Success requires Bozos

If you’re a person who is striving to succeed, then you must click the link on The Life Business Founder -Chris Brady, and read his latest post.  He does a great job explaining what will happen when you strive for excellence.  Anyone who is on the road to success will run into the bozos of life.  You must know that they are part of the process of success.  I have encountered so many during my lifetime simply because I was a dreamer.  What you have to understand is that dreamers and non-dreamers will never view the world the same.  It’s like putting a die hard Michigan fan and a die hard Ohio State fan in a room together and tell them to discuss football.  They will not come out as friends.  They just see the world differently.  It’s the same when you are willing to strive for success and others aren’t.  There’s nothing wrong with you, or them for that matter, you just see the world differently.  Surround yourself with other dreamers who will fuel your belief and you will make it and ………”if you fail, at least you fail while daring greatly.  So that this place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”  Theodore Roosevelt

Bill Lewis

8 thoughts on “Success requires Bozos”

  1. Thanks to great mentorship from leaders like yourself and the Radosa’s dealing with the bozos is much easier! Thanks for all you do for your friends Bill!

  2. Great Theodore Roosevelt reference. Bill, you are a rock-star! Can’t wait too talk with you at Policy Council meetings.

  3. Thank you for the share/post, Bill. The analogy of the UM & OSU fans is a terrific one, as I can easily relate, and am sure many many others can too 😉 I have now trained my elephant (and ant) via Resolution 6, to not live vicariously through others’ victories – a la watching sports and not chasing my own dreams and W’s – yet, how many haven’t yet flipped that switch? Quite a few. Why our culture doesn’t edify dreaming big after one gets to be an older teen is often difficult to understand — am so fortunate that the self-directed education model brought it back in my life, and its my honour to pay it forward into others’ lives 🙂 Many blessings to you & the family, Bill!

  4. Great stuff! Somestimes if you squint, those non-dreamers even look like they have a big red nose & red hair sticks straight out. If we could just help them just use a different lens, what change could happen.

  5. Just watched your DVD on Setbacks; love everything you do. Always done with insight, humor and intelligence. Thanks for your dedication.

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