2013 June Major


This weekends major was another smashing success!  We had huge numbers at the Nationwide arena and some of the best talks we have  ever had were given this weekend.  We also had some great recognition.  The Spiewaks  and Spolars were recognized for hitting a level called Policy Council and the Powers team won the Power Player top gun.  It’s so amazing to be able to watch people step up their game and get really focused on hitting a goal.  I know the Spiewaks and Powers very well and although they are great leaders they did not do something that others cannot do.  They both have strengths that you don’t have, but you also have strengths that they do not have.  These two couples have made the difficult decisions that success requires, and their lifestyles are  on the verge of becoming unexplainable to most people.  If you want to taste the sweetness of success you only have to do some very basic things.

1. Do the work

2. Grow yourself

3. Set a goal and attack it

4. Put a ten on your teammates forehead

5. Stay tough

If you consistently do these steps, maybe one day you will be on stage receiving your reward.


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13 thoughts on “2013 June Major”

  1. This was our most memorable Major yet!! Congrats to the new PC couple and to Brian and Sherry Powers for winning the Power Player Top Gun! It was awesome to be a part of such a history making weekend!!!

  2. wow! What an amazing weekend!! Probably the best major ive ever attended! Love the Spiewaks so much. They were a PC couple way before they were ever recognized for that. Their LOVE and conmpassion for others (including crossline cousins) is unbelieveable. And Brian and Sherry Powers are well on their wayfor the recognition of the people they have become. Love LIFE!

  3. I am proud to be a part of the best team on the team holger and Lindsey are an amazing example of leading from the front!! they have created an amazing culture within their teams. I can feel the vacuum effect which they have created. time to move on!!! it’s time, it’s time, it’s time, it’s time!!!!!

  4. Bill and Jackie,
    We are so blessed to have you in our lives. What an amazing weekend. None of this would have ever been possible without the mentorship and guidance from both of you and the belief you provide for the Musketeer team. You have created a culture of winning and helping others, that is unlike anything we have ever seen. Our hats off to Holger and Lindsey for their great accomplishment. Just like you, they have guided a some great teams that provided us additional inspiration in this Power Player Top Gun competition. We so admire Holger and Lindsey, Aron and Mary, Kirt and Cassie, and Steve and Beth, for their continued example of keeping the bar high. But today, “today is the day” for the “Musketeer Team” to celebrate their Victory!! Time to sharpen the sword and look forward to invading Wisconsin in October!!
    Thank you again
    God Bless
    Brian and Sherry

  5. Looking forward to the teaching at the Wichita, KS LIFE Monthly Seminar by a Policy Council couple, who just broke a second team with a new Policy Council couple. Wow!

  6. What an amazing weekend! Can’t wait to hear the Spiewaks PC recognition talk again- powerful!!
    Didn’t think the information could get any better than the last Major, but somehow you all did it! Thank you, Bill & Jackie Lewis, and all of the other leaders of Life who put so much into these weekends so that we can go out and be more effective in influencing the direction our country is going in. Can’t wait for October!

  7. Friday Leadership and Friday Night kickoff were well worth the modest cost in themselves. Saturday and Sunday meetings were all icing. Power Player recognitions were phenomenal and took a full 20 minutes. Our LIFE leaders exuberated success and excellence. My business life is changed forever.

  8. To me Holger and Lindsey were the most amazing part of the weekend. I have been a part of team since 2001 and have seen Holger in action all these years. He proved to all us that have stuck around through the good and bad that we can finish our race. Thank you PC for another amazing major weekend.

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