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2 Days until the launch of www.the-life-business.com

We are approaching the launch of LIFE founded by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.   This has been a long and laborious journey to get to this point but I am sure everyone would agree that every step has been worth it. In Columbus, Ohio we are about to do something that has never been done before. We truly have a chance to be a part of history. How many chances or opportunities come along where you get to be part of a historical event. We are merging 4 different industries. Self improvement, life coaching, network marketing, and community building into one and in the process we will do something that blesses the millions of people who decide to join with us.

When these type of events happen it is always interesting to watch and see how people make decisions about their future. Most people tend to look at their immediate future and make decisions that will have a major impact on their long term future. We have financial issues, stress of life, time issues, babysitter issues, other people’s opinions ( who aren’t financially free ) and many others. I will save you the excuses of football, sick pets and party excuses that I have heard in the past. This weekend is designed to radically change your future. You’ll be able to hear from the 7 founders of LIFE and many other leaders that have achieved big success in the past few months. You will get all the information about the LIFE business, the web site, the pay plan and how to move forward with this information. You will also have a fantastic time because you will be with your team mates and in a very positive environment. The odd part about this is that very few people think about the future but instead think about what is happening NOW. I understand that there are powerful emotions that sway the way we think and how we feel. With that said, that doesn’t mean that we should let emotions or feelings be the only deciding factor for our future. If we let emotions and feeling determine the steps of our lives we would be a mess. I would have run many drivers off of the road, given away my kids and ate every piece of meat at Texas de Brazil. Kidding of corse, but Steven Covey talked in his best-selling book – The Seven Habits of Highly Affective People, about habit 2 and habit 3 which are, begin with the end in mind and put first things first. Robert Kiyosaki states there are 3 keys to wealth. Delayed gratification, the power of duplication, long-term thinking. We have 2 multi millionaires, that have helped many people achieve wealth, and they both say to think about the future not right now. Yet we still find it hard to make the right decision. Is it because this event is not mandatory but requires us to think through and analyze if we should or should not go? This is where the feelings and emotions that I listed above kick in and the big one – do I think this is going to work for me.

All I am saying is please don’t let the emotions and feelings of the immediate keep you from making a decision that can change your life or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. If we had to work this weekend we wouldn’t even give it a second thought whether we should go to work. Well maybe one or two thoughts but we would still go. If we had a chance to go to a concert or sporting event we would “figure out a way”. If something broke in the house and needed to be fixed, we would “Figure out a way”. If there was something a commercial convinced us we had to have we would quickly justify why we should spend the money to get it. As a country and as individuals we have sadly let the immediate control our future. That is exactly why we are in the position we are currently in.

God Bless and cant wait to see history this weekend.

Your Life Can be Great

Since this is my first blog, I thought I would give some information on how I arrived at this point and some basics on what it takes to start moving to great. It started when I was introduced to the-team.biz and the-life-business.com.  As this blog progresses my intent it to help many people to

1. realize that they can be great

2. give them some direction on how to accomplish that

3. start to achieve it by really believing it

Dont get me wrong. I am not stating that I am great or that my life is great but I do associate with great leaders and read great books. As Charlie “tremendous”Jones says, ” you will become like the people you hang around and the books you read. ”

I was going through my life and was being very average. I was good at a lot of things but never focused my time to try to become great at something. I wouldn’t have even thought about it that way because I was convinced that the people in life that have succeeded did so because they were blessed with something that I was not blessed with. So because of that thought process, any time I was ok at something, I didn’t know that other people were just ok at things but then they really applied themselves and put in the 10,000 hours of mastery that Malcolm Gladwell talks about.

All of that changed when I was introduced to a group of leaders that where do nothing else except striving for greatness by being excellent in every area of life. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady were the 2 gentlemen leading the charge with this community of people striving for greatness. As soon as i was exposed to this group I could tell that something was different. I wasnt even qualified to tell what it was but I could feel it. They were talking about things that were the exact opposite of what conventional thought would say and I was hooked. It is very intoxicating to be around great people. Anyone that has ever been part of a winning team knows what I am talking about. Their best-selling leadership book Launching a Leadership Revolution outlines what they were doing and is the foundation for the incredible organization they have put together called Team.

We are now on the verge of launching what I believe will be one of the greatest business ever put together, LIFE. I believe that because the process that started to work on my own pre-suppositions of thought, like, success is for them, this is just the way that I am, Im just not good at things, I didn’t have a dad, we are just broke people, I am a minority. All of the things that held me back before, I now know is a bunch of hogwash, whatever hogwash is.

I want as many people as possible to experience the trial and tribulations of striving for greatness and even if you don’t reach the greatness that you pictured. Because you did strive you at least know what it feels like to give your all to something and in the process you and your family will better humans, better parents and better friends. Please visit the links of my friends and get their perspective also. Whatever you do, find something and give your all to it and don’t let people who are happy with good keep you from being great.

God Bless