A Recent Lesson on Credibility

As most of you who follow my blog know, I just did a post on credibility. Fortunately for all of us there are always critics, haters, or simply people who have nothing else to do with their life except watch other people’s lives.  With all that said they also play a very important role in the process of success because without them there wouldn’t be a……..check and balance is a good term, I think.  Ok that was sarcasm but in actuality we all need people in our lives that will point out our flaws and mistakes (some will do it in a positive way, others will do it in a negative way).  Without them we would never have the chance to prove our credibility. Well it has come to my attention that “a group” has identified that I hadn’t paid my property tax on the house that I bought from Orrin.  Why someone would be trying to find that information I am not quite sure, but yes it is true.  Let me say this so this doesn’t get twisted.  I FORGOT TO PAY MY PROPERTY TAX.  Haven’t we all forgotten to do something or messed something up?  So here IS what happened.

– Moved into the house at the end of the 2011

– Tax bills come in twice a year, so about 6 months later I received the first one

– Threw it in my bill drawer because it wasn’t due yet

– Missed the deadline but mailed in the check anyway

– A while later the check came back and said I was past the deadline

– Either I missed it or it didn’t say it but once you miss the deadline you have to mail it to a different address

– I mailed it to the same address again ( stupid of me, yes, never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer )

– By this time it was well into 2012 maybe even 2013

– Mailed another check in but stopped payment on it because the new 2013 taxes came in and it had a different address then the previous one ( which I now know as the “late payment” address )

– Was made aware that people were “very excited” to see that I am human and made a mistake 🙂

– Went to the office and finally figured everything out and stroked 2 checks to pay for all of the taxes. Done

Now unfortunately for some of you out there we were not trying to avoid paying them. We are not struggling financially and neither Orrin or Chris “bailed us out” …..sorry.  As a matter of fact because of the smart financial principles that The Life Leadership has taught us I was able to write the $28,000 checks and take care of it.  So yes it is correct. Even Policy Council members make mistakes. However we don’t try to hide from them when confronted. Instead we do own up to them and we do try our best to make things right.  I just wonder if the people who are throwing stones do the same.  I am guessing not, otherwise they would be too busy with something else instead of worrying about me paying my property taxes.  I grew up with so many people who hated on other people or blamed other people and it always fueled me to become better and continue to prove them wrong.  The sad part about this case is some of them are people I use to call friends and as far as I know I never personally did anything to them except be nice and edify them.   As I have said in many of my talks…..HUMAN.  I have always tried to live my life around the fact that people are messed up and are going to make mistakes.  I just did and so does everyone else.  As my article says it’s not about IF or WHEN you make a mistake, it’s what you do about it after you make it.  What are you doing about the mistakes you have made?  I guess I should probably hand over my taxes to my accountant because I am sure she is perfect haha.

Thank you to the people who allowed me to show our teammates a live example of what you do when you mess up. I’m pretty sure mistakes will happen again because……HUMAN!

Bill Lewis

p.s.  Just so they don’t say I am trying to hide from something.  I also bought a $20,000rental property in downtown Flint 14 years ago.  I paid of the property and rented it for a while.  Eventually, we could not get anyone to rent the property.  I even called the city to try and give them the house but they said they had so many they couldn’t use the ones they had.  The city was doing a house clean up where they tear down old house.  I stopped paying the taxes and the city claimed the house and tore it down.

58 thoughts on “A Recent Lesson on Credibility”

  1. Love it, Bill! I wonder sometimes if the people who bring things like missing a tax bill up ever learn to fail and try again Thanks for sharing one of your mistakes and let everyone know to lift people up and not try to prove them wrong.

    1. Thx – not a big secret that we all mess up – we have done it so many times in front of all of you – keep making new mistakes and getting better

  2. Bill,

    wow. I have seen you handle mistakes better than anyone else that I have ever met! in fact, for what it’s worth, I see you treat others with incredible grace as they make mistakes constantly and consistently in front of you all the time. Thank you for showing both ends of the spectrum: 1, owning up to your mistakes and 2, treating others with grace when they make mistakes with their words or actions directly in front of you or elsewhere.

    It’s good to know that you are human, and you don’t judge others for being human either. #followinginyourfootstepsbrother

    Larry Allswede

    PS… by “others” I really mean “me”!

    1. Thanks partner – I appreciate the kind words – the leadership will continue to do the right thing even if others don’t understand or take the time to understand. They can sit on the sidelines while all of you guys continue to win and move forward.

  3. That’s Ok Bill, critics will always be there. People that support you and want you to get to the next level didn’t care and didn’t know. Only the critics who point their fingers at others for their own problems would. Those who read your blog are not your critics. Can’t wait for the your next post.

    1. THanks partner – one of my pastors you to say, “Don’t want to be criticized, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing…Stay tuff out there and we will get your family free

  4. Awesome ,cant wait till my life is interesting enough that people want watch it!! It shows you have a life.
    I did forget to take the garbage out . Do think they will catch that?

  5. Mr. Lewis, I greatly admire your honesty. I am going through some stuff at the church where I am employed. It boggles the mind how some are so apt at attacking mistakes and want to destroy rather than build up. I don’t deserve to even write to you but am sorry you were so maligned. May God bless your integrity!
    Todd Moser

    1. You got it right Todd. You can build the highest building one of two ways. Tear all the other ones down or just go out and build the highest one.
      Stay Tuff!

  6. No worries, Bill. The negative people will *always* twist things to find something to say…they’re not interested in truth, only in finding more negative!

    More power to you for just coming out and clearing the air!

    All the best,


  7. This is awesome. I love and enjoy reading your blogs but this has to be the most hilarious, relatable and humbling thing I have read in a while. Hilarious because someone was waiting for you to make a mistake and then post it. Relatable because this gives us mere mortals hope that it possible to get to the same level as Bill Lewis. Humbling because it reminds me I should make sure I pay my taxes before someone finds out! 😉 ha ha.

    1. You know Chris there is nothing worse then paying your taxes :} You can do whatever any of us have done. Just grow yourself and work hard with your team.

  8. Thanks Bill for setting the example AGAIN. I am glad you share truth, as real leaders do. Just think of what time people are spending looking for dirt that they could actually spend on worthy endeavors, like their children, spouse, something that helps others, something that improves themselves, etc. Living a life of blame is really living a life of shame. Proud of you for helping others understand right living and right dealing with others.

  9. That is an awesome post. I think what’s even more awesome is the amount owed for property tax!!!! $28,000 for 6 months and stroking a check. Thanks for dream building for us, and thanks for being as you said….HUMAN!!! You rock brother.

    1. Ha! thanks Jeff butt just so they don’t take what you said and run with it it was about a year and a half’s worth of taxes 🙂

      1. Still, my property taxes for 18 months would be about 1/10th that. It’s awesome that you have such success. I admire you for your integrity and character. Keep up the good work, and inspiring example You may not be in my support team, but we are definitely all on the same team.

  10. Bill, That is why I am proud to work with you and partner with you in business for almost 15 years – you accept responsibility and grow. I learned a long time ago that spilled milk is a given in everyone’s life, but only leaders clean up the milk. YOU are a leader and I respect that greatly. Keep spilling milk and cleaning it up and then sharing it with others with the courage to admit they have spilled milk. 🙂 God Bless, Orrin

  11. Why is it that when a person becomes wealthy others find it necessary to investigate their life for imperfection? I suppose it speaks to the validity of the statement, “People don’t care if you get ahead, just not ahead of them.” Thank you Bill for your openness and continuing to show us the awesome character of LIFE Leadership’s PC!

  12. Great post Bill!!! Having worked with you on the policy council and having spent alot of time having fun all over the world with you and your family I have come to super appreciate you. You are forthright and honest and a great person. I also laughed out loud about your story because it sounds sooooo much like you, sending check to wrong place hahaha. It made me laugh also cause I did an open in Charlottetown, PEI on tuesday and on my way home saw the safety sticker on the coach is not just a few months but actually over a year overdue!!!!!! DONT TELL ANYONE!!!!! cause i dont want them to know im actually broke and can’t even pay to make my bus safe to drive……..bahahahahahahahaha actually im letting it go in hopes Orrin or Chris will bail me out cause they dont want to see me driving an unsafe bus bahahahahah. (obviously sarcasm).
    See you in Milwaukee!
    ps i also have a expired fire extinguisher in the kitchen…..dont tell anyone

  13. Great post Bill, thanks for being real. It’s sad that people are always trying to find the mistakes others make, and not trying to work on there own flaws. Thanks for setting a great example .

    1. thx sherry – after watching the challenges that you have gone through yet never complaining or whining is a great example to me about how to handle adversity

  14. the time and energy that went into finding that information out is mind boggling and could have been spent serving someone out there in need! Bill – thank you so much for serving – i have directly benefitted from you driving the miles and running the roads and paving the way with honesty, integrity, passion and grace.
    thank you!

  15. If you’re all about being open and honest, then why does no blog of the PC publish and respond to criticism?

    I still think you’re full of it, and LIFE/TEAM/WHATEVER will not be at a million any time soon.

    This won’t be published, I know that. But a screen shot has been taken and you can explain why you, Chris, Orrin, Claude etc never publish any dissenting opinions.

    Like that’ll happen. Loser.

    1. To everyone that reads my blog – I am so glad that rocket decided to comment because it gives you a good idea of the mental state of people who don’t like what we do. I really don’t need to comment, all you have to do is read his reply…. but I can’t resist.
      First – there are plenty of negative blogs that you can go and write your silly comments. You ridiculous reply has nothing to do with being open and honest.
      Second – I believe I just wrote a blog that responded to criticism, thought you would have picked up on that since you responded to it.
      Third – You actually think people care that you think I am full of it.
      Fourth – Hope you have fun with your screen shot.
      Thank you so much for showing everyone what type of critics we are dealing with.

      1. Bill….you and your wonderful wife Jackie are not only amazing Leaders with more credibility than anyone I have ever met, but also great friends! the love & support you both have given me personally speaks volumes to your character OFF stage not to mention your outstanding leadership ON state with LIFE! I choose to find these critics comical and not to give them any of my energy (though I support your reason for having to respond to them).

        Love you both! Clyde

  16. A fool’s mouth is his destruction, And his lips are the snare of his soul. (Proverbs 18:7 NKJV). It’s sad to think there are such people out there. I’m just thankful to God and LIFE Leadership for changing my marriage, relationships, understanding of freedom, my finances, and ultimately my life. We WILL go to a million people!

  17. Bill,

    This is fantastic. Thank you for publishing this! I’m looking forward to seeing what the critics say when wet hit 1,000,000! This was more reaffirming for me than I had anticipated.

    The “rockets” will be necessary for us to hit a million. Without them, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to do what we are called to do!

    Again, thanks for being real brother!

  18. Wow Bill thanks for that, I can’t imagine how people would have the time or energy to pick someone else’s life apart. That’s gotta be a cruddy life to be a critic. Thanks for being a great example. I can’t wait for the day I get a 28,000 tax bill:-)

  19. I know what you mean Bill. I have a twin sister who no matter what you say she has a negative reply. Usually these people are unhappy and want the rest of the world to join them. Not me. I get tired of it but choose to pray and ask God for help and pray for her. Keep up the good work. You are a imspiration to many. Those who say bad things do not know the whole story. And we only need to worry about what God thinks. Love you guys… KC

  20. Proud of you Bill for being REAL and for being HUMAN. Love your transparency and blessed to be part of a community that encourages honesty. Not many people or groups out there that would have the courage to post what you did. Thank you for your continued leadership!

  21. Bill, thank you for both being human and responsible. It is good for all of us to confront our humanity and to recognize that those we look up to are human too. Those negative, critical people say more about themselves than the one they attack. It is instructive that the Scriptures tell us to take care of the beam in our own eye before we attack tbe spectators in our neighbor’s

  22. Bill thank you for being such an inspiration for us, I just listened to Your cd (chicken or Eagle) again, still one of my favorites and it struck me while reading this blog how valuable critics (chickens ) are to remind us who we don’t want to become. I especially wanna say a big thanks for helping Ellen and I get our marraige back on track, we are approaching our 13 year anniversary and if it wouldn’t be for the Life Leadership Team we would be going thru a divorce right now instead of planning our anniversary. Thanks for staying strong !!!!!

    1. LaVern _ that is awesome to hear and thats what makes life leadership so great. Even if someone didn’t make money with the business ( that doesn’t pertain to you, of course ) they still can succeed in life.

  23. Bill, for years you have been a great leader and a positive example to us. Please continue. We love and admire you and what you do and where you stand. Native Americans when giving their greatest compliment to a friend or adversary call him a “Human Being”. It is great to see leaders who are “real” & “human”.

  24. I absolutely think this is just the blog I needed tonight, a breath of fresh air. I was at a meeting earlier with some B.O.B and we were discussing just how nice it is to be around people willing to admit their mistakes. Sometimes we are so driven we forget that our leaders have gone thru what we are going thru in the battle for freedom. And take forgranted what the founders of LIFE continue to fight for so that we may get our dreams to! I personally think perfection is over rated. My god is perfect, I don’t need to be. All we can do as HUMANS is strive for better. Thank you for being an example of that. I was just telling my 12yr old that no matter what, when you are doing god’s will and you are fighting for what is right that the devil will do everything in his power to try to get you off course. A perfect example is the critics in our life. Anyone can be a critic. But to meet a person who will put themselves out there on a blog, when they owe no justification to anyone, that my friend is a rare and beautiful thing. Thank you for being honest and showing us all that no matter what level we are at, we are HUMAN!!!
    PS…and Rocket, didn’t your mama teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? 🙂

  25. That’s what I thought Bill. Interesting how you posted Rockets comment though seeing he didn’t put much thought to it and left you an opening.

    What’s the matter? My comment hit a little close to home?

    1. Hey gang,
      I am writing to all of you more then I am replying to “mikes” comment but I must let you know that he replied 2 other times so let me bring you up to speed. I have also heard that this isn’t even mikes real name, not sure, but the fact that so many of these people hide behind sue-do names tells you enough right there. This will also be my last reply to the negative because I have better things to do.

      1st – “thats what i thought” assuming mike is referring to the fact that I didn’t reply to his first 2 comments right away because I was with friends and family instead of wasting time with this silliness.
      2nd – “mikes” first comment involved someone else as well and he can write that person directly if he wants a comment from him
      3rd – his second reply referred to my previous pastor, pastor Dickey, who I have run into a few times and written emails. We have no issues with each other.
      4th – his second reply also referred to a rental property – I will add that to my post so all can see and hear what happened
      5th – the big bad mike dared me to post this……ewwwwwwwwwww

      You see guys, they think that everything they find out is a gotcha moment but if you are living your life by trying to grow and get better you know that mistakes are just part of the process of success. So that is it and now I have to go because I have things to do.

  26. WHAT?! YOU’RE HUMAN, BILL?! No way. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. The integrity and character we’ve seen in you and Jackie through the YEARS has been utterly amazing! We love the LIFE LEADERSHIP organization so much because we get to associate with people that either have an extremely high level of integrity and character, or are striving daily to get to such a level. Thanks for your leadership.

  27. Bill – Thank you for sharing and for pouring your life into ours! We appreciate your honesty and willingness to serve us and our community. Mistakes are bound to happen in life but only the courageous are willing to address them head on! Thanks for allowing all of us to learn from your small mistake:
    Titi & Katie

  28. What a pleasure it is to read integrity! I find it amazing how much time others have trying to discredit those who are trying to make a difference in this world. Thank you Bill for your honesty and explanation which really wasn’t necessary! These are those shots that are preventing me from moving on and I realized that every significant move that I have made in my life that I had the rockets and the mikes of the world. I now know that with excellence comes criticism. Look at anyone who has accomplished great things you will always find a bunch of critics hanging on his or her heals. It is the only way they are heard. That is if we let them!!

    Zoran Mitrovski

  29. That’s ok Bill I have awesome critics as well! These rascals hide everywhere even inside of our very own teams do these awesome rascals expose themselves! The problem with these kinds of people is they are always ridding on the backs of somebody! The bible calls us to strive to become blameless u guess this is why! As soon as u try and achieve there is an awesome person there to cause a foul and blame u for the problem! No worries brother we all stumble this was a gear lesson to learn for me because if they’re watching ur taxes then what else does the world see me do! I will strive for greatness because I want to make my Savior proud of me, my Wife proud of me and my team proud of me love u guys! New Mexico is on board!

    Derrick (Blue)

  30. Bill, one more “A” for critics: “Appreciate”. Nothing takes the wind out of a critic’s sails like “Thank you for pointing that out to me.”

  31. Bill,
    Thank you for sharing this blog and for being so transparent. It’s unfortunate, but a fact of our sinful nature, that when others make mistakes, the first impulse is to judge, criticize and condemn. I’ve seen it in churches, great Christian schools, businesses and in families. It’s because of LIFE Leadership, I’ve been equipped to be “different”. I’ve been raised to know to love my enemies and pray for those who spitefully use me, but never really knew how to do that. Thank you for giving a real life example of how to do that.


  32. Hello Bill,

    I have a couple of appointments with churches and high schools over the next few days. I was wondering if there is any testomonials on the edge series?


    Ryan Ridgley
    Life Member

  33. I heard that in order to go PC you have to be related to the Kardashians….and that salt water is safe to drink, but only if you’re really really thirsty…and rainbows and unicorns can cure the common cold….

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist a little sarcastic fun. Anyone reading this thread with a rational mind can see that people like Mike and Rocket are just trying to heckle people up.

    If you’re trying to evaluate LIFE, stop reading comments on blogs and ask the person who showed you for more information, they will gladly give all of the details to you.

    Great story Bill!

  34. Bill, Orrin, Claude & other LIFE members thank you for helping me grow personally! It is so sad to me that the person who had to teach me a lesson by posting the article from amthrax doesn’t pay back her own loans. She wants to know why if you are making so much money why you you didn’t pay & kept forgetting. She makes good money but spent it all on horses, cats & fish tanks instead of paying back student loans & parents loans for the last 15-20 yrs. She had made nothing but excuses as to why she can’t repay. I am glad to hear you own up & pay up. It’s pretty cut and dry who is more credible. Makes me sad

  35. Wait, yes perhaps an anniversary or a friend’s birthday a person might forget; but property taxes? Really.
    And also, before you buy rental property, you are supposed to perform DUE DILIGENCE. This is what smart investors do.
    Sorry you put yourselves onto a high pedestal, people expect more.

    1. Sam
      The point of the article and why I wrote a second section to the article was to give a live example of what is going to happen to everyone no matter what pedestal others put you on. Everyone is always going to mess something up in their life and I am fine admitting them. I didn’t just forget to pay the taxes there was more to it then that and I am sorry your reading comprehension isn’t that good. Maybe that’s something you should work on but probably not because I am sure you don’t make mistakes. Thats why you felt so compelled to take the time and write something. So like most of the people that read this blog, we will continue to focus on improving and the few others will continue to focus on other’s mistakes. Hope you have fun with that.

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