The Shocking Truth about Orrin Woodward

Anyone who is searching for information about Orrin Woodward and/or his business  Life Leadership ( has come to the right spot.  Over the past fourteen years of knowing and working with Orrin, many people have asked me about him.  Some have asked about his character and integrity. Some have wanted to know how he has set up his businesses.  Others just wanted to get a general feel for who he is as a man because someone they knew had hyped him up sooooooo much. Hopefully this article will provide a little insight on those subjects.

I was an engineer when I started this business; therefore, I am a very logical person, and so my thoughts and remarks will be based on some simple knowledge and the facts as I know them.  First of all, when digging into information about anything or anyone, it is very important to make sure to approach the process the correct way. When searching the cyber world to try to find information, it is important to look for facts—not just people’s opinions. Facts are hard to find in today’s world, but as the saying goes, “The facts are the facts.”  Now, researching a product is usually pretty easy.  The product worked, or it didn’t work.  Customers liked this about the product, or they didn’t like that about the product.  Even so, there are those who will only try to discredit their competitors so customers will go to their site and purchase their product instead.  When researching a person, however, those rules are harder to follow. Since the person is the product, people’s opinions are typically based on feelings rather than facts.  For instance, most people have a person in their life that gives them the cold shoulder for no apparent reason.  There are only two conclusions a person can come to in such a scenario.  First, either the one giving the cold shoulder doesn’t have all the facts (otherwise, it would likely be apparent why he or she felt that way), or second, he or she is unwilling to address, forgive, and move past the situation.  The interesting thing about forgiveness is when that person does something wrong, he or she will surely EXPECT to be forgiven, in spite of not being willing to grant forgiveness to others.  With this thought process established, the foundation is set for digging a little into the three areas discussed in the first paragraph:  Orrin’s character, his businesses, and Orrin as a man. The three are actually intertwined.


An important beginning step is to define character because some people definitely have a skewed view of what that means.  Character has two parts: 1) the avoidance of doing something wrong (If a person is doing something that is wrong, then by default, he can’t be doing what is right), and 2) taking action to do what is right.  Orrin has been in business for nearly twenty years, and his businesses are based on developing relationships with people.  He tells people exactly what is going to happen when they decide to join his businesses.  Logically, if he wasn’t telling the truth, wouldn’t the tens of thousands of people who are following him figure that out and stop following him?  The fact of the matter is those people continue to follow him because his actions line up with his words.  There are some that have chosen not to associate anymore, and that is to be expected when building a volunteer business.  However, if Orrin was a liar, wouldn’t the masses and certainly those closest to him figure that out and stop associating?  Some might be thinking right now, “But that’s because the people closest to him get a special deal.”  That is a great lead into the business side of all this.


The shocking part about the business model that Orrin has created is that it is based upon formulas, not personal agendas. In other words, individual results are based upon the effort put in and the level of personal growth, not who a person is friends with. Each part of the business, from the volume of products sold to the profits on the CDs, books, and meetings, is calculated using formulas, so everyone is operating on the same playing field.  Another key area to understand is that this is a business.  Consequently, as with any business endeavor, there is a cost associated with it.

  • There is an initial sign up cost that is less than $100.
  • There is a selection of monthly subscriptions available to assist with personal growth that range in cost from $50 to $200.
  • There is also monthly business training that costs less than $50.
  • Finally, there are monthly seminars that one can attend for less than $40.

The amount of expense compared to the return is off the charts, but it is still a business.  It will require money, time, and dedication, which is no different from any other start-up business.  The part that is different, however, is that it’s up to each individual to determine his level of commitment—and that can change over time.  Another unique aspect of Orrin’s business plan is that it includes a training system that teaches members the art and science of success. Each new member becomes part of a team of people who help mentor him through the process.  In fact, one of the biggest hindrances to success for many people is that because the start-up cost is so low, they treat the whole thing more like a hobby than a business.

The Man

The shocking part about Orrin Woodward, the man, is that he is not only driven to succeed, but he also desires to do so in the right way, based on principles. Indeed, if something is not based on principles, then Orrin refuses to function in that environment.  He is more driven to improve himself daily because he understands the principle of The Law of the Lid:  An organization grows to the level of its leader; therefore, Orrin continually attacks his own thinking in an effort to learn and grow.  With all of that said, he is human and, therefore, has made mistakes.  But his willingness to admit those mistakes and to do what he can to fix them is extremely impressive. In a world where people perpetually blame others, Orrin, instead, accepts responsibility and focuses on improving. It’s hard to not like someone like that.  His humility and his faith also separate him from the crowd.  In most organizations, the person that created it makes himself the supreme being of that company.  Orrin, on the other hand, usually takes a back seat in order to let others lead and receive the glory.  His goal is to surround himself with the best leaders, which takes a person who understands where he comes from and possesses a humble spirit that enables him to realize that one person doesn’t have all the answers.  On a personal level, Orrin has developed a successful marriage with his wife Laurie and raised four wonderful kids.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, the shocking truth is that for once in life, the hype does not live up to the man. It is simply very rare in today’s society to find someone who lives what he preaches and teaches. Going into business with another person requires a high level of trust, so the best kind of person to be in business with, is someone who lives the way Orrin does. He doesn’t just talk a good game; he also has the results to back it up.

  • Orrin Woodward is the coauthor of the New York TimesBusinessWeek, and USA Today best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution.
  • He is an honored alumnus of the esteemed Kettering University for winning Kettering’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • In 2013, Hachette Books (the second largest book publishing company in the world) will release LeaderShift by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille on the Business Plus imprint. LeaderShift was personally edited and approved by Vice President and Executive Editor Rick Wolff, one of the most successful executives in the book publishing business.
  • In 2013 LeadShift is on the best sellers list of  the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Daily Globe

The final thing to consider is what the people in the organization are saying. Anyone who is going to work for a company, start a business, go to school, try to be a professional athlete, etc. doesn’t want to talk to people who tried it and quit; he wants to talk to people who are involved in it and are successful. Please read the comments after this article to get a good feel of what people think of this dynamic man Orrin Woodward.

God Bless

718 thoughts on “The Shocking Truth about Orrin Woodward”

  1. Orrin Woodward has changed my families life by creating a system we can plug into and develop different areas of our life. We are now actively changing the future of our whole community we live in. Thanks so much for curing our depression and providing us a new life. God bless.

  2. Bill, thank you for such a frank tribute to Orrin Woodward. I don’t believe one could find a man with more drive or a greater desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone around him. This is seen in the fact that the LIFE business is the best that is out there. It is designed so that anyone willing to make the investment is self improvement, do the work, commit, invest a modest amount of money can and will be successful. Thank you Orrin. You could become a billionaire but would rather help the rest of us become financially free so that we can all make a difference together!

    1. you are correct – Orrin wants LIFE to be the business that pays the most – would you say that the pay plan is fair pay plan?

  3. Bill,
    WOW look at all that credibility!! And its from people not even associated with the TEAM or LIFE!!!! If you want truth about Orrin Woodward, this is it right here!


    1. THat is correct Chris – the statement you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time – those type of organizations don’t get fooled very often and especially that many different organizations

    2. Thank you Bill for your thoughts concerning Orrin Woodard. It is reassuring to understand that we are working with a man with such high standards and ability. It is also exciting to understand that this man draws people of “like mind” into his world/company. It is a joy to among the many who he has blessed with his high standards. It is my goal to emulate this man, yourself, and a great many of the people that Orrin has gathered. Bless you Sir

      Thomas A. Applebee

  4. Bill, thank you for such a frank and truthful tribute to Orrin Woodward. I become more and more impressed with Orrin as a man. Instead of choosing greater monetary wealth for himself he has chosen to create the LIFE business in such a way that any one who is willing to grow personally, help others to grow, and build a compensated community can succeed. Orrin is truly making a difference in this country!

    1. Great point Len – Orrin did not have to create a business that pays out more then any other business in the industry – he has enough money for the rest of his life and he spends very little – some would accuse him of being a tight wad 🙂 Whats your favorite part about Life, MFC ,Team

      1. I have found all of the MFC helpful. It is powerful how each week and each resolution builds one the ones before. I am using the one managing your finances in my ministry. Your CD is very helpful. I also find the one on conflict management to be very powerful. When applied in love it works.

  5. Bill,
    VERY well written article. Nothing more to add, now it is just a matter of someone using their head and common sense. It is said that success begins with information from the right source. You have definitely provided a ‘right source’ for people to logically approach a character based search of Orrin Woodward. I stand by your description and appreciate the layout.

    1. Thanks for the comments. You get to talk directly, to not Orrin, but a person that he mentors. What could you say about the duplication process? Some might be worried that if I cant have access to Orrin then its not worth it

  6. Orrin, Laurie. Bill and Jackie are true heroes. Society has it wrong and is focused on the wrong information. If you cannot say you are equivilant to Orrin or more in Character, business, integrity, etc… The ONLY thing you should do is humble yourself to learn from the BEST. This organization is run by the best to help the rest.

      1. Your blog is real. It is truth through lives that have proven the results. Bill, your blog challenges people to aspire to be better. It gives hope to people that good is not enough when great is out there, and you define what great is. The mental fitness challenge truly allows someone to look at the interior of their purpose, their character, their entire make-up if you will and critique and alter the areas that need improvement. For me this has been a challenge but the best kind of challenge as I aspire to be like the PC women and learn to love others while holding the bar high. Orrins book resolved is the exact template I want to portray to my children what real men and women (children of God) should live their life by. Simply amazing.

  7. Bill you have more than covered information about Orrin. He is a true servant leader. His wife Laurie is also a true servant leader. When I first met Orrin, after a friend of mine told me how fabulous he was, I was expecting him to walk on water. I was not excited to meet him for there is only one who walks on water. If you know what I mean. Orrin’s humility amazed me. It wasn’t fake. I feel blessed to get to learn from such an amazing man. (BTW Chad and I feel the same way about you too Bill!) All for one …

    1. Thank you for the nice comments and I know what you mean – many people hype Orrin a lot but it is deserved – the Bible says give honor to who honor is due – the Woodward’s have definitely deserve it – any other things you can share about how LIfe has affected you?

      1. Life has let my blinders fall from my eyes and realize I wasn’t living the life I have always wanted. I was living for my giving instead of giving for my living. (Meaning I was working hard at my job to be able to give and serve in my free time. When truth is I need to be serving and giving to create the life I should be living.)

  8. Bill, This is a great post. I am excited to be a part of the LIFE team. I think you did an amazing job explaining how to look at a situation honestly and factually.

      1. For myself, what I love is the courage to make mistakes or have successes, but never loose site of the end goal. They have been willing to serve so many, and long term have the crucial conversations you speak of on your latest cd to work with anyone and everyone who is willing also to participate in those crucial conversations. No one will ever be perfect, but I have never come in contact with a group of leaders and people who are willing to stay the course for something that truly matters despite the challenges that will surely arise when pursuing a great cause with heavy opposition.

      2. Bill, I need to chime in to the conversation. Orrin and Laurie, and the rest of the policy council, including yourself, have stepped away from the masses to make an eternal difference. Repeatedly, with amazement, I have witnessed the you all back up your words with action and results in your lives. You all have the highest level of integrity and character of anyone that I know.

        My guess is the level of your impact will not be determined for decades to come. The importance of your ideas, the example of your character and the heart you have to help the masses may not be fully appreciated today, but someday we will look back on what you all are doing and say, “I was part of the greatest group of individuals, nobodies that became somebodies, that changed our world.”

        Your legacy will go down in my families history as the biggest earthly turning point in our lives. I thank you all for your courage and example. We promise, with all the strength from the Holy Spirit, to carry the torch you have handed us and hand it to the next willing servant.

        God speed to 1 million leaders and beyond!


  9. Bill,
    That is a fantastic summary of the leader of Life & Team. The man has distinguished himself as a man of his word and and has rose to great heights because he keeps his words and is constantly working on himself. I believe the man’s words that he is taking this community to a million people and I have a feeling that heaven stands with such a man seeking to impart truth in people’s lives.
    Captain T

  10. Orrin Woodward is a great man and a great leader. He has always told people what the price of success will be and he understands it never goes on sale. Bill, you covered some awesome points in this blog. Looking at the facts are hard to do when we are compelled to seeing the feeling side. I am so excited to study Orrin’s materials and become a better person myself. Thanks Bill!

  11. Last night I met the man Orrin woodard and I have only been active in this business for a short time. I must it takes alot to excite me,and push me. Mr Woodard,is the truth, I thank God I obeyed the call of God via he HolyGhost to come to Michigan. Orrin is the physical word to what I heard in ministry coming up. Bill Lewis is a replica,of Orrin, I’m sold in .God Bless Team/Life

      1. I am a man of integrity and character its a true honor and privilege to be linked with orginization and persons. I have witness people keeping thier word and doing what they say they’ll do.

      2. EXcellent – I hope it is always that way and it will be because people like you are joining and continuing the process. keep reading and attacking

      3. Truthfully this is challenging me, to be truthful with myself and put action behind what I’ve always wanted to become and fullfil my destiny.

      4. Success in any area of life is always challenging – what would you say about the support team you have – have they helped you through this process?

  12. Bill,

    Great article about Orrin. I have met him on several occasions throughout my time with TEAM. How rare to find such a spot on polished individual that is seeking actively to serve others. He was speaking at a local event in Wisconsin and took the time to meet as many people a he could during the break. He shows his servant heart everytime I see him. I hear so many stories from people that have benefited from the leadership material Orrin has created. My wife and I have built our marriage on a solid foundation due to the materials that have been shared with us through the system. Skeptics, be as skeptical as you can be (and I was) because once you dig in you will become a prophet.
    God Bless!

      1. Seeing Orrin at the back of the room shaking everyone’s hands, smiling, and talking with anyone who wanted to meet him really shocked me the first time! I was thinking here is a celebrity acting like a regular guy. 🙂 Orrin has more success than anyone I know, yet remains more humble than anyone I know! I love how he puts himself out there for even the newest person!

      2. I always tell everyone – if you walked into a mall and said pick out the wealthiest man in here – orrin would be one of the last you would pick – he just doesn’t give off the air because he knows who his maker is

  13. Great article Bill! We are truly blessed to be following the course laid by Orrin, and to have people like you keeping us on track!

  14. My “shocking” truth is that by I have been “shocked” by truth by pursuing a self directed education, an education that I would not be pursuing without Orrin Woodward and leaders like you. I am grateful every day that I am benefitting from the information assembled by this leadership team.

      1. The biggest change in my self-directed education for me has been the areas that I am studying now. I had always sought out truth in marriage and child-rearing, but now, I am also learning about my freedoms, my economy, my choices, my chance to make a difference!

      2. I knew nothing about economics for starters and found history a bore. I took my freedom for granted, not in a disrespectful way, but in an uneducated way (I have a son serving currently — this has most significantly created a respect for FREEDOM, but rather than it being just a concept it is totally backed up by information). I messed up some relationships and am learning how to develop and maintain healthier relationships (the first board in the head was “seek to understand before you are understood”). I viewed education completely differently and began to ask children “who do you want to be, who would you like to help, what kinds of things would you like to do, where would you like to go, what do you think you are really good at and would like to do more?” rather than “what would you like to be when you grow up?” I have learned not to only attend church, but to explore my faith on a much deeper level. I have developed better financial integrity (I’m not saying I am there yet on any of these points!). I have even read and listened to information that has deepened my understanding of friendship and that “fun” definitely has a purpose. I have learned to explore my own purpose – I viewed myself as a teacher for so long, not understanding that more importantly the purpose was to edify, uplift and encourage. I learned that fitness and nutrition (as every area of life) was the responsibility of the man (woman) in the mirror, and that the solution for all issues in our society start with ourselves and our homes first. I have learned a ton about leadership, and that although it may not feel every day like I am “leading” all of my actions are being observed. I have learned to embrace reading with a purposefulness that I never had before. Wow, you asked and I answered! Thank you for asking….. this just scratches the surface.

      3. Bill, something that was really a different way of thinking for me was the concept of interdependence. Prior to what I have learned in this environment I valued only being independent. Now, I see how much more can be accomplished with a community of people with a common purpose and goals and long term vision!

      4. Very good assessment – no matter what you do some how you have to be interdependent to succeed – its just a matter of do you recognize that and you have

      5. Commenting on Kim’s comment of earlier in the feed – on interdependence – I clicked with that. Having READ and DEFINED that concept/word (interdependence) — it was not until the TEAM system and the consistent demonstration of interdependence in the actions of the leadership that I truly gained an understanding of the VALUE of it. General education systems definitely teach us to be independent and shine, while Orrin’s system of leadership and growing communities teach us to appreciate each other’s “shine” through interdependence – to much larger results and win-win.

  15. Bill,
    Dynamic is a good word but I really like Mission driven, Walking with God, On fire for God’s mission to free men…..Ok dynamic is pretty good. I’ve been with the TEAM for about six years and I truley believe Orrin is what he is, a man after God’s own heart, with a mission to help free men all across the world and especially America return to the morals and values that our fore-fathers founded this great nation on. I’ve learned so much from the TEAM system and the business I’m not sure where my life would have gone had I not been introduced to the man. He has helped so many people with so many differant life problems. I find it sad people have to boost their egos by tearing others down.

    God bless,

    Pam Mitchell
    BBNQ !!

  16. I just want to put my thoughts in on this one. I have been a part of Orrin Woodward’s Community for a few years and to tell you the truth everything he has done or changed in his Business has been for the betterment of everyone involved. I would consider him a world class leader and plan on following his lead from now on.
    Melvin L Bowman

      1. Bill, I would be glad to name a couple areas. The first one would be in the marriage area after reading a couple of books I found out that really did not do things just to tick me off it was how she was wired and I did not even know it. The second area that I have been able to make a difference is in the finances I am 100% debt free and able to pay all bills and put money in the savings every pay day on a very small income. I could go on but will stop there.
        Thank You
        Melvin L. Bowman

  17. What an incredible description of who the true Orrin Woodward really is. I am at a loss for words on the difference that Orrin’s LIFE Business has made in my life. I feel blessed to have mentors that are following such a strong leader.

      1. Seeing and meeting the people at the meetings showed me a different life with encouraging words and positive attitudes even through life’s struggles. This developed a hunger in me to be like them and so I dove into the CDs and books to learn how to live a better life. But the association with friends in the LIFE community has kept me “UP” even during low times more than anything else has. It truly is one of the greatest blessings in my life…that is the true value. Thanks for taking your time allow us to share what LIFE means to us!! 🙂

        God bless

  18. What a wonderful article, I could not agree more. The entire article was very accurate and I have to say my favorite part was the breakdown of cost. As a business owner I cannot say enough about the material. Any business minded person can quickly see the cost is not even comparable for what you get out of it. Thank you Orrin for leading such a wonderful organization that is impacting society on a personal, professional and leadership level.

      1. I run an interior design business. I just this morning had a conversation with a lady who was trying to sell advertising space to me. She was stunned when I informed her I have never done print ads and I was not interested in her publication….on top of the fact that I am not hurting for clients : ) The LLR materials have taught me so much on how to promote myself, create relationships and obtain a thriving S business. When I think of the cost I pay for LLR it is almost comical. I have taken many courses on my specific field to keep myself up to date and those cannot even come close to the value of LIFE’s leadership material.

      2. I paid roughly $40k to gain my certifications, degrees and specialties. To continue to stay on the cutting edge it can cost upwards of thousands of dollars a year to continue market trends. I really value my $50/ mth subscription but I would pay thousands for it if I had too…its worth it!

      3. great point sarah – most careers cost more to stay on top off then it cost to be part of the team and have the potential to be totally free – you are successful at what you do and what would you say to someone that is self employed and looking at this business

  19. i have heard Mr. Orrin Woodward many times on cd and seen him speak many times as seminars but this last april i was blessed to be able to meet him at his home in person. Not only was he down to earth but he was so insightful and genuinely seemed to just enjoy being around people. we talked personally about some of my own dreams and vision and he was nothing but an encouragement. His home has been the site for many a dream to come true. Many have found their purpose, saw glimpses of what their future holds, and even proposed to their fiancee at the Woodward’s home!! With his ever faithful wife by his side he is what many of us husbands, fathers, and aspiring leaders should be: God fearing, truth telling, courageous rascals who want to see this world change for the better through hard work and self improvement. Business or no business we owe it to ourselves and each other to be the best we can be. Thank you Orrin, for showing us what that looks like, and working with us patiently as we attain it.

    Brian and Jessica Suddeth

    1. Great point Brian – its great to see someone in there “home territory” the fact that you and a big group were able to hang out at his house is a testament to much he wants to help people. What did you like most at Orrin’s house?

  20. Great article Bill! One thing I have seen over the 6 years we have been associated with Team is that Orrin and Laurie do the right thing because it is the right thing to do even if it hurts personally. One of the reasons we went to our first convention was to be able to look into the leaders eyes and see if their walk matched their talk – IT DID then and still does!!! My life has been forever changed!!! God Bless You.

    Juleen Ray
    Team Portho’s Musketeers
    All 4 One, One 4 All

    1. That is a great comment for anyone looking at joining the LIFE business. To find out about people you have to go see the people. The big events are the best. What stood out the most to you?

      1. The genuineness of all the leaders…though their financial net worth was WAY more than ours…you would not have known that. Each one we had the opportunity to speak with cared about who we are as human beings. The stories shared from stage were backed up by their (your) actions.

      2. Thats the comment I hear the most. When new people meet the leaders they say ” they are just like us” that was one of things that I loved also. Chris Brady let me sit in his mercedes the first night I met him. You don’t do that where i grew up, you might get shot 🙂

  21. What an article Bill, Orrin is a man i am following in my leadership journey, I will keep fighting the battle with you and all the servant leaders Orrin has surrounded himself with. We are blessed to have such leaders to follow through the minefield

      1. My first and utmost growth has been my self-confidence. Coming into my leadership journey I was the shy, quiet people watcher. with this info I feel like the man God had called me to be, a believer in myself that this is just the start of my personal growth. My confidence and belief is at an all time high.

      2. I have seen that growth for sure. How did the process help you gain confidence, was it just paying the price or it forcing you into new areas

      3. I say it was a mixture of both, paying the price for success in Team/Life is well worth the fight. Nothing great happens without Dream, Struggle , Victory. The materials and mentorship have helped me grow in all areas. We all have our blind spots and if we want to create a following we need to walk our talk and lead by example. I’ve read books and listened to cds to help me grow in areas i could see I was lacking in. Working with our team and helping them grow has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.

      4. You nailed it – dream, struggle, victory is the key – unfortunately everyone just thinks its dream then victory – glad you are paying the price to live life nice – you and chan are great examples of persistence and a big victory is on the door step

      5. Serving our team is the key, help them get their victories and ours will come, driving the roads and watching hope come back into peoples lives keep me in the zone.

      6. Great point you said – in this model you have to help others succeed for you to have any real success – before Life did you people that were willing to help you the way your team mates have ?

      7. Growing up I was always the giver, I bent backwards for people and got taken advantage of throughout those years. Here I do the same but for all the right reasons and people. those with character and integrity. Knowing who would come to my side when I’m in need of help now; people from my past or my teammates, easy to know who’s got my back.

  22. Great article Bill! I have been self employed for going on 18 years and in that time have dealt with quite a few people that would fall into the lacking character column. After 18 months of associating with Orrin and those like yourself who strive to live and operate with character and purpose, I am still amazed daily people like this still exist in

      1. Monetarily, the cost of the LIFE business Orrin, and all the PC have created is a complete no brainer! My initial start up in 1995 was over 100k, with LIFE, a couple hundred. From a personal standpoint, the cost of bettering myself to be a better christian, husband, father and friend in developing a business community is tougher to determine. I’ve used the information from this company to look within myself and that sometimes is flat out scary! But worth more than money could ever provide! The funny thing with what Orrin set out to create, is that as I mentor with awesome new friends like the Radosa’s, who mentor with yourself, who mentors with Orrin directly. As I gain a better perspective of what my own life can and should be like, my business grows. After 18 years of owning my store, I’ve rode waves of economic uncertainty up and down with no destination point determined. Just day to day routine. I have no complaints about what I’ve chosen to do to this point. I’m better off than alot of people. But with the direction and guidance of a great community I see success in a new light. Long term, I believe the Orrins life goals, have me on a not only faster track to financial success, but to leaving a legacy to be proud of that my traditional business simply cannot provide.

      2. THanks for sharing your comments – glad to hear the materials are helping – do you plan on continuing the traditional business? or is the goal to use LIfe as the long term answer and if so why? can you help other business owners understand the difference?

  23. “The hype does not live up to the man”. THAT is so true! Over the years, I have always seen Orrin do what he says he is going to do. I have often thought of the difficult situations he has found himself in, but always grounded his decisions on the right principles and doing the right thing. Perhaps people sometimes “pick” on Orrin for his massive success, but those that have been associated with him for any length of time know that his heart is to help people in a selfless manner. He proves if over and over… Great article Bill! Thanks for leading!

      1. Umm…no. When under pressure, the true personality squirts out. Many times in the corporate world, I saw behavior that would make your skin crawl when the going got tough. What I have seen of Orrin under pressure is a selfless, caring principle-based leader. As with any great leader, Orrin skips on the drama and systematically starts the hunt for the solution….a solution that is not always best for him, but best for the community.

      2. It has been a blessing to help Michelle raise those “crazy boys”. I say that because when I worked in the corporate world, I was never home when they were awake…literally. Michelle was essentially a single mom. Being there makes all the difference.

  24. As always, Bill has hit the bullseye. I have listened to Orrin’s talks for a long time and I remember a CD where he actually admitted that he had a wrong belief that he was teaching and he corrected/modified that belief in front of thousands of people and for thousands more to hear on CD. I gained a lot of respect for him just in that one act of humility. He always edifies others in his talks. He doesn’t give in. He works harder than anyone else at improving himself…STILL. One of the the most genuine men of our day. Others have called him the George Washington of our time. What attracted me to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and Bill Lewis is the principle centeredness, their resolve to stand for justice and truth with tact and Christian love. This type of man is rarely even found in Churches, much less business. Their willingness to serve is just not normal…they want to make a difference. But don’t just take our opinions here, look at how many LEADERS and trusting relationships Orrin has developed. Bill could list THOUSANDS just in his organization alone who have developed into incredible leaders based upon the system Orrin and Chris have created and more importantly, the man behind the system. Keep looking fellow researcher, you’ll probably like what you find.

    1. Great reply Shaun – I have seen him many times admit to being wrong about something, actually he apologizes for things he didn’t even do, just because it hurt someone feelings, very rare

  25. What a great commentary on the man we are privileged to have leading the charge. I am reminded of a portion of a sermon where the pastor asked, “Is there anyone these days who, when we hear they are speaking, we just HAVE to go see them. I would venture to say the answer is no.”
    We, however, are able to answer with a resounding, “YES!”
    How blessed we are to have found (or rather to have been led to) an organization with the caliber of leadership such as Orrin Woodward!

      1. We love his passion and clearly defined mission. Every time he speaks, it’s from the heart. With the end result in mind, a different message is conveyed, but the principles remain consistent. There is no wavering and no question with regard to what and Who is motivating and leading Orrin.

      2. Orrin is not shy about saying what he thinks because he lives on principle – any areas that you have made a major change because of one of his talks?

  26. AMEN! I have been around a while, and Orrin has always been a good man. But what blows me away, is his never ending hunger for self improvement. From what I have witnessed, he is always looking for ways to make the world a better place. He has done so again with LIFE! BBNQ!

      1. Character or integrity wise, NEVER! It is amazing to see the example that Orrin sets. He holds the bar so high for himself, that people around him look at his example, and they start raising the bar in their own life. Bill, you are a great example of that. Thank you for raising the bar in your life, and the example you are to me and my family! BBNQ!

      2. Car dreams! Oh brother, it’s summer! I needs me a rear wheel drive beast! With a sick V8, and a posi rear end! And a cloud of fresh tire smoke following me! There are roads all over this country that need new stripes!! Round table baby! BBNQ!!

      3. Sounds good – stay focused on the formula tix (x) 200 = volume and you will be there. Whats the biggest change in the Rob I met a long time ago and the new improved Rob?

      4. The new improved Robb knows he needs a TON of improvement. The old one didn’t care about improving. Being a part of this community has shown me that I have always loved people. I was just too guarded to let them in. When you open yourself up, you risk getting hurt, but you also open yourself up to deeper, more meaningful, & rewarding relationships than you ever could imagine. There is not an area in my life, that has not been effected in a positive way by this crazy business! BBNQ!

  27. I think your great testimony to Orrin Woodward is particularly meaningful because of your close relationship with him and his family. Although anyone can “sling mud” (and many sometimes do) at someone in a leadership position like Orrin, it speaks volumes that the thousands who are following his proven leadership system have so many good things to say. I’m sure, being as close to the Woodwards as you are, that you’ve seen some of their imperfections (no one knows our flaws more than those who are closest to us!). And yet, you support and follow Orrin’s leadership, and your life has been blessed as a result. That’s why I’m also following Orrin and the other Team/LIFE leaders … they’ve proven themselves to be people of character time after time over the years, and their leadership has been and continues to be a real blessing. LIFE is good!

      1. I think it’s another testimony to Orrin, you, and the other Team/LIFE leaders that there are so many people dedicated to joining you on the journey of self-improvement and making the world a better place. It will be an amazing legacy for this amazing community of leaders! Thanks for all tha you do!

  28. Bill, although my actual contact time with the woodwards has been limited, I have gotten to know those they mentor very well. No matter how you shake the tree, charactor and integrity, compassion and a servants heart are what you will find when you associate with the Woodwards as well as the rest of the Team/LIFE leadership. It simply isn’t possible to have so many behave the same way for so long and not be genuine. My wife, Michele, and I have grown in so many areas of our lives since starting our association. Now, I can’t imagine quitting the journey of self improvement as well as sharing the life changing material with everyone who is willing to rise to the top and become the best person they can be. GOd Bless, jc!

      1. Bill, Sure enough. Faith, 1st and foremost. Foe many years I pretended to look for a good church to attend and what I did most often was simply look for any excuse not to return. The association with the men and women of LIFE helped me to realize my behavior was self sabotaging. Michele and I have found a great church and we have become very active. Following the servant hearts of our leadership, we are actively developing marriage enrichment retreat with our Pastor. Making the #2 area where we have improved our marriage. I am a far better husband today that the day I began my association with LIFE. A better father as well. Every book I read and nearly every CD I listen to gives me another nugget that adds value to my life. 3rd would be my finances. Applying the principles gleaned from our financial material, we were able to being Michele home from a 24 year nursing career, take control overour childrens education and eliminate nearly 100k in debt. None of that had anything to do with the money we are earning as business partners. The material speaks for itself. World class informaitn form world class people. Wouldn’t change any of it. God Bless, jc.

      2. WOW! Did you guys catch that – $100,000 dollars of debt eliminated just from the principles in the financial area – that is amazing – congrats on all the growth in different areas of your life and keep being the example that people need to see

      3. Bill, I’ve heard you say it many times before, most people can get themselves out of debt without ever having to earn any extra money. Many of the principles weren’t new to me the key for me was that those that counseld me in the past, didn’t even follow the advice they offered me. It wasn’t until we were surrounded by people applying the same principles they recommended that I beleived it could happen. I love the do as I do philosophy with this orgainzaition. After 21 years of military service, I ahd had enought of the do as I say, not as I do mentality. Real people, making real sacrifices and mistakes but picking themselves up, dusitng themselves off and being cheered on all the way to the finish line. 40 months from now, we will be debt free and we will never again allow compounding interest work against us. Thanks to the example that our leadership sets. 🙂

        God Bless, jc!

  29. Fantastic Post Bill! 100% on the money! Orrin is a class act not just when hes in front of a crowd but living it everyday! My wife and I had the honor to visit Orrin and Lauries Florida home and they are both servant leaders! A big Salute to Orrin and many others out there reaching a hand up and making a difference!! Thanks Bill!

      1. I have had the opportunity to be around Orrin and you on various occasions. You are both outstanding leaders and your talk matches your walk 100%! I always feel better about myself after being around both of you, not puffed up, but challenged to become a better person/leader!

      2. You are welcome! Thank you for being a great example how a changed association and the materials read and listened to can change a person’s life. Those same materials have helped me grow and change as a professional educator and in every facet of my life! I have a 20 to 25 minute commute and listen to at least one cd from LIFE daily during that time. So, the information helps prep me for the day and develops me adhere to my purpose. My students have benefited from learning about define, learn, do as they develop as long-term thinkers and also the PDCA process to enjoy growth and change. Also, learning about the 8f’s has helped me develop my resolutions and will accelerate my personal growth to be a more effective teacher, dad, and leader by example, not theory!

        Before I met Orrin or you, my students used to yell at the beginning of each class period, “Today is a great day to be alive because I can change the world!” It was a lofty goal statement, but they believed it. The best part was when we talked about the ‘why?’ and great discussion came from this one statement throughout the year. Then, we would talk about the ‘how?’ and I would tell them to be the best you! Orrin and you, as well as the other leaders of LIFE, helped develop my thinking so the discussions would go deeper and I would be a walking talking example of changing myself. The group of students that were in my class when I first met the leadership of LIFE asked me to be there commencement speaker for graduation 6 years later. They did not forget because I did not just theorize about it, I learned to influence them through example of being the leading learner (or number one student) in the room. The video of the speech from one month ago is @ . Thank you again for keeping your beacon lit for hope! Jason

      3. You are welcome! Thank you for being a great example how a changed association and the materials read and listened to can change a person’s life. Those same materials have helped me grow and change as a professional educator and in every facet of my life! I have a 20 to 25 minute commute and listen to at least one cd from LIFE daily during that time. So, the information helps prep me for the day and develops me to adhere to my purpose. My students have benefited from learning about define, learn, do as they develop as long-term thinkers and also the PDCA process to enjoy growth and change. Also, learning about the 8f’s has helped me develop my resolutions and will accelerate my personal growth to be a more effective teacher, dad, and leader by example, not theory!

        Before I met Orrin or you, my students used to yell at the beginning of each class period, “Today is a great day to be alive because I can change the world!” It was a lofty goal statement, but they believed it. The best part was when we talked about the ‘why?’ and great discussion came from this one statement throughout the year. Then, we would talk about the ‘how?’ and I would tell them to be the best you! Orrin and you, as well as the other leaders of LIFE, helped develop my thinking so the discussions would go deeper and I would be a walking talking example of changing myself. The group of students that were in my class when I first met the leadership of LIFE asked me to be their commencement speaker for graduation 6 years later. They did not forget because I did not just theorize about it, I learned to influence them through example of being the leading learner (or number one student) in the room. The video of the speech from one month ago is @ . Thank you again for keeping your beacon lit for hope! Jason

      4. Congrats on making a difference in those kids lives – you are being a great example and helping influence the future of this country – keep up the fight and keep growing

      5. You bet Bill! The dress attire was a bit more casual.. however Orrin is on stage and off the same great man! He will go down in the history books as a great man of character,integrity and surely leaving a huge legacy for others to follow the trail that he has ran down!

  30. Excellent article Bill! Orrin is as genuine as they come! His drive is not for self, but for true service to others! He leads by example and is worthy of all praise!

  31. This business came into our life when our self employed business was failing quickly. There was no mentor to help us figure out what steps to take to turn that around, there was no one to offer financial advice on how turn it around, no one to encourage us to stay in the fight….what did our friends and family think? Just go out and find a ‘real’ job like everyone else. We were spending between $100-300 a day on gasoline alone in our other business….and we struggle to spend $300 a month in this business! And the rewards:::Our marriage has improved, our finances improved, our relationships improved, and after only a short time involved in this leadership self education…we were job optional! Blessed and highly favored are how we feel to be a part of this leadership movement…thanks to the leadership of Orrin and Laurie Woodward, and our personal mentors Bill and Jackie Lewis for leading the way to a better America…one family at a time…Thank God He chose our family to a part of this!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

      1. Absolutely not….we had no system…we were the system…Roy was working average 16 hours per day! We were the first ones to work and the last ones to “leave” and the last ones to get paid! We had no mentors helping guide us when we were ‘stuck’…our free mentorship in this TEAM/LIFE business alone has been a huge reason for our success and the speed of our success in this business!

      2. Not only did you have a self employed business but you tried a lot of networking business. What do you see as the difference between life and other network business

      3. The fact that we have an actual system on HOW to build a loyal community…free mentorship…self educated on how to create healthy habits in your life that will help you become a better leader by first being a great student (especially with the new Mental Fitness Challenge!)…the closeness of the whole business…the fact that even the founders are SEEN and heard on a regular basis…the biggest factor is the compensation is set up to pay out per performance…doesn’t matter where you are in the business! we are set up to win using the same system…EVERYONE! but definitely the paid for performance wins as the biggest difference!

      4. thanks for your comments and keep growing so you can be another one of the many success stories – your story talk will be one of the best ever

      1. Hi Bill

        The students I teach have many special needs. I teach a coop program where students get real life experience. Most of my students are exceptional or special needs. In fact my students would be called lazy in our culture and yet they are the hardest working students that I have come across in 15 years. They have to work so hard to remember information. I would be give them purple hearts for showing up every day if I could.
        I have revamped my entire course Bill by using the princples I am learning through the team and life. I have actually played the conflict resolution cd in my class and the results have been incredible. Most of my students also have a difficult time holding a long conversation. Larry’s OH REALLY WHY IS THAT has helped countless students build confidence and earn thenselves jobs because they couldn’t recall or think ahead now they ask the right questions and don’t get easily confused. Visualization is another technique I have used by helping them picture thier success and more importantly believing it. The changes I have seen in my students has been astounding to say the least. When students leave my class they feel like they have a chance to succeed in our society. If this information can work on the students that I teach can you imagine what this information can do to the general population.

      2. You just prove the point that the information isn’t business information its life principles that anyone can apply – Zoran you haven’t made a lot of money with Life, YET but are on your way, but I would label you as a huge success already because of the lives that you have changed – sometime people only attribute success to money, could you add any thoughts for someone reading this

  32. Hans – this is why i wanted to write this article – to hear stories like yours – I want people to get the facts from people that are involved. I am glad you did your research with the correct attitude.

  33. Great post about a great man that leads from the front! His actions really do speak so loudly it wouldn’t matter what others say! I have personally been on the training system offered through TEAM for over six years and it has changed my thought processes and thinking about alot of things. Although I am only 24 I have a better understanding of what character, finances, integerity, and what friendships are really about just like the book Resolved by Orrin Woodward talks about. I have recieved more information from Orrin and his organization then in college and it cost me a fraction. Thanks for sharing Mr. Lewis.

      1. Bill LIFE is full of ups and downs, we all have challenges that come across our path. So many times people don’t have advice or worse they have the wrong advice to give. This world is full of hurting and defeated people that just need a way to battle through the storms of LIFE. Tammy and I have always tried to do the “right” thing, but that wasn’t enough. We had struggled year after year to make it through the minefield of LIFE(kids, marriage, work, time management, and goals) everywhere we turned was a dead end. Mentorship was truly the missing piece to help us overcome the battles that we were facing. It is amazing to have someone to turn too that can help you see your blind spots and illuminate them for the right reasons. Our marriage now is vibrant and full of life and promise! That wasn’t always the case, Tammy and I are so thankful that we are plugged into the Mentorship and LIFE COACHING program and we will forever be grateful that our paths are headed into a bright new future! Mentorship truly has meant the world to us!

        Jeff H.

      2. Excellent – it helps that both of you are great students also – what about from running your own business – you have run your own business for quit a while – how would you compare the 2 from just a business stand point?

      3. That stirs up so many thoughts, the bottom line is when you look at a business it is all about “Down Side Risk” vs “Up Side Reward”. As a business owner there will always be risks and investments, some with time, some with money, but most with both. Business owners live in a world that revolves around: profit margins, market analysis, downsizing, rightsizing, return on investment analysis, lawsuits, risks, depreciation, insurance, workers comp, unions, politics, and the list goes on and on. On the flip side the LIFE business model is all about a duplicatable process of helping people define what they want out of LIFE, then laying out a game plan for them to get it. No OVERHEAD! I love that! The cost of being involved with LIFE won’t even pay the electric bill at most conventional businesses. When you look at the bottom line there really is no comparison!
        Jeff H.

      4. If you built LIfe for 10 years doing everything it takes what would that cover in a conventional business?
        Lets also ask an extreme scenario- if you build a conventional business for 10 years and then fail what happens versus you build LIfe for 10 years but never make it profitable what happens?

  34. Prior to being involved with TEAM and the LIFE business, I had been let down by a lot of people who made promises that they didn’t keep. I kept thinking that Orrin and TEAM sounded too good to be true. I was very cautious in my hope that was promised to me could be true. I was trying to brace myself for the “catch”. After watching, listening, and learning for a year and a half, I am very happy to say that I trust Orrin and this community 100%!! Everything that was ever stated has been as good as they said or better! I have never had the privilege of being associated with such an impressive group of integrity-based individuals. I can recommend everyone to check out the LIFE community without any hesitation or worry that they would be let down in any way!!

    1. Great point Kim – in our world of everyone overhyping everything we tend to think these people cant be for real but they are – I can tell you they are also human and will mess up but we are willing to fix it and try for excellence then just take the easy ego way out – any other things that have affected you?

  35. Hey Bill. This is Daniel from san Antonio. I would like to know what where your thoughts of Orrin the first few times you meet him. And what was it that made you follow him as you do. Thanks.

    1. good question – the first time i saw Orrin was on stage and I was like ” Man this guy is passionate” I had never really been around anyone like that – as I got around him the thing that stood out first was just how normal he was – that told me all the things he was doing but he didn’t act like the other successful people I had meet – I know understand that a lot of those people weren’t really successful they were just pretending – I now follow him because of his humility, hunger and willingness to take excellence over ego – how has your life been changed?

  36. Amazing thoughts. Orrin and the rest of the policy council have such great character and integrity. We are proud to say that we are in business created and lead by such strength.

  37. Orrin has helped so many people it is ridiculous. I am glad that there are men like him that will do whatever they can no matter what

  38. Tremendous article Bill! Thanks for sharing your perspective, i know that Orrin has made a huge impact on your life and many others! I have the utmost respect for him and his humility to keep moving forward, always willing to admit when things need to change and never being satisfied with Good enough.


    1. he is truly not satisfied with good and is striving for great – because of that we have made many changes and unfortunately many people do not like change – what can say about all the changes that have happened and where are we know ?

  39. Hey Bill, great article! I have had the privilege of being around Orrin a few times and couple of things that stood out to me was that he truly wanted to hear what we had to say and what our thoughts were on certain issues. The fact that he has been recognized as one of the top leadership experts in the world and yet takes the time to truly listen to us is amazing! We are truly blessed to be apart of a group of leaders who are genuine and humble. Thanks for all you do! God bless, Phil and Shannon Bontrager

  40. Its been almost a year to the day that I joined the LIFE business, and prior to that I didn’t even know who Orrin Woodward was. Since then, I have been truly amazed at the sheer depth of the man and everything he stands for, and can think of no better person to model. Both in business and on a personal level. When I embarked on this journey, I seriously lacked direction, especially in my personal life. Learning the basics of the business was easy, due to the fact that we have an amazing system, spearheaded by Orrin as well as other amazing leaders such as yourself as well as my being a voracious reader. Yet to truly understand what it is to be a man, lead a household, raise children, and become a spouse worthy of admiration and respect of my soon to be wife; I can think of no better model than Orrin Woodward to serve as a guide. Sometimes I still find myself awestruck that one man can achieve what he has and yet be as transparent as he remains. Whether I ever made a dime in this business will always pale in comparison to what I have gained personally, for which I will always remain grateful and feeling truly blessed. Thank you Orrin!

  41. I am continually amazed at the caliber of people in this LIFE business. What is so unique about this community is the relationships that are developed. No community can grow this big, this fast without genuine people of character and integrity. This is a direct reflection of Orrin Woodward. All I have to say is that EVERYONE needs to experience the LIFE business and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

    1. thanks Ashley – you are correct – there is no way this couldn’t be genuine there are to many people that are involved at all different levels of the business – any areas of your life that have been affected?

  42. Bill you nailed it!! First off what Orrin has launched with LIFE is unbelievable!! In addition, from a pure Leadership perspective multiple Sr. Managers in addition to my self employed at Chrysler have enjoyed, learned from & applauded his books. Orrin, Bill & Kirk congratulations for succeeding in your planned assault agains the status quo! Im proud to associate and run with such a pack of rascal leaders!!

    1. What could you share with someone that is reading your comments. Jason you are black, didn’t know if you knew that 🙂 but sometimes I have heard that this isn’t for black people – how would you respond to that?

      1. Can we reply? Roy (who is black too, can you believe it?) believes that so much of the black culture has a survivor mentality instead of a success mentality that it keeps them from proceeding ahead to having a successful life…some of that comes from a lack of leadership, lack of positive role models, etc We all choose whether to have a victim mentality or a VICTOR mentality….this community doesn’t care what color, race, gender, etc you are…we all have the same information and what you do with it is your choice…just as Jesus came to save us ALL….so does this business…its open to ALL! who have the fight left in them to win!

      2. Have you guys ever felt or seen any bias because Roy is black and your white
        ( not sure if you knew that 🙂 What did you see Roy do that others haven’t done?

      3. Bill,
        I would first tell them to watch their mouth (while smiling of course). I would then say keep watching I will show you!!! I have been told I would not make it in many things my whole life. I love proving critics wrong. Like Orrin I use it as fuel. I think such comments are excuses for them to rationalize why they don’t want to do what it takes (excuses are tools of the incompetent which build monuments of nothingness and those that use them seldom specialize in anything else but excuses) or they just may not believe in themselves (a reason why to plug in to the LIFE system). Bill you know what else over time blacks were told were not for them?
        1.Voting is not for blacks
        2.Reading is not for blacks
        3.Education is not for blacks
        4.Working with a major company in a management position is not for blacks
        5.Owning a billion dollar business is not for blacks
        6.Being one of if not the highest paid actor is not for blacks
        7.Golf is not for blacks
        8.Tennis is not for blacks
        9.Coaching is not for blacks
        10.Inventing things is not for blacks
        oMany others, but you get the point.
        Maybe it’s time to just stop making excuses……. As for Stefanie and I, we are looking for soldiers that don’t care what’s been or not been done in the past, but want to make a better future and live the life they always wanted.
        Thank you Bill for what you stand for and all you do

      4. Great reply! lets go another angle with this and maybe you were thinking this when you wrote the reply but I hear that mainly from other black people – what could you say to the black community to help them understand and have you ever seen any kind off bias from Orrin and the other leaders?

      5. Outside the LIFE Community….heck yea!!!!!!! within the community…no way! If anything we stand out more than most being a ‘mixed’ couple so we are easy to remember! (ha ha) I will never forget just two short years ago attending our first monthly in Battle Creek MI and noting that I believe there were under ten black people in the crowd…Roy was stunned…and so was I! We said from that day forward we were going to do something about it….and we are not taking credit by any means for the growth of the black community within LIFE, but I think when people started seeing Roy, Tina and Raymond Abernathy, Jason and Stephanie and many others crossing the stage they knew they could make it as well…again it just takes a few good people to demonstrate for others how to follow a system and ANYONE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! Again it does not matter your race, gender, marital status, etc….JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
        I can say that having the resources available from LIFE/Team has definitely made it easier to deal with some of the knuckleheads out there who still have racism issues..and jealousy comes into play as well….we just want to share this with everyone-its a “no judgment zone”!

      6. Thanks for sharing some insight from your viewpoint – you guys are going to be a great role model for a lot of others – keep up the great work and continue to build your dynasty

    2. Naaa… Never felt Orrin viewed me any different at all. I think the biggest hurdle for most blacks (I obviously cannot speak for all maybe not even most…. but at least those I am in business with) is when comments are made about the government. I understand why for sure because “politics” have surely been an item used to separate people. I can only speak for me, but there was a time when I voted based on party (I know I am not the only one. I think most people regardless of color have and still do…. So sad) That being said if someone comments about something that they disagree with when it comes to government related issues they take it as a slam against a particular people therefore, depending on who is in office at the time, determines what group of people are offended. I don’t know if Orrin or Chris back a particular party, but I do know that they have pointed out flaws throughout history that point out “what in the world are you doing!!” moments on the part of both parties. What I say to all of the above and maybe would help some blacks that are involved with life is:
      1) Don’t be so sensitive, the menu is a la carte take a bite of the information and chew on it. Swallow what you feel will help improve your life and spit the rest in your napkin.
      2) Regardless of color you must perform here. If you do you will spend more and more time with these top ranked leadership families. I still have a long way to go in the performance area, but the time I have spent at each of their homes breaking bread, having fun and watching how they genuinely care about my best interest has been priceless.
      3) Get your voice heard. You perform and will to be asked to speak from a team stage. You may share what you would like just as Woodward’s and Brady’s (no special deals here… I LOVE THAT!!)
      4) Follow the system!!!
      Dude, with all of that being said, I am so fired up about where we are going and the impact that can be made. It is so hard for me to sit at the computer right now (may be a touch of A.D.D…. LOL) but it’s just time to make things happen. Follow the system for sure and you will be living the life you always wanted. That’s what I’m going to do the best I can. I must say Kirk and Cassie who are great friends and mentors who I met through LIFE have done more for me and believed in me more than just about anyone in my life and with them being from Traverse City, I am not sure they have seen a black person until meeting me….. LOL (just joking), love ya Birtles!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

      1. Naaa… Never felt Orrin viewed me any different at all. I think the biggest hurdle for most blacks (I obviously cannot speak for all maybe not even most…. but at least those I am in business with) is when comments are made about the government. I understand why for sure because “politics” have surely been an item used to separate people. I can only speak for me, but there was a time when I voted based on party (I know I am not the only one. I think most people regardless of color have and still do…. So sad) That being said if someone comments about something that they disagree with when it comes to government related issues they take it as a slam against a particular people therefore, depending on who is in office at the time, determines what group of people are offended. I don’t know if Orrin or Chris back a particular party, but I do know that they have pointed out flaws throughout history that point out “what in the world are you doing!!” moments on the part of both parties. What I say to all of the above and maybe would help some blacks that are involved with life is:
        1) Don’t be so sensitive, the menu is a la carte take a bite of the information and chew on it. Swallow what you feel will help improve your life and spit the rest in your napkin.
        2) Regardless of color you must perform here. If you do you will spend more and more time with these top ranked leadership families. I still have a long way to go in the performance area, but the time I have spent at each of their homes breaking bread, having fun and watching how they genuinely care about my best interest has been priceless.
        3) Get your voice heard. You perform and will too be asked to speak from a team stage. You may share what you would like just as Woodward’s and Brady’s (no special deals here… I LOVE THAT!!)
        4) Follow the system!!!
        Dude, with all of that being said, I am so fired up about where we are going and the impact that can be made. It is so hard for me to sit at the computer right now (may be a touch of A.D.D…. LOL) but it’s just time to make things happen. Follow the system for sure and you will be living the life you always wanted. That’s what I’m going to do the best I can. I must say Kirk and Cassie who are great friends and mentors who I met through LIFE have done more for me and believed in me more than just about anyone in my life and with them being from Traverse City, I am not sure they have seen a black person until meeting me….. LOL (just joking), love ya Birtles!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

      2. Great comments and you are correct about Orrin. He didn’t even know that I was mixed with anything until after I told him. As far as the political side those are some great thoughts – they tell people they are American and vote for whatever they believe is best for America based on their principles. I appreciate you talking about an area that most people are to scared to talk about and that is part of the problem, if we don’t talk about these things we cant get a clear picture of it – Jason there is no doubt you will be one Life’s great leaders – stay on the attack and stay tight with Kirk because he is destined for greatness also

  43. Great edification when you said “the hype does not live up to the man”! He’s helped produce some worldclass leaders & no doubt many more to come!

  44. The most interesting thing I can say about Orrin is that he is creating leaders that walk the walk and talk the talk. We got into this business very skeptical and went to our first leadership convention where we not only heard Orrin speak for the first time but got to walk up to him and shake his hand. He truly does care about each of us even if he hasn’t met us.

    I have been able to spend one on one time with you, Bill and with Jackie and I know that what Orrin teaches flows through the leaders that surround him. That is a true testiment to who he is and what he believes. Orrin’s faith is strong and his beliefs are based in truth. You and Jackie demonstrate that education and belief in every dealing we have had with you. This is a sign of a true leader.

    If you are looking for an education system that can truly change lives you have come to the right place. The system that Orrin and Chris have put into place can make a difference. When my husband and I got involved in this LIFE program, we barely even spoke and only had 1 child. We now have a finances in place, although still a struggle, our marriage is strong and has open communication and we have adopted 3 girls to give them Life they have always wanted. I can’t wait to see what is next and what direction Orrin and LIFE will lead us.

    Jump into LIFE and see what can happen next for you. What do you have to lose? Bethanie

  45. I’m so glad to be learning from Orin. He’s taught me so much already only having been involved with him personally for a short period, though the people that I see that have been around Orin for a while like yourself Bill have become awesome examples of people to follow. I’ve heard a lot of where you’ve come from and where you are now in life, and its amazing to hear the transformations that Orin has helped to make. Orin is a leader that will be remembered forever. This business is the best thing on the planet and that ever will be and I can say that with pride. I’m glad to be around you guys and learning to better my family through your teachings. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far for me and my family and for what is yet to come. Awesome job Bill!

    1. thank you very much for the nice comments – some people try to make it a bad thing that people would follow someone – by definition that is being a leader, having followers – coaches of sports teams have followers and the successful ones produce other successful coaches – Zach what ares have you seen your family affected?

  46. What a great, straight to the point, factual article. I am continually impressed by the quality of information put out on a regular basis. When putting this information to use I have witnesses many lives changed – not only in the present, but for years to come. It’s information that can help in every aspect of life.

  47. Bill,

    I am relatively new to the Team so initially it was hard to believe that someone could be what everyone told me Orrin was. But in my time with the Team the direction Orrin has taken us has been amazing. Everytime you think it couldn’t possibly get any better for the new person he does something that makes it better, simpler, and more purpose driven. Thank you for all that you and the policy council do. St. Louis is charging to 1 million!

  48. We are honored to be affiliated with Orrin as well as the entire policy council! Orrin and Laurie, both have character, attitude, and integrity, with their purpose shining through – which is to help others to live a life of excellence! Making a Difference in others lives and LEADING the world in a POSITIVE direction. We have enjoyed each and every book we have read that Orrin has written. It has been a long time since anyone has stepped up to the plate and to lay it all on the line for what they believe (and is) the right thing to do each and every day!

  49. Great post Bill! A man with the repect Orrin has earned is hard to find. He sets an excellent example of growing and learning. I love the reasoning you gave for why someone would attack Orrin, the leaders of LIFE, or anyone for that matter. It usually comes right down to not having the facts, and being to proud to dig into them. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. no problem partner – what would you say about the cost of the materials versus what you get out of them ? and what areas of your life have been impacted by the information

  50. Orrin Woodward is one of the most humble men I have ever met. When I met him it was at a men’s leadership, and he was just swarmed with people, but he just smiled and warmly shook everyone’s hand. That goes far, in my mind.

    1. you are right Rodney – he is always like that – would you share with the readers some of the things that have impacted you from the LIfe information and is it worth the cost

  51. We are honored to be affiliated with Orrin as well as the entire policy council! Orrin and Laurie, both have character, attitude, and integrity, with their purpose shining through – which is to help others live a life of excellence! Making a Difference in others lives and LEADING the world in a POSITIVE direction. We have enjoyed each and every book we have read that Orrin has written. It has been a long time since anyone has stepped up to the plate and to lay it all on the line for what they believe (and is) the right thing to do each and every day! We have witnessed many people we know walk free today because of what Orrin and the LIFE organization has done! What a grand feeling!

  52. Bill,

    Fantastic article for starters. It is very seldom that someone can talk about another person the way that you talk about Orrin. I have not had the opportunity to meet him, however that day I am sure will be soon to come. I do however know exactly who he is, based on CDs, unification, and edification that is displayed throughout the team, it is very apparent the man he truly is. I have been apart of Team for a very short period, but I have done my research. Having been through countess CDs that have helped me come closer to my fiancé, the educational value of the products are out of this world. Let’s make sense of exactly where this material comes from. All of these men and women who talk on stage or through my speakers, are not speaking on theory but on facts/results. I cannot get enough of these CDs. If you are a new person, I am challenging you the same way I challenge myself, if your day is not going the way you want it to, listen to two CDs by Orrin and tell me what kind of mood you are in. You can’t help but feel the fire in your heart kick back on, sending you running out the door to let someone else feel the fire he helps you instill in yourself. Now tell me how anyone can find one ounce of negativity about a man who has helped and saved thousands of people, and families.

    Look for love and your heart will be filled
    God bless

    Dakota & Cayley

    1. Thank you for the comments – some negative critics out there would say I am sucking up – which is comical since everything in this business is based on results not who is friends with who – also love the last part of your comments – Orrin results speak for themselves: marriages, finances, relationships that have been helped = negative people what have they done or who have they helped = no one / it must stink to have your life revolve around being negative – keep up the great work

  53. Bill,

    What a great post describing who Orrin is to you as well as thousands of others. I am honored to say that Orrin and Laurie are in our Life. I’m so thankful and blessed to have ther example to follow behind. Prior to TEAM, I can honestly say that my life was heading in the wrong direction simply for lack of good information. Not only have the books and CDs helped us to change our attitudes and perspective on life, they also empower us, educate us, lift us up, and keep us fighting for a better life. Prior to Team we were complacent in our struggles and believed that there wasn’t anything better for us. Due to the association of the leaders and some other amazing new friends and family, we have become better people and we actually are starting to believe in ourselves. We struggled with relationships in our life and are learning not only the importance of, but how to maintain ongoing relationships. We’ve grown better individually and collectively as parents and partners. We are so thankful for the example Orrin and Laurie set and the truth that they share.

      1. The materials are definitely worth the price. I accrued a lot of student loan debt when I made the choice to pursue a college education. In the short time we have been involved in the LIFE business, I have learned more in these few months than I did in 4 years at school. Honestly the debt I accrued could fund our business for many years to come. With the bachelors degree I received, I became eligible to apply for jobs, but haven’t received a promotion, or pay increase. If only I had found the TEAM prior to making that commitment, I would’ve saved myself a lot of money and time .

      2. so you would say that the price of school versus Life / Team info is well worth it? Im not sure why people get so uptight about defending the school system ( we never talk about not being educated ) but I would much rather learn from people that are very successful and have an on going education

      3. I have always said that I would love to be a lifetime college student. Continued education is a passion of mine. Unfortunately college tuition is pricey and continues to rise. I’m not knocking education, but being a self directed learner, I can continue to educate myself at an affordable price through the LIFE information, and the association of the leaders and my mentors. In College, I wasn’t able to learn from someone else’s life experience. I was experiencing life as it happened without someone else’s experience to helps assist in my decision making. Now I have examples to follow behind so that I can be successful avoiding a lot of the land mines, hurdles, and obstacles because of their shared experience. It’s great to have someone else’s insight to help me have a better life. The low cost of LIFE/TEAM allows me to continue my education and growth and the information helps my entire family.

  54. Great article, Bill! I second what Dave Bjork said above. We half expected the leadership of TEAM to be on the shady side of ethics when we got started, because we saw so much of it in corporate America. We truly have been amazed at the consistency of Character in the TEAM leadership over the years. Year after year. Challenge after challenge. The critics are either ignorant or outright liars. One of those you can paid to be.

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. THanks for sharing – John you were at a company ( and very successful there ) that held many of our principles but the companies they dealt with didn’t – from a corporate side what would these materials do for someone just trying to improve at what they do already?

      1. Yes, we worked at a private company in West Michigan that was an anomaly. They had some great leaders, good principles, great products, and they made a difference in the community. We saw first hand that leadership development and personal development is really necessary if a company is to grow and change fast, and sustain that growth. A company is only going to grow and change as fast as the people working there. What’s so great is anyone can now plug into a personal development system through LIFE, even if the company they work for doesn’t have a formal program. It’s personally affordable, not just corporately affordable. That person is sure to stand out because things like attitude, goal-setting, edification, servant leadership etc. will shine through their work. And who knows, maybe a seed of a new culture is planted.

      2. Talking about price – I am sure the company sent you to personal growth seminars or some type of leadership events – what kind of cost comparison are we talking about? a company that would like to send their leaders through a training process

  55. Hi Bill: amazing job you did explaining who Orrin really is and what he stands for.. Little did I know when I joined Life / Team that I would finally get to meet a man who lives by the principles you described, and is unselfishly leading the charge to restore this country to her founding principles!! I feel so blessed to be a part of this organization… One million people!!

  56. It’s wonderful to have a piece of logic to point to in a sea of emotion.

    PS – In a world where people just try to blame others Orrin excepts responsibility and tries to improve.

    “excepts” should be “accepts” I only bring it up to add credibility to the article. 🙂 Great seeing you in Huntington, by the way.

    1. Heston you are a young man in a different state from most of the leaders – what impact has the Life information had on you ? – you are also starting to get some great results anything you can tell the other people that are not close to a support team?

  57. You couldn’t have said it better Bill. That is so true, let the facts speak for themselves. How could a man like Orrin receive all those accolades and not be a man of character. I so agree, that why would Orrin continue to have people following him if he was doing the wrong things. It is so funny that people can give their opinion on something they know nothing about. If you have ever met Orrin Woodward, and I have, you would instantly know he is a very humble, giving and faith driven person. I tried to thank him for all he has done for the Team/LIFE leadership business, and he immediately gave credit to his other leaders! So I believe if people have never met Orrin and are bashing his character let the facts speak for themselves.

  58. Wow Bill,Im so impressed w ur blog! That is seriously the best job of edification i have seen in a long time.Being a LIFE member I recognize ur qualities as a leader r a direct product of Orrins materials & association.I was blessed to get the real facts about Orrin & I’m gona run my guts out to get to meet the man in August.Thanks Bill!!

  59. I am thankful for the business and the information provided, but I am also thankful because I was able to meet men that are involved in my life. Growing up I had a dad in the house but I never really had a father. I am thankful because through the mentoring and information from life I am able to grow past the areas of Hurt with my father and I am also growing in leadership. I have always been social, but before this business I never really understood principle or took my life seriously and lives day by day. Now I See a purpose and am chasing it with a dream. Thank you PC and RT leaders

  60. Thanks Bill for a great post on Orrin. Being part of Team and Life has made such a positive impact on my life. Improved relationships and striving for excellence in everything we do along with improving your Character and Integrity and looking to add value to other people, how can we go wrong with that. Thanks for being part of this and setting a great example for us too!

  61. Bill,

    Great article. I have not had the privilege of meeting Orrin yet, but hope to soon. He and the other founders have created something extrodinary with the LIFE business. Just in my short journey in LIFE, I have gained knowledge that has changed my thinking and the choices I make. Instead of living a life of obligations, I choose to live my life with purpoaethat I believe has the best opportunity he LIFE business and the people involved in the LIFE business

  62. Hey Bill great blog article, for me I have to say I agree with everything you have written here. I know first hand the power of the system Orrin teaches and it flat out works. I know without the Team system and all of the leaders Orrin is mentoring to become the future statesman in this country. Great things are on the horizon they become clarified more and more every day. I have grown more in my Faith and family in the last four years thanks to the principles Orrin teaches. Losing a child is never easy even for those who are just known of him. The team Leadership and AGO systems brought me out of a very very very deep dark hole. I just wanted to say thank you again for your courage and I appreciate all that you and Orrin and the rest of the PC have put together for us to all live the life we have always wanted instead of the one we have always lived.

    God Bless you all

  63. Bill lewis’s words when edifing a leader and friend are filled with passion, loyalty and conviction. It is refreshing to see bills words of genuine edification.

  64. Bill, that article on Orrin couldn’t be more true. My wife and I have been working with the Team for just over a year. The information that Orrin, and the team of leaders that he works with, produce has made such a difference in our lives, that thanks isn’t enough. My wife and I were also able to enjoy a day with Orrin at his house in Florida. He is so eager to help anyone that truly wants to make a difference in their own lives, and those around them. You can’t help but feel better about yourself and whats happening in life when being around Orrin. He is a positive, uplifting, servant leader who is going to make a difference by helping others.

  65. Bill, I so agree with your blog. Orrin is a great example of what a leader should be! I am so thankful that he and Laurie got it together, together and are leading the charge in the 8F’s of live. We are so blessed to be in this opportunity of LIFE and grateful to learn and grow to be all that we should be and live the Life we always wanted. Blessings.

    1. It is amazing how one marriage that was saved has resulted in probably thousands of marriages being saved – anything specific that you have learned from the marriage cds?

  66. Bill, great article about a great man of character and integrity. He doesn’t promise easy, but does promise worth it! Life’s journeys aren’t always easy, but with help from mentors and others who are further down Life’s journey it helps! The LIFE information is outstanding!! My marriage is better, our finances are improving, we have fun with our “life-teams”, we are learning how to keep freedom around for our children, my faith has grown, we challenge ourselves in small-challenge groups to find purpose and developed character and so much more. Today we parent our 5 children: 9,6,3, and
    twin 4 month olds intentionally, by reading books and listening to cd’s to gain wisdom on how to be a parent. Thank you Bill and
    Orrin for blazing the trail, we are blessed by

    1. Awesome to hear you are using this information to effect your children – what a better future they will have, learning success principles at such a young age

  67. Awesome article. Through this team, we are so blessed to be associated with such great men and women of character. We need more men and women to take a stand, like Orrin has, for what is right. We can make a difference in this great country that we live and are so appreciative of Orrin and the policy council members who created a business that pays us to do so.

  68. love the article bill orrin is such a true leader out doing the lords work and i will follow him any day the information he has and teaches along with the other pc its incredible it has change my life in all areas faith,family,finances,fitness,following,freedom,friends,fun it has help big time growing up not being taught this it was tough then i found team amazing keep up the good work orrin cant wait to hear you speak live at the major

  69. First of all: Before Team/Life I owned & operated 3 Salon & Day Spa’s working 90 hours a week as a Single Mom!! Since getting involved with Team/Life & associating with Great Leaders like Orrin Woodward…..14 months into my educating process in the business..I became blessed to be a stay at home Mom & had my 90 hours given back to me so I could go out & make a bigger difference in others lives!!!!!
    My family owes a debt of gratitude to Orrin & many others for our FREEDOM! I met my amazing husband through Team & together we have 5 amazing children that My husband (who became job optional in December of last year at age 39) & I get to raise together ALL day EVERY day!!


    1. THanks for the info. It is very powerful to hear from someone taught was able to replace a 90 hour work week. I definitely takes time to build LIFe but I don’t think anyone would be working 90 weeks.
      Keep leading the way. ONe more area to comment on – you built your freedom while you were a single mom – any words of advice to single ladies reading this blog

  70. Upstanding man and outstanding business!!! I’ve never met someone so accomplished that would still spend time with all people in his business!!! Glad to be involved with Life and Team

  71. Bill,
    You did a great job explaining Orrin and the high caliber of people we get to work with. I have seen Orrin and other leaders within the business hold themselves to such high standards. It’s refreshing!

    Our family has been impacted from this information/business in ways I never could have imagined. We were excited at the idea to make residual income. I purchased a rental home when I was a freshmen in collage looking to find a way to bring a residual income to my future family. Now, I get to help others learn what residual income is, how to make it, and help them in the eight areas of life…that’s way more fun than being a land lord!


    1. Can you give some comparisons on being a landlord versus building LIfe – a lot of people think that real estate is the best way to build that residual income

      1. In building the life business it’s a win-win, people are looking to help each other and secure their business vs when your a landlord your your trying to keep it safe from renters and new government policies. Here is an example how it can be disheartening to have your investment in the hands of your renters.

        This just occurred in a neighboring town where our apartment is. The renter was burning off fur from a squirrel so he could cook it for lunch…instead he started the apartment building on fire.

        Resident using torch to singe squirrel’s fur started Holland Township apartment fire |

        Not much more I need to say.


  72. The audacity Orrin has to be the man of character and integrity he is creates the largest gap of leadership ever. When Orrin leads the charge there is no question that he is leading in the right direction. It is easy to say that you, Bill, truly exhibit the “what would Orrin think or do” mentality. In todays society low cost, high yield screams illegal…unless you are involved with men and women of character. Thanks to this organization and leaders like you and Jackie, I am learning to be the best mom and know that if something ever happened to me, there is an organization with books, cd’s, association and principles that will propel my children in the right direction. Orrin truly leads the charge of right is right no matter the cost.

  73. Hey Bill great blog article I have to say I agree with everything you have written here. I know first hand the power of the system Orrin teaches, and it flat out works. I know without the Team system and all of the leaders Orrin is mentoring to become the future statesman in this country, I would probably be medicated in a padded room right now. Great things are on the horizon they become clarified more and more every day. I have grown more in my Faith and family in the last four years thanks to the principles Orrin teaches. Losing a child is never easy even for those who just known of him. The team Leadership and AGO systems brought me out of a very very very deep dark hole. I just wanted to say thank you again for your courage and I appreciate all that you and Orrin and the rest of the PC have put together for us to all live the life we have always wanted instead of the one we have always lived.

    God Bless you all

    1. I ma glad that the information helped you out of the situation – speaking of the AGO series
      ( faith based cds ) what would you say to anyone that might be worried about listening to a faith cd?

      1. I was worried at first about it but the more I listened to them the more the truth was realized. Without faith my life was a very sad state to be in. The AGO series takes talks and sermons from great leaders around the country and really helps you to dig in to, why do you believe what you believe? I found that through study and listening to arguments from both sides, truth is sweet to the ears, untruth makes a bitter spirit. As we grow in our faith we ourselves truly grow. Without faith you can have all those “techniques” but if the heart behind them is not right then it’s a house of cards waiting to crumble. The AGO series the Tim and Amy have put together is such a blessing to my family. You see Bill I have learned that when the heart behind the person is right then and only then do the blessings truly flow. On this path of faith there will be pitfalls and snares and toils, if you place your sights on the horizon and keep moving forward no one and nothing will stop you from accomplishing your God given purpose.

      2. you nailed it in your last statement about the heart has to be right. This is not just about techniques it is about getting your heart in the right spot and then people will flock to you because they are drawn.

  74. Bill,
    This is phenomenal (if I spelled that right). Just today at lunch, I should the plan to a man whom asked “why would anyone give away all that money. Its business”. Cause Orrin is a man of Character. Then just less than 2 hours ago, another gentleman that is checking out the business asked, “Is Orrin really like you say?”. In the most simple terms, you answered the questions of “yes”.
    thanks a ton, buddy!

    1. NO problem – You are one of the many success stories from LIfe – able to be free from a job for years now, and mary, what is it like to totally control your own time and can anyone do what you did?

      1. The feeling of being free of another man’s dream and having the ability to chase your own in life changing. It is almost as if time expands when you can control it. You get so much more out of your day. Mary and I control our TIME! Sometimes I have to stop and think, “Wow, that all happen today?!” But that only came true because I had men like you and Orrin paving the path before me.

  75. Ok..let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions.
    First of all find anybody that is in a position financially or otherwise that you, yourself would like to be in & ask them to take you under their wing to teach you everything that they know so that you can have what they have & live like they live! Let me know what their response is……outside of Team/Life!
    Secondly, what business out there do the CEO’s or Founders keep going out of their way to make the costs smaller & the return larger to help everyone else succeed!!!??
    Don’t you feel that this shows Character & Integrity about Orrin?!
    Because WE sure feel that way!!!

    Dream Team Freedom Fighters

    1. Carol that is a great point – when you were doing hair how many people would have freely mentored you and given you all of there secrets?
      Also can you add some info in the differences between running your hair business and running a Life business?

  76. Wow, this is an amazing blog Bill.. Nothing else needs to be said .. The article says it all.. It’s an honor being Led by such men and women of high integrity and character.. Thank you Bill Lewis, Orrin Woodward & the rest of the PC Leaders !!

    1. Eric – you were kind off like me, from the wrong side of the tracks, what would you say is one of the biggest differences in your thought process after listening to some of the cds

      1. Well, especially after reading Orrin’s book Resolved, my thought Process has dramatically Transformed.. Before, I had absolutely no idea how far off track my thinking was.. I was oblivious, just living, accepting my own excuses for where my Life was headed..! But the biggest difference it has done for me and my thought process is how I ‘thought’ of myself and how I talked to myself.. You can do and be anything that you desire and every person has a Purpose !! Stand firm on your beliefs, and be on fire for change and growth.. That’s the biggest difference the CDs have done for my thinking !! We all have a bigger Purpose in Life.. Live LIFE intentionally for Excellence !!

      2. So even us guys that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks can be successful?
        You just have to lean the success principles – keep growing Eric we need more examples like yours

      3. That’s a great question.. Well, especially after reading Orrin’s book Resolved, my Thought process has completely Transformed.. Before being exposed to the Life changing information that’s apart of our LIFE business, my thinking was so far off track, My Life was a complete Train wreck.. Living each day backwards, financially, Relationships, Faith.. Just my view and perspective of Life in general.. But this information has radically changed my entire mentality and view of things.. I had no sense of purpose or even the slightest idea of what success truly was.. Now I have a greater sense of Financial wisdom, a much stronger Faith and Belief in not only myself but everybody I come in contact with.. Thanks to the leadership of people like Roy & Brenda Hatcher, Jason Tingley, Bill & Jackie Lewis, & of course Orrin Wodward, I finally have a chance to make a difference and leave a true Legacy, all done for Gods glory !!

      4. Anybody can be successful, no matter what background you come from, as long as they have the correct tools and principles to follow.. Which is where I previously was.. Had no tools to use or principles to apply, just following what other people thought success ‘looked like’ !! I no longer want to “look successful” but want to actually be successful !! Thank you Bill, you’ve already been an amazing influence on my LIFE !!

  77. In our Challenge Group a few weeks ago, the question was asked, “who is someone you know who is living their purpose?” Orrin was the first one to come to mind. He is a humble, God-fearing man and I’m proud to be in business with him. He does what is best for the whole community when he could take more for himself. We would not be where we are today without LIFE and Orrin Woodward continuing the fight for freedom and truth. And we continue to learn and grow…

    1. Sherri being single when you were first exposed to LIfe and now married with kids – is there any specific info that has helped you through that process that you wouldn’t have known?

  78. Hi Bill. Great post. Orrin is a great man that has figured alot of lifes lessons out because he is a constant learner. Then he takes that info and shares it with the world. I think the world has a hard time believing that a guy like Orrin could be that good because no one is doing what he has done or is doing. Leading people to better lives. I am glad that I am part of his and your business.

    1. We rae in a world where everyone is trying to play and angle – there are very few people that are genuine and mean what they say and that is why they don’t believe that Orrin is for real – what good things have you seen being a part of this organization?

  79. I am so blessed to have this business and such great leaders to follow. This is the first home based business that has ever come with a system that works. This has been such a blessing. Thank you, Orrin and all the p.c.

  80. Bill:

    Congrats on your article, you hit the nail on the head!! Orrin is an amazing man that lives his life on principles that are found in THE BOOK and he is making a great difference in this world, already (much more to come…). Of course, when you are on your way to achieve greatness, you make other people uncomfortable because you are leaving them behind in the sandbox. A great speaker has called them “Puckie”, I seem to remember… :-). Bill Cosby famously said, “I don’t know what the recipe for success is, but the recipe for failure is trying to please everybody.” Or, as I have read on a plaque in a Pastor’s office: “Don’t like criticism? Say nothing, be nothing, do nothing.” Orrin Woodward is certainly the opposite, he does not care what critics say about him because he is confident in what God knows about him. One thing that I am extremely confident in is that when Orrin meets his Maker, he will hear, “WELL DONE, THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.”

    Today’s The Day!!!

    Holger 🙂

    1. Holger your organization is gigantic and loaded with leaders and you have the fruit on the tree
      Can you explain a little more about what you mean by fruit check – someone reading this may not totally understand what you mean – can you also explain how this team helped you with your faith walk

  81. That sure was well-stated Bill! I have not seen a man stand so well with such passion for right convictions. Having been “outside” Orrin’s business and not a part of his team, and then slowly checking him out over time, and then finally joining his organization, I can absolutely attest to the value of PROPERLY investigating facts. Being somewhat of a systems engineer and student of leadership as well via my degree from West Point, I completely agree with your method of analysis. Having been exposed to many leaders in the military and also in Corporate America for 23 years, I can honestly say Orrin ranks as one of the best I’ve ever encountered, and he is the best teacher on the subject. He should be invited to give seminars at West Point. Honest skeptics take the time to review the facts. Thank goodness I was man enough to be an honest skeptic. Skeptics who don’t follow logical process and who succumb to the school of rumor, hearsay, and popular opinion, aren’t true skeptics, but are critics who show themselves ignorant of proper thinking methodology and evaluation. They would certainly fail as leaders because their thinking and communications abilities would not be trusted by real students of leadership who can smell imposters. I’ve been a student of leadership and character for years and can attest that Orrin , and you too Bill, ARE the real deal! Thank you for speaking truth.

  82. I know truth when I hear it, and I’ve seen and heard Orrin enough to know he speaks and lives the truth with passion and drive! I have been honored to be associated with the business he’s created, and the leaders he’s developed, and continues to develop. I’ve learned things here that I’ve never learned elsewhere, and next to the Word of God, this community is my source for truth and wisdom! Thank you LIFE founders and everyone who contributes to the cause!

    God Bless,
    Kirk Maynard
    Fit4Freedom, LLC

  83. How did I get here? Thank you God for leading me to the wisdom and teachings of of such great men. Orrin Woodward is off the charts amazing! Keep the brain food and truth coming.

  84. Hey Bill, I loved your article and you were right on point about everything. Orrin & Laurie have created a Leadership breeding system and you and Jackie, as well as many others are products of that system. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Thanks Anna. Mark and Anna are one of the successful couples in LIfe and have been free over 10 years but you came into this business skeptical – what happened that started to change your mind about LIfe?
      What can you say to any wifes that might not be on board with there husbands yet

      1. You are very kind to put that I was ”skeptical” because I was outright Horrible! It is so hard to put into words the regret that I have for being that way but I will say, that I acted the way that I was programmed to act. Meaning I was fed with a negative, victim mentality spoon. I worked where there was a lot of gossip. I read junk novels and trash magazines. I had had some negative things happen in my life and I didn’t trust people or have people around me encouraging me and telling me that I could achieve great things. So when Mark & I saw this opportunity, I couldn’t believe that someone like Chris & Terri, who didn’t even know me, were willing to help me. I couldn’t fathom it. So of course I did everything I could to discourage Mark from even giving it a second look. He pursued it anyway, Thank God. The thing that got me was how Terri showed me complete and utter unconditional love. She gave me space and she knew, from all of the great books and information she had been exposed to, my personality. She nurtured me to become the person I never knew I could be. It is a lifelong quest and I have in no way arrived or outgrown growing. I mess up all the time. My prayer is that when we present people with greater possibilities for their lives, using the MFC or other tools we have available, and they resemble how I was at first, that I show them the patients, love and grace TerrI Brady showed me when we met. Thanks so much for your wisdom and leadership and asking me to share. I think my reply may help more with the person who is working with a wife who isn’t on board yet.
        God Bless,

      2. There you go guys – Anna went from horrible to successful business owner – if your wife or husband doesnt understand yet just give them time and let the group have a positive impact on them the same way that Terri Brady did with Anna – by the way Anna also ended being the one to help me out and I really appreciate the patience that Anna showed me in the beginning of this process also

  85. What a great, straight to the point, factual article. I am continually impressed by the quality of information put out on a regular basis. When putting this information to use I have witnesses many lives changed – not only in the present, but for years to come. It’s information that can help in every aspect of life.

      1. Personally my life has pretty much had a 180 degree change. I used to spend at least 4 nights a week in a bar hanging out with people that said they were my friends – probably because I bought most of the rounds. Today I have found out what a true friend is. I have met countless people through TEAM and LIFE who would drive endless miles to help me it if I needed it. Some of my best friends now I never met before TEAM. I was diagnosed with cancer a little less than a year ago and the people that came forward to offer help and encouragement (besides family) were all from the TEAM.

        I have found a revived strength in my faith. I grew up in a Christian house and went to Christian school, but somewhere during my college days I lost faith and even called myself agnostic for a while. Now I seek to learn and understand all that God has done for me and am proud to say he is my Savior.

        The financial principles I have learned have helped me get out of close to $100,000 of credit card debt. I’m not all the way out but have a plan to be out within the next 3 years – all from principles learned through the LIFE products.

        My attitude and understanding of my personality have made a huge impact at my job. Someone just the other day at work said “Good morning, I don’t even have to ask how you’re doing – you’re always doing great or fantastic!” That never would have before. I’m now known as the guy that knows what book to recommend to solve whatever problem may come their way. I think that’s pretty cool.

        I have not learned how to keep the ball in the short grass, but I will as soon as I have the freedom to golf on a daily basis. (That picture was taken at the Naval Base in Pensacola, FL during a visit when my nephew got his wings!)

      2. WOW! Dan – that is an incredible testimony – you have made some massive changes and are even effecting people at work just by your attitude – I wish the best of luck on your continued growth and look forward to the day when we can get on the course together – keep up the growth, you are truly making a difference

  86. Bill,

    Awesome post! I just wish I had this a few weeks ago. 🙂 I am not too worried though, I am sure there will be more critics. It seems that anything worth doing that has value will have a critic. My wife and I are thankful for Orrin and the other leaders that we have had the privilege to meet and associate with. What a difference it has made in our lives. Although, our journey so far, with LIFE and TEAM has been short, the information and the relationships have been incredible.

    1. If you don’t want to be criticized do nothing, say nothing, be nothing…. By default if you succeed you will have a critic – comes with the territory – anything you have learned already that is going to make a difference in your life

  87. Bill – I agree with you 100%. I’ve been associated with Orrin and the team for 11 years. When I first became a part of the team I was told that someday we would have our own training system, our own products and our own pay plan. Sure there have been some bumps along the way, but here we are with LIFE and everything Orrin promoted for a vision of the future is now a reality. I don’t know of a finer man that stands for what’s right, accepts responsibility and always tries to make things better. I am truly blessed to be associated with you and Jackie, Orrin and Laurie, Chris and Terri, all of you have outstanding character. God Bless.

    Judy Entrekin
    Team TBD

    1. Thanks Judy – you work with one of the Woodwards most famous and successful couples, the Bradys – what can you say to the duplication process of leadership

  88. Thanks for the post Bill. You’ve wrapped it ALL up in just a few paragraphs. As I commented on Tim’s most recent post, there is no way that the character and integrity that the TEAM and LIFE leadership embody could be anything less than genuine and stand the test of time and extreme scrutiny and emerge untarnished as it has and as I am sure it will continue to do. Thanks again to you Bill, Orrin, Chris and the rest of the leadership for lighting the path to a brighter future for all who chose to be led.

      1. As a matter of fact Bill, I have seen a change and have found that as I have commented to many others about the change there is an outstanding unanimous reply. In my opinion as I mentioned before, where character and integrity are concerned you are all as solid as they come in your resolve. The marked change that have noticed is the way that ALL of the leadership has lifted up our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While A solid Christian foundation was part of what initially attracted me to TEAM, the fact that nothing we could ever hope to accomplish in this LIFE could ever be completed short of HIS Grace is brought front and center and that has been an encouragement and a Blessing to so many.

  89. Bill, You have done an excellent job on describing Orrin Woodward. Him as a man and a Leader. I am truely grateful for God leading me to this business with Life/Team. It has been changing my life with LIFE and teaching me the principles I should be living by. How to be a better husband, friend, follower, etc. Orrin walks the walk and talks the talk. I have never been in a business before that has a Leader that does that. Many of the businesses I have been involved in in the past has only teached me how to sell someone a product that may help them save money, have better health or look better. But what Orrin has developed here is God inspired. We all need the 8F’s of LIFE to be successful. If everyone was to actually follow the principles that we learn under Orrins Leadership the world would be a better place. I really appreciate the fact that Orrin admits his Love for the Lord and that he serves Him first. I do not know of any other company that teaches principles that are based with the priciples from Gods word. Isn’t that the way we all should learn? Of course and that’s why I look forward to retiring with this business and helping others do the same. Thank you Bill for clearing up questions people may have about Orrin, it was well said!

      1. There are a lot of differences. For instance…when I was in my last business the support was not there. Sure they talked to you when you were at a meeting, but the support, mentoring and association wasn’t even close to Life/Team! The cost for ours is much lower and offers more than just “helping someone to be healthy”. We treat/help the whole person which will benefit them whereever they go. The profit doesn’t even compare to others because Like others have said…with LIFE you are paid on your hard work not others. However we do work as a Team and how we build no one can touch.

  90. Thanks Bill .. this certainly tells the story of Orrin. I had never met a man of such warmth and character till I met Orrin and Laurie. But as we get to know the people in the business we see this as the underlying theme which runs throughout all of your lives. We enjoy every minute we spend with You and Jackie and can’t thank you enough for all you do for us as we all strive to follow in Orrin’s footsteps, which is a very big job. Even at our age we have found many ways to improve our lives through the materials available through LIFE. Especially in our marriage and our personal relationships. Thanks again, Bill.

    1. Elly thanks for the comments – sometimes older people dont think this is something for them – anything you can add that can help them see why this would be something worthwhile for them to part of?

  91. Orrin and Laurie are incredible people! The LIFE business is the most effective way on the planet to profit in a free enterprise business, and the principles and purpose behind it are above reproach.

  92. Everything I’ve heard Orrin say he’s going to do, he does. Orrin takes the phrase “under-promise and over-deliver” to the highest degree. His vision for the future is so clear, I sometimes wonder if he’s traveled from the future just to let us know about it!

      1. My wife and I are getting out of debt. When we joined you and Orrin, we had 6 credit cards (some in the thousand of dollars range) some other consumer loans, car payments, a time share we got to pay for but never use, and other payments that were crippling us.

        Thanks to the information that Orrin and Co. have produced, we have only our student loans and our mortgage today!

        That’s just one of the wins that we see coming from the LIFE business. Thanks to you and Orrin and the rest of the PC for showing the way!

      2. Awesome! another person that will be debt free just because of new information – great job being an excellent student and applying the principles you have learned – keep leading

    1. Thanks partner – you and me grew up in the same area where these principles were not taught – what are some of the main things you have learned by having access to this information?

    1. Jason you are recently free from a job because of the business that Orrin has put together, you did it building a single person ( so far ) and you have made some incredible changes in yourself – Any words of advice for single guys out there that may want to be free like you now are?

  93. Bill, Great, succinct words on Orrin. A much needed post with all of the answers! I am holding back from typing ten more pages about that couple. It is hard to stop singing their praises! We are truly blessed to be “under the influence” of Orrin and Laurie Woodward! It is easy to follow people who follow the Lord.

    1. Terri, to me, you and Chris have a ridiculous amount of talent and could go be rockstars in anything that you put your mind to – you have also been around the Woodwards the longest – what makes a great couple like you guys continue to follow Orrin and Laurie?

  94. The heart and charactor of the man speaks through his life. He care enough about people to help them get their dreams while others in high positions do not take the time. Orrin is building a legacy!

    1. Collen you live and florida and for a long time didnt have a lot of access to the core of leaders in MIchigan – do you feel that the principles have translated to other states as well?

  95. Great article Bill, very logically laid out (of course)! I think anyone who truly digs into our business and Orrin in particular would be hard pressed to find another leader of such character and integrity. The great thing about our business is that it is not just Orrin. You and others like Steve Morgan who we get to work with are also tremendous teachers and leaders. There are plenty of examples to follow, if you are brave enough!

    1. Thx Ed – to me that is the real sign of a great leader – not only did he change himself but he a mob of people that are following his example – any particulars that you can share about Steves leadership that has impressed you?

  96. Wow Bill… I don’t think I could have explained it better myself! People have asked me why I am so loyal to the Team LIFE business and Orrin Woodward, and now I can say “Well, just go check out my buddy Bill Lewis’ blog” But one of the notable differences here is not only the free mentorship, but the friendship!! I have met some of my very best, lifelong friends through the building of this business! AND, if this were a job, and Holger Spiewak were my boss, then I would have been fired a LONG time ago!!! In other words, I gave that man every reason why he shouldn’t work with my wife Stacey and I, and yet he never quit on us or stopped believing in us! He is one of the VERY few people who has never gone behind my back, never betrayed my trust, and has always been VERY quick to apologize (modeling you and Orrin Woodward) if he ever made a mistake! WOW!! Oh not to mention, this has been the case for 6.5 years now! Unbelieveable…

    I wanted to bring that up because I have had other friends of mine who are not in the business tell me that they are worried about losing their friends that they have in order to build a successful business. Do you have any comments or insights as to how I can explain to someone that not only do you NOT lose friends, but you MAKE tons more on top of the friends you already have?

    Thanks again for what you stand for, who you are, and the idea that you represent. I know you feel blessed to have Orrin as your mentor, but just remember it takes one to know one! 😉

    With Honor, Valor, Humility.
    Today’s The Day!!!

    Larry and Stacey Allswede

    1. Great question and thanks for sharing. To answer the question about losing friends – first thought is if you are doing something that is right and going to help your family why wouldn’t a true friend be happy for you. Yes it is going to take away some time from that friendship because building any business will. One neat part about this business is you can do it with your friends. The real issue is we have been trained to think that staying with the crowd is normal and it is odd to do something different from everyone else. I would say Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and other successful people had to do things that took time away from their friends also but they chose great over average. Building this business is great because we can all succeed together and then spend more time together.

      1. Absolutely!

        The mentoring process has helped my family because, to state the obvious, we are still a family!!! That might sound like a no-brainer, but my wife and I were ready to throw the towl in around the 2 year mark. Most people don’t know this because we kept it private, but we were struggling! I didn’t understand the purpose of marriage because we both were looking for ways to be served and didn’t even know it! “If I am going to be THAT miserable for the rest of my life, then what’s the point?!?!” are thoughts I was continually thinking. I had no hope. That’s where I was at mentally. BUT, I had built a great relationship with Holger Spiewak prior to the “Chicken hitting the fan” soto speak, and he was the only one that I felt like I could talk to about what was going on. He proved that he wouldn’t judge me, criticize me or condemn me. So, BEFORE the chicken hit the fan, he said “Larry, if you are ever emotionally highjacked and you think you are about to do something stupid, call me FIRST! No matter what!” So, when things escalated to the breaking point, I WAS about to walk out on my family, but at 12:30 in the morning, I called Holger…and he answered!!! I briefed him on the situation and he asked me a critical question “Do you want a friend right now, or a coach?” Although every fiber in my body wanted to say “I want a friend right now because its ALL HER FAULT!!!!!” O;-) what actually came out was “A coach…” and he pointed some things out that I didn’t necessarily see. (Which is why they are called ‘blind spots, because we can’t see them) and set me up with a set of tasks to start making deposits into the relationship. As MUCH as I did NOT WANT to do that, I didn’t want to let HOLGER down, so I decided to start serving my wife. And for about 2 weeks straight, we barley said a word to each other while I was serving her (Her love language is acts of service and she had to go to work 3 hours before I did…so I would wake up, make her coffee, pack her lunch *which usually you hear about the lady packing the husbands lunch* and start her car and clear the snow off if there was any, then go back to bed) and the first week, I was grumbling and bellyaching in my head because I was still in the selfish “What’s in it for ME?!” thinking. BUT, thankfully in that process, the unexpected happened…I actually fell in love with the process of serving my wife!!! There is no way on God’s green earth that I would have discovered that by myself had it not been for Holger’s mentorship!!!!

        This story is just one of many stories that has changed the course of my life. All because of Orrin Woodward? yup! Because even to this day, as much of a saint I believe Holger is, he often says “just trying to be as good as Orrin!”

        Mentorship = Greatest, unexpected asset to living the life you’ve always wanted!

        Stacey and I have a FANTASTIC relationship! We are both heading in the same direction together, and are ready as can be for the next chapter!

        Thanks again for all you do Bill! You’re friendship and mentorship has been a great part in our journey as well.

        With Honor, Valor, Humility
        Today’s The Day!!!
        – Larry Allswede

      2. Awesome! It’s amazing how much our society is hurting from not having the mentorship process. You and Stacey will be one of the many amazing stories of success from the Life business. You also are a willing student and that makes a huge difference. Continue the duplication process.

  97. Bill,
    Outstanding article on Orrin !! Having been in business with Orrin and yourself for several years now, I have personally seen the two of you make decisions based on what was the right thing to do even though it would NOT be in your best interest financially.
    One major example is when millions of dollars were paid from your own “pockets” to allow us the opportunity to continue to have a business when you could have easily walked away already secure in your financial futures.
    Due to that decision we are now here with the BEST opportunity on the planet LIFE!!
    I cannot thank Orrin & Laurie, Chris & Terri, Tim & Amy, George & Jill, Claude & Lana, Dan & Lisa, and especially YOU and Jackie enough for what you have done for not only my family, but for what will be done to restore this country back to it’s foundation one household at a time!!
    God Bless,

    1. Thanks scott – you have seen us go through many changes – would you say that the leadership has remained true to its principles throughout those changes?

      1. Absolutely!! The methods to growing a community may have changed, but the principle’s applied and followed to do this have ALWAYS remained the same.

      2. Scott I dont know if you were always a big server to people or the if the Life materials taught you to be but I know the rest of the team appreciates you and MIndy’s willingness to serve the whole team

  98. Thanks for putting that out there bill. The system orrin created is really helping me in learning to lead my family. It scares me to think where I would be without the TEAM and LIFE. I came in skeptical but the more I learn, the more I believe orrin is doing exactly what the country desperately needs right now.

      1. I came into the TEAM skeptical, thinking this was just one more silly little business that would occupy my wife’s time and my money. I am so thankful that she introduced me to some TEAM leaders so I could see that this is something special. The education has been truly amazing. I know I have learned more about history in 4 cds from LIFE than I did in 4 years at college.

  99. Bill,
    This is so true as people listen to the wrong types of people, the ones who have to blame others for things that don’t go their way in all areas of life…to know Oriin is to love Orrin and all he as well as the TEAM stand for. Thank you for a great article

  100. Great article Bill, this will help anyone answer the questions that people have about Orrin when they meet with potential business partners. The facts always help increase ones belief and posture. Info from the right source is critical. Thanks

    1. Mike you are a successful dentist. Most people would like to get where you are with your practice but you are attacking this. What do you see that the liFe business can over that you cant get with dentistry?

  101. Bill-

    You couldn’t have said it better! It frustrates me so much to hear all the people criticize such a great man when there are so few of them out there. There is no way Orrin or any of the leaders in this business could have gotten to where they are by running scams or deceiving people. You don’t earn the honors and award he has been given by not having character and being a man of his word. I tell everyone that doubts him or this business to come to one event and if they are still thinking he’s a fake and this is a scam and there is nothing good that can come from this information I will gladly quit! But until you give it a chance I don’t wanna here it! This information and community of people have absolutely changed my life!

    1. Great thoughts Mike – these companies that have awarded Orrin don’t want to be associated with someone that isn’t doing things right – Checking into anything you should seek out both sides and then make a judgement for yourself not just take one persons word – no better place to do that then at a live event – give an example of an area that has changed in your life?

      1. There has been so many!! Probably the greatest thing is just having hope back in my life that I can actually live the life I’ve always wanted. Never really put much thought into that because I never believed it was possible. Now that I KNOW it is it has really changed my outlook on life. I’m more possitive with people and at work. I loving having the information to grow in character and the tools help me accomplish that. I’ve just started applying some of the financial principals and it has already taken so much stress off me at the end of the month

      2. Great job actually implementing the information that you are learning – you are becoming a live role model – good luck on your journey

  102. Holger – you are one of the people on this blog that has been around Orrin the most – what are some key ares where you have seen Orrin live up to what I wrote?

  103. Great thought Rory – we are naturally in a negative state and the internet is just proving that by giving more people a voice to be heard and most of the time that voice is not uplifting – thats what I want from this post, is to give people the facts from people who are involved and see the leaders every day

  104. Hit the nail on the head, Bill! Very tough to go against Orrin knowing those facts. Not sure what “facts” opposers could bring to the table, if any. I’m sure it’s pretty clear who those people are since they have no facts to make even a remotely compelling argument.

    1. I agree – Author Jim Collins and John Maxwell talk about true leaders setting their companies up to thrive even after the original leader is gone – that is duplication – Orrin did way before he is going to be, gone

  105. Thank you for this post, Bill. Having first “met” Orrin almost 15 years ago when he spoke at a business conference, I knew then that there was something different about him. Any time that I heard his name on the “roster” of speakers (here and there for the next ten years), I would KNOW that the price of the ticket for the entire conference would be repaid in the value of whatever talk he gave. He stood out from the rest, and it was clear that the camaraderie of his community also stood out from the rest. They truly had a spirit of friendly trust, as well as an obvious commitment to higher principles. My husband and I were invited to join the TEAM community over 5 years ago and JUMPED at that opportunity. We now see even MORE of the character, courage, and vision that Orrin brings to the lives of those who choose to listen, learn and apply. We are better people every day due to the information and leadership that he provides, and I know that those who we influence daily are the better for it too. Again, thank you for the post.

  106. Bill, this article is outstanding. You can tell that you are mentoring with Orrin because you reflect alot of the things you said about him. You are a man of great character, with amazing business credibility.
    What I find even more amazing is the way that you personally responded to everyone individually who posted. That shows alot of commitment and belief in your topic.

  107. Bill,
    Thank you for taking the time to talk truth about Orrin. Everytime I’ve had the opportunity to be around him, I’m reminded he is the real deal. He decided to become better in this life verses bitter. I have heard it said, “A person of integrity expects to be believed, and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” I pray more of us step up and accept that call in our life. Praise God the business of Life provides the tools to help anyone (regardless of past or present circumstances ) to do that. My wonderful husband and myself are answering that call. The best tool yet has been the 90day Mental Fitness Challenge. We are in day 36 and have noticed changes in each other. My attitude is been a work in progress and I’m determined to get better! Thanks again Bill for this blog. I love reading all your posts for it challenges my thinking.
    All for one
    Amy <3

  108. I have never been more proud to be associated with someone in my life. I still look back and think of how close I came to not starting on this journey and how far I’ve come in such a short time. I am forever grateful. God bless!

  109. This article is outstanding. You can tell that you are mentoring with Orrin because you reflect alot of the things you said about him. You are a man of great character, with amazing business credibility.
    What I find even more amazing is the way that you personally responded to everyone individually who posted. That shows alot of commitment and belief in your topic.

    1. I appreciate the kind words – I haven’t responded to other articles but this one is to important to not respond to – anything you would like to share with people reading this blog that can help them if they are looking into LIFE as a business option

  110. Although Orrin is a student, leader, and business owner. I love the fact that he is still out working hard, and is so willing to talk to the average person in this business. I just saw him speak the other day during a break he took the time to talk to anyone that came up to him. I was able to take a few of my newest business partners up to him and we had a few minutes to talk to Orrin and Laurie. We were all very impressed at how easy it was to talk for a minute even when he had so many others he could have talked to so many other leaders that wanted his time. He did not make us feel rushed, we were important to him at that time. How often can you do that to any other top leadership experts (except Chris Brady)?

    1. We think of it as something small but it really is a big deal that he always takes time to say high to as many people as he can – How has the LIfe products helped you personally ?

  111. Bill,
    Thank you so much for getting the truth out there. Orrin is the real deal. I have heard it said that, “If you don’t want any critics. Say nothing. Do nothing. Be nothing.” Praise God Mr. Woodward isn’t deterred from critics. I am sure he faced many times he could have become bitter instead of better. Just look around at all the many accomplishments that has taken place all because one chooses better. My husband and myself are choosing better too. To help us we started the 90day Mental Fitness Challenge. We are only 36 days into it but making huge strides. We are so thankful for The Life Business provid such amazing material that can help anyone who wants to become better.

      1. I sure can Bill! The Mental Fitness Challenge has helped me greatly with identifiying my stinking thinking causing a really bad attitude. I have been working on it and have noticed less arguements between my husband and I. We haven’t arrived yet by no means but continue to choose to work on it. I am so thankful for all the little challenges.

      2. Thanks for adding on to your comments – the great thing about the MFC is it helps you focus and most people lose in life because of a lack of focus – keep up the attack and a better attitude is on its way

  112. Thanks, Bill. what an honorable man you are! You have honored Orrin in writing this article. You speak truth as we have seen by being a part of this wonderful business! There’s an African proverb that says–“When you’ve met the friend, you’ve met the person”. You have demonstated true friendship by setting the record straight!
    P.S. How impressive and awesome that you have taken the time to respond to these replies!

    1. THank you for the nice comments – I like that proverb – any specific areas that have impressed you with the leadership or personal changes that have happened because of the information?

  113. Thank you, Bill for sharing. It’s great to have the facts from a guy that is so closely associated with him. I feel blessed to be able to use and share this LIFE information on a daily basis and in a time when it is much needed in our country! Since we have been listening to cd’s and reading books from the system our kids’ grades in school have improved, they love the phrase ” I’m a walking talking good deal and a force for good!”, our finances are making sense and improving, our marriage is richer, we understand each other better, i could go on and on…. The association is awesome! Upline is always in Accept, Approve, Appreciate mode and coming from a SANGUINE this means a lot!!
    Going back to Orrin, and talking to the doubters, if you have time to pick a guy apart, you should at least have grace and half the time to find the good in a guy. Once you start seeing the character and integrity in Orrin Woodward, you can’t help but want to start ” Living The Life You’ve Always Wanted”!
    By: Cynthia Bontreger
    Blessed in The Dream Team Legacy… Full Steam Ahead !

      1. It has been awesome! Thanks for asking,I would say going from having parents that always argued and found faults with each other to verbal harmony and praise for things done right because of listening to the parenting pack and the marriage pack and the no regrets pack and the amazing mentoring ( thank you, Chris & Carol! ) …. the kids ages 6&8 have a new confidence, some great self esteem, a serving heart, and an overall hunger for learning more! This is affecting the classrooms and the teachers are saying ” I have no ideas what you do with your kids but I love having them in my class room” Every parents dream to hear that! They are still kids and stumble sometimes but get back up a lot quicker with a solution to be better brewing in their mind. My daughter actually introduced her ASL interpreter to the idea of LIFE cuz she thot “he would be good at it “, to which he asked us why we have such great kids… Let’s just say we now have a certain Mr. Yoder 🙂 on our team! We are definitely blessed to be a part of the Team of LIFE ! Thank you soooo much to all of you that put the tears and sweat into it to get these materials produced ! We love you guys and thank our Awesome God every day for you! Be blessed, Cynthia ~

      2. Cynthia that is awesome to hear and we appreciate you using the materials to make a difference in your family – keep up the great work – your family is forever changed because of what you are doing – congrats

  114. Fantastic post Bill!
    I love reading ALL these posts from ordinary people getting extraordinary results from plugging into the LIFE/TEAM Community. They have all taken responsibility for making improvements in their lives by Listening, Reading and Associating with other like minded people,
    The TRUTH is getting out, with all Orrin’s accolades, from outside the LIFE/ TEAM business piling up, and still is virtually unknown by John Q. Public!
    Thanks for getting the facts out there!

    1. That is the crazy part – we make it sound like Orrin is a famous person but really outside of the leadership world he is really an unknown but that wont last for long – what are some of your resdults from this information?

      1. Results from Listening, Reading and Associating with other like minded people have helped me run my small restaurant with 29 employees more efficiently. I now know how to treat each person based on their personality traits, I know how to movitivate them, and deal with all the drama that comes with 29 employees all while serving 2000-3000 customers each week.
        The LIFE Information helps out each and everyday, all day long!
        You, Orrin, and rest of PC, please keeping putting out the world class information and people like me will keep learning, changing, and improving and in no time things are going to change!

      2. Thanks for sharing Michael – great to hear the impact on your traditional business – just the personality traits would help any business owner improve – you make our people better and your business is automatically better

  115. Bill,
    Thank you for your post about Orrin Woodward. I have met Orrin Woodward personally about 8 years ago, and back then he had a business of many thousands of people. When I introduced myself to him I was shocked when he said to me, “Nancy…. Nancy Pope and you’re from Cincinnati right?” I couldn’t believe he really knew who I was and proceeded to spend 5 minutes answering my questions, any question I had was not too small for such an incredible leader and businessman. (I would have never gotten that kind of time from the CEO of the company I was currently working for – nor would he have known my name).
    I know that Orrin & Laurie have stood up against corporate bullies on my behalf, and thousands of others, but also he gave up his precious time and money to fight that very battle.
    Bill THANK YOU, for all you and Jackie do….

  116. Great article Bill! Orrin really is a principled man. I can’t believe he gave us his entire lifetime of leadership learning packaged in the Mental Fitness Challenge!

  117. Bill… Thanks so much for a great post about the character of a great man. Your leadership, loyalty, and love shines through in this post. There are very few people on the planet that know Orrin as well as you do. Your front row seat for 12 years makes for an awesome account of a life well lived!!! Keep fighting the good fight, kb

    1. thanks Kirk – you are one of the top leaders in LIfe and have been very successful but you also had a front row seat to see Orrin go through some major battles – can you tell everyone how you saw him act or respond to those challenges?

      1. Bill… You bet. Orrin’s character and ability to be introspective and PDCA for all of the right reasons is amazing. Ive seen him make many tough decisions that put his livelihood, reputation, and personal success on the line for a cause much greater than himself. He is always giving himself as they say, ‘a check up from the neck up’ to make sure what he is doing is the right thing to make a difference and to glorify his creator! He will go down in history as one of the most selfless, tenacious, and hard working people on the planet. He is a man of endurance, vision, team-character, and courage. His time in this world will end up being a blessing to millions and, God-williing, he is just getting started! Thanks for all you do Mr. Lewis! kb

  118. Thanks to the information that you and Jackie and the rest of the leaders of the LIFE business have learned and applied to your lives its helped the rest of us to become succesful, in all areas of LIFE!! We can never thank Orrin and the leaders (amd wives) for laying everything on the line for the US! Those who wil probably never know how much they went through. Kevin and I would never be as happy in our marriage todaym way better with our finances and so strong in our faith together if we would havent been nleesed with acces to this information.We have been fortunate to meet and spend time with Orrin and Laurie Woodward and lots of the other big leaders and just say they are great people that are right at “your level”, not put on a pedestal but a certain kind of respect that some would say the leaders of our country do not have!! Looking forward to the CHANGE that is coming with this tight group of people with the same vision!!

    1. Bre when I met you, you probably didn’t say more then 5 words and now you and Kevin are becoming leaders in this community – can you help out our shy people out there – what happened that brought you out of your shell – what happened that helped Kevin not be skeptical

      1. Well for me it was a few things. First off when i finally went to a Major leadership convention…..I saw my “TROLL PEOPLE” go across stage and I had that aha moment like… have got to be kidding me, those people are FREE!! It was game on when I got home from that, and Kevin noticed. I finally realized from the information i received that weekend that this was a way to have true freedom forever!! After filling in Kevin with the information that I could remember, he knew something was different and we both started to read the Top 5 books, listening to cds and going to everything we could to be associating with TEAM/LIFE leaders! As we were growing as a couple in our marriage, our faith was growing, so did our leadership skills and so did our team. As Orrin mentions on a cd “low self esteem was the greatest ‘gift’that God could have ever given me” because if you are that low than you can only go up from there and there was a leader inside me always but it would have NEVER been brought out if it were not for the information we are blessed to have our hands on!!

      2. Bre you and Kevin will be a great example of someone that used this information to become a great leader – going from silent to showing group meetings takes courage – congrats on not letting fear keep from your destiney

  119. Bill,
    This past week, on Tuesday night in Southfield, MI, I was in a hurry and walking very quickly to use the restroom before Orrin’s Leadership talk began. I obviously did not want to miss a minute of what he was going to teach! Blinded by my tunnel vision on the path to get to the ladies’ room, I almost slammed into a gentleman coming out of the men’s room. Slightly embarrassed, I quickly tried to get around him…I glanced up momentarily, and was surprised to see Orrin Woodward standing in front of me! As “the man of the hour,” I somewhat expected him to step around me and keep walking without acknowledging me – as many other business leaders/professional speakers likely would have done. But not Orrin. He stopped walking, smiled at me, and with his signature head nod, he said “hi! How are you!?” as if he knew who I was! I have never met Orrin before and I hope to officially meet him in a less embarrassing manner sometime, but I was pleasantly surprised with how “real” he is, even in an awkward moment.

    His leadership talk that night was phenomenal, as always. And like every book I’ve read, CD I’ve listened to, or Seminar/Leadership Convention I’ve attended, I took away some great nuggets to apply in my daily life.

    A few things that have changed for me since plugging into this LIFE-changing information:

    *Faith – I used to be a person who went to church on Sunday’s just to feel good about completing my Christian duty for the week. Since I joined this business, I have learned that it is not about “who” you are and what image you portray to others, but as Chris Brady often says, it’s about “whose” you are. It’s not just marking a check on the list for having gone to Church, but about finding out what God’s purpose is for my life and following His direction for my future. I know that the Lord put this business in my life to open my eyes to Him and I am so thankful to Him for guiding me to a business where the leaders don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk – which is the opposite of what I have experienced working in the corporate world.

    *Finances – I just recently dug into the Finance pack and devoured the book “The Richest Man in Babylon.” In a very short time, not only have I opened my first EVER saving’s account, but I actually have more money in it than I ever knew I had left over at the end of the month! I still have a lot to learn, but it feels great to know that I am on the right path because I chose to hit “play” on a few CD’s and read a few good books!

    In addition, I have seen my relationships with my friends, family and significant other (who I am blessed to be building this business with) grow and strengthen daily. For a stubborn choleric-melancholy like me, THAT has been an interesting and emotional journey of learning to let things roll off the back a little more and to love people where they’re at through accepting, approving and appreciating them for who they are.

    Bill, thank you and Jackie and the long (and growing) list of leaders for all that you do to help us see that there IS hope and there IS a way to live The Life You’ve Always Wanted through a self-directed education and following the footsteps of a mentor through the minefield.

    1. If you want to catch Orrin the bathroom is one of the best places 🙂 Me and him are battling for the smallest bladder on the Team – it sounds like you are on track for learning and growing yourself to become a great leader – stay on the journey and thanks for sharing some thoughts

    2. Elizabeth! I have to say that I so enjoyed reading your post – and the story of running into Orrin (literally). Thank you for sharing that!

  120. Bill, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I met Orrin nearly 13 years ago and throughout that entire time, I have never met anyone who stands for Character and Integrity in every decision he makes. He truly is a leader among leaders and has helped tens of thousands of people learn the true meaning of leadership through his example. I look forward to following his lead and hope I can someday be the example he is to others.

  121. I’ve been around the TEAM for quite a while now and don’t regret one bit of it. The biggest change that came through being associated with this awesome community of people was coming to faith in Christ. No one cajoled or prodded me into believing. What created the change in me was seeing a bunch of people walking their talk; living a Christian life to the best of their ability. It was and is extremely refreshing. The fruit in their relationships and lives in general is very evident.

    1. Clint will you dig in a little deeper here with me – you came to faith because of the association with Life – what or how did you think before your association?

      1. Before my association with the folks in LIFE, I considered myself agnostic. I had a lot of questions which no one seemed to be able to answer. My thought process was that if the Bible is true, there must be proof. The people I would ask outside of LIFE would ‘answer’ my questions by saying things like, “just have faith.” One of my problems was that I didn’t even know in what, exactly, I should put my faith. I’m sure there were people out there that could answer my questions, but I didn’t know where to find them, nor did I have as much desire to look until I saw the fruit of Godly living (which didn’t happen until my association with LIFE). After spending a good amount of time around the LIFE community, I built personal relationships with people who weren’t only professed Christians, but who were constantly trying to live as Christ-like as possible; people who knew why they believed what they believed and were able to direct me to resources to answer my questions. One big turning point for me was in Kansas when Kait and I had dinner at the Hyatt with you, Tim Marks, the Newtons and a few others before a meeting. I don’t remember exactly what was said during the conversation, but it convicted both of us of some sin in our lives and while we weren’t even close to perfect after that, it awakened a desire to deepen our relationship with Christ. It has been a long process for me, but people like Tim Marks and Tim Jarvinen led with grace and continue to give me time to grow and learn.

      2. thanks for being willing to share Clint – many people have been lead to the lord because of there association with the Life Team – glad to hear you are another one – I think this process is great for building trust in people and then giving them the freedom to ask questions about there faith – the bible talks about God using the silly things of the world for his glory – I am sure the people that have come to faith never thought that this process would be the vehicle – you also said another key thing, that at least the people are trying, doesn’t mean they always will but they are always trying – if Paul couldn’t make himself do everything he wanted to for sure we wont measure up either

      3. Before my association with LIFE, I would have described myself as agnostic. I had a lot of questions for which I couldn’t seem to get answers. Many would just tell me, “Just have faith.” The problem was that I didn’t even know, in what exactly, my faith was to be put. The other issue was that I didn’t really have a strong desire to seek out a lot of the answers to the questions I had because I didn’t know or understand the significance of the issue. When I started to associate with the people in LIFE, I got around people who were professed Christians and actually strove to live a Godly life. While those people weren’t perfect, the fruit in their life was evident in their relationships, family and their ability to forgive and lead with grace. A big turning point for me was when Kaitlyn and I had dinner with you, Tim Marks, the Newtons and others at a Hyatt before a meeting out in Kansas a few years ago. While nothing was said that was directed at Kait and I, being around such principled and character driven people awakened a desire to build the same foundation in my life. I developed relationships with Tim Marks and Tim Jarvinen where I felt comfortable to ask questions and not feel judged. I always thought that if the Bible is true, there ought to be evidence to support it. Finally, I had people who didn’t just answer my questions, but instead pointed me to resources where I could dig in even further. My journey has been a slower one, but Tim and Tim have led with grace and helped pick me up after stumbling along the way.

  122. That is a great article and so true! It’s amazing how much you can read elsewhere and wonder where people come up with the information, since the facts never back it up.

    I have never heard Orrin, or any of the leaders in his business say anything that wasn’t backed up with facts. The way to judge the merits of something couldn’t be explained any better!

  123. Correct comment in people leave other companies all the time but that doesn’t make that company bad – can you give the readers of this any thoughts on what the association has done for you?

    1. I think that “living intentionally” says it all. I was charging hard through the forest with no clear direction, spending most of what we made, and being influenced by all sorts of media. Our business associates are now some of our closest friends, we are debt free and saving and giving more than ever, we have a plan for our parenting, and now have options when it comes to achieving our God-given purpose. Because we added a couple hundred dollar per month business expense, almost all of our other expenses have disappeared.
      I thank God that He is using people like Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady to change lives like mine.

      1. That is awesome to hear how you have taken the information and applied it – congrats on being debt free – your families life is changed forever

  124. Very well put bill! We have always loved the values this community of people apply to their everyday life. Orrin has established an amazing group of people! We couldn’t imagine being part of anything else. There is no better organization/ business than this. We can’t thank all of u enough for inspiring us to find our purpose and become who God planned for us to be!

      1. Bill we found a possible way in a bad economy to get my family free. For the first time in a long time I felt hope. As an engineer I had an income that was already capped at the age of 28. Knowing that I knew my family’s freedom was at stake. I had always believed corporate America would provide the income for our family’s dreams. Then I was shown the truth.

      2. Congrats on getting started and running right away – that will get duplicated into your team and they will run fast which means they will get to the life they always wanted quicker – anything else you would like to add for someone looking into LIFE

      3. Yes everyone who believes in the future of our children do this if not for yourself then for them. We must not stand and watch life go by. We must work to provide the best future the generations to come. This business is not hard the moment we started seeing success is when we left fear behind and concentrated on the hunger of getting our dreams. Your future is what you make of it. Keep dreaming its worth it.

      4. Correct thought – you only get what you picture and you always go to where you are looking – if your looking forward towards your goals and dreams you will automatically move towards it

  125. Jim you are correct about Orrin never loosing his cool over any negative criticism – to me that tells me he is very secure in what he has done or is doing – you guys are another couple that has been blessed tremendously from this – what could you say to someone that was working as mush as you were when you got started that would help them out, i believe you were over 60 hours a week?

      1. So what would you say was your secret – many people that work those kind off hours say they dont have time to get there time back 🙂 what dod you do that can help the busy people that are reading this

  126. FINALLY! Thank you Bill for taking the time to get some truth online. Orrin is a great person and a wonderful leader! I can’t help but get all “Sanguine” when I talk to others about you guys!

  127. Jim you bring up a great point – if someone is discrediting Orrin then they must also be discrediting these other organizations that have given him awards – if someone gets involved with LIfe will they benefit no matter what they do with it?

    1. Bill,
      Do nothing = get nothing!
      However, anybody genuinly interested with making improvements in their lives and willing to do the work necessary to get there, cannot lose. Once again for clarity, WILLING TO DO THE WORK…..CANNOT LOSE. Sure, there will be failures along the way but, failure is a integral component of success. The only way to lose is to quit. That should go without saying but for some reason people need to hear it. I once purchased the “Ab roller” in hopes that I would trim back down to an earlier version of me. The sales pitch was something like 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Needless to say, I only lasted long enough to regret buying the contraption. Was it the manufacturers fault that I didn’t stick with it? Heck no. I am the one that quit. Had I stuck with it, Mark Paul might be envious. Well, maybe not, but you get the point. I don’t know how many times I have heard Orrin say, ” I don’t promise easy, but I do promise worth it!” Again, that would require the new person make the effort. I will say this, anybody getting involved with life will absolutley have the OPPORTUNTY to win and I mean win big! I spent 21 years in the Navy to earn a moderate pension. It started off ok but with no cost of living iincreases in 3 years that has definately devalued. That said, having only being involved for just over a year, I have already created an income which equals 20% of my military pension. Continuing at the curent rate with no greater effort, I should be able to match it within the next four years. Five years to equal the same as 21 and with no wars to fight, no 6 month deployments, no burrying friends, no leaving family and friends, LIFE is an absolute no brainer
      I hope that makes sense.
      God Bless,

      1. 5 years to equal what it took 21 years and that is without the exponential growth you are going to see – congrats on your success and thanks for sharing some comments

  128. Thanks Bill for all u and the P C are doing for this county. we need alot more men to step up like Orrin and i am talking about myself.

  129. Super post Bill! I can’t tell you how much Orrin Woodward and the leadership he is put together has impacted my life. Growing up on the Amish farm being eighth-grade educated which means no outside the box thinking limited my future and success. But since applying the information that Orrin and that you ,Bill and Jackie have introduced us to ,we have totally totally changed our lifestyle .Our mindset our spiritual life our marriage our financial situation everything. If I began to tell you how much it has changed my life I would be writing a book not commenting on a post. Thanks so much for all you do.
    I believe everybody wants success but most people want it overnight. And when they don’t get it they start playing the blame game. Anyone that applies the information that Orrin has made available to us will win if they give it time and stick with it and apply thanks again for all you do.

    1. Chris im glad you commented – you had an eighth grade education and now make over a 6 figure income with LIfe – obviously there are no traditional educational requirements to build Life – what did you do to make this work with that little formal education?

      1. Well I guess I would say like Chris Brady always says “it’s not what you don’t know but rather it’s what you know that isn’t so”. If you look at the situation most Americans are in it’s not really all that great. I don’t think the problem is that they don’t try I think the real problem is the people that are teaching them don’t have the results that they’re teaching people to strive for. Robert Kyosaki who is a financial expert says that 95% of people only control 5% of money which means 5% of people control 95% of money. Basically what I’m saying is we have people that are financially strapped trying to educate people how to make money. And we have people who are having marriage troubles teaching people how to have a successful marriage. And we have people who know nothing about leadership try to teach leadership. But in the life business we have Orrin Woodward and people like you and Jackie have all the success in the world and they’re teaching us how to do it . In the Life business we have people teaching who have a proven record. basically I see it as an advantage . I have not been filled with years of false information but rather I have been feel with a few years of great information from successful people thanks again

  130. Bill, thanks for putting some POSITVE information out there for all to see.
    With leadership we can change the world.
    Orrin is such a terrific example of what can be done if anyone is truely interested in changing their life as well as helping others change theirs.
    I know that I am a better person and a better husband just from the information I have been lead to from you, Orrin and all of the leaders in LIFE.
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this team.

      1. Well what comes to mind first is that the Amish don’t believe in voting. However they do want to have a safe country which has freedom of religion and good Godly morals. They also don’t believe in going to war. Life offers them a great way to make a difference in this country and have what they want without violating their beliefs. They are great people with great heart and great intentions and I believe that if they truly knew what we stand for they would be all in.

      2. THanks for the comments – you are correct, it does seem like the principles are aligned – hopefully if they stumble across this article
        ( which if you are your not suppose to be on a computer 🙂 it will help them understand better

      3. I wish I could comment on an Amish lifestyle, unfortunatly I cannnot.
        What I can tell you growing up next to a large Amish community in mid-Michigan as a child and as a Marine is the value of teamwork.
        None of us is as good alone as we are with a community of people all focusing on the same goal.
        After all my years of working around corporate America, it’s refreshing to me to be around positive, truely caring people, all with the same goal, helping me succeed and allowing me the ability to pass on what we learn to the next person to help them get their dreams.
        I learned the value of a great leader from The Marines and am proud to follow You, Orrin and all the policy council into combat against poverty, and mediocrity.
        Semper Fidelis is latin for always faithful.
        In this, Orrin leads the way!

  131. Great post Bill! I’m reading a book on trust and in there it asks the reader to think of people you trust and immediately my mind went to Orrin Woodward. How can someone build a following and a multi million dollar business, win all the awards he has without building trust with people? That alone makes it very obvious that he is a man of character and worthy of following. I feel very blessed that my husband Chris is able to be under his “mentorship” through his cds and books. Also a big thank you to you and Jackie for the time you give us! You two have a made a huge difference in our life. And the fact that you mentor with Orrin puts the icing on the cake.
    Orrin and Laurie are the real deal. There are times when I stop to reflect and ask myself- “how did I get so blessed to be able to associate with people like them and the rest of the PC and this incredible LIFE business?” And the answer that echos back is- Because God intended you too. – The only way we can thank the Woodwards and you and Jackie is to go give it away.
    God Bless!

  132. Its funny I will tell people to have the critic meet us at a location and they never show up 🙂 That is why we wrote this so we can get the truth out about a great man – what have you seen from the leaders on the Team

  133. Orrin is an extraordinary man! I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing him speak….great teacher! I don’t believe that there is nothing more that could be said…..Bill, you’ve summed it up! Great words for a great leader!

  134. Thank you Bill for writing this article. I really appreciate the position you took. I agree it is pointless to look to people who didn’t do what it took to make the team for an opinion of the coach. Orrin Woodward is an amazing man and I know that he is a man of character living a life of purpose.

  135. Its been almost a year to the day that I joined the LIFE business, and prior to that I didn’t even know who Orrin Woodward was. Since then, I have been truly amazed at the sheer depth of the man and everything he stands for, and can think of no better person to model. Both in business and on a personal level. When I embarked on this journey, I seriously lacked direction, especially in my personal life. Learning the basics of the business was easy, due to the fact that we have an amazing system, spearheaded by Orrin as well as other amazing leaders such as yourself as well as my being a voracious reader. Yet to truly understand what it is to be a man, lead a household, raise children, and become a spouse worthy of admiration and respect of my soon to be wife; I can think of no better model than Orrin Woodward to serve as a guide. Sometimes I still find myself awestruck that one man can achieve what he has and yet be as transparent as he remains. Whether I ever made a dime in this business will always pale in comparison to what I have gained personally, for which I will always remain grateful and feeling truly blessed. Thank you Orrin!

  136. I have watched Orrin from stage for the past 10 years. He has taught me so many things that have positively impacted my life! My wife and I are blessed to be associated with him and Team.

  137. We are so blessed to be following such people of integrity. It is so rare to find so many Godly people in a business. To be able to follow and learn from people whos walk matches their talk is incredible and almost hard to believe. I can see how people who have no knowledge of TEAM leaders saying it must be untrue. But it is not!!! I can also see how it would be easier for people to hurl accusations and insults rather than face thier lack of personal growth or results. This is a leadership factory, like a Ford assembly line. If a leader does not start to be seen as time goes on it is not the factory! I need to look at myself and evaluate with outside help to see my blind spots. Enter the MFC!! :0) Nothing will change if I dont make changes. It is up to me. Thank you all who have blazed the trail for us all! TTD!!!

  138. A very pleasant good evening, Bill. Thank you for taking some time to compile all your thoughts on Orrin and being a man of courage to post them here in the blogosphere.
    While I do not have the tenure of some of the above posters in the 5% world that LIFE & TEAM resides ( “B” business ), I was beyond fortunate to have been introduced to a self-directed education through a meeting set up by a long time friend who introduced me to a true freedom loving rascal, Terry ( ). Terry has been nothing but a blessing in my life over the past 2+ years, and I know he is fortunate enough to know Orrin personally, having been to his MI & FL homes over the years he has been involved. Through Terry, then Claude, and others in our compensated community, I have zero doubt whatsoever that Orrin is who he says he is. He walks the talk, and talks the walk. Francis Schaeffer, in ‘How Should We Then Live?’, I think covers well why there are a small number of critics that continue to ignore reality and attribute falsehoods to Orrin, his motives, and anything else he does — namely, they have fallen right in with those ‘modern men’ who have lost touch with absolute truth. While Orrin is definitely not perfect, I know no one who is that is not Jesus Christ, and he surely is a modern day Reformation leader who is in touch with his purpose, his faith, & his family. I am proud to be part of LIFE, and in Claude’s tribe with Terry & all my other true friends. One day, I would love to shake Orrin’s hand for a second time & again say ‘thank you’ for being a servant leader. Blessings to you, Jackie, and your family!

    1. Thank you for sharing – It leads you to believe that about there faith because how could they hold a mistake that Orrin made or not conflict resolute if they are truly following the word – believe me I am not throwing stones because I would be one the first to get stones thrown at me but it is odd that people take time out of their life to write negative about anyone – you have an amazing group of leaders to follow in Franks and the Hamiltons – continue the growth process

      1. You’re sincerely welcome – it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to comment & offer input! I honestly think its the negative inputs that people receive that drive their actions/words, behavior, results, and feedback; critics are, like Robin Sharma has said, dreamers gone scared. They are also many other things not so sterling. The internet is indeed the bathroom wall — its a shame that there are any who aren’t improving themselves but rather throwing stones from glass homes.
        I surely shall. God Bless 🙂

  139. Awesome job Bill ! I am always amazed with the many wonderful truths that i have been revealed to with the wonderful truths orrin chris and all of the pc put forth and first and formost is receiving the salvation that Jesus Christ provides and finding him as my lord and saviour.

  140. Thanks for such truth about Orrin. Truth is truth, not opinion. I am thankful that this is the place where those who are searching can find our the truth about Orrin, as well as truth in business that can change their life for the better-mine has!

  141. Great post Bill,
    Well said!! People who don’t read, will never have the correct information! The drones follow and become yes men and women, and make judgements without getting the facts. On to a Million people we will go with Orrin and all of you Policy Council Leaders

  142. Bill: Besides Orrin’s character and intergrity and the business model in general, we can point to folks such as you and Jackie, the rest of the PC, the Gowen’s, Paul’s, Spiewak’s, Birtles’, Martin’s, Militello’s, Leurquin’s, Mattis’, McNamara’s, Haas’ and scores and scores of others who each are leading huge communities of people. And its all voluntary. I think people sometimes forget that point. At a job, many people feel trapped for whatever reason and consider a job mandatory. But with Team and Life, if it were as bad as the drones say, can they explain why so many people stay and we keep growing???

      1. I see knowledge and application of Biblical principles, mental toughness, integrity, courage, long-term vision, passion for our country and its freedom, caring for individuals, sacrifice; and I see them applied consistently. I see growth and change in these leaders. It’s amazing. At some point in my life, I thought people grew and matured, then stopped changing. From our system and watching all these leaders, I found that you can keep growing and changing and growing and changing. Its a choice. And I still find it just utterly amazing that we can grow, change, and help other people out, reach new boundaries and horizons – wonderful and amazing that God gave us the ability to be excited and passionate about life for all of our lives if we so choose…just amazing.

  143. The fact that it actually worked when we worked it! We weren’t the sharpest business minded people coming in but we didn’t have to be because we had a system that did the heavy lifting for us. Also the wonderful people like Doug and Sheri Stroh that were there for us all along the way. They loved us and encouraged us and gave us the vision and belief in our tough times. What it all boils down to though, is WE HAD A DREAM and still do and when we saw a way to achieve them we were in!! This business keeps getting better and better! And knowing that Orrin Woodward is at the helm is very comforting.

    1. Glad to have you on the team and you are a true success story – a guy that has a 8th grade education usually does not turn into a 100 thousand plus a year income – thanks for growing and becoming a great leader!

  144. We are very blessed to be able to associate with the Woodwards and the rest of the PC !! Thanks for the great article Bill !!

  145. Wow that’s awesome Bill,so many people just comment on what they hear, instead of what the truth is.Everything online is true right?NOT!!! The devil just wants to create havoc, because he knows where this can go,To late satan,you’re beneath our feet, we’re going to a million and beyond!!!!! WE will continue to lift each and every leader up in prayer, May God’s will be done in our lives.And may He continue to give the PC HIS WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE and understanding. Thanks for everything you do God Bless!!!

    1. THank you Ray – you sound like you are a person of faith – since your involvement in Life would you say that Orrin and the other leaders follow Biblical principles?

  146. Bill,
    I couldn’t agree more!
    I was an outsider until just a few years ago. In 2008 I had the opportunity to associate myself with Orrin Woodward in a business and personal relationship. In the last 4 years I have experienced a leader with wisdom and integrity. In my first hand relationship over this period Orrin has demonstrated to me over and over that he is a man of his word.

    1. Greg I think some people that have been with Orrin or are looking for a community to become a part of might think that all groups operate the way Team / Life does – you have been very successful in this industry and have a lot of experience – can you share some thoughs on the difference’s that you have seen?

      1. Bill,

        Sure because there is nothing better than perspective.

        I have dealt with many different types of people and many different “leaders” in this industry and I would definitely say Orrin Woodward is in a league of his own.

        For example: I spoke with Orrin today and he said what I have heard him say since the first day I personally met him. He said that in all his dealings with people it is “win win or no deal”. I have found him to honor that commitment time after time.

        Secondly, I have never seen a leader so willing to pass the praise rather than want the praise. Orrin has many accolades for his successes as a business person, best selling author, leadership award winner in several categories, etc. but rather than pound his chest with pride over those accolades he passes accolades to others.

        Third, He KNOWS his stuff. In other words the man is a systems thinker. He does not bluff his way or exaggerate. When you ask him a question he is quick to respond with data and systems not hype. I have seen many people over the years full of hype, but Orrin tends to under promise. He tells it like it is and I like and respect that.

        Lastly, Orrin knows he’s not perfect. When he knows he knows and when he doesn’t he’ll tell you. When he errors, he admits it.

        How can you denounce a man who knows he’s human, and works hard to do the right thing.

        I have the utmost respect for him as a person, a leader and today a friend.

      2. Great comments Greg and I really respect your words because of the history you have had in this industry. Thanks for being a great part of the Life team.

  147. Bill-
    What a great post. I have been exposed to material from Orrin Woodward since the publishing of his Lauching and Leadership Revolution book in 6th grade. Having never met Orrin until just a few months ago I do have to say that his walk matches up with his talk. He lives the principals he writes and speaks about daily and because of that, he inspires many to head in that direction as well!

  148. Hi Bill,
    I graduated from Texas A and M with a secondary education degree. I was mentored in athletics by an Olympic gold medalist/ world record holder. What you are saying about digging into the truth vs emotion will always separate the performers. The mentoring from Orrin is the best I’ve EVER experienced. The cost is far far less than my traditional schooling. (I was on a full 4 year complete athletic scholarship) The price I paid in to go to school to train and compete was HUGE! This Aggie isn’t confused about value. Great post Bill.
    Bill Newton

    1. Thanks Bill – Anything else that you can add about the mentoring process ? you are mentoring with one of the great success stories, Tim Marks and you also have seen Orrin from the an outsiders view, what could you tell us that you saw before you were part of Life Team

      1. Bill
        I am happy to draw a couple conclusions on perspective. My mentor at Texas A and M was a great man and a great mentor on general specifics. i.e. how to emotionally prepare, how to think about the competition and the competitors etc.. The same general information is available today in the life business. My mentor was also in the game emotionally with me, and he was with me through the process, Even though he was not a champion javelin thrower. My mentor was a world record holder shot putter and was within about an inch of setting the world record throwing the discus. He also cared for me and was invested in my success.
        Here comes Tim Marks 40 years later in my life. Tim is equally as great a champion in a different field. Tim offers to me the TEAM training system that covers the same information as above but much, much more, and it’s systematic. Tim is able to tweak the material and coaching specific to me in the specific leadership development industry. In short, Tim is doing the SAME THING as I am. So….we can move beyond principles into specifics with my world champion mentor doing the same thing. Thanks Tim.
        Everyone reading this information has the same advantage described here.
        More on Orrin later.
        Bill Newton

  149. Bill,
    Thank you for sharing the truth about Orrin. He is certainly a servant leader who is willing to do what is right. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Life community!

  150. Great article Bill! I love the approach of asking if they are looking for facts or opinions. Mostly I like the end when you said to talk to those who have success and not those who quit. Great advice!
    Danny Kellenberger
    Carpe Diem

    1. Thanks Danny – only one thing you will learn from someone that quit something….that is how to quit….I understand people trying to get info from all angles but if someone views are skewed then you have to be careful of why they are telling you what they are telling you – what are the facts that you have seen from your view of Life?

  151. Bill
    Great article! Orrin and Laurie are a true inspiration for 2 people that stand for truth no matter what!! What a great example! Thanks for sharing!

  152. Absolutely Bill,they admit their not perfect,but strive to be the best they can be in all area’s of LIFE. That’s awesome,if we study the LIFE of JESUS ,HE created a following and was a servant to all.It didn’t matter who or what they had done.I see Orrin interviewing people from different organizations and that inspires me.It doesn’t matter if their not in LIFE, he encourages them to become the best they can be. Orrin is a master at ACCEPTING, APPROVING and APPRECIATING, and he’s creating a following because he was willing to do whatever it takes to become the person GOD created him to be.That inspires me and I know I have to change, using the Team/Life system the PC created I can PDCA my way to success!!!! Thanks for setting the example of what a true leader is, GOD BLESS!!!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing – the Life business at least gives you a systematic way to improve and grow, especially with the Mental Fitness Challenge – You are approaching this the right way

  153. Bill, thanks for helping to spread the truth about Orrin. With your personal history and vantage point you are a credible witness. From the first time we saw Orrin a few years ago, we were amazed by his transparency. This was a stark contrast from my background in the corporate world all I ever saw from “leaders” was a lot of covering of backsides. Having been self employed for the past few years, I find it amusing when online critics talk about the cost vs reward aspect of this business. Most small businesses have more expenses in a week than are incurred in the Life business model in 3-6 months! That’s part of the uphill education process Orrin has undertaken as we have definitely moved far from our free enterprise foundation.

    1. Can you comment a little more on the cost of traditional versus Life ? – Not to mention the materials you are using are also going into your brain and will help with everything else in your life

      1. Sure, currently I own a lawn & landscaping business which last year incurred expenses over $4,000 on gasoline for just 1 vehicle. That’s just 1 line item out of my total expenses for the year! Just 10 years ago in my corporate days, that same $4,000 would have covered only travel expenses for my division for a month. If you take the costs examples in your article, you can see LIFE expenses pale in comparison. Also as you point out, none of those expenses actually improved my thinking.

      2. Thanks for being willing to share some information so people can get a better understanding of what a traditional business cost – keep growing yourself and your team

  154. Great stuff Bill. This topic grates me. I have personally witnessed instances where rumors were spread about Orrin and those people, who had access to Orrin, never asked Orrin about the topic, yet they drew conclusions. It’s amazing that people actually live their lives that way…..acting on gossip and rumors while being afraid to find the source and truth. I personally asked Orrin about the topic and not only did he handle everything with character and class, but I found later that what he told me was accurate. Those are called facts. I have personal insights here and I have been “all in” for years…on ALL fronts. There has been no negative effect to my family’s life. If there was, I wouldn’t stick around because my life and what I’ve built for my family would all cease to exist. The impact of Orrin and Team and LIFE has only been positive for us. Hard to argue with that. Those are also called facts.

    1. Thanks for the reply Brent – you have had a very unique perspective and based on that perspective you would know for sure if Orrin acted without character – did you see any area where he didn’t ?

      1. No I didn’t and I am skilled at sniffing it out. I was actually looking for an area where he didn’t act with character and I was actually trying to find fault with him in that situation just so I could be completely objective. It just wasn’t there. Now, regarding the parties on the other side, I saw many inconsistencies. Same story, different day.

      2. THanks for your insights and hopefully these type of comments will help anyone that happens to read through the comments – thx for everything that you do

  155. Thanks Bill for a cogent and clear article on who Orrin really is – the truth IS shocking! I think sometimes we get so jaded by the beat-down that life does on us that it’s hard to believe that there are true men of character like Orrin and the rest of the PC alive & well and making a difference in the world. I know that I was pretty cynical in the beginning of my association with this organization but as you pointed out, no one can fool so many people for such a long time. Gradually I realized that, while no one is perfect, we can all get better together. I’m grateful to Orrin for creating a community where I can do that, supported by mentors, coaches and materials that inspire me to think differently and to change. I’ve grown so much, especially in the areas of faith and in my marriage that I hardly recognize myself sometimes – and I’m sure my husband appreciates that! Thanks to the financial information we’ve received, we are digging ourselves out of debt. Really, I don’t think there’s a single area where we haven’t made progress! We’ve been around long enough to be aware of some of the sacrifices he has made, and some of the sacrifices he has inspired during the long trek to finally launching the LIFE business. It’s time for the mainstream to see the shocking truth – there are men of integrity upon the earth- and Orrin Woodward is not only one of them, but has raised up a whole organization of leaders who strive to be better every day.

    1. Well said Nancy – saying that Orrin is self serving is almost comical, just based on the pay plan structure alone – can you tell the readers how you were treated when you were not 100 % on board yet

      1. I was treated with love and patience. In retrospect I know I said things that must have made my up-line crazy, but they never showed it – just kept recommending books and handing me CD’s. I had a lot of questions, about the business (this was in the good old days we affectionately refer to as “Nam) and Dave wisely said to me, “What you really want to know is what kind of people am I getting into business with? Stick around and see.” Fortunately my hunger overrode my skepticism and I saw for myself that everyone, from Orrin on down had my best interests at heart. No one ever told us that we HAD to do something, but they would always tell us what they believed was the best thing for us to do – and we discovered that they were right. They guided us but they let us find things out for ourselves, including making some mistakes that must have been pretty obvious. I’m grateful that people modeled kindness and patience for us – that alone has helped me so much in becoming more patient myself.

  156. Great post Bill! My association with great group of men and women has made such a great impact in my life. I’m amazed how people with no spine try to hide behind a computer screen. When it comes to finding the truth in anything you need to look further than the nose on your face. When you do that you will hands down see and find that LIFE TEAM is full of character and integrity. On the way to a million!

    God Bless
    Brian Sommers

    1. Remember Brian there are 2 ways of having the highest building – build something great yourself or try to tear down the other buildings – can you share what area of your life have been impacted?

  157. Thanks for taking the time to write a great article to set the record straight. One simply needs to listen to Orrin’s recordings to realize what a man of character he is! I also appreciate you having the character yourself to not only do what is right but stand up to others for what is right. Any doubters of Orrin’s character out there take a minute to listen to what he has to say, you will know truth when you hear it!

  158. Orrin has inspired me too look inwards as a leader in a big organization.His servant heart is unparalleled.He is the only one that i know of that has personally mentored someone to the top 15 leadership guru list…talk about fruit on the tree.

  159. Great Blog Bill! I am so blessed to be apart of this business and associated with such amazing people. After 15 years of being involved with so many different companies, looking for a system, I am so grateful I kept an open mind one more time. If you keep praying and looking, God will eventually reveal the vehicle to live your life’s purpose. I love being a part of a business that has such a great purpose and is based on biblical principles! Orrin is such a visionary and man of integrity and walks his talk. I am running hard to meet him on August 4th! Thank you to all the PC men and women for being such amazing leaders.

  160. I love being associated with Orrin and the phenomenial information that his system makes available….i consider it as 1 of the best blessings of my life!

  161. Bill,
    Thank you so very much for writing a complete, concise and accurate blog. Your teaching ability has now transformed into writing. So, I’m ready for your book to come out! It will be amazing!
    So many in this world are looking for perfection – the perfect spouse, the perfect church, the perfect business, etc. etc. That quest will never be achieved. That is why it is so imperative that we learn to live on principle, just like Orrin and Laurie Woodard are teaching. The book Resolved has been and will continue to be a benchmark book for those yearning to learn and improve. The Woodwards let time prove them right and we are blessed to be associated with them.
    May God bless you!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words and Orrin is already talking to me about what type of book 🙂 I like your perfection comment, you will never find anything perfect, in this world, but you can strive to be excellent – Any points from Orrins book resolved that really helped you?

  162. Bill great post, Ive only recently been exposed to Orrin Woodward. Probably THE MOST SHOCKING thing about him is how humble he is. I thank God for the chance to spend time around such great men on this team

    1. Cody you have had some major success with Life and you have been a successful traditional business owner – why would someone who is already successful at their own business want to look into LIfe ?

  163. Bill,

    It is shocking that there are still people left in this world like Orrin Woodward. I am 1/3 of the way through the Mental Fitness Challenge and I love it. This is really amazing what Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have put together in the LIFE business and the Mental Fitness Challenge. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they hadn’t had the guts to stand up to Amway and fight a giant and risk everything to do the right thing for those they care about. Plus, how would they have known what needed to be fixed and create a whole new industry of community building? I’ve seen how that struggle has steeled their character and now we all get to benefit. Thanks to you and Claude Hamilton, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo and Dan Hawkins we have an opportunity to be a part of a leadership community which values truth and courage. I can’t wait to live the life I’ve always wanted!

  164. Bill,
    I can say a couple of things straight off, the material that has been shared with Kendra & I from day one has changed the way we look at everything in our lives. That started the first day I met Kirk Birtles at my kitchen table. The second thing is that I don’t know that I could stomach the person I would be without, knowing what we have learned so far.

    Changed the way we look at everything:
    This is not to say that we got convinced to think another way, or do any particular thing. What I mean by this is simply that we now realize that our decisions we make today have long term effects. When I was in High School on a hunting trip, I was asked a question about a particular item the guys wanted. I made a decision to do something that landed me into a police car about a year later – sparing the details because the point here is that when I was a teenager I only thought in the “now” time frame. When I was in college, now knowing that decisions had consequences, I had to take a student loan for my third quarter (low on money due to that high school decision) and it ticked me off. I decided to go into business with a hard working buddy of mine – $10,000 apiece later we had our own landscaping business and we worked it hard for 5 years – sometimes 18 hour days. It paid off though since we both graduated debt free and were able to sell it off and walk away with $5,000 each. The point here is that we had to work it, we had to put money in everyday, we only thought about paying the bills and getting our degrees. We didn’t blame anyone for the bumps, bruises, lose of blood, lost money on bad estimating, tired days at school, hungry stomachs when jobs were slow, and when we realized that all that hard work and client relations only got us $5,000 each. When I graduated and got a job at a major automotive company I still only knew to work hard and be honest. Five years into this is when I met Kirk, just got off a 90 day stretch of about 90-100 hours a week. He looked me in the eyes, in a Kirk way, and said “Dan, most dad’s only look their kid’s in the eyes 15 seconds a day” and that’s when the journey began. What I’ve heard, read, seen, and have been given mentoring on is learning how to look further down the road to see the results of a decision. Now, as best as we can, we pause briefly and think through our choices based on our new level of thinking and it has changed everything for us in a great way.

    The person I would be without this Information;
    I remember sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot in Blissfield, Mi until 1:00 am with Kirk while he supported me as I was accepting Christ as my Savior (he had a 5 1/2 hour drive to go yet that night back to his family).
    I remember sitting with Aron Radosa until 3:00 am in Dundee, Mi at a Denny’s while he encouraged to grow into a better husband for my wife and how to grow my understanding of God’s purpose for both of us.
    I remember being with Holger at a restaurant in Lansing, Mi as he sacrificed a meal with 50 other people that would have made him feel like a rock star so that he could help Kendra and I with some real personal struggles.
    I remember sitting with you and your wife for the first time. We couldn’t even be considered a drop in the bucket when it came to your business. I gnat would have been more noticed than us. Despite this, you both sat and heard us out for what we could express and gave us the resources to grow our thinking to get out from under the struggles we were causing ourselves.
    If Orrin Woodward hadn’t made up his mind to stay tough, if these four men, and their wives, hadn’t stayed tough…. well, I just don’t need to worry about that because they did and my life is better for it.

    As for those that decide not to push through and become who they were called to be… they’ll never be used by God to help save another me.

    1. WOW! thanks for comments – Dan it sounds like the duplication of principles is working – Have you been in a business and in corporate america – have you seen other people serve others like that ?

  165. Bill, as far as I can tell the shocking truth about Orrin is that he is the man of character and integrity we believe him to be. Lesser people will always be jealous of that and try to make themselves bigger by trying to tear down someone they are jealous of

  166. Bill- This is an inspiring and moving post about three ways to look at Orrin Woodward…and if more people were given this perspective…and understood how it has guided you, along with your own hard work, to becoming the leader that we see and hear, they would have no doubt as to the life-changing information offered here. Your story is inspiring!

  167. Bill
    Thanks for the wonderful post on Orrin Woodward. Since becoming involved in the LIFE business and all of the materials, it has been amazing to see the character & integrity of Orrin flow through the materials and into my life and so many others.

    Having been involved in the business world for over 40 years I have seen the impact of how the character of the leaders of a business can make a great business or destroy a business.

    It has been amazing to me to watch Orrin & Laurie thru all kinds of attacks stand tall where most would have buckled under.

    Thanks again for standing tall yourself.
    As they say “Let the dogs bark but the caravan moves on”.

  168. It’s so refreshing to find a leader who walks the walk and at the same time is developing other leaders and inspiring them to do the same! I’m so thankfull for Orrin and his desire to help others and influence our culture.

  169. Yes! Orrin’s growth from a guy people didnt like to talk to because he was “arguing arguing early and late” as a young kid has really made me think about my own aggressive ignorance and I strive daily to try and seek to understand in my relationships especially when it comes to my family instead of just defending my emotions and positions.

      1. Orrins book Resolved specifically the chapters on friendship and conflict resolution are really impressive! I think that especially the friendship chapter is impactful because it is such a lost art in today’s society. Covey’s 7 Habits have been really effective in working on seeking to understand. Really it is so hard to know where to begin and end the LIFE materials are so interelated! From an audio standpoint I’ve found the AGO series has been critical, along with the Mental Fitness Challenge! Its amazing how all these materials and more have pushed me to examine myself and seek to find the “underlying tide” of relationship joys and challenges.

  170. Thank you for the inspiring words about Orrin. Orrin and The Team have taught me how to have personal victories in my marriage and friendships. I am a better person thanks to him.

  171. Bill, you are right on target. Doug and I have been a part of Orrin’s organization for over four years. We have watched the changes but the man leading has always been open and forthright with process. We have found him always be a man of honor. The leadership he has developed are a true reflection of the same principles and character. people might ask why we have stayed, because by most appearances little has changed in our business. By nature/personalities we are watchers. However, the people of TEAM/LIFE. Are wonderful friends who believe in you even when you not sure of yourself. READING the books and listening to CDs keep us growing and stretching pushing us out of our comfort zone. Facing reality of a fast approaching retirement on a less than adequate budget has increased activity on our part and our up line mentors are right there to help. We just want to improve how to tell the truth about LIFE for those who can not see. So frustrating to hear people say “no” who are so depirate for “a way out”. Thanks for sharing the REAL truth.

      1. They have lived in such a small “world” they really can not see anything bigger. I had a co worker today tell us that she has requested to go part time. She wants to see her kids more and maybe go back to school. (paraphrasing the comments) “I have always been poor so it isn’t going to make much difference, we will just cut back. The work(income) isn’t worth the reduced time with my kids”. Others present were encouraging and agreeing with the time value. She is some one I have contacted in the past and was not interested in even looking.

  172. Bill,
    I remember the first Leadership Seminar my wife Sarah and I attended. We were invited by my then co worker Chris Miller. The speakers happened to be Orrin and Laurie Woodward. Orrin upon seeing Chris and Carol greeted them with such sincerity and warmth. He then gave an amazing talk on freedom in 5 areas that my wife and I still remember to this day because it changed the course of our lives. Through the concept of Compensated Community that Orrin has pioneered, I have come to know my purpose in life after 12 years of searching. For that I am greatfull to Orrin and the organization he founded that lead Chris and Carol Miller to Frank and Sarah Froese. Thanks for your candid post Bill.

    1. Hey Frank you bring up some points I would like to dig in on – What do you think Orrin is trying to do when it comes to freedom and what is your purpose now?

  173. Bill
    I agree that Orrin is a rare find in this world today. Although it is easy to find fault I believe that what Orrin is doing takes true guts. I believe that he is planting acorns in the business world so that all of our grandkids can have true free enterprise. To think that he could have just sold out and made his $ and been done. Its so rare!! Thanks for the Blog Bill.
    Steve Morgan

    1. Steve you are another one of the success stories and you and beth did it at a very young age – what could you tell other young couples out there to help them get to where you guys are?

      1. I would tell them that they are young now and that wont always be the case. You will get older. The thing I would do is get into the personal development info and start living it. The info has changed my life forever.

  174. The only information worth listing to is from someone that knows. I respect the information from people like Bill Lewis because the come from experience and fruit on the tree.

  175. Bill, you and the rest of the Life Team policy council members are great examples of how the Bible describes the way we are suppose to honor Father God by being servant leaders and helping others to have a better life and speaking the truth to others about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that for most of you these attitudes and beliefs did not exist in your lives before joining The Life Team as it didn’t for me as well. I have been a follower of Christ since I was a kid, but I was not a regular church goer. After my wife and I joined The Life Team, and started listing to the information and attending the live events are views on going to church changed. I can’t count how many times I heard Orrin give all the glory to God for everything he has achieved in his life thur this business. The way he gives back to the Life community with his time and passion for helping all of us grow in so many areas of our lives, especially in our faith is priceless. I know he set the example for all of you to be the type of people that you have become in being servant leaders to your Life Teams and strong followers of Christ. My wife and I attend church regularly now and have become members of our church. From all the leadership materials we have been listing to and reading I feel our leadership skills have greatly improved so much so that when our church asked for volenteers to host Life Group meetings we volenteered (It amazes me how the church material and the Life Business material is so much alike). We are currently getting together bi-weekly at our house with 6 to 10 other people who joined our group, and the subject we are discussing is called Getting Ready To Serve, It focuses on how Jesus served and how we need to do the same. Kind of wild how things play out, or I should say how God’s plans play out. We reference a lot of material that we have learned from the Life Team Business in our group discussions. I feel that if we had not joined the Life Team we would not be involved with this. Orrin has been such an influence as well as the rest of the policy council in the direction our life is headed, we can’t thank you all enough. We love being a part of this orgranzation and are looking forward to when we retire from our jobs and can serve more people like all of you. God Bless, Fred and Roxanne Finke

    1. Thats an awesome story – thanks for sharing and glad to hear about becoming members of a church – so what i am hearing is that the Life materials helped you feel more confident about leading and so when they asked for volunteers you felt like you were capable of doing it?

  176. I was recently introduced to the LIFE program, and after reading Bill Lewis”s article to Mr. Orrin I have it set in my mind that I am going to meet him one day soon, truly inspirational. Can hardly wait to see what my future will hold in this community.

  177. Hello Bill,

    And with all the great comments your getting i can see it is rings true for a lot of others . Awsome..
    this information has Helped me Sooooooo much in the Short 1 year journey i have been involved with Team/Life. Having owned my owned Business for about 6 years and then Going thru the devastation of Losing EVERYTHING, about 2.5 years ago. (kinda of a mini T.Marks story) But what is so Awesome now in looking back is that God needed me to clear the slate and point me in a New Direction… Now I have The Honor and the Opportunity to REALLY HELP People and Get paid to do so ,,,,,,, a MILLION THANKS to Orrin n Chris and ALL YOU PC Couples,,,,,, And a SPECIAL THANKS to You Bill n Jackie, Because you guys have Effected my Life Directly, Thru Your AWSOME Shadows in Goshen, In. they are known by the name Chris n Carol Miller.. 🙂
    This SYSTEMATIC Approach to,,,,
    Learning People/Leadership Skills,
    Learning how to BE a Friend to HAVE Friends,,
    Fighting for Freedom ,
    Restoring and Renewing Marriages,
    Teaching Parents how to Love and Leader their children,
    Teaching Financial Freedom and Responsibility,
    Getting Healthier, ,,,, AND Best of All Sharing the TRUTH,,,,,, when I take the time to stop and reflect on this Systematic Predictable Super Highway of Business and Personal Dream Acheivement Pathway,,,, ((((((( If an indidual is Willing to FOLOW the Proccess AND Do Work. )))))))))))))
    When I think on this it is Humbling ,Yet Very Exciting..

    Love Ya`ll,,
    God Bless.


  178. Bill, Me being a melancholy like you, I checked out Orrin a long time ago. What you have written just confirms exactly what I have thought. I love what Orrin stands for. Long ago I said I was going to lead a Revolution to change this country. Imagine my thrill to find a man that agrees with my thinking. A man who can lead a Million people to the Truth and turn this great country of ours around. I will follow a man with Orrin’s character anyday! Thanks,Steve

      1. Bill, the Team stands for everythng I believe in! I am 51 yrs. old, spent 4yrs. in the USN. I love my country! Thought it was great that the Team had Oliver DeMille at a Major. He is another true patriot, I’ve read all his books and can’t wait to read the new one by him and Orrin. I know Orrin has a good heart and intends to make a difference for this Country. I also would love to see my country get back to the way it was founded for my Grandchildren! Many of the books and cd’s that I’ve been encouraged to read and listen to, by yourself and the rest of the policy council, teach a person about past history. This is information that all true patriots should know! I have learned so much since being associated with TEAM. I would just like to say THANK YOU! I will always be a faithful member, Steve

  179. Great article to read after discussing the information age and how credibility is important for any leaders to become successful.

  180. Thank you for the blog post. The Character of Orrin and the Leaders are World Class and have changed thousands of lives for the better.

  181. We have been involved with this organization for close to 5 years now and will be in it for life. The facts you have pointed out Bill about Orrin are spot on. We have seen him lead from the front and do what so few “leaders” in our world today are willing to do and that is LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
    I servered 10 years in the military and believe in everything TEAM stand for. I am honored to be a part of the solution to so many problems that we as a society have created. Through the personal growth education that is provided through the Life business our lives have been forever changed.
    I can say personally that my life now is radically better now than 5 years ago. I meet my beautiful wife here and have the most amazing daughter, I was Baptized in Oct. of 2009, my financial situation is dramatically better, some of our best friends we meet through Team, and I now have the ability to educate people the importance of their FREEDOM and that it is NOT free( I know some who payed the ultimate sacrifice)
    Tonya and Matt Bayne

  182. In a world that is information rich and knowledge poor I find that the truths revealed by fruit bearing individuals and team communities extremely refreshing. The examples found not only in the founders of Life but also in the others working together to achieve excellence. I have often heard in my life span; do as I say, not as I do. However, I have learned that we reproduce what we are; not what we say. And the people being reproduced threw this edifying system of self development is astronomical…. I am grateful to be a part this community. It is such a blessing to get information from people of such success. God bless

  183. Without a doubt the leaders, in particular Orrin Woodward, has shown and is showing us not only the definition of a leader but also role models it for us to follow!

  184. Excellent article Bill, I can’t agree more. It is rare that you find a person today that is willing to take a back seat so other people can succeeed. A true leader is a servant first. People are willing to follow Orrin because they see a servants heart. You can’t hide what comes from the heart. This is one reason My wife and I are proud to be a part of the “LIFE” family. My wife and I saw first hand Orrin and Laurie’s humility when we qualified to go to their house in Florida with many others. They did not have an attitude of “look what we have”. They opened up their house for all to use as though it was their own. They were there to serve their guests first. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for being an example for all of us to follow.

    1. Steve you are correct – they have served many people at their house in Michigan and Florid – dod you ever have a boss or the head of a company invite you stay at their place? Any areas of your life that have been affected by the information?

  185. Bill, this is such a great blog with all the wonderful FACTS about Orrin and all the GREAT comments!!!! All I know is without the Orrin, Laurie and Chris and Terri, Jim and I would still be working and not home enjoying our 4 children!!! I was a hairdresser & Jim was a paramedic (not exactly high end jobs), but it didn’t matter what we did, as long as we were wiling to be students in this! We got out of debt and free from our jobs to be parents!!! If it wasn’t for the system that Orrin and Chris put together we definitely would not have are faith life right and growing everyday! We wouldn’t have the financial thinking we do today or be teaching are kids how to be smart with $. And I know we wouldn’t be raising our kids right in their faith life either!
    We are about to leave on a motorhome road trip as a family, and we are on no set schedule, besides a couple of house plans we have along the way, to be able to share the info that Orrin has created that made us free!!! And we didn’t have to ask anybody for the time off!!! Jim told the kids that he always dreamed as a kid of going on a long road trip in a motorhome but never saw it coming true as a paramedic. So we thank God everyday for Orrin, Chris, and all of you, for the sacrifices you make for the Team, and the shots you have to take sometimes!!!! But we know that Orrin is going to leave the biggest legacy that our history has ever seen!!!!! One of the GREATEST things about Orrin is that he is not only writing best selling books, winning awards & being a leadership guru, he’s actually out sharing this business with people in the living rooms of america still!!! Now that’s the kind of man I want to follow!!! He talks the talk and walks the walk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. THanks for sharing Jenny – you and Jim have had a tremendous amount of success and you have helped people succeed – what can you say is one of the main things that the people who succeed do?

  186. Bill, I would say the main things people do who succeed is, be the best student you can be and apply it!!! Also don’t treat this like a hobby & only do it when it’s convenient! You’ll still get all the great info for life, but if your looking for true freedom, it won’t happen if it’s just a hobby! Just truly commit to your dream and NEVER quit!!! And I think you said it, you help people succeed and in return you succeed. Helping your friends hit their goals is 1 of the best things about this!
    Thanks Jenny

    1. I agree – this will take work, commitment, and changing but when you succeed it is a great feeling – even better is watching your friends succeed – keep being an example for people to follow

  187. Thanks Bill for writing this on Orrin, so many people ask if we’re following the right people this is prefect to have them look at and judge for themselves. It’s great since you know him first hand and behind closed doors to get your view. Thanks for getting this out to others.

  188. Great post Bill!! I didn’t realize how big the IAB award was until I did some research on the IAB. Even with just that award people should realize that Orrin is someone worth following!! Anyways whens your biography coming out!? 😉

  189. I’ve heard many people say, “It’s easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” A valid question. It takes action to get results! Then again, petty actions, with good intentions, can produce undesirable results. Again, it is frequently said, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” So, at least from what I can tell, if you are going to look at someone’s life look at their results, look at their legacy. Not only financially, but in the most important areas like faith, family life, friendship, and following (their ability, and results as a leader.) When you view life, and the life you want, through someonelse’s eyes, then you better understand your own direction, as well as the true nature of whomever you look to. Orrin Woodward is an incredible model of legacy worth sharing. If you are unsure of that look at his legacy.

    1. Alex you just gave me a great thought – Orrin life is on public display so its easy to find out about him but the negative people out there you have no idea who they are – so based on what you said it is very easy to see who you want to follow – Orrins life is on display and the negative people wont even put their name, look at Orrins results, what are their results?

      Alex you are another younger guy what has impacted you the most?

  190. Thank you Bill for these words on Orrin Woodward. I have never known of anyone so set on doing the right thing regardless of the personal cost. Thank you for writing this article to clarify & thank you Orrin Woodward for being a man of true character & principle.


    1. no problem – you are correct in saying that it has cost Orrin and laurie to do the right thing – they will never tell anyone but know enough to know they have paid a big price – thanks for your comments

  191. Orrin is a man of passion, and it is extremely obvious that one of his passions lies in the helping of others improvement, or even better put helping others help others improve. In my steps up to owning my own business’ I can begin to see that two goals ahead of me are 1) improve me, and my leadership. But also 2) improve my teams and their leadership abilities.

    And to be come great you must come face to face with greatness

  192. It is amazing that people decide to not only be negative but to spread negative – are they that bored – do you get paid to be negative, actually some might, that would make sense cause why else would you waste the time unless it was tied to your income – they also act like we dont know what has happened 🙂 its almost comical — anyway what positive things have you seen from being part of TEAM

  193. What an incredible article of who Orrin Woodward really is, by educating the people to know the truth and to maintain the freedoms for generations to come. I am at a loss for words on the difference that Orrin’s LIFE Business has made in my life. I feel blessed to have mentors that are following such a strong leader. As quoted “people of integrity expect to be believed and when they’re not they let time prove them right.

      1. Growing up on a rural Midwest farm in the late 70’s working hard was what I thought to be the key to success. Being an entrepreneur at heart, by the early 90’s was self-employed as an owner-operator in the transportation industry. Applying the hard work theory and some 15 year later I somehow found myself as a co-owner of a transportation company with over 100 employees. Not once was I introduced to any type of leadership development information until a few years ago when Team found me. The interesting part is that I didn’t really understand what the information was at the time it was presented to me, but I sensed the gentleman had passion for what he was presenting and once I listened to an audio I was blown away by the information. Once I understood what leadership was (leading by example instead of managing) and that everything rises and falls on Leadership it has changed my outlook in all areas of LIFE, from financial management to a better understanding of our faith. We’re so Blessed to have such great leaders to follow. Thank You!

      2. if you had that much success without any leadership training, that is really impressive – so to other business owners out there you would say the LIFE information would really help their business?

  194. I think one of the things that I love the most about this community is that everyone is so real. You don’t see anyone hiding behind others, or a facade, or making excuses for why they are where they are in life and how they got there. There are no double meanings, no fine print, no liars that last. Anyone that does try to make excuses or use other people get found out by their results (or lack thereof). In this business you KNOW who is doing the work by the results that they have, and Orrin & Laurie and Bill & Jackie and have some pretty stellar ones!

  195. The shocking truth is that for once in our life, the hype doesn’t live up to the man.
    Not only is that a great saying, it is definitely true of Orrin Woodward. Great post, Bill.

  196. Bill ~ What a fabulous article. You are right that in todays society it is hard to differentiate peoples opinions, which tend to be emotional reactions, from the true facts. Thank you for the truth.

  197. No problem Cori – hopefully people will see that there will always be critics ( doesnt mean they are right ) but there are also a lot of people being blessed by LIFE – these comments will hopefully give people a better understanding – can you tell everyone what you like best about LIFE

  198. Bill,
    First and foremost, I am a proud member of Brian Powers’ Muskeer Team and have been for almost 3 months now. Now, let me address this Orrin guy? Let’s see…what has Orrin Woodward done for me? To keep this short and precise, he’s allowed my cruddy programming to be wiped clean and reformatted with BETTER stuff. And by stuff I mean truthful knowledge and the ability to act upon it! As a leadership mentor (I don’t like the term teacher), this is exactly how I plan to act upon my newfound sense of self:

    My Mission Statement/Manifesto
    I, Jeff Taff, take it upon myself to help restore America’s founding principles through the re-education of “truth and success,” house by house, family by family, student by student…in order to fulfill my destiny. Combining my mind, heart, and will, I am changing this world for the better. I understand that my integrity and character will be challenged along my journey, but my courage to address wrongs in the face of fear shall always prevail. I vow to remain positive in my attitude toward my quest for truth. No excuse shall be made as failure is simply not an option. I expect, and will accomplish this goal, leading to a “Refor-vival-sance” in America, and leaving this world a better place than when I entered. This is my purpose, my mission in life, and it will be…my lasting legacy!

    Thank you so much Mr. Woodward. You truly are a leader among all leaders in this world of ours. Thanks!

      1. Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back with you regarding my comment. Anyway, to answer your question…NO! I did not have anything clearly written down and defined for myself before creating TEAM and LIFE. To be honest, I always felt lost and like nothing was “right” for me out there…but then I fell into this! And what a blessing it has been! Thanks a bunch Bill and you take care.

  199. Well put Bill. For the time I’ve been associated with The Team, Orrin has done everything he said he would do. Not only that, but The information and council I have received through cd’s, books and personally have contributed to my family getting free from consumer debt and saving my marriage. I believe that the true test of a persons character is not so much how he lives, though that is very important, but how those who follow him live. Thanks for continuing the pattern for us that you have learned from Orrin.

    1. no problem – thanks for the comments – your extended family has been affected by the LIfe information also – how has the info affected your entire family?

    1. thank you for the comment – in what way do you see this information helping people that are in the church?

  200. Hey Bill,in Iron Mtn Mich (folks are hungry in small towns too) just finished reading through the comments on your post about Orrin. And I just finished reading Orrin’s most recent post on Andrew Jackson’s Courage. Kinda seems like our nation is in the very same place now with healthcare. It no longer ceases to amaze me about how mis-informed our entire nation is about so many things. And then the thinking the solution should be up to someone else. The things that have restored my hope are the comments that everyone is leaving defending Orrin’s actions and his vision to restore our nations biblical principles. Have a safe 4th Holiday and we all remember what the day is celebrated for. Men and women died so that we all continue to have a FREE America. I am in the fight for FREEDOM my friend. bp

    1. brian wait until you read Orrin new book that he co authored with Oliver – it is amazing and will for sure be a best seller – Brian you aren’t a spring chicken anymore 🙂 but you build this business like you are in your twenties, what can you say to someone that is a little older and likes the idea but is worried about age?

  201. Bill, this is such an awesome post and so needed right now! The more truth that can be shared about Orrin, the better chance a new person has at joining the community and changing their life. I have always had a hard time trusting people but knowing the quality of people Orrin and Laurie are I trust them more than my own blood relatives.Thank you for being a leader worth following.

    1. i agree, they are that trustworthy – what did you see that allowed you to start trusting people again

      1. Great question! I experienced men and women who didn’t hardly know me start to serve and care about me right where I was at. I was never judged and I never felt inferior because of my age and my background. Any personal conversations I would have stayed personal between me and that mentor – which is rare to find in a gossip filled society. Sometimes in the beginning it feels too good to be true, but then in time the speed of trust trumps all logic. I owe so much to Dave Chatmon, George and Jill and Orrin and Laurie. They truly have opened my heart to trusting people again. My prayer is that i develop hundreds and soon to be thousands of trusting relationships within my own community by following their example and also yours Bill. Thanks for your leadership!

  202. Great Blog Bill!
    The title did a super job of stopping my eyes. Then the respect and truth that unfolded was easily noted.
    Orrin Woodward and each you, the LIFE Founders, have an ability to demonstrate the actions & words so many people need in a world that has lost a firm grasp of what it means to lead with character and humility.
    Thanks for being the examples needed, and expressing your perspective so the rest of the world can learn from it.

  203. Here’s a link to the IAB about page. There’s a couple things that stood out to me about this company that made me think this is no small thing. One is that it costs a couple hundred to get involved so that meens that not just any average person gets involved and also the vice president of the united states wrote them a letter to thank them for there work and to keep it up. Oh and Steve Jobs got there technology award last year.

  204. Orrin Woodward is the REAL DEAL! Where others leave off he is just getting started. I believe his name will appear in history along side those of the founding fathers for leading a revolution that restores this great country.

    1. you are correct – i just finished reading Orrin’s new book and it is amazing! it may go down as the book that saves America – is there one quality that you like the most ?

  205. Bill, Orrin is the biggest vissionary I have seen since Ronald Reagan. Our country needs more like him. The information the LIFE Team has provided to our family has helped us in all 8 F’s. I would say specifically the Maximize your Finances Pack is the one pack that is the most obvious to the outside world. In addition, the information that my kids (7 and 16) have been able to listen has definitely changed them both. My 16 year old is listening as I type this.

    P.S. You and Jason Tingley were awesome last night. We had someone in the audience who got to see you up close last night and he was raving about you (in a good way) and your message. jason T. was awesome as he alway is as well.

      1. Yes most definitely. If you realize you are in debt, that means your thinking got you to that point, and you need other information to get you out of the mess. The investment in the Finance Pack will definitely pay huge dividends, and the knowledge compounds. If my kids can learn these lessons, maybe they will never be in the same mess that I was in at one time.

      2. thats great to hear and your right about the best thing about this information is now people will pass it onto their kids