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Why is it that the greatest leaders of all-time seem to either have rabid fans or rabid critics? The answer is simple: truth polarizes. When a leader leads with his convictions, others, who do not hold the same convictions, will criticize the endeavor. Throughout history, men and women like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Sam Walton, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few, have received mountaintop praise and sewer-based criticisms. In fact, if a person desires to change the world, then he better build a tough skin while maintaining a soft heart, because he will be criticized! – Orrin Woodward 

I have seen this in my own LIFE.  As I went out and started my business there were many that criticized what I was doing.  I could never understand why someone would criticize a person for trying to do better and trying to get ahead.  Then one day I was at a Team leadership seminar and I heard the answer.  The speaker said that its like watching a dog that is chasing a rabbit.  The dog is running over plants, through bushes, doing everything he can to try and catch the rabbit.    If the people who were watching the dog couldn’t see the rabbit they would think the dog was crazy.  This is how some of my critics saw me.

Orrin also covers how and why conflict resolution is important.  Hope you enjoy it.

God Bless

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  1. Thank you for your insight Bill. This has always been an issue for me…dealing with my critics in a loving manner. Coming from a law enforcement background, I was prone to “fight fire with fire….a massive stick and a fire hose….” if you had the guts to criticize then you better be a able to take a dose yourself. In the end, it only led to more conflict and left many broken relationships, some to this day still unmended..I have had to learn the hard way to give grace to all people in all things..and I am thankful that I have leaders on the team that lead by example. The policy council of TEAM are the example to follow. I am looking forward to studying Orrin’s book on conflict resolution! Take care!

  2. I was there for yours & Jackie ticketholder on Nov. 5. The talk Jackie gave on conflict resolution was awesome. I remember looking at my wife saying was she talking to me. That night the teacher appeared and student was ready and is applying what was thought. So thank you Jackie!!! It may not have been her favorite topic but she nailed it.

  3. Great post. I have endured much critisism and jelousy from some immediate family members because I choose a different path, and went to college. The jelousy continues as I choose to get different information from the LIFE TEAM system and continue learning and improving in the 8F’s. Most critics are just not willing to make a change in their life.

  4. when Bill Lewis is in town bringing guests is a no brainer!! i’l be taking 4 and my 4 year old will have 2 guests atleast!! I would choose jj over any1 as a contacting life promoter business partner!! WE will explode indy, finally! Life!! a father son business adventure!! batman & jj

  5. A lot of people don’t see my rabbit, but that’s okay, I’m running anyhow!

    I LOVE all of the information I’ve learned (and still need to process) on Conflict Resolution. As a professional at not making waves and avoiding conflict, I have had much to learn!!

  6. Dude I love ya’ll already. I hope and pray to God you and Bill lewis N chris brady see this, you all n your families is greatly appreciated by me. imma power play myself twice n 2 months n I pray I see yall at the next seminar following that success: 4 multiple reasons ( I need yall to see a man that will quickly grow 4this cause I will expand this business everywhere God needs me2. Trust me, many many places and people will become apart of the team with my help I joined for 7 reasons: +the cause,+ the great people you all are, +the team, +FIX THE LOW SIDES OF ME AND GIVE THE REST OF THE WORLD A HEALING HAND OF MINE, +generate success and cash to give genuinely as I always do with what I have, and the two most amazing things are+ ITS EVERYTHING IVE BEEN SEEING AND DOING SOLO FOR 3 YRS!TECHNICALLt

  7. nd seventh is Jesus allowed this to happen 4me ans I thouroughly believe its from God a hundred million% so on this note ya’ll take care and God Bless all of you.
    See yall from the crowd in a few hours im so blessed and excited I haven’t slept since we arrived from tx. Everyone was amazing friday at the seminar n I’m pumped look for our groups upcoming success from rockdale Texas

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