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Here is an update  One of the points that I love about free enterprise is the ability to serve customers and produce results. Businesses thrive when legitimate customer needs are satisfied.  All the rhetoric for a business is worthless, if the customers are not being served. Similarly, all the rhetoric against a business is worthless, if the customers are being served.

The LIFE TEAM is passing the customer’s test. In fact, based upon the first month’s data, LIFE has received a huge validation of its business plan. From the customer’s perspective, there is finally a company that provides world-class monthly leadership materials at a price that anyone can afford, especially with its three for free program.

The TEAM community has been serving leadership communities in network marketing since 1999. As part of our training, we created a CD of the week program, quickly establishing ourselves as the top community building organization in the US market. By 2000, we routinely hosted major functions with thousands of people in attendance. Indeed, many of the top leaders within network marketing have benchmarked our processes and systems to improve the leadership culture within their communities.

However, even with this solid foundation, nothing could have prepared me for LIFE’s launch. In its first 30 days, LIFE added over 4,000 new leadership subscribers! I’m not talking about sign-ups here, I am referring to people who signed up for our monthly subscription program. Let me explain the magnitude of these numbers. The LIFE business, in other words, has added more new CD and book subscribers in its first month than the TEAM community added in its best year!

Remember the saying, “In God we trust, all others must have data”? This data confirms something the LIFE founders believed in their hearts – that high-quality, low priced, monthly leadership information is a huge customer need in this intensely competitive marketplace.

However, don’t take my word for it. Try the products for yourself. Over 800 customers, people not involved in the LIFE business are enjoying the leadership information. Most of these customers sold themselves by listening to the leadership materials, eventually requesting a monthly subscription. That is the beauty of the model, members do not have to convince customers against their wills. Instead, members only have to provide the customers an opportunity to hear the life-changing information for themselves.

I want to congratulate all of the new pin winners for the month. So many amazing stories of growth and depth happening across the LIFE TEAM communities. With so much growth, there are more people receiving checks and progressing towards their dreams this month than ever before in the history of the TEAM’s community building endeavors. This can only happen when opportunity and preparedness meet.

One success story that I have witnessed first hand is my yacht captain, Bill Howard. Bill has been part of the TEAM community since 2005. In that time, he read and listened, changing himself from the inside out. Many criticized him, thinking him crazy to believe he could ever lead his own community. However, Bill understood that private achievements precede public ones and even though he wasn’t making big money, he was making big changes. In other words, Bill got himself right; the LIFE TEAM business got the opportunity right; and success was the result. Bill powered over the 50% level in his first month of LIFE, which means his bonus check will be nearly ten times higher than any check he has received in network marketing career. Oh, and by the way, he did this completely without my day to day involvement. In fact, I didn’t show a single plan for him, as he was fully capable of  building his own business thanks to the leadership training. All I can say is congratulations to a job well done!

In life, people are either part of the solution of part of the problem. The LIFE Founders have vowed to be part of the solution. Although governments think they can solve people’s problems by offering handouts, God utilizes a different method. God allows us to get in over our heads, so that He can teach us how to swim by faith. Unfortunately, many times this process is interrupted by well-intentioned people who throw life-jackets in the middle of God’s swimming lessons. I refused to throw Captain Bill Howard a life-jacket, for I knew that God was in the process of developing another champion swimmer. Captain Bill’s leadership community never threw him a lifejacket, for he was capable of swimming, but they did provide him with the encouragement, CDs, and books that changed his thinking, thus his life.

Don’t misread me, I am all for saving a drowning person. However, more often than not, we save a person who is fully capable of swimming with the right training. When we do this, we not only do not help, but are actually take away a person’s dignity and respect, communicating to them that they are not capable of swimming without us. How can a person become a producer in society when he hasn’t developed the ability to swim on his own? LIFE is teaching the leadership skills needed to let go of the life-jackets and start to swim. Western Civilization needs men and women who will swim against the currents of despair currently sinking our society. LIFE is our opportunity to restore our great countries, offering a hand-up, not a handout.

The LIFE business has a goal to change the world one person at a time. We understand that no change is possible until a person is ready. Our goal then, is to have the life-changing information ready when he or she is ready. Are you ready to confront and grow, becoming the leader you deserve to be? If so, then perhaps the LIFE TEAM is worth checking out. Listen to the CDs and read the books for yourself. This may be the opportunity you have been praying for. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

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  1. LOVE THIS POST BILL!!! Thank you for sharing. There are so many principles to learn from this and I feel so blessed and proud to say that the LIFE business is who I am and what I do. Thanks for serving and being a leader worth following! God Bless!

  2. Couldn’t agree more how Life materials are powerful to anyone open to change, coming from a quiet, low confidence, shy person. These materials have created a new man, confident, full of self- worth and that personal success is possible to those who believe in His name . Like it is said we will offer a hand-up, not a handout to those who want to confront and grow.
    God Bless

  3. Don’t settle for what you can do….let God and correct resources take you through what you thought you could Not do! This business has helped build our Faith to trust God for the things we cannot do alone….don’t be afraid to give it a try! It has been worth it….and continues to be worth it as we strive to serve others daily! The monthly subscriptions are waiting patiently for you to make that change….sure glad we did!

  4. Great post Bill, thanks for the update. Looking forward to the major leadership function later this month, and all the information & speakers.

  5. This is a true testament to the leadership information and the LIFE TEAM opportunity…internal growth = external glow.

  6. Thanks for the update Bill. Great information, we enjoy our books and CD’s each month. Looking forward to the Major Function in a few weeks.

  7. I love everything you said Bill, and couldn’t agree more with your life jacket concept. I have been exposed to the leadership material through my family for quite a few years now, and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. Time and time again, I have received different comments about the ‘unique and refreshing’ approach I take to challenges, and every time I accredit the amazing information i was shown through this system. Where else could a college student afford such amazing information.

  8. Bill,
    Great repost. Sherry and I have met Capt Bill on several occasions, and we could not agree with Orrin more. Capt Bill is an amazing man and the picture product of the Team Life program. He always makes us feel great when we see him and he calls us by name.
    BP n Sherry

  9. The life cds have helped me confront and tackle issues that I would not have otherwise even acknowledged were there.

  10. Thank you so much Orrin and LifeTeam! Pat and I have grown together and separately through the information we receive with our subscription to Life. We look forward to where we are going and also where we can help others grow

  11. I love this. I whole heartedly agree with the hand up not a hand out. People don’t see the damage they do when they give others handouts instead of handups. All you have to do is look at most kids that are going to college these days. It is rare to find a kid that can do his own laundry, keep track of his finances, and hold a job for more than 6 months. That’s because most parents (not all) have always done everything for this generation. They have always received a handout. Now look at what has been created. There is no respect for hard work anymore. These kids have never worked a hard day in their lives. They don’t understand money because they have never had to work for it. So now that they are on their own, with no parents to give them handouts and they are all grown. Now they turn to the government to give the handouts. So starts the fall of our nation. How sad. Thank GOD for LIFE and its founders to set a foundation to fix what is broken. To stand and fight to give others a hand up, not a hand out. Thank GOD that they understand the word of GOD and are willing to fight through are corrupt world today to shine light on a better tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so wonderful, so right, and so inspiring? I am so proud to be a part of Team/LIFE, because only here I Know I will change the world. By first changing myself to be who God wants me to be. To him goes all the glory.
    Chantel Taff

  12. When we entered mission work, we were able to take 9 months of intensive personal growth training. Marriage, parenting, teamwork, etc. were all covered. We grew so much! Many times we’ve wished we could repeat the training or make it available to every couple.
    LIFE is like a continuation of that training only better! It’s accessible anytime, anywhere, to anyone.
    We haven’t seen this speed of personal growth in ourselves since we were taking 9 months of full-time personal training.

  13. Great post! What a great example of so many success principles just in one story. Go Captain Bill, Go!

  14. Great article as everyone should know the truth about what a great person Orrin is and what he is really trying to do. Stand up America and smell the roses

  15. Bill,
    Awesome post . We know Capt Bill is an outstanding person from personal experience. Every time we have been with him, he makes us feel special. We have also been partners with Orrin, Chris and yourself for over 10 years. Every time we are together, we learn something new about our future and the future of our grandchildren. Thank you and Jackie for standing strong.
    Love You Buddy

  16. The changes my wife and I are experiencing attest to what you are saying! It amazes me how much this business reveals you. I’ve owned my own business for nearly 20 years, and have never faced many of the “giants” as Bill calls them. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone should check this out for themselves.

  17. Bill, Great Post! This is so true. Many poeple haven’t been given the chance to go out and do stuff on their own. By allowing people to learn and do things on their own, especially using the Training System, people are then able to build, as Tim Marks described in his recent blog post, “Mental Toughness”. Thank you Bill for posting this letter.

    In The Hunt,

    Jeremy Pethke

  18. Amazing information on how powerful the Life Team business is and the changes that can encompass ones life. I am truely grateful for this business and for what it is and has done for me and my family. I look forward to my continued growth and sharing with others. Thank you Life Team!

  19. Great article< I love the analogy of helping people swim versus throughing them a life jacket. I believe people want that victory they just need some encouragement and the tools to help them get there.

  20. Bill,
    What an awesome testament to the LIFE business. It reaffirms for me that I may have to let go of the life-jackets society tosses to me. Now that I think about it, no matter how often I let go, another one shows up and once I grab one, it takes a while for me to realize I don’t need it. This makes me wonder if this happens to other folks who, if not reminded that they have the ability to swim, might simply decide to keep the jacket out of convenience. The act of breeding dependence into society seems to be a recurring theme over the last couple decades. I will be more vigilant in my personal life.
    Thanks for taking the time to remind us that a little effort to swim on our own can be so gratifying.
    Ward Regards and God Bless!
    Jim Croyle

  21. Hey Bill,

    Thanks sooooo much!!! It’s happening. The world is being changed one living room at a time. Thanks to great information and incredible leaders like yourself and so many others. Great stuff!!!

  22. As I have been part of life and team. I have changed and grown in many ways. I have read more book and lison to soooo many CDs. I have a better and more positive outlook on life. I am working on helping others to do the same.. I keep saying build it they will come. One day it will all happen and then I will look back and say remember when.. This is life changing information..

  23. Great Post Bill,

    I have also seen great change in people’s lives and it is encouraging to see how quickly people can experience improvement in their lives when presented the right material in the right environment. When I say right environment I mean a community group that is positive and non-judgmental.

    As far as Orrin’s Yacht Captain, Captain Bill – I have witnessed the progress of Bill’s growth as a person and it is a testimony to the quality of the LIFE opportunity. It has to be rewarding for Orrin to see the positive impact on Bill’s life and is proof that this stuff works!

  24. wonderful posting. Life and MFC has already changed my thinking. Small course changes to keep me on a straighter heading toward my future. Thanks Bill

  25. Ideas truly do have consequences. Thanks to the LIFE education system those ideas are producing positive changes in people’s lives.

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