Hello and welcome to my blog.  The goal of my blog is to give information, ideas and thoughts on how to become a better.  I was born in Saginaw, Michigan into an average family and some would say less then average.  We lived in an area that had a very low success level thought process.  My parents were divorced when I was 8 years old.  My father was an alcoholic and was shot by his best friend.  He lived but thankfully my mother was a very strong women and took care of my sister and myself. My point is that my thinking was very bad.  I had a low self esteem, victim mentality and I thought the world owed me something.  Then I met one of the most important people in my life, Mark Huber.  He introduced me to what would become Life Leadership.  There I started to be mentored by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward.  This forever changed my life.  I began studying every area of my life and learning from the books, CD, and association.  It has completely changed my life and I am forever grateful.  I now want to pass on the information that I have learned but teach from my view or my lens of the world.  I hope you are blessed by what I post.

As Goeth said ” You look at a man as he is and he only becomes worse; you look at a man as he could be and he will become what he should be. ”

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Bill Lewis

Co-founder Life Leadership

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  1. Bill, I am excited to see that you have a blog now! I am looking forward to reading the world thru your eyes! I love your perspective on what is going on in the world around you. Thanks for all you do and the impact that you and Jackie have had in our lives. It has truly been a blessing to be able to tap into the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained thru the years of serving others.


  2. I have found in Bill Lewis, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the LIFE TEAM, men & women that have the integrity to lead this country back to the values it was founded on. I am privileged to join their cause and learn from the awe inspiring leadership materials they have developed.

  3. It is an honor and a privilage to be associated with you, Mr. Lewis. I remember fondly the encouraging words you gave me in Homer, MI one evening, after hearing some of the events of my troubled childhood and teenage years; ” If you made it through all you have been through, you are already a champion. You are already a leader and a success; you just need the right opportunity to show what you are made of.” Thank you for giving me that opportunity and the chance to help others as well.

    Brian Suddeth

    1. The LIFE business is brinlialt. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the TEAM are NOT scams, or pyramid schemes! They are true and vital ways to improve circumstances in any willing life. I am a living product of the system, on in a progression mode with a long way to go. I owe my family and my marriage to this TEAM AND Orrin Woodward. Thank you Chris Brady.

  4. Bill,
    I want to thank you for all of the thought provoking insights that your blog contains. Anytime we can read something that gets us to “think” it puts us further done the road toward achieving success in our lives.

    Thanks again Bill!

  5. Bill, you and all the other leaders and mentors are amazing! The Mental Fitness Challenge is Awesome! No one is out there but the LIFE business helping people all over the world to think, to learn, to improve, like this! I devour the books and CD’s and know this will help me in all areas of my life! Prior to College, embarrassingly, I have only read 3 books, and I ready 3 powerful books (Dream Giver, IN Cave with A Lion on a Snowy Day, and The Magic of Thinking Big) last month! I want to tell everyone about the Mental Fitness Challenge because of the power of changing your mind! Shut of the TV and dive into this information to help you become a better person and a leader! Thank you again!

    1. WOW! Thanks to the LIFE Founders for leading the way. I am at day 27 and words don’t do jisutce to the lessons I have learned and the new attitude I have towards goals, dreams, marriage, parenting, business and LIFE! My mind has been forever stretched with the LIFE information as well as my world has gotten so much larger and abundant. The MFC has changed how I think and what I think about. Heck, I just like thinking now! With the MFC I also have the confidence to break away from the herd. Thanks for revealing to me what freedom is, what it will take to get it, and lighting the path to it!

    2. Thank you Chris (Cuz) & to the rest of the PC for putting this toethegr! It’s been an Amazing journey up to this point already & to say that it keeps getting better & better, WOW Factor! To listen to the cds & hear each of your personal growths has been Awesome! Thank you for continuing to Inspire & Leading the way to One Million & Beyond!!

  6. Chris, thank you so much for the MFC and all you do!! You are an inspiration to us all. The MFC is awomese and last night at the Porters ( in Dallas ) we had two tables of men we had so many and we had an incrediable time with the discussion. It was great. The video and the discussion afterwards brought up many great comments from many. It made me think about the good times when I stood my ground and a few times when the Lord humbled me. We have always loved TEAM and the LIFE biz and it just keeps getting better !

  7. If anything I would say that Bill Lewis was very cautious/careful and reserved in delivering his assessment of Orrin Woodward. I’ve met Orrin, associated with him in business for multiple years, and I can tell you that Orrin Woodward is a man of unparalleled character, integrity, intelligence, wisdom, and (above all) leadership ability. I’ve never met a leader more effective, humble, sincere, or respectable than Orrin. And not because of some wonderful gift of genetics, chance inheritance, or stellar upbringing. The Orrin you see, at his best, is primarily the product of many years of the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit (to which he has humbly submitted himself). He’s as real as it gets in every way as a result of his commitment to seeking out and embracing the truth in all areas of his life. It is his humble and passionate pursuit of righteousness as a follower of Jesus Christ that has created the leader you see today. The Bible tells us to seek first righteousness and all things will be added unto you. Orrin Woodward, while still very much an unfinished work, is a living testament to the truth, power, and capability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 32 years of life I’ve never met another man who has so completely allowed the Truth to permeate every area of his life.

    I can honestly say that no man has been as much of a blessing in my life as Orrin Woodward. Before I came to repentance and found my own personal faith in Christ, before I made my own effort to seek out truth in the scriptures, Orrin modeled the Truth for me in word and deed time and time again. And he did so in a humility of spirit that made me want to be like him, act like him, think like him, and treat others as he did. It wasn’t until I embraced Christ personally that I was able to see upon reflection how powerfully the Holy Spirit had been at work in me through his example.

    Every man should follow Christ personally as the unimpeachable source of truth, the ultimate leader and example, and final authority in his life. Not a man. But it isn’t really Orrin people follow when it comes down to it- it’s the undeniable manifestation of Christ in him.

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