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The Life Business by Orrin Woodward

Had to repost this article.  Orrin does a great job of giving you insight into The Life Business.  I know what he is saying is true because I have witnessed most of this journey.  If it wasn’t for Orrin and Laurie and what they have done, my family would not be able to live the life we always wanted.  I cannot thank them enough for what they have done except to continue to pay it forward.

Bill lewis

The Story of the LIFE Business

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2013

LIFE Business Story

The LIFE Business is an ongoing story. Each person who joins the LIFE community chooses which part, whether large or small, he or she will play. What happens when a world-renowned best-selling author is introduced to LIFE and begins studying the history of this movement? The short answer is a compelling story of hopes, dreams, struggles, failures, perseverance, and finally victory. Thankfully, he has decided to write up the story of LIFE. In my opinion, it is great timing because never before has a LeaderShift been more needed than now. Indeed, this is exactly what the LIFE community intends to do – create a leadershift! Here is a portion of the introduction in his upcoming book about LIFE. What part will you play in the story?


Orrin Woodward


LIFE Business Major Convention


LIFE Business Introduction

The fate of free enterprise is very much in doubt. By the first decade of the 21st Century, critics of free enterprise and modern democratic freedom had convinced many people that free enterprise is an outdated system, one that cares more about corporate profits than economic opportunity for everyone.

This problem was the result of a split between two approaches to free enterprise, the traditional type of freedom based on the cooperation of idealists and realists to share profits so everyone has the chance to succeed financially, versus a more cutthroat corporatist emphasis on what we might call “Skeptical Pragmatism,” or doing whatever is deemed most profitable regardless of who it hurts, and keeping most of the profits for a few elites.

In the midst of this growing divide, it was perhaps inevitable that new companies would arise to challenge the shift toward corporatism, and to once again champion traditional free enterprise. It is against this backdrop that the story of the LIFE business began.

It is a story set in a business world created by the likes of Jack Welch, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I will state my almost preposterous thesis here and now, as controversial as it may seem: Had history developed just slightly differently, the other names on this list would be those who created and expanded network marketing.

Indeed, network marketing should have been as big as WalMart. It would have been, except too many people at the top asked themselves, “Why would we only take a 10% profit when we could take 30%?”

The story of the LIFE business is the exact opposite. The top leaders asked, “Why would we take 30% of the profit when we could earn 10% and pass the rest to others in the business?”

Why would anyone do this? Did they miss the memo? Did they skip the unofficial lessons of many prestigious business schools?

Did they misunderstand capitalism? Or were they just less experienced, ambitious or visionary than their competitors on Wall Street?

This is the story of a company that dared to do it differently, to apply Sam Walton-like thinking to network marketing. Moreover, instead of soap, health drinks or other typical network marketing products, this is the story of a company that chose to build its central product line around the most American of exports—leadership.

This is not a story of perfect men or women, or a feel-good tale of continual success without major difficulties. Far from it. This is a story of men and women, ordinary individuals who faced extraordinary challenges with hard work, resilience, and, above all, persistence.

It is a story of people who believed in an idea, and who refused to let it go—even when it almost cost them everything. It is a story of a few men and women who would not bend to the “normal” business trends that created elitism and corporatism in the modern economy. Some may say it is a story of courage, while others might argue that more “sophisticated” businessmen wouldn’t have so stubbornly held to their ideals and risked it all.

But whatever else it is, this is a story about families, friendships, and principles. In a way, it would more naturally fit into the storylines of past centuries, where leaders were expected to stand up, stand out, take on the establishment and blaze new trails based on firmly-held beliefs. In our modern world of political correctness, group therapy, management by committee, and the drive to “fit in” and pursue popularity at all costs, the concept of standing up against the system because “it’s the right thing to do” may seem amusingly archaic to some people.

Yet that is exactly how LIFE came about. This is the story of a leader, indeed of a team of leaders, who set out to build a widespread community of leaders. And while such a story may feel anachronistic in the 21st Century, it may just be the type of story that will redeem this generation.

Could it be that the “success bias” of our modern world is desperately in need of what Stephen Covey called “the character ethic?” Do we live in a world where the most important leadership principle is a desperately-needed acknowledgement that character counts? If so, the story of the LIFE business is a story for our times.

It is a story unfinished, however. The more time I spent interviewing the main characters, researching and studying the events, documents and details of this story, the more I felt that writing this story was like writing about Sam Walton in the 1960s, before WalMart was a worldwide phenomenon. While the future of LIFE remains to be seen, the unique beginning of this business is a story worth telling in its own right. To paraphrase Santayana, the future remains in the future, and the best we can do is learn (hopefully) from the past.

Whatever your business or career, your level of education or status in society, the story of the LIFE business is a case study of what can happen when an ancient set of leadership principles (based on idealism, frugality, hard work and integrity) are applied in a modern business environment dominated by pragmatism. Every modern leader struggles with this very challenge, and this story is therefore deeply relevant for today’s leaders in every sector and field.

Orrin Woodward – The Life Business

The Mental Fitness Challenge

I wanted to wait at least a week until I blogged about the new mental fitness challenge that   the chairman, Orrin Woodward, and the rest of the policy counsel recently released.  The MFC, as we call it, is the latest improvement that has been made to    To say that this has created some excitement would be an understatement.  The results of the launch have been amazing, click on this link to get some of the statistics.

The challenge is a process of helping us to improve ourselves from the mental side of things.  Orrin has studied the lives of three historical, great, Americans, and each one of them had resolutions that they worked on implementing into their life.  Orrin and Chris Brady decided that they should put together a system that helps people systematically walk themselves through that same successful process.

The challenge is great because it provides one of the most important item of success.  It tells you were you are at.  As the saying goes if you don’t where you are starting, it’s going to be really hard to get your destination.   You could be heading down a path that you don’t need to be heading down, just because you lacked the information of what path you are already on.  The test gives you a pretty accurate assessment of the things you need to improve on and the correct paths to get you there.

The other benefit of the test is it helps you focus.  You can walk outside and enjoy the sunlight but you can also take that same sunlight and shine it through a magnifying glass and light things on fire.  The same is true with our personnel growth.  We can just enjoy the fact that we are alive or we can light ourselves on fire.  We tend to naturally work on the things that we are strong at and avoid the things we are weak at.  After you take the challenge you will have a clear understanding of the areas you need to grow in and therefore keep you focused on the next thing you need to do to become better.

The challenge then gives you another very important step.  It gives you a way to improve in those areas.  Many test or self assessment items I have seen before just tell you whats wrong or do not have a very detailed way to help you improve.  This challenge is a very regimented systematic way to help you grow.  You have accountability partners and reminders on what you are supposed to be doing.  Most humans will experience a moment of motivation but when the feeling goes away we start to slip backwards.  The challenge is set up to keep you from slipping backwards and continuing to move forward.

Overall I know if people attack this mental fitness challenge and use it the way it was intended there is no way that they will not grow and become better.  This is not just my opinion I have seen this process done by the two people who put it together.  Orrin WoodwardChris Brady exemplify what this challenge is all about and are a living examples of what you can do when you focus your efforts.  Hope you enjoy the mental fitness challenge video.

God Bless

Bill Lewis

Hungry Students

We just came back from Orrins house in Florida for a moving on promotion.  I would first like to thank the Woodward’s for opening their home up to a mob of people.  We had a great time showing everyone the property, the house, and especially the yacht, Dream Builder, and boy does it live up to that name. This trip was one of the best trips I have been on since I joined the Team business. For many people there, it was a taste of the life they always wanted to live.  This picture doesnt capture everyone around the pavilion but they are all paying attention to the speakers and trying to gather any nuggets that they can take home with them.

Orrins Florida Promotion picture

The thing I love about these promotion trips is it shows us what we can accomplish when we put our mind to it.  This promotion was a moving on promotion.  That means you had to hit the next level in your business to qualify for the trip.  To do that required setting the goal, making a game plan, and then attacking that game plan and probably adjusting the plan as you started to move forward.  It sounds so simple on the surface but as you start to dig deeper it does require more of you.

Set a goal – the simplest of all steps.  State the number you want to hit.  There are many reasons why we don’t do that and most of them are tied to some fear within us.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of one of the steps.  It’s up to each of us to figure that out and push through it or go to your mentor for help.  I love what Orrin Woodward says, “If you don’t set a goal you will hit it with amazing accuracy.”

Make a game plan – this can definitely be a little tougher because there are many factors at play but if you talk to your mentor they can give you many insights.  I think one of the hardest steps is we worry too much about the original game plan and if it won’t happen.  We have to come up with the best plan we can for the current situation and then know that we will probably have to adjust it on the journey.

Adjust the plan – as we start to move forward toward our plan we need regular checks with our mentor to see if what adjustments we need to make.  I don’t think I have ever seen an original game plan work through out the entire process.  All game plans end up with some adjustments.  If you aren’t sitting with a mentor then your adjustments may be coming to late.

Congrats to everyone that qualified for this promotion.  You have done the steps necessary to achieve any level of success that you want to achieve.

God Bless

Big time winners! LIFE / TEAM Convention

We have returned from Colombus, the site of the Life winter major convention.  I want to take some time and recognize the accomplishments of 2 great leaders.  The Spiewaks and the Hatchers.  The Spiewaks and their team completed the sweep of all the top guns.  The Hatchers and their team completed an amazing 23 month round table run.  Both leaders have many strengths that their team can learn from.

Holger and I used to work for the same manufacturing company.  Holger, who is originally from Germany, showed up at work with a 1970 something car that was as big as a boat.  After taking my trip to Europe,  I can see why he had such a fascination with big cars.  They don’t exist in Europe nor would they fit!  Even though that car was a little out of place (say this line like Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island) for corporate america darling,  Holger didn’t care and he was always willing to walk to the beat of his own drum.  Little did I know how much that trait would benifit him later on when I approached him with some crazy business idea.  Holger signed up with the Team and immediately he was 100% in and doing what it takes to make the business work.  At the time the only meetings were two and half hours from his house.  He never questioned it or complained about it.  He said “if this is what it takes to become great, then I will pay that price”.  I was just getting started myself so I didn’t realize that this kind of commitment was not normal.  I thought  everyone would be like that.    Holger’s loyalty to the TEAM and his team is legendary and is one of the key ingredients that makes his group of leaders such a dominate force.  Congrats to one of my best friends and a phenomenal leader.



Roy and I met in the normal process of building a community of leaders.  One of our team members contacted him and we went to show him the idea.  The lady that contacted them was worried because  they had tried everything and they probably wont be interested.  To me that meant the exact opposite.  They just hadn’t found the right tool.Yet!  As soon as I left their house I knew I had a potential rock star.  They came out of the gates running.  The next meeting we had lined up they already had someone there to see the business plan.  They came out of the gates running and continued running even when things weren’t going to plan.  The Hatchers are fanatical about game planning and understanding where they are at and what they need to do next.  They know everything about every spot in their business and therefore it is easy to P.D.C.A. with them.  They have great attitudes and are always willing to be counseled on the areas that they need to grow in.  Roy has been through many trials and tribulations and could easily use all of them as excuses to why he shouldn’t be a success.  He has chosen to use them as reasons why he should be successful.  This couple is doing what it takes to be a PC couple. Congrats on your first big victory.

I found a quote that is the opposite of both of these leaders.

Excuses are the nails which build the house of failure.  Don Wilder

What kind of house are you building?




Freedom Day

This is one of the best post I get to make.  In the month of December we have had 3 people who have built their own business, to a financial level,  that enables them to walk away from their jobs.  They are Carol Miller, Chad Baker, and Jason Tingley.  They are now time free and can pursue what they love to do.  They learned the skills, techniques and principles by being plugged into 2 sources.  The Team biz and The Life Business.  These organizations are led by Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton and Dan Hawkins.

Sorry but I cant figure out how to flip video

If you are looking to one day do what these champions did.  Let me give you a  tip to their success.  They all kept digging when others told them there was no gold in this business model.  There is a famous legend of a gold miner who dug into the side of a mountain range for 20 years.  He had dug many shafts all over the mountain range but he would only dig them a little ways and then get frustrated and start a new shaft  He told his friends every day that he was about to hit it big.  He eventually died of old age and penniless.  After his death the group that gained access to his mountain continued to dig into some of the tunnels he had started.  After a week they hit one of the biggest veins of gold in North America.  The sad part was that he was only 3 feet away!  You never get the reward for starting something.  The prize always goes to the one that finishes.  These 3 champs had many times were they could have stopped but the continued until they hit their vein of gold.

The other area that I have seen them push through is criticism.   It is amazing how you can totally be wasting your life away and no one will say a thing.  But if you start trying to excel and become great, watch out.  The critic’s come out of the woodwork.  They will tell you every reason why someone like you cant make it.  They don’t have another opportunity for you to pursue but you shouldn’t do this one.  I have never understood why a friend, family, co-worker wouldn’t want you to strive to become better.

Teddy Roosevelt said it best, “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. “

What foundation are you building on ?

This post will include some of my thoughts and ideas but I have also attached an article from Orrin Woodward Team / Life that is a great article on how he has position the TeamLife business.  It also ties into my post and goes deeper into how some other business choose to operate when they are threatened with real competition.  Click this link for Orrins full article called – Dreams Dramas and Creative Destruction.

Two days ago something happened that has happened many times to me but it never seizes to amaze me.  The allure of the fast buck, the get rich quick, you don’t have to do much to make money here, the success should be simple and easy thoughts.  There is a gentlemen that I was helping start his LIfe business.  I stopped by his house to pick something up and after we finished I asked ,”Why haven’t we seen you around.”  His reply,”To be honest, we have been very busy but we are part of another business now.”  Him choosing to be part of  another business does not bother me at all and I hope everyone finds a way to help themselves and their family become successful.  The statement that followed is what I want to write about.  His next comment was,” THEY ARE GIVING MONEY AWAY.”  Well if they are giving money away then sign me up for that!

Un-fortunently there are 2 major issues with that statement.

1. If anyone promises you quick or easy success then you can guarantee that its false.

2. He is basing his thoughts on the good-looking building instead of the foundation.

Our whole society has been brainwashed to think that success should be easy, simple and they should give money away.  I have read many books about successful leaders and personally meet many successful people and never have I heard them say that success was easy or quick.  The process of winning is always tough and full of challenges.  Hopefully that should get you excited because that means not everyone will take that road.

One of the first things it takes to be successful is to make a commitment to what you are doing.  Now the level of your commitment may grow deeper as you get farther into the process but you have to make some base level commitments to succeed.  In the Team / Life business there are some basic steps.  Attend all open and seminar meetings.  Listen to cd’s and start to read 15 minutes per day.  Show the plan and try to show 15 plans per month.  These will get your business vehicle moving and will allow you team to start steering you in the right direction.  To do these steps may require you to make some schedule changes, find some babysitters, sacrifice some hobbies or television time.  THis may also cause you to have to communicate with your spouse.  That is always fun to watch 🙂

The second part of our discussion is the most critical one.  What is the foundation that the company is built on.  If a company is giving money away, do the math.  Our government is the only source that can continue to print money and give it away.  Successful business cannot operate that way.  These get rich quick business’s never last and almost always end up getting shut down and damage the people who were lured with, make money quick and easy.  You have to look at the character of the individuals that are running the company to get a good perspective on what will happen in the future.

Les Csorba in his book called Trust states, ” Leaders are worthy of trust for at least 3 reasons.  First, they develop a track record of credibility and reliability over a long period.  Second, they do not make bad decisions willfully or consciously.  Third, they almost always act and lead with wisdom and integrity.”

I have been in business for 13 years with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and seen them live up to those expectations.  That is why I continue to follow them.  I hope you find your vehicle for success and be one of the few that will make a commitment and stick to it.

God Bless

Team Orrin Woodward – Life Risk, ups and downs

Hey gang.  I know I haven’t written a new article but why when Orrin keeps putting out great ones.  This is a great article to evaluate the up side –  down side of  the team biz.  My decision was a little easier then Orrin Woodward’s or Chris Brady’s because I didn’t have a great career going i was just getting by.  Hope you enjoy and I will posting new very soon.  Bill Lewis


When I worked at Delphi division of GM, I completed half the classes for a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. Although I received good grades and enjoyed the classes, I stopped pursuing my MBA in order to build my own business.

Many thought I was crazy to quit my MBA, but I just had a feeling that it was time for me to build my own business rather than continue to learn about business. In truth, I was ready to implement some of the principles that I had learned along with continuing my education in “the school of hard knocks”. :)

One of the best principles that I learned through my MBA program was to study business by asking two questions when studying any business:

1. What is the downside risk?
2. What is the upside reward?Team Orrin Woodward picture

Simply put, if the downside risk was too great, then don’t do it, because it could capsize the entire ship. However, if the a person could handle the worst case downside risk, and the upside reward was big enough, then perhaps it was a business venture worth committing to.

It was these two questions asked and answered that led me out of school and into my own business venture. What is ironic today, as I look back on Laurie and my business ventures is the level of risk taken in our former business model compared to the risk today for someone joining LIFE. Remember, Laurie and I were dead broke even as an engineer and an accountant. In fact, we were beyond broke, having consumer debt amounting to over $30,000 when we started our networking careers!

With monthly expenditures to buy 100 points of volume in my old networking company requiring Laurie and I to spend $300 dollars or more, we barely endured. This was quite a blow to an already stretched budget. Along with the product purchases, the investment in CDs, books, and seminars (all of which I loved) totaled another $200 plus dollars per month. In other words, on top of a stretched budget, Laurie and I had to budget for another $500 dollars per month minimum! The downside investment nearly killed us for the first several years. Thankfully, Laurie and I are both long-term thinkers and kept the vision in front of us. However, many of the people we started with us did not have the same endurance, dropping out along the journey to success.

What kept Laurie and I focused was the upside reward, we figured we could make an extra $25,000 after expenses in a couple of years. It’s laughable now how much work we did in a model whose highest rewards topped out at 25% volume discount on total group volumes of $20-30k per month. I know, I know, this is sounding like one of those stories: we walked uphill both ways to school through heavy snow. :)   Even so, these are the facts we were dealing with.

I am not knocking networking. In fact, I am thankful that someone had created any opportunity for us to apply our sweat equity towards freedom. We had to make many changes, both personally and professionally to get the business rolling, but eventually, we made it happen. To this day, many people around the world utilize the TEAM system of building, called team approach to grow their businesses. I take this as a compliment for our years of effort in improving the upside reward compared to the downside risk for our entire industry.

Today with the LIFE business, the downside risk versus the upside reward is nothing short of revolutionary. A person can sign up for the LIFE and LLR subscriptions, and generate 100 points for $100.  This, in my opinion, is much better than some networking companies, where you buy commodity products at inflated prices, especially if a person can buy comparable products at Walmart and Target for significantly less. In LIFE, a person can purchase the lowest cost leadership materials on the market from the only company that has two leaders on the Top 30 Leadership Guru list.

How can we offer our material at the best price and yet have a compensation plan that pays 50% on just the first type of bonus? The simple answer is the founders desire to influence the world is greater than the desire to pad their pocketbooks. Imagine if we took world-class leadership materials and provided it at the lowest prices. Then, imagine taking 70% of all the revenue points generated and flowing it back to the people who helped LIFE launch the leadership revolution. Remember, in LIFE, your pay raise becomes effective as soon as you do. :)

So what is the downside risk in this model? Hmm, let me think. . . The downside risk is that you might not enjoy the leadership training from two best selling leadership authors and business partners. If at any time you do not see the value in the leadership materials, you have a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy. Certainly within 30 days, you could discover whether the leadership materials is helping you or not, right?

The downside risk is negligible. But what about the upside reward? With a compensation plan that pays out 70% revenue points to anyone who achieves a minimum of 150 points of business, the networking game is changed forever. For example, Laurie and I personally started a new leg on November 4th. It has already achieved the 20% bracket and is easily going to hit the 25% bracket later this week. It took me two years to hit the 25% bracket in my first company!

Why the huge difference? Because we have a digital age business, a compensation plan that rewards people at the low end, and founders who desire the wealth to flow to people who build the network, not found the company.  Another factor is the demand for quality leadership materials at an affordable price point. LIFE has already signed up hundreds of customers doing tens of thousands of points, making volume accumulation easier than ever before in my networking experience.

I have taken my share of criticism for not going along with the herd in networking. I have refused repeatedly to sell out my character for conveniences. This has cost me money, time, and relationships over the years, since, in my opinion, some of my former heroes chose to sell out rather than fight for what is right.  Anytime someone desires to change the rules of the future, he will be attacked by the protectors of the past. I have received, and will continue receiving personal attacks for changing the rules. However, although they can attack my reputation, they cannot touch my character. Better they criticize me than I be them. The only people calling LIFE a scam are fearful competitors. :) Make no mistake, I will never surrender my principles for peace. I believe it’s better to create the new, rather than criticize the old.

If you have ever tried networking and didn’t make it work, then welcome to the club. Millions of Americans and Canadians have tried networking and failed in their attempt. This doesn’t make you a failure unless you blamed someone else. LIFE has changed the risk versus reward ratio to such an extent that many are achieving success who previously only struggled.

For example, my yacht captain, Bill Howard, is already at the 40% bracket and just a sliver away from the 45% bracket. We were quickly calculating his bonus for this month at around $800. Remember, Captain Bill has been in networking since 2005 and has averaged $50 or less per month with his highest one month check around $250!  Like I said, LIFE is a game-changer.

Alright, it’s time for me to get back to work. I have promises to keep. It’s time to reach one million people with leadership truth in the 8F’s of LIFE.  A rising tide lifts all the ships on the water. Don’t you think it’s time to get your ship on the water? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

Orin Woodward Team – Thoughts on Life circle

Orrin of has come up with another great illustration to describe the 8F growth process.  I have seen a simliar diagram used to visually show improvement in a persons golf game.  These kind of diagram are great because they give an immediate feedback on how you are doing.  bill lewis

Chris Brady and I flew up to Atlanta for a 6 hour mastermind session on Tuesday. Here is one of many concepts that were generated from brainstorming together. Generating ideas with Chris Brady is like drinking water from a firehose – fast and furious! :) I love our 17 year business partnership! LIFE is something special and I have never felt as good about community building as I do today. Laurie and I started a new leg 10 days ago and it is now over 10 levels in depth! The LIFE Business is good because it helps people become good in their Circle of LIFE. Here is Brady’s article explaining what our products do in a person’s life. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

I had a very engaging conversation with my friend and co-author Orrin Woodward today.  As usual, we kicked around a ton of stimulating ideas and pieced together something that, in our estimation, will immediately convey greater understanding as to the purpose of the LIFE business.  (See the inset diagram).

The Circle of Life picture

In each of the 8 F categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun, one can imagine a certain grade based upon how one is doing in that category. In the diagram the center represents horrible, as in, you are totally “stinking up the joint” (as my kids say) in a certain category. Working your way out from the center to the outer ring in any of the categories represents a stronger grade.  So someone with a dot near the outer ring is doing well in that category.  By connecting the dots on your subjective personal estimation of your life at this moment in each of the categories you can come up with a shape that roughly represents your life right now in each of the 8Fs.

Quite simply, the LIFE business supplies life-changing information to help you increase your score in each of the 8Fs.  The goal is to take someone from the not-so-good black shape represented toward the center of the diagram to the much improved (and happier, we would think) life represented by the red outline toward the outer ring of the circle.

Who doesn’t have at least a category or two, or three, or eight, in which he or she would like to have a better score? Who wouldn’t want to transform his or her life from the tiny blob (and who among us hasn’t felt like a tiny blob from time to time?) in the center to the big wheel (and who hasn’t wanted to be a big wheel at least once in his or her life?) toward the outer ring?

That’s it.  From little blob to big wheel.

But all kidding aside.  This CIRCLE of LIFE is the snap-shot diagram to which people can easily relate when it comes to understand the goal of LIFE and the life-changing information we offer.  We will help people learn and apply truth in each category and thereby improve their shape.

LIFE: Because leadership is for everyone!

Orrin Woodward Team – thought on conflict resolution

click on link for entire article – Orrin Woodward team life 

Why is it that the greatest leaders of all-time seem to either have rabid fans or rabid critics? The answer is simple: truth polarizes. When a leader leads with his convictions, others, who do not hold the same convictions, will criticize the endeavor. Throughout history, men and women like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Sam Walton, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few, have received mountaintop praise and sewer-based criticisms. In fact, if a person desires to change the world, then he better build a tough skin while maintaining a soft heart, because he will be criticized! – Orrin Woodward 

I have seen this in my own LIFE.  As I went out and started my business there were many that criticized what I was doing.  I could never understand why someone would criticize a person for trying to do better and trying to get ahead.  Then one day I was at a Team leadership seminar and I heard the answer.  The speaker said that its like watching a dog that is chasing a rabbit.  The dog is running over plants, through bushes, doing everything he can to try and catch the rabbit.    If the people who were watching the dog couldn’t see the rabbit they would think the dog was crazy.  This is how some of my critics saw me.

Orrin also covers how and why conflict resolution is important.  Hope you enjoy it.

God Bless

Life Business is Officially Launched

The  and the-Life, Lead by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady officially launched today!  It has been a very interesting journey to get to this point but it has been totally worth it.  Any leader that has ever accomplished something, they know that the journey to do something great, will have obstacles and goliath’s in your way.  ( read this with a Rocky accent ) Life is not about if and when you are going to get knocked down it’s about how hard can you get hit, get back up and move forward.  Probably the best Rocky line of all time.

The Life business is going to be a great model to help someone succeed.  The model that I started with was very different from what we have today.  But even as good as it is and even though we have tried to make it as simple as possible it does not guarantee success.  Someone can join this business and sign up for the subscriptions and not listen to them.  They will not help if they are not listened to.  Someone can listen to the cd’s and not implement what they are hearing on the cd’s.  Listening will help but taking the information and applying it will do the best.  This business is great because the door is open to anyone that wants a chance but the business cannot make someone take or do  the right steps that make the model work.  I can… guarantee that the leaders I work with will do every thing they can humanly do to help you.  Notice that I said human.  Not robot. Not a perfect person.  A human, someone who wants to help but at some point will make a mistake, will say something with a wrong tone, will forget to do something they said they were going to do.  I should probably stop telling you the things I have done 🙂 We all are human and this business succeeds with humans so something is going to go wrong.

The flip side to everything that I said is someone will get involved and not build the business but listen to the marriage pack, implement the ideas, and save their marriage.  Someone will get started and listen to the finance pack, get mentored and they will be out of debt.  Someone will get involved and not do anything for years except keep growing themselves and then one day start to explode their business and become one of the success stories.  Like a Dan and Lisa Hawkins.

I wish everyone that got involved would do what a Dan and Lisa Hawkins did, with their Life business, but we are human and we let many things sway our emotions.  The Life model will give people one of the best chances they have had for success and the worst case scenario is they will hear some great information.  Opportunity does not guarantee you success it guarantees you an opportunity.  People still come to united States ( at least for now) because they know they will have a shot.  They don’t expect easy they expect an opportunity to strive and see how hard they can get hit and keep on moving.

God Bless