Are You Feeding Your Elephant ?

I wanted to share a fun day with you.  We set a big promotion for the Musketeer Team and whoever hit it was invited to go do a super car drive.  That meant you would get a chance to drive five of the best cars in the world.  What a great way to determine what car you are going to buy in the future.  We had a 143 mile journey to Lake Mead and back.  We drove through some of the most scenic desert areas I have ever seen before.  It was around 50 degrees moving up to 60 and not  a cloud in the sky.  Perfect driving weather.  We had a blast!  The 458 Italia was a smash hit.  When you are driving 5 other super cars and 1 of them  is head shoulders above the rest.  That lets you know how special that car is.  I was so filled with adrenaline after I got out of the 458 that I couldn’t talk and actually felt a little wobbly.  My elephant is in full charge running straight towards an Italian car.  I hope you find something that excites you this much and make sure you do everything you can to qualify for all promotions.

Hope you enjoy this video we put together.


26 thoughts on “Are You Feeding Your Elephant ?”

  1. Cool stuff!!! Its awesome dreaming & seeing people dream again!!! So ironic. I was just checking out ghe bentley ice driving get away before seeing this post. Elephants charge!! This is our year!!

  2. That is incredible!!!!!
    I remember the first time you tossed me the keys to the Bentley & then the keys to the Maserati to my wife. I’m not sure you even know our names yet! Thanks for all you do to help us stretch and reach for what’s possible.
    Daniel Pinkelman

  3. What an amazing time we had! Hanging out in Vegas with outstanding leaders, driving fast cars, dinner at unbelievable Italian restaurant while serenaded by violinist, circe du soleil KA (breathtaking), tour the Hoover Dam, gondola rides thru the Venetian, a blessing from God! And the best part is EVERYONE has the opportunity to run for these promotions! Do not miss the chance to go live out some of your dreams! Our leaders are amongst the best of the best … Bill n Jackie spoiled us rotten! We love you and thank you again for feeding our elephant…LIFE Team—we are truly LIFERS! Run hard….next promo….Woodwards Yacht…..we got our spot! Will you join us?

  4. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your promo with us all. I’m excited about the car just watching, much less getting a chance to drive em at some point with my husband!

  5. Absolutely a-w-e-s-o-m-e ! Thank you so very much for sharing, Bill! (and if he’s reading this – congrats Jason, on your freedom day!) Cheers from Kaizen!

  6. Get your motors running, and head out on the highway! Sounds and looks like it was an amazing experience!! There is nothing like being in hot pursuit of your dreams. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Awesome video!!! Thank you Bill & Jackie and all the other leaders who consistently encourage others to chase their dreams. You guys are such an inspiration!

  8. Bill awesome
    The car videos perfect I couldn’t agree more a fine tuned machine runs flawless, but not to be confused with it making it better much like team! I love the thunder of elephants charging the perfect storm is on the horizons and our elephants are meeting it head on. Keep charging bud and we will follow your lead!
    Thank you Bill,
    Derrick McCuller (Blue)

  9. Feeling kind of down today…but reading your blogs and looking at the pictures of the lion, giraffe, and elephant inspired me to fight and find my Goliath!!!! Thanks I needed that….Loved the racing car video Way to go Bill.

    Thank you,
    Bill (from struggling in Chicago)

  10. I work on these types of cars everyday. Very rarely do e get to take them out for a drive. What a feeling i got just hearing the eng’s as you were sharing the experience with us all through your eyes and ears.
    Thanks Bill

    Greg B.
    Magnolia TX.

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