22 thoughts on “Humans :)”

  1. Bill, you know that if someone were to address this deer crossing in Michigan, my Impala would have it’s original front end. Just sayin. I think it’s the DNRs responsibility to teach those deer to cross somewhere too….

  2. Hilarious. I don’t like that the deer sometimes cross the opposite direction than the deer on the sign are facing. I’m looking right because of the sign and then they come from the left 😉

  3. I’ve heard this a few times it never ceases to make laugh. There is another one out there it is a classified add. I am paraphrasing, Hunters don’t need to inhumanely kill animals because they can get it at the grocery store where it is grown. Thanks for the smile much needed

  4. I actually use this in my driver’s ed class! There is a follow up interview with this lady after she has come to the proper understanding o th purpose of these signs. Both are hillarious. Thanks for sharing a smile!

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