Know Where You’re Going ?

I have always been a person that was active and liked to work out.  My family  also,  seems to have, a high metabolism.  So I love any kind of mental or fitness challenge.  I know some you are thinking, ” You lucky dog!”  (Referring to the metabolism part).  But not so fast my friend.  All of that changed when I turned 40.  It has been an ongoing challenge to fight the fat.  Being busy and running the roads a lot did not help my cause.  I would tend to eat lots bad foods and I wasn’t getting the exercise  that I used to get.

The exercise part was kind of easy to fix, just make the time.  I absolutely hate running on a treadmill! I hate it! Running in place, staring at a wall……Aghhhhh!  But I hated looking at my stomach in the mirror more.  First lesson grasshopper.    When the pain of staying the same is great then the pain of change, you will change.  I still hate the treadmill so I had to figure out a different strategy.  I found out I could do sprints at an incline and burn even more calories.  YES!  I can do sprints, not so monotonous and quicker.  I added the sprints in and started to see some results.

I still wasn’t getting to where I wanted to go fast enough, so I decided to add something else to help speed up the process.  I did something called the Lemonade Cleanse.  This is like ramming your head through a brick wall, but if there is a fire and its the only way out, you will do it.  I need to get to my point so I will discuss the lemonade another time.  The point is it helps you lose weight fast.

My real issue was once I lost the weight how do I keep myself from getting back into that position again. (Flabby belly, if you forgot).  This is where the worst smart phone app of all time comes into play.  See,  I never had any idea of how many calories I was eating, if they were good or bad calories, fat grams, protein or carbs.  All of his is important information if your working out to lose weight and gain muscle.  I was violating the first law of success.  If you don’t know where you’re at you can’t move forward.  So me and my wife downloaded an app called, My Fitness Pal.  It tracks all of the information I listed above and gives you daily goals to hit.  It is very easy to use.  I started tracking my foods and couldn’t believe how many calories I was eating in a day.  I was totally deceived.  I thought I would be way under my daily allotted calories and I was way over. If you go out to eat at a restaurant,  that day is shot!

This brings us to the leadership part of this blog.  If there is any area in your LIFE  that you want to improve, you first must know where you’re at and have a way to track where you want to go.  Sometimes this is hard to do and sometimes it’s easy but if you don’t know where you are at on a daily basis you will for sure not get to where you want to go.

God Bless


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  1. There goes the demand for that app!! This will be another example of the power of community… I know I’m downloading it!!! Love the post!! So in line with Birtles post which has me tracking a few things daily as well (a must read!!). As far as the lemonade… you beter believe it before my next florida trip 😉 thx for everything Bill. Your kindness Tuesday was appreciated. The fellas will never forget it I’m sure!

  2. So true on both accounts. No wonder so many of us have flabby bellies and are weaker in leadership than we want to be.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! i love this post!! i have been struggling with the belly thing as well! I very much dislike the treadmill, so i got an
    exercise bike. Lets just say, thats not working so good either!!
    hmmmmm, treadmill, bike, me—guess what (who) is the common denominator….Me….For me it all boils down to lack of discipline.
    Thank goodness for the Life business. Its has pointed this,and other
    very important pieces of information out to me, and believe it or not, i am working on fixing some of those things (the belly thing may take awhile) Good Luck on your goal, i am sure you will make it happen! God Bless

    p.s. I might have to put down the cookies and milk and load that app. on my phone…

  4. Seems as if we “keep score” of everything in LIFE….life is just easier to figure out! I need to download that app! Thx!

  5. Bill,
    That is an excellent post! Thanks for reminding us of the simple truth – that we must know where we are going or we are already there!!

  6. Thanks Bill! That makes perfect sence! After the last conference, a bunch on my team including myself, have done the “give-ups” that you mentioned. I personally gave up gluten! It doesn’t agree with my body, but I could never seem to get myself motivated enought to completely give it up! Well, I am pleased to say that since the last major, I have no gluten until last Saturday when I hit my goal. I am disappointed to say that I have not lost a single pound!!!
    I would absolutely love to get your lemon aid cleanse as it is evident that my body is just not processing things properly, so a cleanse may be good!

    Thanks for all you do!
    Sandra Saunders

  7. Bill,
    It may sound odd but this is one of my favorite blogs ever. Considering I just went through this exact journey (and still am on it) The app and logging food for now 9 weeks has been SHOCKING! Its amazing how what you don’t know, really can hurt you!
    Sarah Marsh

  8. Thanks for this blog. I am also trying to keep the belly fat under control and reading this is such an encouragement to keep on esp. when the time comes when I think I need a break from trying, lol! Who am I fooling? I value the importance of good health and keeping fit so that God can continue to use me as his intrument to spread His love and serve others, esp. my family and the people He puts in my path. God bless your health and that of your family too!

  9. Hey Bill,

    I love this exercise blog, I’m all about staying healthy! The app is great too, (of course I got it)! You are very right when you say… When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain from changing, you will change.


  10. Beautiful, I just told my Mother in Law the same thing: You can’t steer a parked car. There is no course correction without motion, good or bad! I gotta steer her to this article, she’ll get more hearing it from you!

  11. We love the results and get there much faster when the we get the right information. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. That is what I keep hearing from everyone who hears the LIFE Cd’s – truths.
    Thanks for a great post!

  12. Great post Bill! Its all about developing those right habits. I’m 37, and I agree with your point that the battle gets harder every year to stay in shape! 2 or 3 days of fast food in a row used to be standard, now its a trainwreck that takes me a week to recover from! I blame Adam and Eve… 🙂

  13. Bill, I LOVE that app and the self-deception that it has eliminated! It is amazing the way it encourages mathematically, too! “If you have 5 weeks like this, your new weight will be ___”. Sweet! I really wish we had a LIFE app like it. “If you have 5 weeks like this, your income will be _____; your contentment will be ______; your marriage will be _______;etc.”
    Thanks for encouraging us to define where we are, so we can clarify where we are going!

  14. Bill,

    I love this blog! I have a goal for some kettle bells so I can get rid of the endurance training that is getting mundain & switch it up with some heavy training – just like switching topics in reading material & in audio. It uses & strains different areas to increase capabilities.
    By the way, venison is a very nice meat 😉

  15. Thanks for sharing Bill. Now was the perfect time to get that reminder. We also need to set our personal fitness goals and get on track. Would love to hear about the lemonade cleanse.

  16. so grate i dont need a tread mill or no iphone to help with that yet.but very grateful also to be in a group of men and woman that know freedom takes hard work and yep sometimes failure .i heard or read losing sometimes makes u stronger more ready for battle the next 1 of the hardest working mason tenders in michigan 40 hrs a week and never enough time or money 4 my twins and nick we r in this and gonna change lives in our wake .TY GOD

  17. Great article Mr.Lewis! I downloaded this app right after reading it, and I’ve already lost 2 lbs!!! I haven’t stuck to a strict diet plan, but knowing what I’m eating, how many calories I’m consuming, is helping me to plan my meals better. Thanks again! ~ Jessica Suddeth

  18. This is great! and combined with the Blood Glucose information from the most recent major, it is simple to lose weight and be healthy!

  19. Hi Bill, just wanted to say Thanks! To you and all the other PC members for the MFC-it’s awsome! Great tool to measure personal growth. The cd’s and Orin’s Resolve book, work hand in hand as a guide or a map to help me find the right path I need, to work in the areas of personal growth I’m lacking in. But at the same time offers me a measurment of growth in the stronger areas. Thanks Deb

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