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Success requires Bozos

If you’re a person who is striving to succeed, then you must click the link on The Life Business Founder -Chris Brady, and read his latest post.  He does a great job explaining what will happen when you strive for excellence.  Anyone who is on the road to success will run into the bozos of life.  You must know that they are part of the process of success.  I have encountered so many during my lifetime simply because I was a dreamer.  What you have to understand is that dreamers and non-dreamers will never view the world the same.  It’s like putting a die hard Michigan fan and a die hard Ohio State fan in a room together and tell them to discuss football.  They will not come out as friends.  They just see the world differently.  It’s the same when you are willing to strive for success and others aren’t.  There’s nothing wrong with you, or them for that matter, you just see the world differently.  Surround yourself with other dreamers who will fuel your belief and you will make it and ………”if you fail, at least you fail while daring greatly.  So that this place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”  Theodore Roosevelt

Bill Lewis