Everything begins with your thoughts

This video was sent to me and although I don’t agree with everything he says I do agree with the theme of what he is saying.  I am not against school or education.  I am for people chasing their dreams.




Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words;

Be careful of your words, for your words become your deeds;

Be careful of your deeds, for your deeds become your habits;

Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character;

Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.


Everything we are and everything we do begins with the thoughts that go into our head.  The statement goes “From the neck down we are all worth minimum wage and from the neck up we have a multimillion dollar business.  Which one do you feed the most?”  The sad part is not only are we feeding the minimum wage part more, but we don’t protect what goes into the multimillion dollar part.  If we had a 458 Italia Ferrari, we would do everything we could to protect it.  We would valet park it so it wouldn’t get dinged, costing us extra money.  We would park farther away from others cars causing us extra work, to protect it. We would have it detailed regularly, costing us more money, to protect it.  We would do many extra things to make sure it was protected but we almost let anything go into the vehicle, the brain, that has the capability of getting us that Ferrari, and we don’t think twice about it.  Everyday we are receiving messages into our brain and the majority of them are taking us farther away from success then closer to it.  The first thing we have to do is start protecting the million dollar machine.  Stop watching stupid television shows, stop listening to negative radio programs, stop listening to co-workers that are no farther ahead then you, even stop listening to the majority of your relatives (that one should be easy 🙂  If someone or something does not have the results you want then why let there door ding your beautiful vehicle.  I’m not saying 100% isolate yourself.  That would be just as silly as people who buy Ferraris and never drive them.  Just be careful where you park.

The next step is, when you have a Ferrari, you don’t use regular gas or oil.  You use the best.  Funny story:  The first really nice car I bought was a four door Maserati.  After the sale I asked the guy where I should take it to get the oil changed.  He looked at me funny, kind of chuckled and said you HAVE to bring it here.  I immediately understood why, and also immediately felt like a fool.  So since you have a million dollar vehicle strapped to your neck, you should probably follow the same process.  Don’t have it serviced where someone else will mess it up.  Take it to professionals that have the same type of vehicle.  Find the best way to read, listen, and associate with the best and most successful minds.  The scary part is, our vehicles have already been filled with junk for many years, and so we not only have to fill it with good stuff but we have to fill it with enough good stuff to overcome all the years of neglect.  This is the part that I see get people off track.  They may have more garbage to shovel out before the good stuff starts to take affect, but they are not patient enough to let that process happen.  There is also a consistency component here.  If you start the process and then stop and then start the process and then stop and then start the process and then stop……. you lose the compounding affect; the same compounding affect that we allowed with negative information.

The last step is to be focused.  When I take my car in for a regular service they don’t take the entire vehicle apart and then put it back together again.  That’s how I used to attack my improvement.  I would try to work on everything instead of just a few things.  By working on everything I was really working on nothing.  Once I started working on a few things, being very focused, I started to see results.  What are the top three things that are limiting you right now?  Not smiling, sarcasm, yelling, white lies, negative, doubt, no goals, waking up, eating addiction, being rude, a budget.  Whatever it is, just pick a few and then get laser focused on eliminating it or replacing it with something positive.  Allow yourself the time to become great.

Bill Lewis

20 thoughts on “Everything begins with your thoughts”

  1. Great article. I like that you remind us to focus on a few areas of improvement so we can actually see progress. I also like how you force us to think about the care & effort we put towards our material objects, yet tend to neglect ourselves especially our brains 🙂 That has got me thinking hopefully it will do the same for many more. Thank you 🙂

  2. I LOVE this article, Bill ! Thanks for putting it our here for us to soak in. I remember you talking about this at the major and now I realize better, why I am struggling……….trying to fix everything at once.
    Thanks again.
    Sherry Fix

  3. awesome…..posting it to all the social media i have……excellent! so sad but for many there is no dream…..before LIFE…i was one of them! thank you for the information that has changed my LIFE!
    brenda hatcher

  4. WOW! This is a fantastic post! Thank you for the great nuggets on consistency and patience in the process of dream accomplishment! Since meeting you and the Life Community, I am very careful what I allow into my head! I am very thankful for a system that trains people to develop the courage necessary to accomplish their goals and dreams and at the same time provide the opportunity and association that are both critical in the attainment of our dreams! Thank you Bill.

  5. Great blog post! Everything begins with at first a thought! The article you wrote with great points to preserve and protect our mind, as if it were an expensive car is pure gold! Thanks!

    1. I love Corvettes also and the new ones look so awesome I just might get one! Keep attacking so you can buy yours cash.

  6. Bill,
    That video hit me deep in my hart. It’s not that higher education is bad, but kids have to know that there is another way, as long as you focus and self educate you can not only become who ever you want, you can become the best at whatever it is. Nice work, thanks!

    1. Thats correct, Education is great but will it allow you to live the way you want to live? If the answer is know then find something that will allow you to live the way you want and pursue it with everything you have. There will be tons of people that say chasing your dreams is crazy but living in mediocrity is ok. Its ok for the people that are satisfied with that but for the dreamer, everyday feels like something is missing if your not chasing your dream.

  7. Hi Bill,
    A great blog on disciplining our thought process! These blogs and the LIFE business will help many people as it has helped me in learning about the powerful faculties of the mind that God has blessed us with. Love the analogy.

    God Bless,

  8. Awesome Bill, Read, Listen and Associate with the Right people. Stay Persistant. Ignore the voices from the Peanut Gallery. And Just don’t Quit. I can see the Dream!!! Thanks, Steve

  9. Thank you again, It’s always amazing how reading once or twice gives you the nuggets that you could listen dozens of times and still miss.

  10. Great advice Bill! Thanks so much for your mentorship of my good friend Aron. I receive the benefits of it daily! BBNQ!

  11. ASTONISHING! Your wisdom forever inspires me to move beyond self-imposed limitations and set backs in life. Thank you so much sir for your unwavering commitment to leadership and excellence!

  12. Amazing essay Bill, this is just what I needed right now! Thank you. I saw you this past weekend at the major, your recognition speak was very inspirational. Keep up great work with these blogs.

  13. Great lesson Bill, we’ll slowly become what we constantly think about. Our thoughts are daily and hourly becoming us…so whatsoever things that are pure, holy, responsible, just…think on these things…philippians4:8, Rom.12:2 change your thought compactment!

  14. We had a great PBO meeting last night in Northeastern PA with Jerry Harteis and Centurions. As I woke up this morning, I was doing some research (self-directed education) and came across this blog post this morning! Love the video and your comments. Spot on brother! Thanks for sharing and reminding us what we are chasing and without our WHY our goals will be slow to come if at all. I constantly have the “college” conversation with my oldest and he is making sure his WHY is aligned with what he wants his life to look like and not just jump on the conveyor belt!

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