’, stand up and make a difference.

  10. Bill… The ‘Story of LIFE’…can’t wait to read it, in the meantime I am greatly enjoying living it! If your not chasing your dream, then it is most assuredly getting away from you! Thanks for always being a leader worthy of following!! Kirk Birtles

  11. Great post Bill! We are greatful to all the LIFE leaders who are paving the way to a better future for our families. We are very blessed to be a part of such a great community. A special THANK YOU to you and Jackie for all you do for us! You guys are awesome!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this Bill! Thank you for all that you and Jackie do to make it possible for me to pursue and obtain the life I’ve always wanted!

  13. Bill, I just read another good book. In it it said “give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction.” I believe this is exactly what we do in the LIFE business! Thanks for the Post and your Leadership! Steve

  14. I can’t thank you enough Bill. By doing whatever it takes to develop leaders that have undoubtedly changed my life for the best. I continue on a journey that I may have certainly passed by a couple years ago. Thanks to Orrin and the rest of the PC for creating a whole new industry

  15. Thanks for the post! I feel so proud and humbled to be a part of the beginning of such a great story. We strive to do our part so the story grows into a beacon for anyone in the world that is looking for a group of people bonding together to help each other have a brighter future through better information and a better opportunity.

  16. Thanks for sharing this. I love the story of LIFE, because in just a short few months I have seen the personal stories that play a major part in the overall story. I’m blown away by the fact that EVERY person who reads, listens, and associates in this community has significant changes in their life. In my team we have seen marriages strengthened, individuals regain hope and happiness, increased ability to see one’s self-worth, and more. What a great blessing it is to be a part of it.

    Thanks for your leadership!

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