What foundation are you building on ?

This post will include some of my thoughts and ideas but I have also attached an article from Orrin Woodward Team / Life that is a great article on how he has position the TeamLife business.  It also ties into my post and goes deeper into how some other business choose to operate when they are threatened with real competition.  Click this link for Orrins full article called – Dreams Dramas and Creative Destruction.

Two days ago something happened that has happened many times to me but it never seizes to amaze me.  The allure of the fast buck, the get rich quick, you don’t have to do much to make money here, the success should be simple and easy thoughts.  There is a gentlemen that I was helping start his LIfe business.  I stopped by his house to pick something up and after we finished I asked ,”Why haven’t we seen you around.”  His reply,”To be honest, we have been very busy but we are part of another business now.”  Him choosing to be part of  another business does not bother me at all and I hope everyone finds a way to help themselves and their family become successful.  The statement that followed is what I want to write about.  His next comment was,” THEY ARE GIVING MONEY AWAY.”  Well if they are giving money away then sign me up for that!

Un-fortunently there are 2 major issues with that statement.

1. If anyone promises you quick or easy success then you can guarantee that its false.

2. He is basing his thoughts on the good-looking building instead of the foundation.

Our whole society has been brainwashed to think that success should be easy, simple and they should give money away.  I have read many books about successful leaders and personally meet many successful people and never have I heard them say that success was easy or quick.  The process of winning is always tough and full of challenges.  Hopefully that should get you excited because that means not everyone will take that road.

One of the first things it takes to be successful is to make a commitment to what you are doing.  Now the level of your commitment may grow deeper as you get farther into the process but you have to make some base level commitments to succeed.  In the Team / Life business there are some basic steps.  Attend all open and seminar meetings.  Listen to cd’s and start to read 15 minutes per day.  Show the plan and try to show 15 plans per month.  These will get your business vehicle moving and will allow you team to start steering you in the right direction.  To do these steps may require you to make some schedule changes, find some babysitters, sacrifice some hobbies or television time.  THis may also cause you to have to communicate with your spouse.  That is always fun to watch 🙂

The second part of our discussion is the most critical one.  What is the foundation that the company is built on.  If a company is giving money away, do the math.  Our government is the only source that can continue to print money and give it away.  Successful business cannot operate that way.  These get rich quick business’s never last and almost always end up getting shut down and damage the people who were lured with, make money quick and easy.  You have to look at the character of the individuals that are running the company to get a good perspective on what will happen in the future.

Les Csorba in his book called Trust states, ” Leaders are worthy of trust for at least 3 reasons.  First, they develop a track record of credibility and reliability over a long period.  Second, they do not make bad decisions willfully or consciously.  Third, they almost always act and lead with wisdom and integrity.”

I have been in business for 13 years with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and seen them live up to those expectations.  That is why I continue to follow them.  I hope you find your vehicle for success and be one of the few that will make a commitment and stick to it.

God Bless

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  1. In my 50 years on this planet I’ve yet to see money just given away! I’ll stick with you Bill and the TEAM even if I’m not breaking any records, I’ll continue to put in my 10,000 hrs. and success will follow!!!! Thanks!

    1. DEAR Bill and Jackie and family, & babysitters!

      The Team and now Life-Team Dream, will continue forever, day in and day out! We can either work and build some1 elses network or our own, i’ve chosen my own through (LIFE-TEAM) & am loving every minute of it since the 1st plan! MY 4 year old son contacts people with me, & its a blessing to make people smile & share such a winning Life business & leaders, who be, do and have!! We are all in!!

      Batman & son

  2. I am proud to say that this is the man that my husband and I have chosen to follow. A man that has the fruit on the tree that we want to for our family. Bill Lewis and his beautiful bride have made a major impact in our lives and in the lives of many others around us. Thank you for sharing the truth Mr. Lewis!
    God Bless

  3. Great article Bill. You have a wonderful way of simplifying some “tough” issues. I hope more people will realize that though free money sounds good…there is usually a very high price tag that comes with it.
    Thank you for being a beacon of hope.

  4. Great post Bill explaining the basic steps to a very profitable business and more importanly , a way to improve your circumstances. The principle’s you shared apply to every aspect of anyone’s life no matter if they are involved with TEAM or not.
    Thank you as always for “clearing the fog”

  5. Great insight Bill. I wish more people would take the time to see the foundation of the business they are hitching their wagon to!

  6. Bill, that’s an awesome article! When the process of winning is tough and full of challenges, it forces us to become stronger and wiser in the process! That’s what shapes people into winners!

  7. Wow Bill! Awesome article! We too have just recently had someone tells us that they chose another business to join. It’s amazing how fast someone chases the almighty dollar without considering the foundation for which they are building. Too many Americans are unwilling to work hard to achieve their goals or dreams. Our dreams and goals are built on the other side of inconvenience. That is what makes our victories so much sweeter! Thank you Bill for all that you do for our Team as well as The Team! You and Jackie are unbelievable servants with huge hearts for helping others reach their goals and dreams.

  8. Hey Bill, thank you and Jackie for being that strong foundation for us and so many others. You both are living examples of what it takes to achieve true success in life. I was actually glad to see that the Team /Life business is not get rich quick. This business is such a business of character because of one of the principles, “success only comes with performance”. Any other way does not last. It is sad to see that people think they can get wealthy without any effort. So glad we know the truth. What a valuable principle to pass down to our children. So proud to be around you both.and the Team.

  9. congrats to those who choose life!! My only son is 4 and he and now his friends are contacting nurses, teachers, any1, we see or meet!! Are you? sincerely, batman & son

  10. Bill… Great comments. I truly believe that most of today’s society does not understand even the basic principles of success and wealth. As Chris Brady says, ‘Don’t be shocked when you see that this is the landscape.’ People are so misinformed, its scary! I meet a lot of people who have the SFN (something for nothing) mentality. I read an email the other day that 60% of US households receive some sort of government assistance (other peoples money) without doing in return for it! AMAZING!! Thank God for people like you, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other leaders of LIFE-TEAM. The truth shall set you free!


  11. Bill, thanks for this post and for sharing Orrin’s article. I especially enjoyed the part about commitment. As with anything, success comes from commitment – whether it be the commitment to yourself, or to others. Assuming that ‘free money’ exists or success exists without commitment would be a very unrealistic approach. Thanks for putting this into perspective for us!

    1. I’m with Claude Hamilton on this one! In fact, I was not at ALL committed to myself for a LONG time, but I WAS committed to my leader, Holger Spiewak and my teammates. There was NO WAY I was ever going to quit on them. Now that I have some time on the water, I can definitely say that success is NOT supposed to be easy and without struggle!! I’m so glad that Orrin and Chris have created such a strong foundation for all of us to build a business on. Thanks for this view point of success Bill!!


  12. Bill I’m very thankful to be part of a team where you and the rest of the PC are the foundation. Your commitments and convictions inspire me and i can’t wait for the day i earn my way into your calender 🙂

  13. Excellent post Bill! Very honored to be a part of your TEAM!! Excited for our future! I also agree about commitment, if you have no commitment you will not succeed. I have personally tried this, it does not work! Make a commitment to the TEAM and your dream! Thanks Bill!

  14. Great article! I couldn’t agree more with the thoughts that are shared here. Nothing worth fighting for is going to come easy, or if it does Beware….It won’t last. Thanks for sharing..


  15. Bill,

    Totally agree. I have seen many “something for nothing” business promises in my days. I understand that these may seem alluring to those that are naive in the business world, however, I can’t think of any of those businesses that are in business today. To me, any successful business venture boils down to people. Ultimately, any company or business IS people working with people. Of paramount importance is WHO the people are and WHAT their character and purpose is. Of course, there are other factors, including products and business systems, but the right people with the right character (and purpose) will always make that happen. We give a huge THANK YOU to you, Jackie and and rest of the LIFE business founders for being those people!


  16. Welcome all new lifers, people choosing to live for excellence, hoping for more opens, events, & seminars! let’s continue to boom!! thanx leaders!! email is networking!! sincerely, batman & son!! & lifers!!

  17. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for the wonderful articles…..

    The level of commitment I’ve seen the leaders of LIFE make to people that are willing to commit to their own future has been truly amazing. We’ve put the TEAM to the test over the years and have been blown away! The new people getting started now have such a great resource in the experience and commitment of their leaders, and the years of experience contained in the training system they have access to.



  18. “Foundation” wasn’t a word I gave much thought to before. I want to build on the rock solid foundation of faith, and on an organization like Team and LIFE that has produced so many faithful.

  19. “The process of winning is always tough and full of challenges. Hopefully that should get you excited because that means not everyone will take that road.”
    This is my favorite quote in this article. 🙂 So many people want something for nothing. Those same people are the ones that tell you to “be careful” when you actually put some commitment and work into your business. Just take their warnings as proof that you are doing the right thing! 🙂

  20. Persistant and consistant building is what we need, especially in indy! Remember to remind people they have lives, some will choose slavery, no matter how much you care. Are you living for excellence ? Or just in someones team?
    Welcome all new Life go getters! Much Life love,
    Batman son & team

  21. Bill,
    This is exactly how I see Team/Life. I know that commitment is definatly one of the key factors to success. I strive to develop myself and build myself by reading books daily, listen to cds and attend all open meetings and seminars when my military duty does not get in the way. I know that to truly be a leader you have to be a follower first. How can you lead if you have never been taught to lead before? The only way to be taught is if you follow someone first. I lead by example and strive to be the best I can be. I have a long way to go and alot to learn but I am willing and able to do that work for long term success.
    Thank You for your words of wisdom.

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