The Mental Fitness Challenge

I wanted to wait at least a week until I blogged about the new mental fitness challenge that   the chairman, Orrin Woodward, and the rest of the policy counsel recently released.  The MFC, as we call it, is the latest improvement that has been made to    To say that this has created some excitement would be an understatement.  The results of the launch have been amazing, click on this link to get some of the statistics.

The challenge is a process of helping us to improve ourselves from the mental side of things.  Orrin has studied the lives of three historical, great, Americans, and each one of them had resolutions that they worked on implementing into their life.  Orrin and Chris Brady decided that they should put together a system that helps people systematically walk themselves through that same successful process.

The challenge is great because it provides one of the most important item of success.  It tells you were you are at.  As the saying goes if you don’t where you are starting, it’s going to be really hard to get your destination.   You could be heading down a path that you don’t need to be heading down, just because you lacked the information of what path you are already on.  The test gives you a pretty accurate assessment of the things you need to improve on and the correct paths to get you there.

The other benefit of the test is it helps you focus.  You can walk outside and enjoy the sunlight but you can also take that same sunlight and shine it through a magnifying glass and light things on fire.  The same is true with our personnel growth.  We can just enjoy the fact that we are alive or we can light ourselves on fire.  We tend to naturally work on the things that we are strong at and avoid the things we are weak at.  After you take the challenge you will have a clear understanding of the areas you need to grow in and therefore keep you focused on the next thing you need to do to become better.

The challenge then gives you another very important step.  It gives you a way to improve in those areas.  Many test or self assessment items I have seen before just tell you whats wrong or do not have a very detailed way to help you improve.  This challenge is a very regimented systematic way to help you grow.  You have accountability partners and reminders on what you are supposed to be doing.  Most humans will experience a moment of motivation but when the feeling goes away we start to slip backwards.  The challenge is set up to keep you from slipping backwards and continuing to move forward.

Overall I know if people attack this mental fitness challenge and use it the way it was intended there is no way that they will not grow and become better.  This is not just my opinion I have seen this process done by the two people who put it together.  Orrin WoodwardChris Brady exemplify what this challenge is all about and are a living examples of what you can do when you focus your efforts.  Hope you enjoy the mental fitness challenge video.

God Bless

Bill Lewis

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  1. Looking forward to taking the challenge and excited to see where it will lead me in my personal development!

  2. Great blog post Bill. I really enjoyed when you said “We can just enjoy the fact that we are alive or we can light ourselves on fire.” I feel the purpose resolution alone has gotten me past enjoying the fact that I’m alive, to lighting myself on fire for a bigger goal. You, Orrin Woodward and the rest of the LIFE Founders have given everyone who takes the challenge a road map to “the Life [they’ve] always wanted”

  3. I am my own worst critic. With the MFC, I am focusing on how to become a better me. Thanks for the challenge and resources to make each and everyone a better person!

  4. Great synopsis of the MFC, Bill! I love each aspect of this program…from the assessment and the picture it provides…to the accountability process…to the materials!!

  5. Bill,

    I love the points you make about the Mental Fitness Challenge (

    * Defining a starting point “Where am I at? Where do I want/need to go?”
    * Getting focused on the “Important things”.
    * Creating and implementing steps for improvement in the weak areas of our lives.

    All of this to help people with “Living the Life They’ve Always Wanted” awesome!

  6. Bill,
    It seems like everything out there is focused on the outward appearance of success, but the MFC seems to be focused on the inside thinking that really controls the outside manifestation of successful results. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your part in its development. I’ve heard that genius is taking the complicated and making it simple. I think WOW sums it up.

  7. Great Information. Anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life could do it using this challenge.

  8. I am very excited about the Mental Fitness Challenge. I know it will have a huge effect on my life.

  9. Bill,
    I love the way you put it in the second to last paragraph – this is exactly what the other programs have not been able to achieve! This has been a great tool already and so many people from our work place, church, and outside associations have been entuastic about plugging in and taking the challenge with us.

    As one of my good freinds has said, “and so it begins…”

    Daniel & Kendra Pinkelman

  10. The MFC has just taken LIFE and the TEAM to a whole new level, and it was nothing short of incredible before this key piece was launched. My favorite part about it is that it not only is set up for any walk of life but that it is set up for ALL walks of life! As you mentioned, Bill, it is going to keep me from slippibg backwards. Our team took the MFC at the Major and something I knew was that I would have friendships as one of my top 3. BUT as I’m learning it is also a weakness for me! For example, I was asked to go to a free Chicago Cubs game this week with some close friends. Now I love baseball but let’s face it….the Cubs are not getting me closer to my goals and dreams! The MFC is a game changer and now will be a CRIRICAL point in reasching my dreams! Way to go PC!!!

  11. This program is going to change so many lives. I think everyone should strive to be a better person. The MFC gives you the tools you need. I cannot wait to see the changes it will bring.

  12. Thanks for the great article Bill… We are thoroughly enjoying the challenge, and your article hits much of what is impacting us. A bright light shining in our life is sometimes difficult, but always life changing!

  13. One of my favorite things I have heard you say on stage, “if you dont make a life plan yourself, you will fall into someone elses plan, and guess what they have planned for you? …..not much” LOVE IT!

  14. Thanks for all you and Jackie do for your teams…we love you and your family! You lead by example and we could not be more excited to be led to our future through you and Jackie!!,

  15. This is another solid explanation of the MFC – thank you for sharing it in the blogosphere, Bill, most appreciated! I am learning how to systematize my day more than before by taking the MFC; being a melancholy personality, I have the seeds of systems thinking inside of me, however, the MFC is sprouting them faster. Adding the MFC to the subscription ‘scooby snacks’ each month is like premium fuel added to premium fuel. Thank you to Orrin & Chris, and to the rest of the PC for rolling this out 🙂

    Blessings, ROK of Kaizen.

  16. Just when you think LIFE couldn’t get any better they roll out the MFC! Hold on because LIFE just got Sweeter!

  17. I am going to be brutally honest about myself for the sakes of those who may read it. I took the MFC self assessment test, and felt extremely confident in some areas, and really weak in others. On my test I scored weakest in the friendships category, and seeing as I am a recovering choleric, I wasnt to worried about that. Not to long after that thought passed, and my brain came back to earth, I was checked by reality, hockey style. Everything I do is relational. Probably the most heart, and gut wrenching, is the fact that Jesus said, ‘what you do for one of your brothers, you do for me.’ That being said, what does it really mean to be hard on another human? My heart is still heavy because I know how much I have to grow, but I have hope. Knowledge is power. Its empowering! The MFC is designed to stretch me, and I fully accept that, just as I accept the pain of mascular tearing from a workout. I expect my brain to be stretched, andthe process to be difficult at times. Answer me this though, is it not worth my, and your, feeling of connection with my maker, and his people? I want you to know, I don’t feel nobble for saying that, I feel alive, and as that is often challenging, I know I’m in the right place, with the right purpose, and with people I respect and have love for. MFC! Bring on the pain!

  18. What better way to help others then to first challenge ourselves! As the saying goes we must first change ourselves in order to change our family, our community, our country and the world. Thanks Bill!

  19. What an amazing, easy, hands on tool! The Mental Fitness Challenge has been so rewarding to me in just a short period of time. It has helped me focus on areas I need to grow in and provides clear actions to take. I feel my day is so much more productive and organized. Thank you Bill, Jackie and all the PC for continuing to strive for excellence and creating such impactful learning product.

  20. Well said Bill. The mental fitness challenge is truly amazing. The systematic approach that Orrin and Chris and all you guys on the Policy Council took is genius. We are blessed to have leaders like you guys. Like Misty Nadeau stated in her post, this is a great way to keep us applying the “check up from the neck up” principle to avoiding slipping into our old habits. This information is absolutely life changing!

  21. The MFC is great! For a while now I have known that there were areas in my life that I needed to improve on but now the MFC paints a black and white picture. I love how you can track your progress and really hold yourself accountable. Resolved: To Keep Score in the Game of Life. GO TEAM. GO LIFE. Thank you guys.

  22. My Dear Friend Bill, It is with great excitement that we share this incredible idea around the world. I have sold 4 MFCs in the last week and handed out no less than 8 free paper MFCs with the brochure because people want free stuff. I gave one to our good friend Ryan today. You might remember him, Sherry and I owe a great debt to him. Hats off to the entire PC and let the chips fall where they may!!!
    Musketeers to a Million!!!
    All 4 One
    bp n sherry

  23. Bill-
    You nailed it!!This is an amazing opportunity to grow your self and help others do the same!!Is there anything more noble than changing lives? I think not…


  24. Bill,
    Taking the MFC is truly life changing! I love the way it uses watching, reading, listening, and now with the challenge groups we have live discussions with other people who are taking it too! Thanks!

  25. Bill,

    The MFC give s people a look in the mirror and gives them a decision point, of which way do they want to go. Do they choose to stay the same or do they take the next 90 days to make a change in their thinking ultimately their lives. The MFC will help people face the brutal reality, BUT have a chance to drastically change that reality if they so choose.

    90 days to mental fitness is what we are offering…thanks for sharing this idea with us to share with the world.

  26. Just over a week into the MFC and I’m loving it more and more. The self assessment test is a great overview of where I am. It was very eye opening for me also. Some areas I thought I was much stronger, but now I know I had been self deceived. Now I have a foundation on which to build. Thank you so much Bill for your part in putting the MFC together and for this great summary of what it can do for so many other people as well.

  27. Bill… Cassie and I cranked through the 1st module while driving through the UP this weekend. The mental fitness challenge is amazing. My favorite CD so far is ‘Game plan and execute’ by orrin woodward. Thanks for serving the team!

  28. Thanks Bill, This is an awesome description of the MFC, it’s benifits and features. Change must come from the inside. Too many people attack the external without having a solid foundation of the internal. No “check up from the neck up” The MFC provides a starting point, a game plan, feedback and a destination to change me so I can then have a positive influence on my community, my church, my job, my family and eventually my world.

  29. Great post Bill. You spell out the MFC in an easy to understand format.
    This will make a great post to send to people you’d like to invite to take
    the challenge. And I love numbers ! Thanks again for another excellent
    Pam Mitchell

  30. It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that I have spent the majority of my adult life as clueless as I have. The Mental Fitness Challenge will enable me to grow in ways I haven’t ever imagined. Never before have I seen so clearly the potential for personal growth. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to see myself for where I am and I look forward to completing the challenge. Completing the assessment was like looking at a painting of my person and seeing, for the 1st time, all of the colors that are off hue. More importantly, I now feel I have the color pallet and brushes necessary to touch up the picture to make it look the way I want it to be. Believe me when I say that I will be, for the 1st time in my life, painting the picture of the person I want to be while starting to live the life I have always wanted.

  31. I am so glad to have this challenge out there now. So many will benefit from this in their lives. Let the ripple effect begin. Thanks Bill for sharing this great blog with us.

  32. Great post, Bill! Being a Melancholy/Sanguine, this MFC is designed for me. I love making tasks and lists and plans (Melancholy) to help improve my graph :-), but need the accountability part to keep me from getting off track and chasing some “shiny thing” each day (Sanguine).
    Thanks for all your help in developing this amazing systematic product.

    1. With a Melancholy/Sanguine near and dear to my heart, I can definitely agree 🙂

      The MFC will most certainly help people of ALL personality types to become their very best!

  33. Great article Bill, My wife and I started the mental fitness challenge and we can see a big improvement already. I highly encourage everyone to take the MFC ( mental fitness challenge) . Thanks for all you and Jackie do to support the MFC. Chris Miller

  34. I am currently on Day 8 of the challenge and I am see dramatic improvement in my financial situation.

  35. Great post, Bill!! Could not agree more!!! The MFC is Orrin and Chris’ latest masterpiece (thanks to all other PC members for their contributions). I started the MFC the Monday after the major and my goal is to become a better dad. Within a few days Lindsey could already notice a difference. Will be working on that one for the rest of my life, of course, but it is extremely helpful to have a 90 day window it really keeps a sense of urgency, so that this all-important task can be up there on the to-do list with all the other, urgent but not-so-important, things. Thank you!!

    God Bless,

    Holger 🙂

  36. A program for a planned attack on my status quo! I get excited when I get the updates from my accountability partners that we’re running together improving our lives!

  37. Not only am I excited to get started on the MFC, I am anxiously anticipating the Tuesday challenge groups! Thanks to Orrin and the PC for your continued dedication to making the world a better place for generations to come!

  38. Started my MFC Journey 4 days ago – already I’m noticing a change. I’m excited to see the end results!!! My thanks & gratitude go out to Orrin, Bill, and the entire PC for bringing this AMAZING product to the masses!

  39. Awesome insight on the Mental Fitness Challenge. I can’t wait to be able to help others actually help themselves in a positive way! I am very excited about all the different benefits this challenge has. The changes I have seen in myself with just a week or so in are amazing! Thanks for all the great information! Now lets go out there and change some lives!

  40. Holy Toledo!! I have been at the MFC for about a week now, and I have never really dug into the deep (and dark, for that matter) parts of my heart to face brutal reality…until now! WOW… It feels so good being able to face brutal reality knowing that I have a community of friends and accountability partners to be there with me while I grow… This has so far been the best experience that I have ever had with my personal development in my life. And I have been reading and listening to CD’s now for years!

    I can’t wait to see what the results will be after these first 90 go by! Thanks to all the PC for their example!!

    Larry and Stacey Allswede

  41. MFC to a million! I love the first 5 chapters of Resolved: purpose, character, attitude, ant & elephant alignment, and game-plan and do! Thanks for leading the charge!!

  42. Mr. Lewis, thank you for the great article on the MFC, Im very blessed to be associated with a group of individuals such as Orrrin, Chris, yourself and the rest of the PC! God Bless!

  43. Bill, As usual your material is the best! your input and contribution to the MFC makes it “priceless” Everyone should take the challenge!

  44. Hi Bill,
    We just came home from our first Challenge Group meeting tonight! What an amazing meeting you and the rest of the PC have done for us. We had people that never talk explain what this has done for them and even new people that attended our meeting for the first time took something big about what they learned tonight! This is going to sweep the nation for sure like Jim Martin said and we are definitely going to 1 million after this new Mental Fitness Challenge. Thank you for all you guys do for us,
    Pete & Chan Sladic

  45. Hi Bill,
    We just came home from our first Challenge Group meeting tonight! What an amazing meeting you and the rest of the PC have done for us. We had people that never talk explain what this has done for them and even new people that attended our meeting for the first time took something big about what they learned tonight! This is going to sweep the nation for sure like Jim Martin said and we are definitely going to 1 million after this new Mental Fitness Challenge.
    Pete & Chan Sladic

  46. Hey Bill. I’m loving MFC..I think best part about this is to have a community to be accountable with. Kinda like going to the gym is way better when going with a friend. Keep blogging!

  47. This is the best decision that can be made to improve our lives. This is a must do challenge. Let’s take charge and make it happen!!!! I look forward to taking the challenge, cause I realize what it can do for my life, as well as other people lives. Woo hoo fired up!!!!

  48. Thanks Bill for sharing some great information about the MFC. I look forward to taking the challenge. It’s the best decision that could ever be made. Thanks for everything Bill.

    Sabrina Coleman
    Team Samurai

  49. Bill thanks for being a part of the solution to spread truth to the world!! The mental fitness challenge is helping people quickly identify things they want to improve and now they have the materials to help them! You and Jackie are an inspiration to the whole team and to Dolores and I, thanks for all you do.

  50. I’ve already heard numerous comments from people about how the MFC has already changed their lives! It’s amazing what some key infomation can do to help someone better themselves for a better life!

  51. The Mental Fitness Challenge is sweeping the nation! I can’t believe how powerful it is to experience information coming at you on similar topics from several different angles at the same time! I’ve been on a self directed education for a few years, but since I started the MFC I’ve seen more lasting change within myself in specific areas like character and attitude than ever before! I can’t wait to see the massive effects that the challenge will have on the North American continent as It continues to go more and more viral with each passing week.

  52. I’ve already heard many stories about how the MFC has changed peoples lives! It’s amazing what the right information can do in a persons life! I’m excited to hear many more of these stories of personal success!!

  53. Great article on the MFC! I am sure that will be to no surprise to anyone when you are one of the top 30 leaders in the world. Please keep doing what you are doing, the world can always use another Bill Lewis.

  54. The MFC really has a huge impact already. Just being on the attitude week is really holding me accountable knowing in the back of my mind that every moment I have a choice on how to handle situations. I view the MFC as the announcer on a sports event. He is calling the plays of my life and attitude out loud whether good or bad so I better work hard to make them good because someone is watching!!

  55. The Challenge Groups are AMAZING! I had a great time learning about friends, family and business associates on a totally new level. The whole demeanor of this challenge feels to me that we can allow ourselves to finally be ourselves in front of others without fear of ridicule and become accountable to our own development. Thank you Bill for allowing so many others to take this leadership journey with you.

  56. We have always had the discipline of reading and listening to cds, but with the Mental Fitness Challenge we can actually track the progress of our growth and do what Orrin refers to as “Keeping score” on ourselves. This was an ingenious idea and one that will further separate LIFE into a New Industry! Thank Bill.

  57. I am really enjoying the mental fitness challenge! I really like the assessment test and being able to have others take the test on my behalf so that I know which areas to focus on for improvement. It’s fun to do this with family and friends.

  58. Really enjoying the MFC so far! I can see how this is going to make a big impact on our lives and those around us. “You can’t measure the ripple effect of one person living a resolved life.”

  59. I’ve been on system for a long time. Listening to the first CD pack really gave me a shot to the head, shot in the arm, and a kick in the butt. It definitely challenges you!! Looking forward to more!

  60. I am sooo blessed to be apart of such a great team! I love how the business is constantly evolving and am excited to introduce people to the MFC!!!

  61. Awesome post Bill! I absolutely love the way this MFC has helped me get my priorities right in life, but even more so, I love seeing the changes in people that I have recommended it to! This is truly life changing information!

  62. Thanks for the post Bill! MFC is a great challenge I can’t wait to see all the great things People will achieve that take this Challenge and realize their potential

  63. MFC will be a very interesting and rewarding program by the sounds of it. I can’t wait until the wife and I get to partake. It really looks to give the brand new individual the fastest most effective route to success. No more guessing what’s next. Thank you Orrin and Chris for dumbing it down to our level Haha. Thanks to Jeff and Patrice Caldwell for the advice to move this foward. And thanks to Bill for the great support to help us all have a better understanding of this great concept.

  64. Thank you Bill, very well spoken article on the MFC. I’ve tested and have begun the journey of the Mental Fittness Challenge! So excited to be part of this business, on our way to a MILLION!

  65. Thanks Bill for your never ending insights. I couldn’t agree more with you’re comment that the MFC will identify where you’re starting at and then help guide you on a daily basis to get to where you want to be. “TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED” Thanks and GOD BLESS

  66. Bill, thank you for being part of my future. With the mental fitness challenge and the leadership both you and the policy council have offered, my life has changed for the better in so many ways already and more is on my horizon.

  67. Great summary of the MFC, Bill. I have had some interesting eye openers since beginning the challenge and already see some well needed habits being formed.

    1. Bill,
      Great blog! Love the MFC and where it is going to take my wife and I in LIFE! Keep up the good work!
      God bless,

  68. Bill great post!! Holger and I are doing the MFC together as a couple focusing on parenting and it’s been awesome!! I love having a laser focus on something and working toward making our lives better together!!

    1. I agree! It is so much more fun to do this with Andy, and parenting is something we’ll always have room for improvement on.

  69. I have already seen results from implementing very simple & easy suggestions from the first chapter of the first book!! Looking forward to continuing towards more & more results towards success in my life!

  70. Very concise description of the MRC! I love how people can now join the Challenge groups to discuss about what they are learning… and to fellowship with people that are heading in the same direction. It was pretty cool to see some of the people who’ve never been to LIFE event before excited to jump in and discuss Purpose.

  71. Bill this mental fitness challenge has been awesome in just the first week. We have gotten started along with 4 others and the excitement has been contagious. We r really looking forward to the growth of ourselves and our friends.

  72. Excellently put Bill. Can’t wait to get started on our MFC should be here in the next few days!!!!

  73. i love that there is the pre challenge and it gives a person a chance to eralize how much they need this

  74. I can’t wait to see how this MFC unfolds for my team and I. The way it’s put together and how the accountability factors in is amazing! It’s exactly what anyone who is looking to better themselves needs!

  75. I am very pleased to be part of Team and Life. I am now surrounded by some incredible people and learning so much! The MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE is awesome!!!! Looking forward to a very bright future!

  76. I started the MFC a couple of weeks ago. I have a hundred pages left in Resolved. This information is top notch and life changing. I am diligently working at it and am beginning to see a very serious change in myself. Thanks for stretching me…I’m growing!

  77. The best thing about the Mental Fitness Challenge is that it gives a specific scoreboard of how to move into daily habits for lifestyle change. This isn’t just a big box of “stuff” which you’re supposed to attack “on your own time” (read: directionless). This is a primer for success for the theory habits necessary in life.

  78. MFC is such an awesome and timely tool so needed today. Going through this is helping me in areas in my in my life where I had no direction. Thank you.

  79. Focus. The#1 thing that has always been missing in my life. Start fast and never finish in everything. I can tell after the first MFC challenge group that this is something even a stubb stubborn fool like myself can easily follow. BBNQ

  80. Awesome way to get information into the new persons hands and allows the MFC to draw them to what they need.

  81. MFC is a timely and much needed tool for today. This is helping me in areas of my life where i was lacking direction. I am so thankful for this. Great things are about to happen!

  82. Great article Bill,
    This MFC could not have come at a better time. After last nights first MFC meeting, it became very clear how important the MFC really is. First of all we were really digging in the information and truly thinking about what is important now or next. I also recognized the importance of getting to know my team mates better and tap into their thinking, in that outside our organization we cannot have this type of dialogue without critics or negative attitudes. It is nice to get together with our teams and get past the superficial conversations and get truly get to know our new friends and business partners.

  83. I thought I was gaining so much from listening to cds and reading books… which I was… but I wasn’t putting itt to practice like I should. the mental fitness challenge has already helped me to develop focus and really really examine my life!

  84. The Mental Fitness Challenge is Awesome! No one is out there but the LIFE business helping people all over the world to think, to learn, to improve like this! I devour the books and CD’s and know this will help me in all areas of my life! Prior to College, embarrassingly, I have only read 3 books, and I ready 3 powerful books (Dream Giver, IN Cave with A Lion on a Snowy Day, and The Magic of Thinking Big) last month! I want to tell everyone about the Mental Fitness Challenge because of the power of changing your mind! Shut off the TV and dive into this information to help you become a better person and a leader! Thank you again, Bill and all other LIFE Leaders! Tammy Forshee

  85. Hi bill,
    The statistics alone is staggerring.Its a testament to the top notch information we are plugged into.Orrin and Chris did a fantastic Job in developing the test and the challenge.Im so fired up

  86. Excellent information. Excited about starting the MFC and lookng forward to changing the direction and results in my life.

  87. Hey Bill, MFC is by far the BEST way to go!! I see everything so differently now and life make more sense. My husband and I want to share this with everyone we know. We are so excited to be on this amazing journey. We are working our way up to “LIVING THE LIFE WE’VE ALWAYS WANTED”. Thanks to all who cared enough to give this to the world. God Bless!!!!

  88. The MFC is awesome. I love how you can track your progress and have accountability partners. It’s really easy to contact people and challenge them to do something you’re doing too. I look forward to each day and challenging myself to learn and grow. I feel so blessed to have this team and these materials in my life!

  89. I am really looking forward to the MFC! I can’t wait to see how it will help me to stay on course, something I have struggled with personally! I truly cannot think of a better way to get people involved! Good job everyone!

  90. Bill, we are really excited about how our group is responding to the challenge. The 1st challenge meeting last night was a great success. We had input from all the group. Everyone seemed to enjoy the interaction. So excited for the future with better leaders!
    Mike Coulter

  91. Thank you so much for what you do!!! This blog describes the MFC wonderful … the self assessment test was just the beginning of my life changing journey … it made me think.of things I never had. Prior to this business and the MFC I felt like I was a hamster running nonstop on its wheel.. going nowhere fast. Because of this my life has changed and i am forever blessed!!!

  92. I just took the MCF — what a great tool to further your personal growth as well as others!! Love that this is a fun, interesting way to get people thinking!

  93. Very Well written. My journey through the MFC has really changed things in a big way for me. I now embrace change thanks to all of the amazing leaders in The Team.

    Thank you Bill and Jackie for your humble service

  94. Bill, Rick and I started the mental fitness challenge right after the major and wow we really like how it shows where you need to work on and where ur good at. We seen a difference in first few days and so thankful for all you and Jackie and all the pc have done to come out with this. It’s fun to be doing the challenge with other team members too so rewarding to feel like your growing personally in areas of your life. MFC is awesome!!!

  95. The educational information from LIFE has already impacted my life and business in such a positive way. No one could go wrong by taking the Mental Fitness Challenge. Thanks Bill!

  96. First Challenge Group for the Musketeer Team was a huge success. From NY to Detroit to Maarquette to W Virginia to Central Florida, everyone is buzzing about the MFC!!!!!!!!!

  97. I absolutely love the new meeting formats, and all the new tools we have to build this business. Keep up the good work!

  98. Being a part of the Challenge Groups have been the best part of the MFC so far. When you hear how this has made a difference in people’s lives you can’t help but talk about it. It’s great to be a part of a community that cares and wants to help people grow.

  99. What a great post about the mental fitness challenge. I’ve been participating in the challenge for the past couple weeks and already begun discovering some new aspects about my purpose that I hadn’t really dug into. The 90 day challenge I feel has really helped develop great habits that I can use in my job and would recommend that everyone get on the MFC!!

  100. I am so excited about the MFC, this is a game changer in my life. I am on Attitude chapter in resolved and it is kicking my brain. Thanks for serving the Team Bill!

  101. Great post Bill! I am very excited about the MFC. Starting any personal growth journey can be very overwhelming. The hardest part for myself was, where do I start? And How do I get from point A, to point B, and so on? With the systematic approach you guys took when creating the MFC, those questions and many more were answered in the first week alone. I know self development, and leadership is a life long learning process. There is no better way to start, than by taking the Mental Fitness Challenge. There is nothing like the results, and others noticing the progress. Thank’s to all the PC for this amazing opportunity.

  102. The MFC is awesome! In a week I have already had some new insights in to myself and the things I do that need changing. I look forward to the next few months to see the improvement in not just my life but my families.

  103. Great summary and promotion of the MFC! Looking forward to completing the challenge! Inch by inch, it’s a cinch! Thanks for being a great example, too! Lead the way, Bill!

  104. I am looking forward to the challenge, and the challenge groups. This is going to be a blast! I have several area’s I would like to improve on. I look forward to future blogs.

  105. Thanks Bill for breaking down this program for anyone to understand. It’s hard to look at ourselves and admit our shortcomings. But there is no denying the results of the self assessment test. With the MFC we have an incredible program for attacking those areas that we never wanted to admit about ourselves. What a concept….change ourselves on the inside before trying to change outside. God Bless you, Bill and all the LIFE Founders!

  106. Taking time for mental fitness is a must for personal development. Looking forward to taking the challenge!

  107. Great article Bill. Just reading and talking to other people I have learned so much. I have learned a lot from you & the importance of MFC, it is a great challenge for us. You learn a lot about yourself. Thanks Bill..

  108. I love this program. Not only is the program itself great but having the accountability is what keeps you on track just like you said. Thanks for all you do!!!

  109. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a fun and challenging way to spend time with the family. We are learning and growing personally, as well as developing a closer relationship. Hats off to Bill Lewis and the Policy Council, they have made achieving the life we’ve always wanted possible.

  110. The challenge has only broke the third week and improvements are noticeable, not only by me, but by my co-workers, boss, and my upline. Reframing to stay positive, knowin what I live for, and showing character the most important things any person should know about themselves yet has been lost through all the noise of the media. With this challenge we get to decide who we want to be, without the negativity dragging us down. I recently shut off my cable. I realized I was spending over $80 per month to be told how bad of a person I was. Only three weeks in and there has been this kind of change, I’m fired up to see where this can take me.


  111. The Mental Fitness Challenge is an amazing product! My kids are also getting involved, actually going through the material with me. The only thing they said to make it better…. add more bracelets int the box!

  112. Bill I love the fact you mentioned how most people never work on their weak areas. Mostly because it can be painful, but also because they don’t have a road map to help them succeed in doing so. This is why the MFC will revolutionize self improvement. Thanks for all you do.

  113. the MFC is going to change this country thank you bill and all of the policy council for making a biz idea that virtually anyone can do

  114. Love the explanation, makes this so easy to share with others! Imagine the change that can be accomplished when proven success methods are being used in a million people’s lives! Awesome!

  115. I have been involved with LIFE for only about five months now and it has already changed my life forever! The life materials are world class and second to none because they are developed by men and women that have lived thru the struggles they speak about and pass on the knowledge they have gained over the years. There is more character and morals in the leaders of this organization then any other organization in the world.
    The Mental Fitness Challenge is just another way they have absolutely set them selfs apart from the world. We had our first challenge group last night and it was great! Everyone shared how this has impacted their lives and in doing so even brought some to tears. One of my best friends and team mates brought up a great point. He said that back in history the reason slave owners did not want their slaves to learn to read or be educated in any way was because with knowledge comes power and hope. Once someone has hope in their life they become powerful beyond measure. Society in many ways has brought us back to slavery and what the MFC is doing is freeing from thinking that the way life is is just the way it’s going to be, and is puting hope back into our lives and giving us immeasurable power.

  116. I am so thankful to God everyday for giving these guys the passion and the purpose to change the world, one living room at a time. The changes that have come about in myself and my family are amazing! The MFC is what we needed a long time ago! ! I’m so excited to share it and live it out. God has blessed so many ppl with the LIFE information and the Team community. The compensation still blows my mind! Thank you to all of you that have put your time, energy and resources into making all of this possible… Blessed in Indiana

  117. Awesome insights Bill,the mfc is amazing getting me out of my comfort zone ,it has helped me to focus more on my priorities.And has created more challenges in our group to bring more people to the webcasts.And just having smaller groups get together looking in each others eyes,sharing each others thoughts, this is awesome !!! Thanks for everything you do, God Bless!!

  118. Bill. The first open for challenge groups was amazing. The group I was with came alive, interacting and they are excited about everything LIFE is about and the mental fitness challenge is the icing on the cake . Its truely amazing how Orrin, Chris, You and the rest of the founders have developed this program so anyone can truely improve in any area of there life. For that thank you.

  119. Great explanation of what we have our hands on here. Imagine what a change will be made when a million people are striving to do and be better. Awesome!

  120. Bill, my wife and I are taking the MFC together and has already helped a ton. We both picked an area- parenting- and we are for the first time being intentional on how to parent our children and it has done a ton just for our relationship. We have a dialogue for the first time on something besides everyday activities and work. It is awesome. We are so excited for this program

  121. Great post Bill. By taking the test I see how much I need to work on. The mental challenge shows you where your at and a way to improve. It keeps you focused on your goal.

  122. Bill great job you and Jackie are doing! The MFC has been great for our family. My oldest son is taking the MFC and he is keeping me on track. The challenge Groups are awesome the young people have hope for their future. Keep up the great work.

  123. The MFC is great. really opened my eyes to what the underlying issues are holding me back. Taking the challenge with my husband has helped so that he can see his too. The MFC along with the challenge groups is going to be a huge GAME CHANGER. Once again, pure genius coming out of the PC!!

  124. Thank you for being part of the Founders of LIFE! This MFC has opened my eyes on the areas i need the most work in. I have just begun my journey, cant wait to see where it takes me!

  125. I know its been a ‘ challenge’ for me. The mfc is really helping with my areas of focus. Thank you to all the leaders for this opportunity!

  126. Great explanation Bill! Positive outcomes are always proceeded by positive focused thoughts. The MFC is an awesome tool to help achieve life improving results. People’s lives are changing for the better.

  127. We’re using the MFC… Wow!… Identifying problems in thinking + the steps to correct the problem… Thanks for making this available!

  128. I love the MFC so far and my goal is to get better with conflict resolution. I cannot wait to see how my life will change with the MFC.

  129. The MFC is the revolution of this industry, it gives people the immediate visible results that they yearn for. This program will motivate so many people to keep on perservering through the tough times and keep positivity flowing everyday. I am personally so privilleged to be able to be apart of this experience! Who’s ready for a total life transformation? Because this is where it begins, right here, right now take the challenge and reap the benefits it will provide!

  130. The LIFE founders have done it again, the MFC is a game changer! There is no better way to succeed in life than to improve yourself personally to become the best you possible, and the founders have made it fun exciting and easy to hold yourself accountable. This rocks! Can’t wait to take the test again after the 90 days. Thank you again for all your hard work!

  131. Excellent article bill, i look forward to become stronger mentally and push aside all the garbage this world and the media provides and i know that with the wonderful info the MFC provides it will help us immensely if one desires to apply it to their life

  132. I started my MFC on Sunday and already I am seeing something that I should have known all along,and that is that reviewing my goal every day and then tracking it I will have a much better chance of hitting my goal.
    Thanks to you and all who have contributed to the MFC!!!

  133. This is the most exciting adventure I have been a part of in quite some time…The leadership is amazing in “Life” and has inspired me to really look at myself and make some very hard changes. The picture you painted, “You can walk outside and enjoy the sunlight but you can also take that same sunlight and shine it through a magnifying glass and light things on fire.” was deeply heartfelt. The anticipation of where this path will take us all that step up to the challenge will be amazing. Thank you for your insightfulness and sharing how you view the MFC!

  134. Excellent post William! The MFC is a great tool and I love the test. It pinpoints your strengths and areas which need improvement. You and the PC members have hit a home run!

  135. Bill and Jackie, the Mental Fitness Challenge is bringing me to a whole new level of thought process! I see the results in a short amount of time and cannot wait until the viral effect changes our country and peoples lives! God Bless!

  136. Great article Bill. I would like to thank you and the PC for putting together the MFC! I can’t believe how it has already opened my eyes and revealed my purpose! MFC it’s life changing!

  137. No doubt the Mental Fitness Challenge is going to be a LIFEchanger for a ton of people! As someone who just finished spending over $400 per credit on college courses, I can confidently say that the MFC represents far more value per dollar than even one credit of my classes, and I expect to get more out of the MFC than I did out of most of my hundreds of college credits!
    Thanks for all that you do!

  138. Bill,
    The MFC is outstanding! The 1st module CD pack is worth its weight in gold. This week I am on Attitude & Claude’s talk is a butt-kicker. The time put into the MFC equates to years of growth for anyone’s purpose. Thanks for all you do to be a living example of success in the challenge.
    God bless, Aron

  139. The MFC is a great program top to bottom! I thought I was on task listening and reading daily. But the MFC has forced me to PDCA daily, as I don’t want to miss an part of the program. Adding in the videos to the daily mix is pushing me even more. Went to my first Challenge Group last night what a great way to tie it all together!

  140. WoW!!!! That was very inspiring article by Bill “the thrill” Lewis….thank you for being and great leader…

  141. Enjoyed your comments and insights on MFC. We have taken the test and are ready to begin the 90 day challenge. Looking forward to some great results.

  142. Awesome blog Bill! I love the MFC and have made it through the first Module! I think its great how it uses multiple ways to teach and make a permanent change in someone’s life through reading, audio cds, videos, accountability partners, 360 feedback, assessment tests, etc… World class leadership material and a rock solid program to change millions of lives!!!

  143. The MFC is unlike anything ever. I have been on system for a very long time, with good results, I have done alot of changing. But the MFC can get me down to the specifics. With this I am actually beginning to put my finger on the root of the issues I have needed to address and did not see. This is a map to my future.

  144. Great post Bill! On day 15 of the MFC and loving it. Great tool for anyone looking to get a real picture of where they are, where they need to grow and a game plan to attack and improve!

  145. Thanks Bill, for being the man of character you are and going out there and fighting the good fight of helping others improve their lives. What you, Orrin, Chris and the PC have created with the Mental Fitness Challenge, will be the most effective product to impact people. How encouraging to know we have a way restore a nation by educating them with this life changing material..

  146. I have to say the first challenge group was a success! Everyone participated (including first time guests!). We had some great discussion about our purpose in life and we all have set some personal goals on areas where we want to improve. I know all of our team is excited to keep digging in and learning more! Thank you Bill and the rest of the Policy Council for putting this MFC package together. By changing ourselves we will make our communities, country and world a better place! BBNQ!

  147. Lizzette & I totally appreciate the MFC. Certainly a lot healthier than the KFC:) Thanks to the PC !

  148. Bill,

    Thanks for such a great summary of the MFC. It encapsulates everything that I’ve always loved about Team training materials. Thank you PC for putting it all in one package.

    All the way to 1 million people!
    Seth Wixtrom

  149. AWESOME! The MFC is a true eye opener and can help anyone that wants to improve in any area of their life. Thanks to all of the PC for putting this great thing together and for all the remarkable things to come. CHALLENGE CHALLENGE CHALLENGE!! We are going to a million!!! FIRED UP!

  150. As always Bill, your article provides a clear and concise view of the what the MFC is all about. You have given me some great talking points that I will be able to use, and have helped clarified it for me. Thanks for sharing with us!

  151. MFC……….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharing this information is like sharing a smile with someone…..its so easy! Even though I have read the books….always going through a second time is another learning experience…….AND now I know what my weaknesses are so you can bet I will be headstrong focused on those chapters as well! I love being a student……..I love learning from the best of the best….and I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! And forming new habits, positive habits….will eventually change the world! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Brenda Hatcher

  152. Its only been 2 days since my wife and I kicked off our MFC and we are amazed at the quality of the program. The videos, the audios and the site are world class! This is a fantastic program and it will be reaching millions in not so distant a future..Thanks Bill for sharing.
    Titi & Katie

  153. The MFC has been an awesome adventure so far! Already I’ve noticed that the accountability has been something I’ve needed with the check lists and goal tracking. It’s helping me to stay focused in my life of where I am and where I am going. This community is the best thing to happen to me and my family. It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to share with the world to give the rest of it this opportunity!

  154. Bill – Thanks for the great summary of MFC. Starting my team and excited to share this with them! Can’t wait to identify weak areas and work to correct. Thanks to you and all the PC and spouses for dramatically changing my life! Onward to a MILLION!!!

  155. The Mental Fitness Challenge is amazing. I already feel myself making the improvements necessary for MY life. That’s the most amazing thing… everyone gets the same MFC kit but we all apply it differently, but it’s exactly how we need it for our OWN thinking/lives. Thanks Bill and the rest of the awesome leaders!

  156. The new MFC is one fantastic product bundle! The response has been incredible and it will be a perfect jump start for people to begin new thinking! It’s made an amazing impact in my own thinking and I’m only a few days in! Thanks to the PC for making this happen!

  157. The mental fitness challenge has been great. more so than i expected. The videos that you get along with the challenge help focus me in a way that i need! it clarifies the objective for each day you work. Brilliant! I cant wait to see how much it helps me and many others as the challenge continues! Thank you!

  158. This is a great article. It has been so easy to contact now. Changing lives one person at a time. Feels like we are truly changing the world! Thank you again PC!

  159. Hi Bill – The MFC has been fun, inspiring and challenging all at the same time! What a great opportunity to learn more and focus on improving in many areas!

  160. BIll, right before you and Jackie came into our lives I started writing down goals. One of them was to be mentored by a Milionaire…then you stepped in. Wow, that was one of the many changes that’s been happening in my life. Then PC comes out with MFC. I am so excited with this new program because I know the changes that has been happening before this and I’m excited to see the changes the MFC will do. I look forward to being a better husband and leader that the MFC and LIFE will do. I just got started with the MFC and am loving it! Thank you and the entire PC and TEAM for all you do. It has and will continue to change my LIFE (pun intended). To God be the Glory!

  161. Cant wait until Dee and I start the MFC. Also, we know that its been way easier to contact with this new tool we have.

  162. Hey Bill, This is amazing.. I can’t even begin to explain what the MFC is going to do to restore our culture and it’s “sticking thinking”.. Everything we do starts in the mind so if we All focus on challenging our mental fitness, we can do almost anything.. This is a huge blessing and I believe the Mental Fitness Challenge is only the start.. I highly appreciate the hard work and dedication that the Policy Councel has put into perfecting this amazing Tool.. Knowledge isn’t power, It’s the application of Knowledge that is power.. If we can take and apply the information given in the MFC, we can change people’s thinking from, “stinking thinking” to Successful thinking.. Thank you Bill, Orrin and the rest of the LIFE Leadership !!

  163. I love the feedback from others on the MFC. It’s one thing to see where I think I am, but to see where others think I am is a great tool. It really let’s you see how perception can change. I think I’m harder on myself in some areas and others see me as doing ok… It’s really cool.

  164. MFC is a life changing tool if you have the courage for self examination to determine personal weaknesses and resolve to make the needed corrections……… Great Blog.

  165. I am thrilled to be as part of this company & challenge! I agree with Mr Lewis and ii don’t want to just exist but light my fire to my potential. I can’t wait to help share this with others

  166. I’m really enjoying the MFC and the first Challenge Group night was just amazing! Looking forward to many more. Great idea!

  167. My wife and I are so excited to be taking part in the mental fitness challenge! It is great to be sharing this experience together to be watching the growth in each of us! Thank you so much for continuing to set such a good example for the rest of us. God bless

  168. Just a few weeks into the Mental Fitness Challenge and after our first Mental Fitness Challenge group meeting, we are already seeing amazing things happening with our group! The heart-felt sharing and the incredible level of honesty showed by some who shared their thoughts and hopes about finding their purpose to guide them into their future was absolutely awesome to see. The look in peoples’ eyes as they describe their dreams for themselves, their families, and their communities is indescribable. “The best meeting we’ve ever had!” was the sentiment shared by so many in our group. Thank you, Bill (and Jackie), for your leadership and your ability to make things so easy to understand. Thank you for all that you do and have done to create the MFC as the vehicle for people to discover their purpose in LIFE. I can only imagine what the rest of the 90-day Mental Fitness Challenge will bring!

  169. We are looking forward to starting the MFC soon. The books are phenomenal and we can only imagine that the MFC program will be as well. We agree with you completely that Orrin and Chris always lead the way by setting the example to follow behind. The accountability partners are an incredible thing to keep you encouraged and motivated. It never hurts to have a challenge partner to hold you to the fire. Also it’s like having a workout partner, just working out your brain instead of your body. The challenge groups that started last night were amazing! We are extremely excited for all of the changes and look forward to the growth in our lives.

  170. I am so blessed to be part of something so influential. The MFC is helping me to develop the habits of an aspiring leader. I am already feeling the impact of such an amazing program; improved confidence, learning more about my strengths and purpose, more focused, and maintaining a positive attitude. All I can say is thank you and work hard to help others get the same results.

  171. Awesome Program put together by the top leaders in the world, to help create more leaders with moral integrity to make this world a better place!

  172. I am about 2 weeks into the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) and I love it! It is giving me the incentive to consistently read excellent books (Orrins book 13 Resolutions is a must read), listen to quality cds, and work towards improving myself and striving towards a personal goal. I recommend the MFC to anyone who wants to grow either personally or profesionally!

  173. It”s a wonderful thing that any person now has something so great and proven to systematicly change and excel thier live. Thank you!

  174. thanks bill for all you do love hearing you speak and the MFC is going to be a huge blessing for me and my family and millions to come

  175. Thank you Bill for all you and the PC have done and continue to do to make a positive impact on all our lives! I find that the Mental Fitness challenge is a call to action, and will lead the way in getting this country back on track. With the Leadership of Orrin Woodward and all the LIFE PC, we cannot go wrong.

    Dream Team Legacy, FULL STEAM AHEAD!!

  176. The Mental Fitness Challenge is really firings up! It’s amazing how implementing this system has helped me deal with trauma in my life. My house was on fire on May5, 2012, and I almost lost mg dog in the fire. However, God is amazing and my family is doing well! My dog, Skylar is laying right next to me as I type this comment. When the fire happened, I could feel that I was able to handle it better because of the MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE! This stuff rocks! Thanks, Beth Metz for sharing the Mental Fitness Challenge with me! God Bless

  177. This is amazing! Its exactly what I need to get me in shape mentally n!! Lets watch as peoples lives change as well as our own.e! Thank you all for working so hard!

  178. I love the concept of the mental fitness challenge! It’s the best of personal development and leadership rolled into a easy to do system. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made, it’s changed everything in my life. This program is a gift from god. Thanks for creating it !

  179. I am so happy about everything going on with liferight now!! The mental fitness challenge is an amazing way to help people stay on track w their goals! This is something I have personally struggled with a lot. I am really thankful for all the this awsome business has done for my family and myself thus far, to think things will only get better!!

  180. The challenge groups that go with the MFC are great! This is going to make a difference in many peoples lives.

  181. Now MFC is in place we can step into a whole new level. Love what you said Bill about “accountability partners” as known as our Challenge Group. This is the greatest opportunity to have a real place to apply what we learn and Help others grow as we grow. It’s to have people in our lives we can hold ourselves accountable to… a whole new meaning of marriage.

  182. Thank you for sharing this blog, I am excited to start my MFC and can only imagine what I will learn and how much I will grow. It is truly amazing what this can do for so many people and the impact it will have on their lives!! Each One Reach One!!

  183. Thanks Bill, I am proud to be a part of this great business! The Mental Fitness Challenge is going to help many more people! I have learned so much since joining this Community. Thanks again to you and Jackie for all you do!!

  184. Bill, Thank you so much for this post on MFC. I am so fired up about doing the MFC. I have Taken the test and I see what the goliaths are in my life and they are going down! Thanks just isn’t enough to you.

  185. Bill. This MFC is outstanding. Starting of with a purpose really is genius, it not only helped open my eyes more, but after leading the challenge group. The discussions that we had were incredible. This is going to help so many people, I have already seen it happening.

  186. Thanks Bil for your encouraging comments on the value of the MFC. It won’t be long and Orrin will have mentored two leaders in the top 30. I can’t wait to see what is accomplished in the first 90 days of the MFC. Thanks for your leadership and God bless you and your family.

  187. Great Article! My husband and I are both doing the MFC and love it! Thanks to all the PC members for putting such an amazing product togather!! This will change millions of lives!! God Bless!

  188. I am loving reading all the feedback from the MFC’s first few weeks of impact in people’s lives! The MFC is everything it was promised to be and more! I also really appreciate the ability to incorporate 360 degree feedback in the analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. Afterall, who isn’t a little self-deceived in one or more areas, or too hard on themselves in another? Lastly, I look forward to taking the test again at the end of the 90 day challenge to see, charted out on paper, the areas that I improved the most in!

  189. The mental fitness challenge is one step closer to a million! Now with the Challenge groups….. WOW!!!

  190. The MFC is amazing for anyone who is open to looking to find out where to start improving their lives. The summary you have done Bill is right on. Thanks for sharing.

  191. I love every aspect of this challenge. It embodies so many principles for success in any aspect life. The daily task list is genius, providing a means for accountability, consistency, and motivation. Love it!

  192. You’re right on the mark here! Love the MFC concept and how its changing so many lives for the better!

    Thank you, Bill and God bless!

    1. I agree! I can’t wait to see a generation grow up whose defining characteristic is being a product of this type of leadership material rather than drugs or video games!

  193. Right on brotha. We are on day 13 I believe and I am stoked about it more and more every day. Thanks for all you and Jackie do for this business

  194. The MFC is an awesome product. I was amazed at how easy it was to get the process started! It is shining light in areas of my life I just couldn’t see before (something about lighting one’s self on fire I think). Our sincere thanks to Orrin, Chris, Bill and all the PC for creating a product that will forever change my family’s life!

  195. Thanks Bill for the great blog write up! My fiance and I are taking the challenge together and loving It! I am on the second read of Orrin’s book “Resolved”…. need to read it another 10+ times! What a well thought out masterpiece of a manual on Living Intentionally for Excellence! If you are ever having a bad day, pick that book up and read Chapter 3….Eliminates stinking thinking every time. The disks are unbelievable and the tools that come w/the MFC are an asset to the individual learner to the corporate customer and everyone in between! Thank you to Orrin, Chris, the PC and everyone else who has worked hard on this game changing gift to the world!

  196. Bill, The full impact of the MFC isnt even close to being measured .generations will be changed because one man or women stood to take a challenge. Thank you and all the PC who are so dedicated to making a true difference. God Bless.Cassie

  197. Bill drives home a strong point on how the mental fitness challenge can not only help you see the areas of your life that can be worked on, but also how the MFC can help you focus on those areas and improve on your stronger attributes. One of the huge benefits that I’ve noticed while taking the mental fitness challenge is a hunger to learn and grow more, not only in leadership and personally but also in my life’s passion. The mental fitness challenge truley is a world class program.

  198. The MFC has started, many are excited for their own potential as we expand minds thru the structured growth pattern. Define your purpose and you will heighten your passion.

  199. The MFC is exactly what I needed to knock me out of my complacent rut! It’s given me clear goals to work hard for, and obtain. The MFC is the kind of revolution that will shake this country back to it’s foundational properties! Thank You Orrin, Chris and all the rest of the PC/ LIFE Founders!

  200. The MFC, what a great system to work on living the LIFE you’ve always wanted! Bill, you have hit it on the head on how you describe this program! It is organized and well thought out I can see how the program can point you in the direction of success!

  201. Bill the mental fitness challenge has made. such an impact & its only week two!! I have had breakthroughs on projects @ work & more importantly, I have identified & began to work on personal areas that probably would not have been addressed had I not taken the assessment test & utilized the 360 feedback info.

    I look forward to sharing more details as the challenge continues!!

    Thanks Bill for all of your efforts!!! Its surely been life changing already!!

  202. Awesome write-up on the MFC Bill, I have been blown away by the talks included in this set and I am actually starting to see how RESOLUTIONS can change my life for the better.

  203. Just the first few weeks of the MFC have blown me away, with the information being exceptional I can already see where I need to improve.

  204. Great article Bill! I have been loving the MFC! I love that there are many ways to track your progress and have already made huge progress toward identifying my real purpose! I am so grateful to Orrin and Chris and the rest of the PC for putting such a great tool together!

  205. The MFC is truly a challenge. It is making me think and re-think what I thought I knew about myself and what I need to change to be the person I want to be. LIFE is about change and I am learning that the more uncomfortable that I become with what I have always thought of myself the more I am becoming the person I was always meant to be.

  206. Thank you PC for developing the MFC. This is the key to reaching and changing 1 millions households. The challenge groups are amazing and I cannot wait to see what develops from these groups.

  207. The MFC is tremendous! I truly love this format and the group discussion group on Tuesday! Love the accountability partners! Thanks Bill for the blog! LEad the way! Jason

  208. Bill and Jackie… your amazing leaders.. thanks for all the work on the MFC. after taking the test and seeing where strenghts and weaknesses align it is starting a new process with my husband and I as we move forward first with our own marriage and life together and then will be more equipped to share with the world this amazing LIFE we are in…… thanks Sue

  209. Great blog explaining what’s going on with The LIFE biz!! MFC is a great mental challenge. And Orrins book Resolved has helped a lot! Thanks for posting!

  210. I would personally like to thank Orinn Woodworth and Chris Brady for developing such a powerful tool. I never realized I needed help in some of these areas. It is amazing to see how much you can grow on a personal level and then help others with what you have learned. There is no greater joy than helping others. In order to do that, we must first help ourselves become better people.
    I would also like to thank Bill and Jackie Lewis for allowing me to learn these tools exist…this material is changing my life in a better way each and every day. The only way I can show them my thanks is to share what I have learned with others and try to help them grow as well.
    No other challenge like this even compares to benifits it produces! I challenge you all to take the challange yourself and track your growth…you will be astonished! God Bless you all and good luck!

  211. I am in week three of the MFC and get more excited about it the more I get into it! The addition of the challenge group makes the whole whole challenge even more powerful! Thank You to the PC for putting this together and challenging us to take the challenge.

  212. Bill great article, thanks for all the har work the PC have put into this MFC. Its a great tool for people to measure where they’re starting point is so they can move forward. Thanks for all you do!

  213. Great outline of the MFC! Thanks for breaking it down! I love how it shows you what your strengths and weaknesses are but most of how to improve in both. Expecting great results!

  214. Thank You , Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis and All P.C. Members for ALL that you Have Done and Continue to Do Thru Servant Leadership. The Mentel Fitness Challenge is A GENIUS Step by Step Process that ANY ONE Can Use to For Personel Developement to Get Better in ANY Part of their Own Life to Live a Life of their OWN Dreams.. THANK YOU , in The Millions:).

    Norman B.

  215. This is amazing. A completely unique idea. My results shocked me when I took the test, and the challenge itself is just plain fun. Thank you Bill and the rest of the PC for the MFC. This has helped me rid myself of my “stinking thinking”.

  216. Hey Bill,

    Great article very exact and concise on the superior content within the MFC. The MFC has been a real game changer for me and my family. All my love to the Founders of LIFE who brought us the MFC. Thank you. We are proud to be in the fight with you guys

    Kevin Dunn

  217. This program fires me up for the growth about to come. All of the people in my life have complimented the growth we have had so far and this is only going to make pity better. Fixing ourselves is why we got involved and what better than a program designed to accelerate it!

  218. Your overview of the Mental Fitness Challenge was great! We always wanted to help make the world a better place, but never really had a clue that we needed to change ourselves first – what a concept! Ha!! We knew it would be hard, but the Challenge Group and Accountability partners keep the motivation and positive attitude on the surface! It will help with our personal growth and our ability to help others!! We can’t wait to see the results during this 90-day time period. Thank you for becoming the leaders that you are in order for others to want to follow!! Together we can assist the world in becoming a better place!

  219. We enjoyed reading your overview of the Mental Fitness Challenge. Since becoming involved with TEAM/LIFE, we have learned how important it is for us to improve ourselves. We’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world….and have finally found the vehicle that will help us be able to help others (by changing ourselves!!) We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but with the MFC Challenge groups and accountability partners, it helps maintain the motivation & positive energy to move forward. We can only say THANK-YOU for becoming the leaders that you are in order to inspire others to follow!

  220. The Mental Fitness Challenge program not only will be a life changer for thousands of people but will also be the driving force to turn around the decline of education and morality in America and around the world!

  221. Thanks for helping to create the MFC w/ Orrin, Chris, and the rest of the PC. This is some amazing stuff that I can’t wait to share w/ everyone, and it’s opening up all kinds of doors already. This is already helping me to start living the life I’ve always dreamed of.

  222. Great post! The MFC is powerful, and everyone’s understanding of the material was multiplied through the discussion with the small groups! Can’t wait to see more lives impacted!!

  223. Its great to be able to measure where we are at and where we need to improve and see the gap to where we want to be. I like that this can keep me on track to my goals and think the MFC is going to bless a lot of lives.

  224. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a very awesome way for people to see where they are strong and weak. Some of the things that I have discovered from taking the Mental Fitness Challenge have given me a better perspective of where I am going in my life and what I am doing. I always try and stay focused with things, but sometimes let the everyday struggles bog me down. With the Mental Fitness Challenge it helps me to tackle the stuff I need to work on and become a better person inside. I have a purpose and a calling that god has set forth for me and with this I see great things happening for myself and for others around me. I love it because it keeps you honest and in check. I am thankful for the Mental Fitness Challenge.

  225. The MFC is going to change the course of history and this nation in a whole!!

    God bless
    Jensen and Chelsea

  226. I love the top of the mind awareness this creates. I can go through the day and I know.

  227. The MFC is going to truly be a life changer forever to those who take the challenge and apply it! Thank you to Orrin, Chris, Yourself and the rest of the PC who put their hearts and souls into this to help everyone truly “LIVE THE LIFE WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED”! We are all here for a reason and so we shall all live up to that!

  228. Thanks for your leadership in promoting the MFC. May many people be inspired to change their thinking by using this challenge.

  229. The more I listen, the more I read, the more I get out there and talk to people, the more I am convinced that we have what everybody needs….starting with the Mental Fitness Challenge!

    1. You’re right! I haven’t met one person that wouldn’t have a better life from applying the principles found in the MFC.

  230. This MFC is definitely a challenge for me. It is enlightening to me to hear the CDs over and over. I am more eager to learn and grow every day.

  231. The challenge group we had on Tuesday was incredible! Great discussions, insights and sharing from the whole group. I can see this will be not only a game changer but a life changer as well. For me personally I have never before had something so radically stick in my mind for so long! I cannot escape the question that was posed. What am I passionate about??? I do not know the answer yet. I am searching and praying. Can hardly wait to discover!!!

  232. Bill, the MFC is going to radically change peoples lives. And the challenge groups are a great compliment and an awesome way to take what we learn and involve other people in the process. Looking forward to see what new innovation LIFE will roll out in the future.

  233. I am easily distracted by all the good things I can do. The MFC helps me to remain focused on the great things for me to move forward. I am very excited for all the lives this is going to touch and impact in a positive way.

  234. Bill, I’m pretty sure the world shook when this hit the ground. I’m pumped to improve all areas in my life and help others do the same. Thank you for you service to the TEAM.

  235. I really feel blessed to be apart of this, thank you for creating the MFC i cant wait to share life and MFC with everyone! This will change lives! I am so excited!

  236. The idea of a way of testing where we are in life and then having a way of improving in those areas is simply fantastic.

  237. Thanks with all our hearts for all you and Jackie do for the TEAM and our Team in particular. You all are a walking example of what the MFC type of information can and does do for the individual. That in itself says so much for the Leadership of this large community. We have seen our business explode with this new tool and it gave me info on myself that will help me focus even better. God Bless… Elinor

  238. I love the mental fitness challenge! This program helps me to think and challenge myself daily toward my goal and also the accountibility of others keeps me honest and process is easy, step by step! Having Orrin and Chris lead us through with all their experience and knowledge is priceless!

  239. Bill, what a great review of the MFC and its great benefits. We feel very fortunate to be a part of such great leadership and look forward to the improvements the MFC will bring to our lives and others! Attack, Attack, Attack.

  240. Thanks Bill and the PC for such awesome material. I’m looking forward to change myself and everyone else I can. This will make a difference in our country.

  241. Bill: After just getting started with the MFC I can already tell that this is going to make huge impacts on Thousands of people who don’t even know they need this yet!

  242. Bill, wow is not quite enough to say for the mental fitness challenge. I know that I am not the same person I was before team, With the challenge group that was held here in ND on Tuesday I know that I need to reaffirm my passion and my focus. The questions posed for the challenge groupe where probeing and discussion provokeing even for those of us at the group.

  243. Absolutely am loving the Mental Fitness Challenge! My husband and I are doing it together. We are about a week into it and already noticing changes in each other. I am so thankful for all that LIFE is doing.

  244. Looking forward to the changes in our life as well as the many people we are able to reach with this awesome tool. Thank you, to all the PC for your time and dedication to making it possible for each of us to make a difference in our country and Kingdom by starting right at home.

  245. I have been so Blessed with people that speak truth in my life and now again am Blessed by this MFC. The test is a great way to reveal areas of strength (and weaknesses that i thought was a strenth).
    I also sold a MFC this week, they said; “every thing in my life is not working, my job, my relationships, my finances, AND my faith, so i HAVE to do something different”. So I thank-you Bill Lewis and the rest of the LIFE founders for having the vision to start this “challenge” sweep that is taking the nation by storm. Love and God Bless.

  246. MFC is Awesome! It’s going to change people lives in a positive direction. Thanks Orrin, Chris, Bill and the rest of the PC for creating this great material for everyone.

  247. The MFC has been an amazing revelation of our strengths and weaknesses. We now have focused areas and have set goals to achieve improvement. Our Challenge group meeting was a positive motivator and helped to develop the community aspect even further. Everyone loved the discussion questions and sharing from their hearts.

  248. I really enjoyed your presentation of the MFC in Flushing this last week Bill. As a counselor I realize the need to know where you are before you take the journey to where you want to be. I am excited to begin this journey myself. Thank you

  249. Consistency in dedication to the Mental Fitness Challenge denotes a person of consistency of character. Thanks for the super blog, Bill.

  250. If Orrin and Chris and you and the rest of the Policy Council are leading the way, I’m following! Thanks for putting the MFC together and setting up so many others for success in life!

  251. I’m so excited about the challenge!!! The assessment is already a big HELP. Realizing the areas of weakness and strengths, gives me a better prospective and awaress on what I have to work on to get better!!!

  252. Great post, Bill! The MFC is a great tool to give us a specific path to follow to improve ourselves. Top notch information to offer help in all areas of life!

  253. Thank you Bill. This challenge will bring the best out of me for years to come due to the sight of my weaknesses. Also, seeing my best is something I can still maintain. Can not wait to see what will be next to help us succeed.

  254. Thanks again Bill!!!!! The MFC is life changing, family changing, community changing and country changing.

  255. Thanks Bill for your blog and everything you give to LIFE and the new MFC. Very life changing not only for us but for the world.

  256. The MFC is extremely eye opening. We are enjoying the education and excited about growing ourselves and the business.

  257. Thank you to all the Life Founders for a creating a vehicle that not only can improve our own personal lives but the lives of our families, friends, and those who we meet along the way in our journey of life. I personally am looking forward to see the best me I can be! Thanks MFC!

  258. I love reading all these comments and seeing the different things different people are getting out of the Mental Fitness Challenge. It seems like the self assessment test is the favorite of some, while the accountability partners are the favorites of others. My personal favorite is how the information comes at us in so many different forms all at once. There is no way someone can take the Mental Fitness Challenge and not come away changed for the better! Take the challenge, everyone, I dare you!

    Chris Brady

  259. Love your post, Bill! The MFC is an amazing tool for anyone to apply in any area of their life to strive for excellence!

  260. The MFC has proven to be an effective means of evaluation and improvement. It provides me with an environment that allows long avoided questions to be asked and answered. Thank you for making this available for us.

  261. Bill, thank you for the great article on the MFC, our team is blessed to be associated with a group of individuals such as Orrin, Chris, yourself and the rest of the PC! God Bless! Mike & sue

  262. The minute I think I understand the value of this program it becomes more valuable. The depth of it’s impact in my life is like nothing I would have predicted! Not everybody will take the red pill, but for those that will (or already have), this is for you! Incredible material Bill.

  263. This is an amazing post about an even more amazing product.The whole package w the challange groups and all is already changing lives!!

  264. I,think the best thing about this new program is the challenge groups. I feelmure connected when I have some verbal input. Even being asked to comment on a P.C. members blog is huge for me. I’m honered, Mr. Bill Lewis.

  265. Bill ~ Chad & I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the MFC CD’s so far! We went through all of them 3 times just over Memorial weekend when we had a group of teammates camping at our house. The assessment test is eye opening to say the least! We are inspired & enthusiastic about the results that we are seeing in ourselves as well as our teammates.

  266. Thanks Bill for a great post. Wow, The MFC is incredible. The way it allows you get a 360 look at where you can use some improvements is a great tool. I can really appreciate hearing from others at our challenge groups which are proving to be a huge success. Thanks again Bill for all the commitment and hard work you and all the rest of the PC members put into making Living The Life You Always Wanted a reality.

  267. The MFC is extremely eye opening. You don’t know a line is crooked until it’s compared to a straight one. It’s great to be able to measure where we are at and where we need to improve and see the gap to where we want to be. It will help with our personal growth and our ability to help others!! Thank You for developing such a powerful tool.

  268. I am very excited to start the MFC and begin growing in all areas of my life. One won’t know how a small change currently, for the better, will lead to great changes in the future.

  269. Having been involved in some type of leadership training for over thirty years I grew stagnet through the busyness of work. Being a new member of Life has re-energized my desire to learn and improve. The Challenge and other training materials have reminded me of much what I have learned, given me new information and more importantly has shown me how to pull it all together and be effective in using the skills I learn. Thanks to all the leaders at Life.

  270. The MFC is AWSOME learning a lot of great things to apply to my life,this will make it easier to deal with things and other people.

  271. The MFC has been an absolutely wonderful experience for many people! The associated Challenge Groups have stretched people to ask themselves questions they normally would not. Totally World Class!

  272. Challenge groups are best! Great to here other people’s views on the 13 Resolutions and how they are applying the information to their lives

  273. Great post Bill! The MFC is a tremendously well thought out! The self assessment test and the 360 degree feedback is priceless.

  274. Well that brings better light to what this is all about. I better get busy. All I know is all I know and apparently I need to know,you know? There is a scoreboard and I need some points.
    Thanks for all you do.

  275. Thanks so much for the post!! Love the Challenge groups and everything the mental fitness challenge offers us!

  276. We’re loving the MFC and looking forward to helping others start living the life they’ve always wanted. We really enjoy our MFC Challenge group with John Mossner and team memebers!

  277. The Mental Fitness Challenge is exactly the tool needed to assess where one is on the Trilateral Leadership Ledger from LLR. Why wouldn’t someone want to increase the efficiency of completing tasks utilizing relationships built by exemplifying character? Answer is…they would. That’s why MFC is taking off like a wildfire!

  278. Wow, was the first thing that came to mind when I heard of the mfc. Then excitement was next, then this feeling of fear. Yes, fear. Can I realy dig deep and start this mental fitness on a mind that has been program to think negative for a long time. Well, not that long. I truly believe that God has been preparing me for this with the books that have been coming down in system. Plus the top 5 books. I didnt complete high school and gave up on trying to learn. This is a journey that has been waiting for me to take. Thank you Team for never giving up. This has been awesome and realy enjoying it so far.

  279. Bill, Chad & I have absolutely been excited about what the MFC is doing in our own lives as well as in our teammates lives. We spent all of Memorial Weekend listening to all of the first module CD’s 3x over with a group of teammates that camped at our house. Thoroughly enjoyed the amazing information.

  280. With you all the way Bill! I completed day 12 of the MFC and cannot wait to start on the growth for tomorrow!

  281. I together with my guys have been studying the good tricks found on the website and then unexpectedly developed a horrible suspicion I never expressed respect to the site owner for those secrets. The people ended up absolutely glad to read through all of them and already have simply been taking advantage of these things. Thank you for simply being simply kind as well as for picking varieties of impressive themes millions of individuals are really needing to discover. My personal sincere apologies for not expressing gratitude to you sooner.

  282. the challenge groups are amazing! these groups go hand in hand with the MFC. I enjoy getting to know my team on a deeper level.

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  294. Bill, thanks for your excellent CD on Finances in the MFC pack, and your brilliant talk last week on “Productive Paranoia” through the LIFE webcast! You had our team in tears laughing, and our hands cramping from taking notes as quickly as we could. Bravo!

  295. Love your blog Bill. Before joining LIFE/TEAM I investigated Orrin on the web and at first it had me concerned. After ‘reading between the lines’ on some of the posts it was evident that jealousy and lack of character was an issue with most of the negative posts. One thing that attracked me to this organization is that the leaders are up front and especially Orrin tells it like it is. Many times Orrin tells us that this is not easy and you have to work hard to make it work for you. Too many people now a days are looking for a free/easy hand out and want to blame others for their failures.

  296. This information is priceless. I can not begin to tell you what changes have happened in my life since starting the MFC. Your leadership is remarkable. Cudos to you Bill!!!!!!!!

  297. People that I know has been coming to me saying they can see difference in me. Truly inspiring. and it is motivating more to get better.

      1. Well Bill. People are saying that I am more passionate. I know that come from me finding my purpose. And the differnce in my attitude.

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