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In November of 2012, Life Leadership  completed its first year of operation. I wanted to wait a few months to post because I knew additional feedback would come in. To say we got off to a good start would be an understatement. We had a fantastic first year! Just like anything else in life, there were many challenges and changes along the path of the first year, but we have an amazing group of founders that are leading the charge. What’s unique about the LIFE business is the founders are also the leaders in the field. They are actually teaching what they know from first-hand experience.



First Year Results:

1. The LIFE business surpassed a 100% increase in subscriptions of the LIFE and LLR Series in under one year of business.

2. The LIFE business launched the Mental Fitness Challenge and sold thousands of 90-day challenges throughout North America.

3. The LIFE business paid out over $1,800,000 in end-of-year bonuses and free trips its first year.

4. The LIFE business paid out over 70% bonuses on its product volume points in its first year of business.

5. Rob Hallstrand, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TEAM and a LIFE founder, coordinated operations for both companies, and combined sales blew past $50,000,000 (with LIFE leading the charge) from the Flint, Michigan, based office.

6. Team training produced its best operating margins ever (of which 100% of profits flowed back to field trainers) as Mr. Hallstrand continued his dramatic turnaround of Team operations. In fact, employee cost-per-profit-dollar has decreased over six times in his three years as COO, leading to increased bonuses for field trainers and office staff—a truly stunning performance.

7. Customers composed nearly 20% of total LIFE business subscriptions in the first year. Considering new members have six months to learn how to develop customers, this number will only grow as members complete training. What other community building business hits 20% customer subscriptions in its first year?

8. The LIFE business launched the Edge Series for youth and has added thousands of satisfied families in LIFE’s first year.

9. The AGO Series donates 100% of its profits to charities.

10. We added the 3 for Free Program to help develop a strong customer base.

11. The One-Time Cash Awards were increased.


The Life Business / Life Leadership: What Is It?

All people will be called upon to lead at some point (and usually at several points) in their lives. The only question is: Will they be ready?

The life business launched with the purpose of providing world-class leadership materials to business executives, entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, pastors, church leaders, administrators, community service leaders, public servants, teachers, parents, and all those who will find themselves in the position to lead. When it gets right down to it, leadership is for everyone. Nobody will be able to make it through life without needing to draw upon the toolbox of leadership skills. Sadly, many people lack these tools and therefore get to live with the consequences of being ill-equipped. These consequences include missed opportunities, unfulfilled career aspirations, financial woes, and broken relationships.

LIFE is for those who earnestly seek a better life, are interested in the strenuous process of personal growth, are driven to succeed in significant ways, and are committed to a life of excellence for a higher purpose.

Our Point of View: You can live the life you’ve always wanted. We believe it requires correct information applied with discipline, consistency, and purpose over time and the support and encouragement of a community of people aligned in a common purpose.

Our Purpose: LIFE seeks to provide the information, encouragement, opportunity, and community necessary to individuals who are hungry to live a life that counts!

We don’t know what we don’t know, and we’ve forgotten some of what we did know. But we know what we didn’t used to know, and we’ll help you learn it, too!

 The Life Business / Life Leadership: What Are Others Saying?

To me, the best way to learn about something is to talk to the people that are involved. Please click the link I have attached below to hear personal testimonies from people who have used the LIFE materials.

The Life Business testimonials : Life Leadership

Bill Lewis


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  1. Living Intentionaly For Excellence sums it up. Intentional is not by accident and the LIFE business is here to change the world. Thanks for the chance to be a part of something so big and be able to grow personally.


  2. Bill,
    I thank GOD every day that he brought you into my life. My greatest excitement over this first year in LIFE is that Theresa Buggia from the Musketeer Team Leaders was one of the very first leaders to go on an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica with her two adult children. They will remember that for the rest of their lives. Onward to a million

    1. Brian you were successful in the DNR dept and yet you chose the life business – tell the readers why and what results have you seen from the business – and can older guys do it?

      1. Bill,
        Honestly the drawn out 45 year plan got my attention. We were struggling to make ends meet, even with a almost 20 year State Govt Job at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job but truth is truth. It’s what we did not see then, that most people today do not see today either. The LIFE Business and its founders have created a truthful education program to share people that will provide them choices for a better future for themselves and their children. Our hearts bleed for the future of our youth. Sometimes people avoid the truth, because they have no belief in themselves. I am so excited to be playing a small part in the restoration of our morals and principles that this great nation was founded on. We can save our nation, we will save our nation and I know its going to be a battle. Every forest fire I ever fought all around our nation and Canada, was a battle to save lives and property. Today we stand in the line of fire, fighting off a very different enemy fire enemy. A male adult nation that excepts responsibility to do what God has created them to do. Everyone knows there are truths. Defending them is the battle. Awaiting your thoughts!!!
        God Bless you and all the Founding Fathers of the LIFE Company
        I Love you Brother
        BP. . .

  3. The Life Business has changed my life. I have bettered my relationship with my boyfriend and my daughter. I can not wait to help other to do the same..

    Thank you

  4. What a great first year! And it’s amazing to see how much the LIFE products have made such huge changes in peoples’ lives! The testimonials are awesome!

  5. Well said Bill. It has certainly been a great first year and I am proud to have been able to see every step of it. One of the big things that I am glad you hit on was that our leaders make their money the exact same way that the community does. Too many times in corporate America do we have someone too far “above” everyone else making decisions. And often without really knowing what’s going on. So great job to all of the PC for showing us what it truly means to be there for one another to be a good neighbor. God bless us all!

    1. Steve you and Beth were able to leave your jobs in your early 20’s!!! Anyone reading this article what would you say to them about the life business results?

  6. This is a rock solid first year. If LIFE can start with such an AMAZING start it is encouraging to see what year 2 and beyond will look like. Thanks Bill and all the LIFE founders for caring enough to give this business away to the hungry.

  7. WOW BILL!! You have really done a great job adding up a lot of the great aspects of the the Life business . For Myself I have been job free for well over a year now due to the Life business. I read all this and it’s an amazing track record but it doesn’t touch the feeling of freedom. I highly recommend everybody to get involved and give it their all and enjoy their life!!!

  8. This is a huge deal. The Life Business has done more in its first year than most companies ever dream of doing in there entire existence. I am excited to be a part of what will happen this year.

  9. That’s awesome Bill!!! This truly is the best leadership development system out there, and the best business opportunity for anyone that is looking for a different path in life!! Awesome post!!

    1. Lavern you guys are on the verge of a major success with Life – why did you pick the Life business and what results have you seen so far?

  10. Being on the receiving end of some of that growth, I cannot express enough how awesome it is to see a company go WAY out of their way to provide such world class service to its customers and members. Red Carpet treatment! Amazing. Thank you for being one of the minds behind that, Bill! You and your lovely bride Jackie are truly World Class, as is the LIFE business. My family and I will be leaving for DISNEY WORLD in a few weeks and our future is looking brighter that it has ever thanks to you the LIFE business.

    Honor, Valor & Humility.
    Today’s The Day!

  11. Great post Bill! Hats off to you and Jackie for unselfishly leading the charge. Your example and life story have changed our lives and we want to pay that forward to anyone willing to listen. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Matt you and Michelle have achieved a success level that most people would love to get to. Yet you decided to build the Life business. what results have you seen and why did you choose life?

  12. Thank you for sharing this Bill. It is important to recognize why we are out in the field moving this cause forward. Sometime I lose sight of that and this post brought me right back in. Thank you founders for leading the charge!

  13. A short period of time with the LIFE information has made a much bigger impact, and brought more success principles to our families lives than 15 years of schooling. Thank you for looking for, and providing these principles to help us live a life that counts like you said in our purpose!

  14. Great first year Bill! Thanks for detailing these fantastic accomplishments. LIFE is definitely in a groove as a result of our first year learning. 2013 is starting out even better!

  15. So fun to read thru these stats. Amazing all on its own! Just imagine if we could gather the stats of marriages saved, attitudes improved, emotional quotients increased, financial wisdom gained and applied, addictions beat, kids given hope, freedom achieved, corporate cultures transformed, faith gained… Just to name a few.
    The impact of this organization is priceless. It’s great to see the business results following right along.

  16. So glad the founders and their families had the courage to step up and start the change that this country needs. We’re so blessed to be part if this wonderful business, changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you is not enough

    1. Breanne – can you give the people some insight into how you were made for the business 🙂 tell them a little about your background and whats about to happen for your family

  17. LIFE helps in so many wany ways! The way it helps people focus their mental strengths. and help fix their weakness is unmatched! Because when you work on the positive within you the negative gets less,Results are better relationships and better future! You are then in control of your life!

  18. Great post Bill! LIFE is such an amazing opportunity! Being involved with LIFE has provided much more than corporate America or being self-employed could ever accomplish. Thanks to all the founders of LIFE for the chance to change our lives and pass it on to others!

  19. Truly awesome to be part of something that is going to change so many individuals, families, communities and eventually countries. Thanks for all you do Bill.


  20. What an awesome opportunity for personal and community growth! The results show it is more than just a possibility, but a reality in peoples life. Thanks for leading the charge LIFE founders!

  21. Ray Kroc: System,
    Sam Walton: Distrubution, all indepentantly
    Bill Gates: Information,

    The FOUNDERS of LIFE legacy, the union of all three (system,distrubution,information) with a process that changes lives. and will change our country, so thankful for the leadership..

  22. Bill, the LIFE business has changed my and my family’s lives. Having financial freedom was something I would have never accomplished without this opportunity. Bringing my wife home from her engineering job and me being able to close my excavating company allowed us the freedom to be Mom & Dad full time to our twin boys! Thanks to you and the LIFE founders!

  23. Bill, the LIFE business has truly been a blessing to Rick and I. Our marriage was on the rocks and our finances were sooo bad that if LIFE hadn’t come into our life we probably would of filed bankruptcy an not sure where our marriage would be today . So many great things have come out of being involved in business – I’ve become job optional an our debt has gone down 160,000 plus from stuff we learned in material and the freedom from punching a time clock is so awesome . Another really big thing is I was so introverted an actually a hermet that to get around people and TRUST people again was a big issue for me – I had a wall built up from my toes to the sky and wouldn’t let in anyone in my heart – but the leaders and community in LIFE gave me hope that there is good honest , have your back kind of people. Also our faith in The Lord has grown so much too. This has totally changed our life in so many ways. Thank you guys an all pc for paving the way. God bless

  24. Great stats with the first year! This is something that everyone should be a part of. Where you marry life changing information with life changing association. No wonder so many people are getting incredible results! Thanks for the post! Keep them coming!

  25. Great post Bill. Thank you so much for all of your hard work along with the other founders to make this business possible. It is truly amazing to be plugged into such a incredible community of people who are striving for excellence. I’m so excited as to whats going to happen in 2013. It is going to be a phenomenal year for LIFE. Thanks for leading the way.

  26. Thank you, Bill, for your role as a leader in the LIFE business and your continued pursuit to spread knowledge of leadership principles to the masses…and in a cost effective manner! The information that I’ve received through this business has strengthened my relationship with my husband, made me a better parent and friend, increased my self-esteem, but most of all, has made it possible for my husband, who once traveled 90% of the time for work, to be home with his family! The first year was great, but this next year is going to phenomenal!

  27. Thanks Bill, I can’t really explain why we picked life, I wasn’t sure about the whole thing till I went to a live event in battlecreek mi and you did a talk about us men and how we need to release the lion inside of us:-) After that talk and meeting all those people that were so Vision and purpose focused with such an awesome pay plan for something that we should do anyway(work on ourselves ) it just made sense, now for the first time in our lives we feel like we are doing what God intended for us, helping people and changing the label of our family forever!!!!! Thanks for all you guys do for the team!!

  28. Thanks Bill for the recap on a great first year! It is so great to be a part of something special! A big highlight of the year was the all expense paid trip to Disney that was made possible because of the Life business! It was amazing! Thanks for all you and Jackie do!

  29. LIFE , started out with a bang, can’t wait to see what the future holds. Many, many more people becoming better people, and many more leaders gaining their freedom. Thanks to all the PC for your leadership.

  30. LIFE started out with a bang, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Many many more people, becoming better people. Many more leaders gaining their freedom. Thanks to all the PC for your leadership.

  31. Bill,
    The LIFE business is nothing short of amazing!
    It has changed my life and it fills me with hope!
    The stats you share are incredible! …and we are just getting started! Thank you Bill and the PC for having the vision to do something great and for doing it with excellence and courage!
    Phil 1:3

  32. This year has been the best year we have ever had thanks to the hard work and effort of the Policy council members and the Round Table members. The level of information that comes from this amazing group of leaders I feel is the best in the Industry ever. Never before has a personal development group offered the level of leadership information provided here with a business to apply it to to generate additional income at what ever level you choose to attain. Semper Fi my friend.

  33. Thank you for sharing this Bill. So amazing what LIFE offers both members and customers. Everyone I meet I always tell them that if building a business isn’t for you the information most certainly is.

  34. Bill! Fired up with all the stats on Life’s first year accomplishments! We are so excited and honored to be part of a business that is constantly thinking of ways to better the lives of those involved! Thanks so much to you and Jackie and to the entire PC for leading us in every way! You have inspired so many and we are honored to be in the fight with you! God bless! Thanks for sharing all the amazing milestones of year 1! To one million!
    Sharon and Tony Hoffman

  35. LIFE is a business that I feel honored and proud to be a part of, it blesses people’s lives and helps
    us become the best version of ourselves. The ripple effects of this into the lives around us are endless. God bless the men and women who had to seed of this in their heart and nurtured it into fruition. I am eternally grateful!

  36. Life is making a difference throughout North America one family at a time. With those 1st year results, if you’re looking for change in your personal results in any of the 8 F’s,,, you found it. The best part in building communities is seeing Hope in someones eyes with results to prove what Life can offer. Keep leading the charge Bill.

  37. Amazing post, continually exceeding the caliber we’ve come to expect from our leaders in the LIFE business! Since joining with TEAM and LIFE, my relationships with my family have deepened and the level of understanding I now have of others, thanks to the system and the people I’m blessed to work with, has reached new heights! Not to mention that applying the leadership principles at my conventional job earned a promotion, which nearly doubled my income. 🙂 The income, though, is merely a bonus on top of the friendships I’m blessed with now. Thanks to all the leaders in this business, especially to Bill and Jackie Lewis, for continuing to set the right example!

  38. Thanks Bill, the Life Business has changed our entire familys way of thinking and outlook onto the future. I only wish that someone had shown this business to me twenty years ago. I’m so glad that someone has had the courage to put together such a great Life changing Business, and educational system.

  39. Laying out everything that LIFE has accomplished in the first year tells me that people are hungry to change. The only thing that determine how big this company will be is time! Lets go and tell all!

  40. We are so glad to be apart of such a class company. A company which we can be proud to introduce others to, all the while having total confidence in our leadership.

  41. Bill because of Team Life Dolores and I was able to leave our jobs nine and a half YEARS ago. It’s scary to even think of where I would be if we were not introduced to this. I will never forget you being there in the super stretch hummer limo that picked me up on my last day of being a master plumber for 15 years!! These results that you posted here are way better now then when we got started on September 14, 2001 thanks for playing a role in helping launch LIFE and going to millions of people. LT-IT

  42. It’s almost breath taking when you sit back and reflect on the first year, but yet the statement ‘what did you expect’ keeps ringing in my mind. We have the right leadership, right timing, and right product to help people live the life they always wanted! To God goes the glory!! Great article!!

    1. Thx for rerply Tim. You guys are making a big difference in a lot of peoples lives and are about to be rewarded big time!

  43. Bill,
    Thanks for posting this great article. The LIFE business has been a huge blessing in our lives. We are truly blessed to have the people in this business in our life. If it wasn’t for people like yourself pushing through adversity and overcoming I get chills thinking where we would be today. Because you chose to reach out and make a difference it led to our great friends and mentors, Jim and Dolores Martin being placed into our lives. They have helped us through alot. Thank you for going that extra mile and becoming who you are.

    Brian and Gayle Sommers

    1. I agree. If Mark didnt talk to me about this my life would look very different right now. This at least gives people a chance to be better and grow financially.

  44. “Helping others get what they want so you can get what you want.” This quote from Lana Hamilton sums up the business. We help and care about each other! A total oxymoron from what the doubters mock and sadly missunderstand. On to one million!!

    1. Thx for your reply. The funny part is some people dont get that. In life you literally have to help people to grow your group.

  45. The Life business has truly made a difference in my relationships and my work life. I appreciate all that the founders have done. Thank you.

  46. Bill,
    Great post. I love reading the first year results, they are amazing! My initial lure to this business was finances but shortly after being involved I realized how life changing the information was. Furthermore I realized that our market in this business was literally 100% of people, from young kids to senior citizens. With a little work ethic and personal change the ripple effect would influence millions of people, that is exciting. Thanks for your example of discipline and leadership.

  47. It is always a great way to frame the ‘forest despite the trees’ to look back at a year at a glance…and what an amazing glance!!! Cant wait for year 2, 3, 4, 5!!!! LIFE and its leaders are off and running! Also, thank you Bill Lewis for your personal commitment and sacrifice. Your love and leadership are shining examples for all of us! God bless, kb

    1. Kirk your family has had some amazing results from LIFE. Can you give our readers a little info on your background and the results you have accomplished.

  48. LIFE will be a common household name across America! So excited about what the business has done in just one year!

  49. As I see LIFE grow, I continue to be amazed of how this `Life Changing Information` has changed my life and those of others. I have followed Jesus Christ for many years, but there is no where else one can learn this Biblical based leadership training as well as LIFE presents for ALL areas of life! LIFE is the total package!

  50. Bill, the things you and Jackie and the rest of the LIFE founders have done are amazing. I truly dont know where our family would be without this information! The leadership we are taught needs to be world wide. The reason for LIFE!!! We will continue to follow the example you and the Spiewaks exemplify on a daily basis!

  51. This business is AMAZING!! Where else can you find the vehicle, tools and community to help anyone live the LIFE they always wanted? LIFE=changed lives!!

  52. Thanks for the great post! Life changing info for sure! Definitely something for everyone. Only the greatest thing out there! “We fell in with some guys”… Very honored to be under your and the rest of the p.c.’s leadership!

  53. Thanks Bill! After getting the chance to meet you a few times it is obvious to see that your heart’s in the right place as well as all the other LIFE founders!
    Your example has left a mark on my life and I am more excited now more than ever to apply the principles thought through LIFE and TEAM. Keep leading the way brother!

    1. Thank you. We try our best. We are human and will make mistakes but we truly love seeing people use the life business and materials to grow themselves.

  54. Bill, thank you so much for sharing this post. It is very exciting to see all of the results that were produced in the first your LIFE. The testimonials speak even louder than the statistics …. what the founders have put together is absolutely life changing for all who embrace it. Thank you!!

    1. The testimonials is the best part to me. If that is the worst case scenario of what can happen to people that use the life business, then thats pretty good.

  55. Great post Bill, I am absolutely amazed how much this Life Business opportunity has helped us in just on year!!! I am so exited to see what the next 5 yrs will bring!!! And not just the financial aspect ( although that plays a big part to our families’ independence ) but also the personal growth and the impact this will have on our country!!! Thank you for everything you and Jackie do for us and the rest of The Team!!!

    1. Thx for the reply. If all that happened in the first year when we were learning what to do it will great to see what can happen when we are in a groove.

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