The Life Business – Freedom Day

The Life Business has done it again!  BreAnne and Kevin Hafner are free!

Last week, myself and my wife had the privilege and honor to attend BreAnne’s last day of work.  There were around 50 people that made it out to, Chelsea Retirement Community,  to watch Bre walk out of that facility for the last time.  It was a chilly day but the excitement of watching someone get there time back was to enticing to miss.  The group had freedom signs, Life signs, and cameras as they gathered around the door that Bre would be walking out of.  At  3:05 she emerged from the building and the crowd erupted with applause.  Her husband Kevin was one of the first to great her as she made her way towards all her teammates.  Her support team was also there to help celebrate. The Hatchers, Tingley, Coon, Ewing, Powers all played a part in making this freedom day happen.  One of the memorable parts of the day was as Bre and Kevin were getting into the car, to drive away for the last time.  Someone pointed up.  As we looked up there was a huge picture frame window on the second floor that had about 25 faces smashed against the glass watching the event unfold.  Many of those faces were people that told Bre that this day would never happen or that she was crazy for thinking that SHE could accomplish something so great.  What they don’t know is that BreAnne and Kevin have guts! They are fighters and are willing to pay the price for freedom.  They also don’t know that Bre is backed by one of the greatest people development systems of all time.  You see when I first meet Bre I didn’t even know that I met her.  She was one of the shyest most quite people that I have met in 15 years of building The LIfe Business.  Now Kevin & Bre are turing themselves into world class leaders. Free from a job at 29 years old!   People of integrity expected to be believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right.


Everyone has it in them to earn their freedom.  The question is are you going to cultivate it?   Are you going to stay plugged into the entire process, like Bre & Kevin did?  Are you going to NOT be swayed by the opinions of others, who don’t have the results you want anyways?  Are you going to allow your teammates to help you?   Will you continue to take the next step even when you don’t feel like it?  When you get knocked down will you get back up?  Will you read, listen and associate?  Everyone can do that and we can’t wait to celebrate your day,  with YOU.

Go earn your freedom.

Bill Lewis








47 thoughts on “The Life Business – Freedom Day”

  1. Congratulations to all that were involved in this victory!! You shared some of the story last night in Goshen and it was very inspiring for the group!!!

  2. That is awesome! I love to hear of people getting their freedom! Thank you for sharing this. Very inspiring!


  3. We are so proud of you Kevin and Bre for pushing through to achieve your goals. You give everyone hope and belief that they too can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Congrats to your FREEDOM and here is to many more!!!

  4. As a good friend of mine would say who I’ll leave nameless, but his intials are Aron Radosa, THAT”S STINKING AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂 Congrats!!!!!!

  5. couldn’t be happier for them!! what a wonderful opportunity we all have in our hands take advantage of!!

  6. Proud moment? YEAH!!! If you only knew the many obstacles this couple have conquered to get to this FREEDOM! We all have our “Goliaths” and they had their share! But they did it…they turned their negatives into positives…they didn’t want their critics results they wanted their mentors results! Who are you listening to? When they started getting closer to their freedom the drive got even more intense….they honestly drove hard to get this done…their team rallied around and the support was incredible to get it done! LIFE has truly been a LIFE Changer for them and for all their Family and Friends who have watched this radical change blossom over the past three years! Love you guys! and special thanks to Bill and Jackie Lewis….without you two this would have NEVER happened! Thanks to ALL the PC……and leaders…you know who you are!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  7. I love this post. At such a young age they have a lot of living to do. I wish you guys could video this and turn it into a show like the show on ABC where people would get the home of their dreams. This is producing the life of their dreams. I think this would be better.

    1. I like that idea Ced. Keep up your attack on the east coast. Can’t wait to come pick you up on your last day 🙂

  8. What an encouraging true story! Thanks for sharing Bill, and congratulations to Bre and Kevin! Todays the Day! Jeff

    1. Sherrie you guys are very close to having your family free also. Proud of what you guys are doing in New York. Keep it up

  9. Awesome story, I have heard it many times but they way you put into your words actually made me tear up. Bre & Kevin are so deserving! They are great leaders with solid integrity.
    Congratulations to them!!

    1. thx christie. they are special days, to think you never have to wake up and go to a job ever again is quit amazing. this business is very special.

  10. Awesome!! Congrats Bre and Kevin. Thanks for sharing and giving others visual inspiration to feed their elephant.

  11. A very huge congrats! We love seeing the personal victory after victory that The Life Business provides!!

    My wife got her freedom sept 2012… And she loves it… So enjoy it! You guys earned it!!

    Steve and Kelli Sager
    Stealth UF

  12. Awesome job you guys! Very proud of you and its great to have a preview of our Freedom Day from the same employer 😉 Looking forward to the future and keep running your guts out! This is only the beginning!

  13. Congratulations, an inspiration to all for staying tough. Our support teams are there to bless us all, let’s utilize them for all our freedom days.

    1. Thanks for the comment and congrats to your guys group (Bryan & Reanna) on creating a job opening for someone else 🙂

  14. Bill,
    The real reward is to be able to watch what the two of them have become, TRUE LEADERS! Bre n Kevin are going to effect change in more people’s lives then they know at the moment. We are so proud of them and we know they will pay it forward so that others may experience their happiness!
    “All 4 One” “One 4 All”
    BP n Sherry!!!

    1. With a leader like you and sherry to follow it is hard for someone to not make it. Keep being the example that others can duplicate.

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